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#1182 – 2012 Year-End Trip (Part VI)


Previously on 2012 Year-End Trip: Zilko and his brother went on a 12-day trip to four countries in Europe. Now they were already in the last city stop before Zilko had to go back to the Netherlands: Barcelona.


Day 11 (Saturday, 5 January 2013)

I decided to try a Spanish breakfast today. And so I had a Spanish omelette. It was very nice btw, and it was not like any other omelette I had ever tried. Very unique!!

Anyway, our first destination of the day was the landmark of Barcelona: Sagrada Familia. We took Metro to get there. Along the way, my brother realized that he just had lost his three-day public transport pass (so the day before we decided to buy three-day pass as we would stay in Barcelona for around three days). And so he had to buy another one, but obviously a two-day pass this time.

We arrived at Sagrada Familia and then joined the queue to get inside the church. The queue didn’t take that long; I think it was around 30 minutes or so until we finally got into the church area.

Sagrada Familia was, indeed, very majestic. It was really beautiful! Well, it still could not compete with the grandeur-ness and luxury of St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City, obviously. But putting St. Peter’s Basilica aside, Sagrada Familia was, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful churches I have ever been to. The design was so unique. Well, the designer of the church was the same guy as the one who designed Parc Güell; so that explained the resemblance of the two, design-wise.

After spending about one hour in Sagrada Familia, we left the church and headed to Camp Nou. My brother already bought a ticket to watch a Barca game (Barca vs Espana) the next day; and he needed to exchange the proof of purchase with the ticket. As for me, well, I found the €130 ticket price a bit too steep for myself who was not a fans of football (I don’t remember exactly the price, but it was somewhere around this number I believe), lol 😆 . So I did not buy one. The money would be better spent on a grandslam tournament for me, lol 😆 . Anyway, long story short, we arrived in Camp Nou, my brother got his ticket, and then we took a rest in Starbucks, hahaha 😆 .

Our next destination was the area of Montjuïc, a hill in Barcelona. I was particulary excited to go to this area because I still remembered vividly six years prior watching one episode of The Amazing Race season 10 which leg took place in Barcelona and the pitstop was in the Palau Nacional de Montjuïc. It was the elimination leg of the top four (so the penultimate leg of the season); and Lyn & Karlyn made a history that day to become the first all-female team to make it to the last three. Dustin & Kandice got eliminated here.

I still remember that I found Palau Nacional de Montjuïc so beautiful when watching the episode; and hoped that one day I would get the chance to be there. And there I was, a little bit over six years later, I was there! Yeah, it was kinda surreal…

Anyway, after going around Montjuïc, we decided to go back downtown (literally) with a funicular which was free because we had the public transportation pass. We got back to the city center and walked to the old town of Barcelona which was so Gothic. We could not enter the cathedral because it was already closed btw. We took some random buses as all in our itinerary for the day had been done; and to rest our legs after all the walking we did today.

After awhile, we got back in Plaza de Catalunya at around 19:00. We walked along the Passeig de Garcia to go to Casa Mila to take a picture of Casa Mila, hahaha 😆 . Btw, it was so crowded this evening. Apparently it was the last day of the King’s festival or something like that (we asked but noone seemed to be able to explain it clearly) so people celebrated it. We had dinner at a nice restaurant which waitress was so hot near Plaza de Catalunya before going back to our hotel.

Day 12 (Sunday, 6 January 2013)

It was a little bit difficult to find a place for breakfast this morning, somehow, I don’t know why. But finally we found one nice cafetaria near Plaza de Catalunya where we could have breakfast.

I proposed to go to Tibidabo today. To get there, we had to take a bus to the departure place of the tram to get to the departure place of the funicular which would bring us to the top of Tibidabo. So we got to the tram departure place. However, two officers told us that the tram did not operate that day (apparently it had something to do with the King’s festival or something like that); but there was a public bus which could also take us to the departure place of the funicular. However, today, the funicular also did not operate so to get to Tibidabo we had to literally walk .

Well, of course we did not want to walk; and there was no other option than skipping Tibidabo. Our plan was to go back to Barceloneta. So we took a bus which should take us there. However, we took the wrong bus and went to the opposite direction instead, lol 😆 . We rode the bus until its end destination and waited until the bus returned to the opposite direction, which would be the right direction for us, lol 😆 . Ironically, our destination, Barceloneta, would be the other end of the bus line. So we literally went along the complete route of the bus! Hahaha 😆 But it was okay though, as we could use it to kill time anyway.

We arrived at Barceloneta and walked around the beach again. It was sunny but the temperature was so nice (18ºC) today so it was not too blazing hot. But still, overall, kinda weird for a winter day, no? Hahaha 😆 . After walking around the area, we decided to have lunch at a Doner. The doner was really delicious btw. Then, we went back to our hotel.

I chose to take a rest while my brother went to Camp Nou to watch his football match. But about thirty minutes after he left, he texted me that he forgot to bring his camera!! Hahaha 😆 . So he went all the way back to the hotel to take the camera. As for me, I decided to go somewhere randomly in the evening. I took the tram to the Diagonal street and went to a shopping mall which atmosphere was kinda dead because there were just very few visitors. I went back to Plaza de Catalunya afterwards and had dinner at a KFC there. Btw, the KFC tasted a little bit differently though, hmmm. I found it a little bit less crunchy and so less delicious, somehow.

Day 13 (Monday, 7 January 2013)

Today, I was going back to the Netherlands while my brother continued his trip to Vienna, Austria. We took the train (after finding out the day before that, again, train was a cheaper option to go to the airport than shuttle bus, hahaha 😆 ) to the airport. We arrived at Terminal 2 and took the shuttle bus to go to Terminal 1 where my brother’s flight to Vienna would depart from (his flight was scheduled to depart two hours earlier than mine).

After he checked-in, we had breakfast at a cafetaria in Terminal 1. Then, at 11:00 we parted away as my brother went through the security check to go to his gate and I went back to Terminal 2 to check in for my flight.

In my booking confirmation, it was said the check-in desk in Barcelona would be opened since 2 hour 40 minutes prior to departure. Well, my flight was scheduled to depart at 14:15 so I thought it should be open by 11:35. But then, the desks were opened just at 12:15 😦 . But well, because I was the first one queuing for it, I was also among the first to get the boarding pass, hahaha.

As I said, my flight was delayed for about an hour. Apparently the cause of this was airplane rotation where the previous flight to Barcelona had to wait for about an hour to get a plane ready, or something like that. But in the end, I boarded my plane back to the Netherlands: A Transavia’s Boeing 737-8K2 reg code PH-HSB flight number HV 6062 at around 14:50.

Transavia's HV 6062 route map from Barcelona to Rotterdam
Transavia’s HV 6062 route map from Barcelona to Rotterdam

Anyway, so, my flight took off from runway 07R of Barcelona El-Prat Airport. About two hours later, it landed at runway 24 of Rotterdam The Hague Airport. After taking my luggage, I took the bus to the city center where I transited to take another bus to get back to my apartment in Delft.

And here, my 2012 year-end trip officially ended.



Sebelumnya dalam 2012 Year-End Trip: Zilko dan adiknya bepergian selama 12 hari ke empat negara di Eropa. Kini mereka telah berada di kota perhentian terakhir sebelum Zilko harus kembali ke Belanda: Barcelona.


Hari 11 (Sabtu, 5 Januari 2013)

Aku memutuskan untuk mencoba sarapan ala Spanyol hari ini. Dan jadilah aku mencoba omelet ala Spanyol. Enak loh btw, dan rasanya tidak seperti omelet-omelet lain yang pernah aku makan sebelumnya. Sungguh unik!!

Anyway, tujuan pertama kami hari ini adalah landmark dari Barcelona: Sagrada Familia. Kami naik Metro untuk pergi kesana. Di jalan, adikku baru menyadari bahwa pass transportasi umum tiga harinya hilang (jadi sehari sebelumnya kami memutuskan untuk membeli pass tiga hari karena toh kami akan tinggal di Barcelona selama sekitar tiga hari). Jadilah ia harus beli yang baru deh, tentu saja kami memilih yang dua hari ya kali ini.

Kami tiba di Sagrada Familia dan kemudian bergabung di antrian untuk masuk gerejanya. Ngantrinya nggak terlalu lama kok; kalau nggak salah sih hanya sekitar 30an menit saja sampai kami akhirnya masuk ke area gerejanya.

Sagrada Familia tuh ternyata memang beneran keren banget loh. Indah banget! Yah, tentu saja masih tidak bisa dibandingkan dengan keagungan dan kemewahannya Basilika Santo Petrus di Kota Vatikan ya. Tapi kalau kita tidak memperhitungkan Basilika Santo Petrus, Sagrada Familia jelas merupakan salah satu gereja terindah yang pernah kumasuki. Disainnya unik sekali. Yah, perancang gerejanya sama seperti perancangnya Parc Güell sih; makanya kita bisa melihat kemiripan dari keduanya, dalam hal disain.

Setelah menghabiskan waktu sekitar satu jam di Sagrada Familia, kami meninggalkan gerejanya dan menuju Camp Nou. Jadi ceritanya adikku sudah membeli tiket nonton pertandingannya Barca (Barca vs Espana) untuk keesokan harinya; dan ia harus menukarkan bukti pembayaran dengan tiketnya. Untuk aku sih, tiket seharga €130 itu jelas kemahalan lah ya bagi aku yang nggak nge-fans sama sepakbola (Aku nggak ingat harga persisnya berapa sih, cuma ya harganya sekitar seginian deh), hahaha 😆 . Jadilah aku nggak beli. Sayang duitnya dong, mending ditabung buat nonton turnamen grandslam dah kalau aku, huahaha 😆 . Anyway, singkat cerita, tibalah kami di Camp Nou, adikku mendapatkan tiketnya, dan kemudian kami istirahat deh di Starbucks, hahaha 😆 .

