#2183 – AvGeek Weekend Trip #15 (AMS – CDG – CFE – AMS)

ENGLISH As my Instagram followers (@azilko) have known, I went on a weekend trip this weekend. And it was an AvGeek Weekend Trip!! 😀 Yeah, I figured it had been awhile since my last AvGeek Weekend Trip in January and it happened that I found a great deal with interesting routing as well. So, there…

#2177 – Flying Dramas This Summer

ENGLISH This has been quite an “interesting” Summer because for whatever reason, I found myself facing some dramas involved on the flights I took. Aside from the missing luggage drama in New York and Washington D.C., here are two others which I had in Europe this Summer Delays Drama I felt like I hit a…

#2176 – The Big Three Oh Trip (Part I: The Flights Drama)

ENGLISH Posts in the Big Three Oh Trip series: 1. Introduction 2. Part I: The Flights Drama 3. Part II: Premium Economy to New York 4. Part III: New York 5. Part IV: The 2018 US Open 6. Part V: New York Attractions 7. Part VI: Washington D.C. 8. Part VII: The National Mall 9….

#2157 – A Short Weekend in Basel

ENGLISH The flights I took the triangular Amsterdam – Paris-CDG – Basel – Amsterdam routing for this trip. Overall, all three flights went pretty much smoothly, on-time, and pleasantly; as per the standard with Air France and KLM, haha. Though, originally my Amsterdam – Paris-CDG flight was supposed to be operated by Air France with…

#2042 – AvGeek Weekend Trip #14 (AMS – CDG – FRA – AMS)

ENGLISH As my Instagram followers (@azilko) have known, yesterday I went on another Avgeek Weekend Trip. Yeah, yeah, I know, I just came back from my 2017 year end trip to California just literally 48 hours before! Quite crazy I know and indeed I was pushing my body to the limit here, haha 😛 ….