Tujuan kami selanjutnya adalah area Montjuïc, sebuah bukit di Barcelona. Aku ingin banget pergi ke tempat ini karena aku masih ingat dengan jelas enam tahun yang lalu aku menonton satu episodenya The Amazing Race musim 10 yang mana leg-nya diadakan di Barcelona dan pitstop-nya berada di Palau Nacional de Montjuïc. Ini adalah babak eliminasi dari empat besar (jadi leg kedua sebelum terakhir); dan Lyn & Karlyn membuat sejarah dengan menjadi tim semua wanita pertama yang masuk ke tiga besar. Dustin  Kandice tereliminasi disini.

Aku masih ingat bahwa waktu menonton itu, aku merasa Palau Nacional de Montjuïc itu sangatlah indah; dan berharap suatu hari aku akan berkesempatan pergi kesana. Dan disanalah aku, enam tahun lebih sedikit kemudian, aku beneran berada disana! Ya, ini adalah sebuah perasaan yang sureal…

Anyway, setelah berkeliling Montjuïc, kami memutuskan untuk turun dengan naik funicular yang gratis karena kami memiliki pass transportasi umum itu. Kami kembali ke pusat kota dan berjalan ke kota tuanya Barcelona yang nuansanya sangatlah Gotik. Kami tidak bisa masuk katedralnya sayangnya karena sudah tutup. Jadilah kami naik bus secara acak soalnya semua tujuan di itinerary kami sudah dikunjungi; dan sekalian buat mengistirahatkan kaki setelah banyak berjalan.

Setelah beberapa waktu, kami kembali ke Plaza de Catalunya sekitar jam 19:00. Kami berjalan sepanjang Passeig de Garcia untuk pergi ke Casa Mila untuk foto-foto disana, hahaha 😆 . Btw, malam ini suasananya rame banget. Ternyata ini adalah hari terakhir festival raja atau apa gitu (kami sudah iseng bertanya tetapi kok tidak ada orang yang bisa menjelaskannya secara jelas ya) jadi dirayain gitu. Kami makan malam di sebuah restoran yang oke yang mana pelayannya cantik banget loh di dekat Plaza de Catalunya sebelum kembali ke hotel.

Hari 12 (Minggu, 6 Januari 2013)

Agak sulit untuk mencari tempat buat sarapan pagi ini, entah kenapa. Tapi untungnya akhirnya kami menemukan sebuah kafe yang oke di dekat Plaza de Catalunya untuk sarapan.

Aku mengusulkan untuk pergi ke Tibidabo hari ini. Untuk kesana, kami harus naik bus untuk pergi ke tempat keberangkatan tram yang akan membawa kami ke tempat keberangkatannya funicular untuk naik ke Tibidabo. Nah, singkat cerita tibalah kami di tempat keberangkatannya tram itu. Disana, ada dua petugas yang memberi-tahu kami bahwa tramnya nggak beroperasi hari itu karena festival raja atau apaan lah itu; tetapi ada layanan bus umum yang bisa membawa kami ke tempat keberangkatannya funicular. Hanya saja, hari ini, funicularnya juga nggak beroperasi jadi untuk ke Tibidabo ya kami harus berjalan kaki deh .

Ya tentu saja kami ogah dong jalan kaki sehingga kami harus mencoret Tibidabo. Rencananya, kami akan kembali ke area Barceloneta aja. Kami naik bus yang seharusnya membawa kami kesana. Namun, kami naik bus yang salah dan kami jadi malah pergi ke arah yang sebaliknya, huahaha 😆 . Kami naik bus ini sampai tujuan terakhirnya dan menunggu sampai busnya berputar balik ke arah sebaliknya, yang mana merupakan arah yang benar bagi kami, hahaha 😆 . Lucunya, Barceloneta adalah tujuan terakhir dari arah sebaliknya ini. Nah, jadilah kami menaiki bus ini di sepanjang rutenya! Hahaha 😆 . Tapi ya nggak apa-apa sih, karena toh kami ada banyak waktu dan ini buat sekalian membuang waktu kan.

Kami tiba di Barceloneta dan berjalan berkeliling pantainya lagi. Cuaca hari ini cerah tetapi temperaturnya oke banget (18ºC) jadi kan nggak panas menyengat gitu. Tapi tetep aja sih rasanya aneh soalnya kan sekarang ini lagi di tengah-tengah musim dingin ya. Hahaha 😆 . Setelah berkeliling areanya, kami memutuskan untuk makan siang di sebuah Doner disana. Donernya enak banget lho btw. Lalu, kembalilah kami ke hotel.

Aku memilih untuk beristirahat sementara adikku pergi ke Camp Nou untuk menonton pertandingan bolanya. Tapi sekitar tiga puluh menit kemudian, ia sms aku dan bilang bahwa ia kelupaan kameranya!! Hahaha 😆 . Jadilah ia kembali ke hotel untuk mengambil kameranya. Aku sih malamnya memutuskan untuk berkeliling acak aja. Aku naik tram ke arah jalan Diagonal dan pergi ke sebuah mall yang suasananya sepi banget karena nggak ada pengunjungnya. Aku kembali ke Plaza de Catalunya setelahnya dan makan malam di KFC disana. Btw, rasa KFC-nya agak berbeda lho, hmmm. Rasanya kurang kriuk dan kalah enak dibandingkan KFC yang lain gitu, entah kenapa.

Hari 13 (Senin, 7 Januari 2013)

Hari ini, aku kembali ke Belanda sementara adikku melanjutkan perjalanannya ke Vienna, Austria. Kami naik kereta ke bandara (Ya, lagi-lagi kami mendapatkan informasi bahwa kereta itu lebih murah daripada shuttle bus, hahaha 😆 ). Kami tiba di Terminal 2 dan kemudian menaiki shuttle bus ke Terminal 1 dimana penerbangannya adikku ke Vienna akan berangkat (penerbangannya dijadwalkan berangkat dua jam sebelum penerbanganku).

Setelah ia check-in, kami sarapan di sebuah kafe di Terminal 1. Lalu, jam 11:00 kami berpisah dengan ia masuk ke area keberangkatan dan aku kembali ke Terminal 2 untuk penerbanganku.

Di konfirmasi pemesananku, disebutkan bahwa konter check-in dibuka 2 jam 40 menit sebelum jadwal keberangkatan. Karena penerbanganku dijadwalkan berangkat jam 14:15, artinya konternya mulai dibuka jam 11:35 kan. Namun, ternyata konternya baru dibuka jam 12:15 dong 😦 . Yah, tapi karena aku adalah orang pertama yang ngantri, aku jadi yang pertama mendapatkan boarding pass juga sih, hahaha.

Seperti yang kubilang, penerbanganku terlambat satu jam. Ternyata penyebabnya adalah rotasi pesawat dimana penerbangan sebelumnya yang ke Barcelona harus menunggu selama satu jam untuk sebuah pesawat gitu, atau apa lah semacam itu. Dan akhirnya, aku menaiki pesawatku untuk kembali ke Belanda: Sebuah Boeing 737-8K2nya Transavia dengan kode registrasi PH-HSB dengan nomor penerbangan HV 6062 sekitar jam 14:50.

Transavia's HV 6062 route map from Barcelona to Rotterdam
Rute penerbangan Transavia HV 6062 dari Barcelona ke Rotterdam

Anyway, penerbanganku lepas landas dari landasan pacu 07R Bandara Barcelona El-Prat. Sekitar dua jam kemudian, aku mendarat di landasan pacu 24 Bandara Rotterdam The Hague. Setelah mengambil bagasiku, aku menaiki bus ke pusat kota untuk transit menaiki bus lain untuk kembali ke apartemenku di Delft.

Dan disinilah perjalanan akhir tahun 2012-ku secara resmi berakhir.


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#1181 – 2012 Year-End Trip (Part V)


Previously on 2012 Year-End Trip: Zilko and his brother went on a 12-day trip to four countries in Europe. Now they were already spending two days in the capital city of Spain, Madrid. They had one more full day before going to Barcelona.


Day 9 (Thursday, 3 January 2013)

Our main destination of the day was Estadio Santiago Bernabéu. Yes, the stadium that is owned by Real Madrid. Okay, I was (and am) not really a fan of football, but my brother was. So I decided to accompany him visiting the stadium as I thought it would be interesting to see anyway.

We took the Metro from Puerta del Sol (with one transit) to get to the stadium after having another “Combination” brunch nearby. The trip wasn’t that long. It took us probably around 15 minutes to get there. We got out the Metro station and Estadio Santiago Bernabéu stood before us. It was indeed a very big football stadium. It didn’t look as fancy as I thought btw, but it was huge.

We circled the stadium once from outside before going to the ticket booth to buy admission to the stadium. Apparently we had to pay €19 per person just to enter the stadium. It was kinda steep for me, in my opinion, given that I was not really a big fan of football. If I weren’t with my brother (I was alone), I wouldn’t have bought the ticket, hahaha 😆 .

We entered the stadium through one of its four towers at its corners. We were directed to the highest place first, and then the tour literally went downward circling the stadium from thereon. Overall, it was a very nice tour. If you are a fan of football, especially Real Madrid, it is a must go!

So, we started with having a panoramic look of the stadium at one of its higher sections. Then, we visited the trophy room, where all trophy that Real Madrid had won were on display. Then, we entered another room where the details (history, players, managers, achievements, etc) of Real Madrid were explained. After that, we arrived at the mid-section of the stadium which, in my opinion, was the best spot to watch a football match. It was not too high (far) and not too low (close) to the football field. Then we went to the other side of the stadium where the VVIP seats were located. And of course we could sit on those VVIP seats! Huahaha 😆 . You know, a little bit of luxury taste. 🙂

Then, the tour went even more super awesome from hereon. After the VVIP seating, we got access to the players’ dressing room!! 😯 Yes, it was the dressing room where players showered, changed, and basically prepared themselves during the moments before the match. We also got access to the alley where players walked from the dressing room to the field. Yes, that alley! So cool!! Yes, it also meant that we got access to the field! Well, of course we could not run on the field though, because they were, obviously, preserving the grass. But the cool thing was that we got access to the field-side seating where the coach and substitutes players seating were. It was so cool! After that, our last stop was at the conference room.

But there was also another highlight of this visit. I ‘met’ Cristiano Ronaldo. What, you don’t believe me? Well, here is the proof: a picture of me and Cristiano Ronaldo, huahaha 😆

With Cristiano Ronaldo
With Cristiano Ronaldo

Okay, here is the truth. So I did not really ‘meet’ Cristiano Ronaldo. So, during the tour, there was a spot where we could take picture in front of a green screen where we could take one picture with any Real Madrid players we wanted. Yes, it was like the green screen they used in making some animation movies. So I chose Cristiano Ronaldo. But after I took the picture, upon realizing that Iker Casillas was also playing for Real Madrid (I honestly didn’t remember that), I was thinking I should have chosen Casillas instead, hahaha 😆 .

We left the stadium after about three hours of touring inside. It was not bad. Even the experience was enjoyable for me as a non-fan.

After that, we walked to a shopping centre nearby where we had lunch. The restaurant was so full of local people, so it was a good choice because the price was indeed not expensive, huahaha 😛 . The waiters and waitresses did not speak English at all btw, so it was quite an interesting experience, haha. My brother ordered a paella while I ordered cod soup with potatoes or something like that.

To wrap up the day, we went back to the city center later on that day. We had dinner at a fast Chinese food restaurant, which was nice; and just spent the evening at the area around our hotel. We did not stay up late because the next morning we would have to get up early to catch a morning flight to Barcelona.

Day 10 (Friday, 4 January 2013)

We got up at 5:15 today because we had to catch our flight to Barcelona at 10:20 from Madrid-Barajas Airport. So, after checking out (read: just leaving our room key in a mailbox near the exit door), we walked to Sol station to take the airport train (with one transit) to Madrid-Barajas Airport. Apparently, train was much cheaper than the shuttle bus!! We paid €5 for shuttle bus to the city center while we only needed to pay a little over €3 for train, hmm. And the train was also a great option for us because the station was in Terminal 4, and our flight would depart from Terminal 4 as well.

We arrived at Madrid-Barajas Airport at around 7:00. The check-in counter for our flight would be opened just at 8:20 so we decided to have breakfast at McDonald’s first. Long story short, we finished our breakfast, checked-in, and got to our departure gate. At 9:45, we boarded our plane: a Vueling’s Airbus A320-214 reg code EC-KKT with flight number VY 1035. Yes, it would be my second ever domestic flight in Europe, after the easyJet’s flight from Toulouse to Nice I took during my trip to southern France and Austria last October!

Vueling's VY 1035 route map from Madrid to Barcelona
Vueling’s VY 1035 route map from Madrid to Barcelona

The flight departed on time. It took off from runway 36R and about fifty minutes later, it landed at runway 25R of Barcelona El Prat Airport in Barcelona. We took our luggage and then walked to the bus stop to take a shuttle bus to the city center. The bus was full but at least it was not overloaded like the shuttle bus in Madrid. So it was good.

We got off at Plaza de Catalunya. We took a Metro from there to Barceloneta, where our hotel was. Btw, it was so HOT today in Barcelona! It was so unexpected as it was in the middle of winter so we thought it would be much cooler than that! Hahaha 😆 . Anyway, so we checked-in and after putting our luggage in our room, we left the hotel.

But first, we had lunch first at a restaurant near our hotel which offered an attractive (in term of price) package menu. I chose the tomato spaghetti – beef with rice – coconut mousse combo. The beef and coconut mousse were okay, but the spaghetti was so horrible. I think my spaghetti is even much more delicious than that! Hahaha 😆 .

Anyway, our first destination in Barcelona for the day was Parc Güell. To get there, we would take bus no.24 from Plaza de Calatunya, as our hotel’s reception suggested. At first, we got to the wrong bus stop at Plaza de Catalunya as the bus 24 which departed from there was heading for the opposite direction. The driver was kind enough to ask us where we were going and told us we should take the other bus. So we got off and had to find the other bus stop, which location could be anywhere in the plaza. Long story short, we finally found it and managed to get the correct bus 24.

On the way to Parc Güell, a twist happened. So, our bus hit a car!! 😯 The rear window of the car was completely shattered, both the bus and the car were dented, but at least none was injured. Because of this, all of the passengers had to get off the bus and waited for the next bus 24, which was just like 5 – 10 minutes behind this one. Wow, what an experience!!

Anyway, so we finally arrived at Parc Güell. Parc Güell was indeed very interesting. The design was so unique and it provided quite a nice view of Barcelona. The best part, however, was that it was free for admission! Yay!  After Parc Güell, we took bus 24 to get back to Plaza de Catalunya. Then, we decided to take another bus to get to the beach part of the city.

We arrived at the beach at around 17:00, so it was already dusk. We walked alongside the beach until we reached the famous Las Ramblas. We had dinner at Las Ramblas where I ordered Arros Negro: a black paella. Btw, it was black because they used squid ink to make it black 😀 . It was interesting. After dinner, we continued walking in Las Ramblas; and then we got back to our hotel.


Next on 2012 Year-End Trip:
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Sebelumnya dalam 2012 Year-End Trip: Zilko dan adiknya berjalan-jalan selama 12 hari ke empat negara di Eropa. Kini mereka telah menghabiskan dua malam di ibukotanya Spanyol, Madrid. Mereka masih memiliki satu hari lagi disana sebelum melanjutkan perjalanan ke Barcelona.


Hari 9 (Kamis, 3 Januari 2013)

Tujuan utama kami hari ini adalah Estadio Santiago Bernabéu. Ya, stadion miliknya klub Real Madrid. Oke, aku bukanlah fans sepakbola ya, tapi adikku nge-fans. Jadilah aku menemaninya mengunjungi stadion ini karena toh kayaknya bakal menarik juga kan.

Kami naik Metro dari Puerta del Sol (dengan satu transit) untuk menuju ke stadionnya setelah makan “Combination” lagi di dekat hotel. Perjalanannya nggak lama ternyata. Kami hanya membutuhkan waktu paling 15an menit untuk kesana. Kami keluar dari stasion Metro-nya dan Estadio Santiago Bernabéu berdiri megah di depan kami. Stadionnya ternyata memang beneran besar banget lho. Penampakannya nggak se-wah bayanganku sih, tapi memang ukurannya raksasa banget.

Kami mengelilingi stadionnya dari luar satu kali dahulu sebelum mengantri di loket tiket untuk masuk ke stadionnya. Ternyata kami harus membayar €19 per orang hanya untuk masuk stadionnya loh. Mahal banget ya, menurutku sih, soalnya aku kan nggak nge-fans amat sama sepakbola gitu. Kalau aku nggak sama adikku (maksudnya kalau lagi sendirian), ogah dah beli tiket segitu buat masuk, hahaha 😆 .

Kami memasuki stadionnya melalui salah satu dari empat menara di keempat ujungnya. Kami langsung di arahkan ke tempat tertinggi dulu, dan dari sana turnya turun, dalam artian sebenarnya, mengelilingi stadion. Secara keseluruhan, turnya asyik juga lho. Jadi kalau pada nge-fans sama sepakbola, apalagi Real Madrid, wajib dikunjungi deh!

Jadi, kami memulai dengan mendapatkan pemandangan panorama stadionya dari sudut yang tinggi (di kursi-kursi atas gitu). Lalu, kami mengunjungi ruangan piala, dimana semua piala yang pernah dimenangi Real Madrid dipamerkan. Lalu, kami memasuki ruangan lain dimana detail-detail (sejarah, daftar pemain, manajer, prestasi, dll)-nya Real Madrid dijelaskan. Lalu, kami tiba di bagian tengah stadion yang, menurutku sih, merupakan tempat paling strategis buat nonton bola. Lokasinya nggak terlalu tinggi (jauh) atau terlalu rendah (dekat) ke lapangan bolanya. Lalu, kami berjalan ke sisi lainnya stadion dimana kursi-kursi VVIP berada. Dan tentu saja kita boleh duduk-duduk di kursi-kursi VVIP-nya itu loh. Jadi ngerasain gimana rasanya duduk di lokasi mewah. 🙂

Lalu, turnya menjadi semakin keren banget loh dari sini. Setelah dari kursi-kursi VVIP itu, kami mendapatkan akses untuk masuk ke ruang ganti pemainnya!! 😯 Iya, ruangan dimana para pemain mandi, ganti baju, dan pada dasarnya mempersiapkan diri di waktu-waktu sebelum pertandingannya. Kami juga lalu berjalan di lorong dimana para pemain berjalan dari ruang ganti ke lapangannya. Ya, lorong itu! Keren dah!! Ini juga berarti kami mendapatkan akses ke lapangannya! Ya, tentu saja kami nggak bisa lari-larian di lapangannya ya, kan ceritanya rumputnya lagi dijaga dan dirawat dengan baik. Tapi yang keren adalah, kami juga mendapatkan akses ke kursi di samping lapangan dimana pelatih dan pemain cadangan duduk. Keren banget dah! Setelah itu, kami mengunjungi ruang konferensi pers-nya.

Tapi ada highlight lain loh dari kunjungan ini. Aku ‘bertemu’ Cristiano Ronaldo loh. Eh, kaga percaya? Kok gitu amat sih? Ya ini deh buktinya: fotoku dengan Cristiano Ronaldo, huahaha 😆

With Cristiano Ronaldo
Dengan Cristiano Ronaldo

Oke deh, ini cerita sebenarnya. Jadi ya aku nggak beneran ‘bertemu’ Cristiano Ronaldo-nya sih. Jadi, di turnya itu, ada tempat dimana kita difoto di depan layar hijau dimana kita bisa mengambil satu foto bersama pemain Real Madrid yang mana pun. Iya, layar hijau yang sering dipakai di film-film animasi itu. Nah, aku memilih Cristiano Ronaldo. Tapi setelah foto, aku baru sadar dong bahwa Iker Casillas kan pemain Real Madrid ya (aku beneran nggak ingat dah sebelumnya) *tepok jidat*, dan jadilah aku berpikir bahwa seharusnya aku minta foto bareng Casillas aja ya, hahaha 😆 .

Kami meninggalkan stadion setelah kira-kira tiga jam berjalan-jalan di dalamnya. Lumayan banget lah. Bahkan pengalamannya asyik juga lho untuk aku yang bukanlah fans.

Setelah itu, kami berjalan ke pusat perbelanjaan di dekat sana dan makan siang deh. Restorannya penuh dengan orang lokal, jadi ini pilihan yang baik dong soalnya harganya kan nggak mahal, huahaha 😛 . Dan pelayan-pelayannya disana pada nggak bisa bahasa Inggris loh, jadi ya menarik juga pengalaman makan disana, haha. Adikku memesan paella dan aku memesan sup ikan kod dengan kentang.

Lalu, kami kembali ke pusat kota. Sisa hari kami habiskan disana. Kami makan malam di fast food restoran Chinese food, yang mana enak juga loh; dan berkeliling di sekitar hotel saja. Kami tidur agak cepat malam ini karena keesokan paginya kami harus bangun pagi untuk naik penerbangan pagi ke Barcelona.

Hari 10 (Jumat, 4 Januari 2013)

Kami bangun jam 5:15 pagi ini karena kami harus mengejar pesawat kami ke Barcelona yang berangkat jam 10:20 dari Bandara Madrid-Barajas. Jadi, setelah check-out (baca: meninggalkan kunci kamar di kotak surat di dekat pintu keluar hotel), kami berjalan ke stasiun Sol dan dari sana naik kereta (dengan satu transit) ke Bandara Madrid-Barajas. Ternyata naik kereta lebih murah daripada naik shuttle bus loh!! Kami membayar €5 untuk shuttle bus ke pusat kota sementara dengan kereta harga tiketnya hanya €3 lebih sedikit, hmm. Dan bagi kami, kereta jugalah pilihan yang oke karena stasiun keretanya berada di Terminal 4, dan penerbangan kami kan berangkat dari Terminal 4 juga.

Kami tiba di Bandara Madrid-Barajas sekitar jam 7:00. Konter check-in kami baru akan dibuka jam 8:20 sehingga jadilah kami memutuskan untuk sarapan dulu di McDonald’s. Singkat cerita, kami selesai sarapan, check-in, dan sampai di gerbang keberangkatan kami. Jam 9:45, kami menaiki pesawat kami: sebuah Airbus A320-214 milik Vueling dengan kode registrasi EC-KKT dengan nomor penerbangan VY 1035. Ya, ini akan menjadi penerbangan domestikku yang kedua di Eropa, setelah penerbangan dengan easyJet dari Toulouse ke Nice yang aku naiki di perjalananku ke Prancis selatan dan Austria Oktober lalu!

Vueling's VY 1035 route map from Madrid to Barcelona
Rute penerbangan pesawat Vueling VY 1035 dari Madrid ke Barcelona

Penerbangannya berangkat tepat waktu. Penerbangannya lepas landas dari landasan pacu 36R dan sekitar lima puluh menit kemudian, mendarat di landasan pacu 25R Bandara Barcelona El Prat di Barcelona. Kami mengambil bagasi kami dan kemudian berjalan ke halte bus untuk naik shuttle bus ke pusat kota. Busnya penuh, tapi setidaknya nggak sampai overloaded seperti di Madrid. Jadi ya masih oke lah.

Kami turun di Plaza de Catalunya (iya, Plaza Catalunya yang sama kayak yang di lagu ‘Barcelona’-nya Fariz RM itu 😀 ). Dari sana, kami naik Metro menuju Barceloneta, lokasi dimana hotel kami berada. Btw, hari ini tuh PANAS banget dong di Barcelona! Benar-benar nggak disangka soalnya kan lagi di tengah-tengah musim dingin dan jadi bayangan kami ya lebih dingin daripada itu lah! Hahaha 😆 . Anyway, kami check-in di hotel dan setelah menaruh barang-barang di kamar, kami berangkat dari hotel.

Tapi pertama-tama, kami makan siang dulu di sebuah restoran di dekat hotel yang mana menu paketnya menarik banget (dalam hal harga). Aku memesan kombo spaghetti tomat – nasi dengan daging – dan mousse kelapa. Daging dan mousse kelapanya enak sih, tapi spaghetti-nya nggak enak banget. Spaghetti masakanku aja jauh lebih enak daripada itu loh! Hahaha 😆 .

Anyway, tujuan pertama kami di Barcelona hari ini adalah Parc Güell. Untuk kesana, kami akan naik bus no.24 dari Plaza de Catalunya, seperti yang disarankan resepsionis hotel kami. Awalnya, kami naik tiba di halte bus yang salah loh soalnya bus 24 yang berangkat dari sana tuh mengarah ke arah sebaliknya. Sopirnya baik banget loh dengan bertanya ke kami mengenai tujuan kami; dan ia memberi-tahu bahwa kami harus menaiki bus dengan arah sebaliknya. Jadilah kami langsung turun dan harus mencari halte bus satunya, yang mana lokasinya bisa dimana pun di plaza-nya kan. Singkat cerita, haltenya ketemu dan kami menaiki bus no.24 yang benar.

Dalam perjalanan ke Parc Güell, ada sesuatu yang terjadi. Bus kami menabrak mobil dong!! 😯 Kaca belakang mobilnya pecah semua, bus dan mobilnya sama-sama penyok, tetapi setidaknya tidak ada yang terluka. Karena ini, semua penumpang busnya harus turun dan menunggu bus no.24 yang selanjutnya, yang mana berada sekitar 5 – 10 menit di belakang bus yang ini. Wow, pengalaman yang unik ya!!

Anyway, akhirnya tibalah kami di Parc Güell. Parc Güell memang menarik banget lho. Disainnya menarik banget dan dari sana kita mendapatkan pemandangan kota Barcelona yang indah. Yang paling keren sih, menurutku, adalah bahwa masuknya gratis loh! Yay!  *pecinta gratisan*. Setelah dari Parc Güell, kami naik bus 24 untuk kembali ke Plaza de Catalunya. Lalu, kami memutuskan untuk naik bus lain untuk pergi ke bagian pantai dari kotanya.

Kami tiba di pantainya sekitar jam 17:00, jadi sudah senja gitu. Kami berjalan di tepian pantai sampai kami tiba di jalan Las Ramblas yang terkenal itu (kayak Malioboronya Jogja). Kami makan malam di Las Ramblas dimana aku memesan Arros Negro: paella hitam. Btw, warnanya hitam soalnya mereka memakai tinta cumi gitu deh untuk membuatnya menjadi hitam 😀 . Menarik juga. Setelah makan malam, kami meneruskan berjalan-jalan di Las Ramblas; dan lalu kembali ke hotel kami.


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#1179 – 2012 Year-End Trip (Part IV)


Previously on 2012 Year-End Trip: Zilko and his brother went on a 12-day trip to four countries in Europe. They already spent six days in Paris and Rome. Now it was time for them to continue to their next destination: Spain.


Day 7 (Tuesday, 1 January 2013)

We checked out from our hotel at around 9:50 and walked directly to the train station where we planned to take a bus to the airport. A bus was already ready there but unfortunately all seats had been taken so we had to wait for the next departure, which was at 10:35. It was still 10:00 so we decided to have breakfast at a cafetaria just across the street. I had a nice breakfast that morning. I don’t remember the name but it was lamb.

Long story short, we took our bus, arrived at the airport, checked-in, and walked to the departure gate. There was, however, an unannounced change of gate. So our departure gate was moved from the original gate to another one. Well, okay, there might be an announcement but it was only in Italian so we did not understand anything. So how did we find out? Well, I found it quite weird that it was already around 50 minutes before departure but our original gate was still occupied with the departure of a TAP flight to Lisbon. So I decided to check the screen and there I found the change of gate! 😯 Wow, lucky I did so otherwise we wouldn’t know!!

At around 13:00, we boarded our flight: A Vueling’s Airbus A320-214 reg code EC-JSY flight number VY 6135. Ah, I have not mentioned our destination yet. This VY 6135 flight would take us to the capital city of Spain: Madrid. So in a way I felt like a top professional tennis player for flying from Rome to Madrid; because usually in April – May they have to travel from Rome to Madrid (or the other way around, depending on the tournaments’ schedule) for two consecutive Masters (men’s tour) or Premier 5 – Premier Mandatory (women’s tour) level tournaments, huahaha 😆 😎 .

Anyway, our flight departed on time, at around 13:15. It took off from runway 25 of Rome-Fiumicino International Airport. This leg of the trip was the longest one, as it took about 2 hours 15 minutes to get to Madrid. So, two hours and 15 minutes later, we landed at runway 33L of Madrid-Barajas International Airport.

Flight VY 6135 route map from Rome to Madrid

After taking our luggage, we walked to the bus stop to catch the shuttle bus to the city center. According to the timetable, there should be a service that day at 16:20. So there we waited for it. But then, even until 16:40, no single bus was coming. Okay, there were some buses but those were the shuttle buses to go to the other terminals of the airport (we were at Terminal 4); but there was no sign about our shuttle bus to Madrid. We were sure it was the correct waiting place because there were also some other people (around 12, I guess) waiting for the bus as well. Finally, at 16:45, the bus came!!

The good thing about the bus was that its service started from Terminal 4. So we boarded an empty bus which was equivalent with guarantee to get seats, hahaha 😆 . The bus stopped at Terminal 1 first before continuing to the city center. The journey from Terminal 4 to Terminal 1 was so long though, around 20 minutes with bus! 😯 Anyway, when we departed from Terminal 1, the bus was so overloaded. It was crazy!

Long story short, we got off at Cibeles and walked to our hotel in the city center of Madrid. The location of our hotel was really nice though, as it was so close to Plaza St. Anna and the famous Puerta del Sol. After checking in and resting for a little bit, we got out to look for dinner. That evening we just walked around Puerta del Sol and the Sol-Salamanca district. We had dinner at a family-run restaurant; and of course I decided to eat: paella!! 😀 We just walked around randomly after dinner, before deciding to go back to the hotel.

Day 8 (Wednesday, 2 January 2013)

After having a “Combination” brunch at a random cafetaria in one of the streets, we started our adventure of the day. By the way, all the destinations we visited today were reached on foot. Based on rough approximation with Google Maps, we walked around 13 km this day, hmmm.

Anyway, so, the first in our agenda was walking back to Cibeles to take more pictures of the place. Then, we went to Plaza Independencia before going to the large Parque del Retiro. Parque del Retiro is a huge city park in the center of Madrid. Well, it was not as huge as the Versailles Garden though, but still, I found it huge for a city park.

Parque del Retiro was actually a very nice park. Well, there was nothing really special, in my opinion, that worth the effort to go all the way to Madrid though. But if you are a citizen of Madrid, then this park is a really good place for refreshment and all kinds of other activities. We went to several parts of the park; and then leaving the park to walk towards the Royal Palace of Madrid which was in the other side of the city center. So of course we did not rush to get there. We passed Museo del Prado and Plaza Mayor along the way.

The Royal Palace of Madrid was full of people. There was a long line of tourists about to get into the Palace’s area. Not feeling like queuing, we decided not to join the line and just took some photos from the outside, huahaha 😆 . After awhile, we continued our adventure of the city towards the famous Gran Via. We stopped by at Plaza de España because there was a fair, sort of, going on there. Nothing was particularly interesting for us so we did not stay at the fair for too long.

Gran Via was okay. It was a busy modern street with a lot of different stores along the way. Walking there kinda felt like walking on one of New York’s busy street though (Well, not that I have been to New York. But I imagine it would be something like that, hahaha 😆 😛 ). We took a rest for a while at a cafetaria there before going back to our hotel.

Later on that evening, we had dinner at a restaurant nearby Puerta del Sol. We chose a Menu en Mesa for €10.50. With that, we got a chorizo (spicy sausage) as an appetizer, 1/2 portion of short ribs with roasted potato, an ice cream or coffee for dessert, and beer or soft drink or wine as the drink. The dinner was, overall, very very good! It definitely worth the price! But the main winner was, for us, the chimichurri sauce which accompanied our meal! It was the first time ever we tried this sauce and it was so good and unique (and more importantly for me, not spicy, huahaha 😆 ). We even asked for an extra one because one small bowl of the sauce was not enough, hahaha 😆 .


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Sebelumnya dalam 2012 Year-End Trip: Zilko dan adiknya pergi jalan-jalan selama 12 hari ke empat negara di Eropa. Mereka telah menghabiskan enam hari di Paris dan Roma. Kini adalah saatnya bagi mereka untuk melanjutkan perjalanan ke tujuan selanjutnya: Spanyol.


Hari 7 (Selasa, 1 Januari 2013)

Kami check out dari hotel sekitar jam 9:50 dan berjalan menuju stasiun kereta darimana kami berencana untuk naik bus menuju bandara. Sebenarnya satu bus sudah siap disana tetapi sayangnya semua kursi sudah terbeli sehingga kami harus menunggu keberangkatan berikutnya, yang mana jam 10:35. Masih jam 10:00 sih dan jadilah kami memutuskan untuk sekalian sarapan dulu di sebuah cafetaria di seberang jalan. Makan pagiku lumayan keren lho pagi itu. Aku nggak ingat namanya sih tapi yang jelas dari daging domba gitu.

Singkat cerita, kami menaiki busnya, tiba di bandara, check-in, dan berjalan ke gate keberangkatan. Namun, kemudian ada pemindahan gate keberangkatan yang nggak diberitahukan. Eh, oke deh, mungkin ada pengumuman sih tetapi hanya dalam bahasa Italia jadi kami kan nggak ngerti. Nah, trus bagaimana kami bisa tahu? Ya, aku merasa aneh bahwa sudah tinggal 50 menit sebelum keberangkatan tapi gate kami masih sibuk dengan penerbangannya TAP ke Lisbon. Jadilah aku mengecek layar monitornya dan disanalah aku menyadari bahwa gate-nya dipindah! 😯 Wow, untung deh ya aku mengecek karena kalau enggak kan kami nggak tahu!!

Sekitar jam 13:00, kami menaiki pesawat kami: Sebuah Airbus A320-214 milik Vueling dengan kode registrasi EC-JSY dengan nomor penerbangan VY 6135. Ah, aku belum menyebutkan tujuan kami ya. Nah, penerbangan VY 6135 ini akan membawa kami ke ibukota dari Spanyol: Madrid. Nah, sedikit banyak aku jadi merasa kayak pemain tenis profesional top gitu deh karena terbang dari Roma menuju Madrid; karena biasanya di bulan April – Mei mereka harus bepergian dari Roma ke Madrid (atau sebaliknya, tergantung jadwal turnamennya) untuk dua turnamen level Masters (tur putra) atau Premier 5 – Premier Mandatory (tur putri), huahaha 😆 😎 .

Anyway, penerbangan kami tepat waktu dan berangkat sekitar jam 13:15. Penerbangannya lepas landas dari landasan pacu 25 Bandara Internasional Roma-Fiumicino. Nah, bagian ini dari perjalanan kami adalah yang paling jauh karena dengan pesawat pun membutuhkan waktu 2 jam 15 menit untuk tiba di Madrid. Dua jam 15 menit kemudian, kami mendarat di landasan pacu 33L Bandara Internasional Madrid-Barajas.

Peta rute penerbangan VY 6135 dari Roma menuju Madrid

Setelah mengambil bagasi, kami berjalan ke halte bus untuk naik shuttle bus ke pusat kota. Menurut jadwalnya, seharusnya ada bus hari itu jam 16:20. Jadilah kami menunggunya. Tapi kemudian, bahkan sampai jam 16:40, nggak ada satu bus pun yang nongol loh. Eh, ada sih beberapa bus tetapi bus-bus itu adalah shuttle bus untuk pergi ke terminal lain di bandara itu (kami berada di Terminal 4); tapi nggak ada tanda-tanda shuttle bus kami menuju Madrid itu. Kami yakin kami menunggu di tempat yang benar karena ada beberapa orang lain (sekitar 12 orang, sepertinya) yang juga sedang menunggu bus itu. Akhirnya, busnya datang jam 16:45!!

Hal yang menyenangkan dari bus ini adalah layanannya dimulai dari Terminal 4. Kami menaiki bus yang masih kosong sehingga artinya kami pasti kebagian kursi, hahaha 😆 . Busnya berhenti di Terminal 1 sebelum melanjutkan perjalanan ke pusat kota. Btw, perjalanan dari Terminal 4 ke Terminal 1 itu jauh banget loh, sekitar 20an menit dengan bus! 😯 Anyway, ketika kami berangkat dari Terminal 1, busnya sampai overloaded deh. Gila memang!

Singkat cerita, kami turun di Cibeles dan berjalan menuju pusat kota Madrid. Lokasi dari hotel kami enak loh, dekat banget dengan Plaza St. Anna dan Puerta del Sol yang terkenal sekali itu. Setelah check-in dan istirahat sebentar, kami keluar untuk mencari makan malam. Kami memutuskan untuk berjalan di sekitarnya Puerta del Sol dan distrik Sol-Salamanca. Kami makan malam di sebuah restoran yang dijalankan sekeluarga; dan tentu saja aku memutuskan untuk makan: paella!! 😀 Setelahnya, kami berkeliling di sekitar situ saja sih sebelum kembali lagi ke hotel.

Hari 8 (Rabu, 2 Januari 2013)

Setelah makan sebuah “Combination” untuk brunch di sebuah cafe di salah satu jalanan di Madrid, kami memulai petualangan kami hari ini. Ngomong-ngomong, semua destinasi yang kami kunjungi hari ini kami lakoni dengan berjalan kaki lho. Menurut aproksimasi kasar dengan Google Maps sih, kami berjalan sejauh sekitar 13 km hari ini, hmmm.

Anyway, jadi, yang pertama dalam agenda kami adalah berjalan balik ke Cibeles untuk foto-foto di depan istananya. Lalu, kami berjalan ke Plaza Independencia sebelum akhirnya pergi ke Parque del Retiro yang besar itu. Parque del Retiro adalah taman kota raksasa di pusat kota Madrid. Yaa, masih nggak sebesar Taman Versailles lah, tapi masih aja lah ya, besar banget untuk ukuran taman kota.

Parque del Retiro adalah taman yang oke lho sebenarnya. Hanya saja, nggak ada yang terlalu spesial sampai-sampai, menurutku pribadi, layak untuk dikunjungi sehingga harus jauh-jauh ke Madrid sih. Tapi kalau kita adalah penduduknya Madrid, maka taman ini adalah tempat yang baik untuk refreshing dan aktivitas-aktivitas lainnya. Kami berjalan ke beberapa bagian tamannya; dan kemudian meninggalkannya untuk menuju ke Royal Palace-nya Madrid yang berada di sisi lain pusat kota. Tentu saja kami tidak merasa perlu buru-buru untuk kesana. Kami melewati Museo del Prado dan Plaza Mayor di sepanjang jalan.

Royal Palace-nya Madrid penuh orang siang itu. Ada satu antrian panjang untuk masuk ke dalam Istananya. Karena lagi malas mengantri, kami memutuskan untuk tidak bergabung dan foto-foto dari luar aja deh, huahaha 😆 . Setelah beberapa waktu, kami melanjutkan petualangan kami di kota ini menuju ke Gran Via. Kami mampir sebentar di Plaza de España karena ada semacam pameran yang sedang berlangsung disana. Nggak ada yang terlalu menarik sih disana sehingga kami juga tidak berlama-lama disana.

Gran Via oke juga. Model-modelnya adalah seperti jalan modern yang sibuk dengan banyak toko-toko di sepanjang jalan. Berjalan disana rasanya seperti sedang berjalan di salah satu jalan yang sibuk di New York gitu deh (Eh, aku belum pernah ke New York sih. Tapi aku bayangkan ya kayaknya mirip-mirip gitu deh ya, hahaha 😆 😛 *sotoy* ). Kami beristirahat sebentar di sebuah kafe disana sebelum kembali ke hotel.

Malamnya, kami makan malam di sebuah restoran di dekatnya Puerta del Sol. Kami memilih paket Menu en Mesa seharga €10,50. Dengan harga itu, kami mendapat chorizo (sosis ‘pedas’ (nggak pedas-pedas amat sih soalnya aku masih bisa makan, huahaha 😆 )) sebagai masakan pembuka, 1/2 porsi short ribs dengan kentang panggang, es krim atau kopi untuk masakan penutup, dan bir atau minuman bersoda atau anggur sebagai minumannya. Makan malamnya, keseluruhan, oke buanget lho! Benar-benar worth it deh harga segitu! Tapi pemenangnya, bagi kami, adalah saus chimichurri yang disajikan menemani makanan kami! Ini adalah kali pertama kami mencoba saus ini dan ternyata uenaak banget dan amat unik (dan yang penting untukku, nggak pedas, huahaha 😆 ). Kami bahkan sampai nambah loh soalnya satu mangkok kecil itu kurang, hahaha 😆 .


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– Bersama Cristiano Ronaldo (huahaha 😆 )
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#1175 – 2012 Year-End Trip (Part III)


Previously on 2012 Year-End Trip: Zilko and his brother went on a 12-day trip to four countries in Europe. They spent three days in Paris and now was in the capital city of Italy: Rome.


Day 5 (Sunday, 30 December 2012)

Having two full days to spend in Rome, we decided that the first day would be spent at the Vatican City. So, after having breakfast at a cafetaria across Rome Termini station, we took a public bus to go to St. Peter’s Square. Long story short, we arrived there at around 11:00 and saw a lot of people flocking the worldwide-famous square.

The first main goal was obviously to get into the St. Peter’s Basilica. I knew to do that, we had to join a queue first as there would be a security check before they let us in. We did see one line that seemingly was the one we were looking for, but it was VERY long!! So the security check was in the right half-circle of St. Peter’s Square but the line went literally circling the square and the end was near the exit of the basilica at the far left of the area! Crazy!

While we were getting close to the security check, (of course) there were some people who didn’t have the dignity and just wanted to get into the basilica quickly by cutting the line. FYI, we were queuing for literally two hours to get to that point. Obviously some of the people who did queue couldn’t let this happen and reprimanded those people that they needed to get to the end of the line. But then there was this one blonde American woman whom, after being reprimanded about her cutting the line, responded: “Well, I saw many people were doing that as well so whatever…” . Wow, what a bitch!! 👿

Anyway, back to the fun story, while we were wating in line, at one point, people started to gather around (so that the square was literally so full of people) and we heard a guy was giving speech in Italian (so we didn’t understand). Then, the Italian guy in front of us showed us that there was a guy standing in a window of a building near the St. Peter’s Square, and there was a red rug coming out from that window. And then we immediately knew that we were looking at (and listening to): THE POPE!! 😯 . This was totally unexpected and unplanned! But this explained why I saw much more people than I expected today there… .

So, after queuing for two hours, we finally got in the basilica. There, instead of going directly into the basilica, we picked the wrong alley and somehow we were in yet another queue ( 🙄 ) inside the basilica. At first we didn’t know what this queue was for ( lol 😆 ) but after some time we realized this queue was to get to the top of to cupola (the dome) of the basilica.

After spending another hour queuing (that we fed up with queuing by the end of that), we finally got in. We chose the elevator – stairs combination to get to the top of the dome (the other option was stairs only). We took the elevator which already saved like 280 steps or something and then continued our way to the top of the dome with another 300 steps, by walking.

I did not pay a visit to the top of the dome during my previous visit to Vatican City in 2010, so it was definitely a new experience for me. The top of the dome offered the classic view of Rome, and specifically the St. Peter’s Square. It was stunning! The stairs to get to the top of the dome was so memorable as well as sometimes we had to lean because the wall was leaning due to the dome’s shape. However, looking back now, it might not be that of a worthy experience given the price (of queuing) that we had to “pay”, lol. I mean, we spent good three hours just queuing that day plus the queue we had to join along the way to get to the top of the dome!!

It was around 15:30 when we finally got back to the main door of St. Peter’s Basilica. And now we entered this very beautiful church. We went around the gigantic basilica and decided to go out quickly to hopefully still have enough time to go to the Vatican Museum. We asked the security guard there but he told us it was already too late to go to the museum as it was already closed for entrance 😦 . See, we spent too much time queuing today!! 😦

After awhile we decided to leave St. Peter’s Basilica and explored a bit of more Rome. We went towards Castel Sant’Angelo. After sitting (resting) in front of the castle a little bit, we took a bus to go back to the city centre. We walked to Pantheon and Piazza Navona before having dinner at a nice Italian restaurant I knew. My brother tasted the delicious 500 gram Florentian steak. It was, indeed, very special! 🙂

Day 6 (Monday, 31 December 2012)

After spending the day in Vatican City the day before, we allocated today for the other side of Rome: Ancient Rome. So, after breakfast, we took a public bus to get to the Colosseum.

Based on my experience, one of the better things for us to do was to join a local tour arranged for tourists. With this tour, we could skip the queues for the tickets and we got English native-speaker tour guides to explain everything about Colosseum and the Roman Forum just next to it.  And we found one, yeah!!

The tour started about 15 minutes after we joined the group (so they were waiting until a certain amount of people joining the tour). The first tour guide was Stephen who took us around Colosseum and told us stories about the history of this magnificent building. After one hour, the tour ended. We still had time to go around the Colosseum before the second tour, which was optional btw but of course we planned on joining as well as it was included in the price that we paid 😛 , started. So we circled the Colosseum once, hahaha.

The second tour was another 45 minutes tour to the Roman Forum at the Palatine Hill. The tour was guided by Jill who told us stories about the life of the Caesars there and about the ruins. At around 13:15, the tour ended at the top of the Palatine Hill.

At this point, guessing the admission to the Vatican Museum would be open until around 15:00 and we missed it the day before, we were thinking that maybe we could make it just in time to the Vatican Museum today. We agreed on this. So, we just had a very brisk tour at the Roman Forum down the Palatine Hill (where the main street in Ancient Rome was once there) and left the area at around 13:30 to catch a bus to Vatican City.

Long story short, we arrived at the Vatican City. Unfortunately, we got off at the opposite site of the city from the Vatican Museum’s entrance. So we had to circle the country (Vatican City is a country :D) by walking around. Okay, it was not really a big country but walking around half a small country was still quite far away, hahaha. Along the way, however, we already got some not-so-good indication that we might not make it. We overheard an American tourist saying that the museum was closed for entrance earlier today because it was December 31st. Okay, we were already making our way so we thought at the very least we should get to the entrance and if it was true it was already closed, we should get the information first hand.

And the information was, sigh, true. Admission was closed at 13:30 today due to it being the last day of the year. Damn! We should have stayed longer at the Forum as we would not make it anyway had we been able to get there faster, given we left the Forum at 13:30.

Okay, feeling tired, we decided to have lunch at a cafe near Vatican City. We had pizza, bruschetta, and gelato. The food was okay but the service sucked as hell. So I was ordering something when my brother was looking for a table to sit. When he got one, one waitress shooed him away saying that seat was only for the cafe’s customers, which we WERE 👿 . But then, upon knowing we were ordering some menus (other customers mainly just ordered coffee or light snack or something like that at that time), she became very ‘friendly’ and smiled a lot. But well, we knew the smile was fake…

After that, we had a lot of time to spare. So, we decided to walk from Vatican City to our hotel near Termini Station, huahaha 😆 . From Google Maps, it was a 4.5 km route, not that far apparently. Then we took a rest for a little bit at the hotel before going out for dinner. We had dinner at Pastarito, again. We ordered spaghetti carbonara, a seafood bucatini, and calzone.

We did not really celebrate New Year’s Eve this night. One reason being we would have to go to the airport the very next day to catch our flight to Madrid, the other being New Year’s Eve is kinda crazy and I don’t really like it, hahaha 😆 .


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– Off to Barcelona


Sebelumnya dalam 2012 Year-End Trip: Zilko dan adiknya pergi dalam perjalanan 12 hari ke empat negara di Eropa. Setelah menghabiskan tiga hari di Paris, kini mereka berada di ibukotanya Italia: Roma.


Hari 5 (Minggu, 30 Desember 2012)

Karena ada dua hari penuh untuk dihabiskan di Roma, kami memutuskan hari pertama untuk dihabiskan di Kota Vatikan. Jadi, setelah sarapan di sebuah kafe di seberangnya Stasiun Roma Termini, kami naik bus umum menuju Lapangan Santo Petrus. Singkat cerita, kami tiba disana sekitar jam 11:00 dan melihat lapangannya yang terkenal itu dipenuhi oleh banyak sekali orang.

Tujuan pertama kami tentu saja adalah masik ke Basilika Santo Petrus. Aku tahu bahwa untuk itu, kami harus mengantri dulu karena akan ada pemeriksaan sekuriti sebelum masuk. Kami melihat ada satu barisan panjang banget yang sepertinya adalah antrian yang kami cari itu, tapi kok panjang BANGET ya!! Jadi pemeriksaan sekuritinya kan di bagian setengah lingkaran kanannya Lapangan Santo Petrus tuh; tetapi antriannya, dalam artian sebenarnya, mengitari lapangannya dan ujungnya itu berada di dekatnya gerbang keluar basilikanya di ujung kiri lapangannya! Gila!

Nah, selama kami bergerak mendekati area pengecekan sekuritinya dengan mengantri, (tentu saja) ada beberapa orang yang tidak memiliki harga diri dan maunya langsung cepat masuk aja ke basilikanya dengan memotong antrian. FYI, kami mengantri selama sekitar dua jam, dalam artian sebenarnya, loh untuk mencapai titik itu. Tentu saja ada beberapa orang yang juga mengantri yang tidak terima dan menegur beberapa orang yang mau memotong antrian itu agar mereka ke belakang antrian. Dan kemudian ada seorang wanita Amerika berambut blonde yang, setelah ditegur untuk tidak memotong antrian, malah menjawab: “Eh, aku lihat banyak orang kok yang memotong antrian juga jadi whatever lah…” . Gila, what a bitch banget kan!! 👿

Anyway, kembali ke cerita yang menyenangkannya, ketika mengantri, di satu waktu, orang-orang tiba-tiba berkumpul (jadi lapangannya itu penuh orang dalam artian sebenarnya) dan kami mendengar ada bapak-bapak yang memberikan semacam kotbah dalam bahasa Italia (jadi kami nggak ngerti). Lalu, lelaki Italia di depan kami menunjuk ke satu orang yang sedang berdiri di balik sebuah jendela di gedung di dekatnya Lapangan Santo Petrus, dan ada permadani merah yang menjulur keluar dari jendela itu. Dan langsunglah kami sadar bahwa pada saat itu kami sedang melihat (dan mendengarkan ceramahnya): PAUS!! Gyaaaa 😯 . Ini benar-benar nggak disangka-sangka dan direncanakan deh!! Pantesan aja ya sehari itu kok rame banget lapangannya… .

Jadi, setelah mengantri selama dua jam, akhirnya kami masuk ke basilikanya juga. Disana, bukannya langsung masuk ke basilikanya, kami malah memilih jalur yang salah dan tiba-tiba kami berada di antrian lain ( 🙄 ) di dalam basilikanya. Awalnya kami nggak tahu ini antrian buat apaan (huahaha 😆 ) tapi kemudian kami menyadari bahwa ini adalah antrian untuk naik ke cupola, alias puncak kubah,-nya Basilika Santo Petrus.

Setelah mengantri selama satu jam lagi (yang mana sampai kami muak ngantri deh setelahnya), akhirnya kami masuk juga. Kami memilih tiket kombinasi lift – tangga untuk naik ke puncak kubahnya (pilihan lainnya adalah naik tangga aja). Kami naik lift yang artinya kami meng-skip sekitar 280an anak tangga dan kemudian melanjutkan perjalanan ke atas kubah dengan 300 anak tangga lagi, dengan jalan kaki.

Aku tidak menaiki puncak kubah di kunjunganku ke Kota Vatikan di tahun 2010, jadi ini adalah pengalaman baru untukku. Puncak kubahnya menawarkan pemandangan klasik Roma, dan terutama Lapangan Santo Petrus. Keren deh! Tangga untuk naik ke atasnya juga unik dan berkesan karena miring-miring gitu mengikuti bentuk kubahnya. Namun, melihat ke belakang sekarang, mungkin pengalamannya ya nggak se-worthy itu sih dengan harga yang harus kita “bayar” (mengantri), lol. Maksudku, kami mengantri selama tiga jam loh hari itu ditambah dengan antrian sepanjang tangga untuk sampai ke puncaknya!!

Jam menunjukkan pukul 15:30 ketika kami akhirnya tiba kembali di pintu utamanya Basilika Santo Petrus. Dan sekarang barulah kami memasuki gereja super indah ini. Kami berkeliling basilika raksasa ini dan memutuskan untuk keluar cepat dengan harapan masih sempat untuk pergi ke Museum Vatikan. Kami bertanya ke pertugas keamanannya tetapi ia bilang bahwa saat itu sudah terlambat karena akses masuk museumnya sudah ditutup 😦 . Nah kan, kelamaan ngantri deh sehari itu!! 😦

Setelah beberapa waktu, kami meninggalkan Basilika Santo Petrus dan berkeliling Roma. Kami berjalan ke arah Castel Sant’Angelo. Setelah duduk-duduk (istirahat) di depan kastilnya sebentar, kami naik bus untuk kembali ke pusat kota. Kami berjalan ke Pantheon dan Piazza Navona sebelum akhirnya makan malam di sebuah restoran Italia yang oke banget yang aku tahu. Adikku mencoba steak ala Florence seberat 500 gram yang enak banget. Restorannya memang beneran enak banget loh! 🙂

Hari 6 (Senin, 31 Desember 2012)

Setelah menghabiskan satu hari di Kota Vatikan sehari sebelumnya, kami mengalokasikan hari ini untuk mengunjungi sisi lainnya Roma: Roma Kuno. Jadi, setelah sarapan, kami naik bus umum menuju Colosseum.

Berdasarkan pengalamanku, satu alternatif yang oke adalah ikutan tur lokal yang diadakan untuk turis. Dengan tur ini, kita nggak perlu ngantri untuk tiketnya dan kita juga mendapatkan pemandu wisata yang merupakan penutur asli (native speaker) bahasa Inggris untuk menjelaskan semuanya tentang Colosseum dan Roman Forum di sebelahnya. Dan turnya ketemu loh, yeah!!

Turnya dimulai sekitar 15 menit setelah kami bergabung ke grupnya (jadi mereka menunggu sejumlah peserta dulu sebelum turnya dimulai). Pemandu wisata pertama hari itu adalah Stephen yang membawa kami berkeliling Colosseum dan menceritakan sejarah bangunan keren ini. Setelah sejam, turnya berakhir. Kami masih memiliki waktu berkeliling Colosseum sebelum tur kedua dimulai, yang mana bersifat optional tetapi tentu saja kami berencana untuk ikutan dong kan sudah termasuk di harga yang kami bayar 😛 . Jadi kami mengelilingi Colosseumnya deh, hahaha.

Tur keduanya adalah tur sepanjang 45 menit ke Roman Forum di Bukit Palatine. Tur ini dipandu oleh Jill yang menceritakan kehidupannya para Caesar disana dan tentang bangunannya. Sekitar jam 13:15, turnya berakhir di puncak Bukit Palatine.

Di waktu ini, menduga bahwa akses masuk ke Museum Vatikan akan masih dibuka sampai jam 15:00 dan karena kami melewatkannya sehari sebelumnya, kami berpikir bahwa mungkin kami masih sempat untuk pergi kesana. Kami setuju akan hal ini. Jadi, kami mengitari Roman Forum di bawahnya Bukit Palatine (dimana jalan utama Roma Kuno berada) dengan cepat dan meninggalkan areanya sekitar jam 13:30 untuk naik bus menuju Kota Vatikan.

Singkat cerita, kami tiba di Kota Vatikan. Sayangnya, kami turun di sisi lain kotanya dari lokasi dimana Museum Vatikan berada. Kami harus berjalan mengelilingi negaranya (Kota Vatikan kan sebuah negara 😀 ). Oke, ini bukanlah negara yang besar ya tetapi tetap aja masih jauh jaraknya, hahaha. Di jalan, kami mendapatkan beberapa indikasi kurang menyenangkan. Kami mendengar seorang turis Amerika berkata bahwa akses masuk museumnya tutup awal hari ini karena tanggal 31 Desember. Oke deh, sudah jauh-jauh kesana ya kami pikir setidaknya kami harus tiba di pintu masuknya dan kalau beneran tutup ya kami mesti mendapatkan informasinya langsung lah.

Dan informasi itu ternyata benar loh. Akses masuk ditutup jam 13:30 hari ini karena hari ini adalah hari terakhir dari tahun 2012. Sial! Seharusnya kami tinggal lebih lama di Forumnya karena toh kami nggak akan keburu untuk kesana kan andaikata kami bisa kesana lebih cepat pun, dengan kondisi kami baru sempat meninggalkan Forum jam 13:30.

Oke, karena lelah, kami memutuskan untuk makan siang di sebuah kafe di dekatnya Kota Vatikan. Kami memesan pizza, bruschetta, dan gelato. Masakannya lumayan sih sebenarnya tetapi pelayanannya jelek banget deh. Jadi, aku kan sedang memesan sesuatu sementara adikku mencari meja kosong untuk duduk. Nah, ketika dia menemukan satu, seorang pelayannya malah mengusirnya dan bilang bahwa meja itu hanya untuk customer restorannya, yang mana kan kami CUSTOMER-nya gitu! Tapi kemudian, setelah tahu kami memesan lumayan banyak (customer lain kebanyakan pada memesan kopi atau snack ringan jam segitu), baru deh si pelayan yang sama itu menjadi ‘ramah’ dan senyum-senyum. Ah, tapi kami tahu kalau senyum itu palsu kan…

Setelah itu, kami ada banyak waktu untuk dibuang. Jadi, kami memutuskan untuk berjalan kaki dari Kota Vatikan menuju hotel kami di dekat Stasiun Termini, huahaha 😆 . Berdasarkan Google Maps, jaraknya sekitar 4,5 km deh, nggak jauh-jauh amat ternyata. Kami beristirahat sebentar di hotel sebelum makan malam di Pastarito lagi malamnya. Kami memesan spaghetti carbonara, bucatini seafood, dan calzone.

Kami nggak merayakan Malam Tahun Baru malam itu. Satu alasannya karena kami harus pergi ke bandara keesokan harinya untuk naik pesawat menuju Madrid, alasan lainnya adalah Malam Tahun Baru kan gila ya dan aku kan nggak terlalu suka itu, hahaha 😆 .


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#1174 – 2012 Year-End Trip (Part II)


Previously on 2012 Year-End Trip: Zilko and his brother went on a 12-day trip to four countries in Europe. First, they visited Paris. After spending two nights there, they had one more day before continuing their trip to their next destination: Rome.


Day 3 (Friday, 28 December 2012)

Our main destination for the day was the Versailles Palace. We took Metro to Gare d’Austerlitz and from there the Vick train to Versailles. Luckily, this time the train didn’t break down so we didn’t have to change train somewhere (while the announcement was in French only) and went directly to Versailles. Those who are confused can read the story of my first visit to Paris in 2011 here.

Entering the palace was also free for me because of my residency in the Netherlands and my young age, huahaha . Anyway, the queues to enter the palace weren’t both as long as my previous visit there in 2011. So it was nice.

After a quick visit to the palace (1.5 hours), we walked to Versailles’ huge and gigantic garden just behind the palace. Btw, I am not exaggerating here as according to Wikipedia, the garden’s area is 800 hectares 😯 (which means we can fit four Monacos (country) in it). Oh, before entering the garden, my brother decided to buy a box of eight Laduree macarons for €16.40 (if I am not mistaken about the price). And then I understood why Laduree was so famous, as it was SO good!!

Anyway, so we walked around the garden and we also, somehow, visited some parts of the garden that I did not visit during my last trip there. The one that stood out for me was the Queen’s Hamlet. The buildings there were so unique and fairy-tale-ish; like houses you would expect to see as illustrations accompanying a storybook. So stunning!

It was such a long walk in the garden though. Based on a very rough estimate on Google Earth, I think we walked around 7.5 km in the garden only that day! 😯 We left the palace at around 17:30, just in time before it was closed for visitors.

We took the Jill train back to Paris, got off at Gare d’Austerlitz again and took a Metro to Republique where we had dinner at an American steakhouse restaurant, huahaha 😆 . The meals there were nice as well btw 🙂

Day 4 (Saturday, 29 December 2012)

The theme of the day was to travel from Paris to Rome. The obvious choice of mode of transportation was airplane. Our flight to Rome was scheduled to take off at 14:55 from Paris Orly Airport. So, we checked out at our hotel at around 10:30 and took a Metro to get to the departure point of the OrlyBus to Orly Airport.

Orly is the former main international airport of Paris, as now its function has been replaced by the much larger Charles De Gaulle Airport. Orly still serves some domestic and intra-Europe flights.

We arrived at the airport a bit too early (read: 1.5 hours, muahahaha 😆 ). Apparently we allocated a bit too much time for the “worst case scenario” to get to the airport (like missing the bus, etc) as it was also my first time to go to Orly. Plus, the bus was much faster than expected to get there. I read it would take like 45 minutes but it only took 20 minutes. And so, we killed time by having brunch: a very expensive pasta which cost €10.10. The pasta was good actually, but I still found the price a bit too expensive for that.

Long story short, we checked-in and boarded our flight: A Vueling’s Airbus A320-216 reg code EC-KCU with flight number VY 6258. The flight departed on time, at 14:55. It took off from runway 24 of Paris-Orly Airport and landed at runway 34R of Rome-Fiumicino International Airport about two hours later. Yes, it was quite a long flight, this was the route map btw:

Flight VY 6258 route map from Paris to Rome

We took a bus to go to the city centre. Our hotel was nicely located near Rome Termini station. It was very convenient because a lot of Roman public transportation lines passed this main station. Anyway, there was apparently a problem with our original hotel so the owner offered a replacement at another hotel which was pretty much in the same place and with the same price and quality. Well, seeing no other option we took it.

That evening, we had dinner at Pastarito: a nice pasta restaurant-chain that I know in Rome (thanks to my previous visit exactly two years prior 😀 ). Yeaah, finally, I could, again, have its super delicious bucatini carbonara!!

We visited Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Step that night after dinner (and of course I threw another coin to the fountain 😀 ).


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Sebelumnya dalam 2012 Year-End Trip: Zilko dan adiknya berjalan-jalan selama 12 hari ke empat negara di Eropa. Pertama-tama, mereka mengunjungi Paris. Setelah menghabiskan dua malam disana, mereka memiliki satu hari lagi disana sebelum melanjutkan perjalanan ke destinasi selanjutnya: Roma.


Hari 3 (Jumat, 28 Desember 2012)

Tujuan utama kami hari ini adalah Istana Versailles. Kami menaiki Metro menuju Gare d’Austerlitz dan dari sana naik kereta Vick menuju Versailles. Untungnya, kali ini tidak ada adegan kereta rusak sehingga kami tidak harus berganti kereta entah dimana (sementara pengumumannya hanya dalam bahasa Prancis) dan langsung pergi ke Versailles. Yang bingung bisa sedikit menengok cerita perjalanan pertamaku ke Paris di tahun 2011 disini.

Memasuki istananya juga gratis loh untukku karena aku adalah penduduk Belanda dan usiaku yang masih muda, huahaha . Anyway, antrian masuk ke istananya tidak sepanjang kunjunganku sebelumnya di tahun 2011 itu deh. Asyik dah.

Setelah tur singkat di istananya (1,5 jam), kami berjalan ke tamannya Versailles yang besar nan berukuran raksasa banget di belakang istananya itu. Btw, aku nggak berlebihan loh ini karena menurut Wikipedia, luas tamannya itu 800 hektar 😯 (yang mana artinya tamannya muat untuk menampung empat (negara) Monako di dalamnya). Oh iya, sebelum memasuki tamannya, adikku memutuskan untuk membeli satu kotak macarons-nya Laduree seharga €16.40 (kalau nggak salah akan harganya ya). Dan akhirnya aku menyadari deh kenapa Laduree ini terkenal banget, soalnya enak BANGET loh!!

Anyway, kami berjalan mengelilingi tamannya dan kami juga mengunjungi beberapa bagian taman yang belum sempat kukunjungi di kunjunganku sebelumnya kesana. Yang paling keren banget menurutku adalah Queen’s Hamlet. Bangunannya itu unik banget dan bernuansa seperti cerita dongeng gitu; seperti rumah-rumah yang biasa kita lihat sebagai ilustrasi di buku dongeng. Keren bener!

Kami berjalan jauh bener loh di tamannya. Berdasarkan estimasi kasar dengan Google Earth, kayaknya kami berjalan sepanjang sekitar 7,5 km deh di tamannya saja hari itu! 😯 Kami meninggalkan istananya sekitar jam 17:30, tepat sebelum areanya ditutup untuk umum.

Kami menaiki kereta Jill untuk kembali ke Paris, turun di Gare d’Austerlitz lagi, dan naik Metro menuju Republique dimana kami makan di sebuah rumah makan steakhouse Amerika, huahaha 😆 . Masakannya oke juga lho btw 🙂

Hari 4 (Sabtu, 29 Desember 2012)

Tema hari ini adalah bepergian dari Paris menuju Roma. Pilihan alat transportasinya jelas adalah pesawat lah ya. Penerbangan kami ke Roma dijadwalkan lepas landas jam 14:55 dari Bandara Paris Orly. Jadilah kami check-out dari hotel sekitar jam 10:30 dan kemudian naik Metro ke lokasi keberangkatannya OrlyBus untuk menuju Bandara Orly.

Orly dulunya merupakan bandara internasional utamanya Paris, sebelum perannya digantikan oleh Bandara Charles De Gaulle yang lebih besar. Orly kini masih melayani beberapa rute penerbangan domestik dan intra-Eropa.

Kami tiba di bandara agak terlalu awal (maksudnya: 1,5 jam, muahahaha 😆 ). Jadi ternyata kami mengalokasikan agak terlalu banyak waktu untuk “skenario terburuk” dalam perjalanan ke bandara (kayak ketinggalan bus, dll) karena ini kan juga kali pertamaku ke Orly. Plus, busnya juga lebih cepat dari jangkaan kami deh. Aku baca-baca, perjalanan busnya menuju Orly memakan waktu sekitar 45 menit tetapi kenyataannya cuma 20 menit saja. Jadilah kami membunuh waktu dengan sekalian makan siang: pasta amat mahal yang harganya €10.10. Sebenarnya pastanya enak sih, tapi tetap aja menurutku harga segitu ya masih kemahalan lah ya.

Singkat cerita, kami check-in dan menaiki pesawat kami: sebuah Airbus A320-216 milik Vueling dengan kode registrasi EC-KCU dengan nomor penerbangan VY 6258. Penerbangannya berangkat tepat waktu, jam 14:55. Ia lepas landas dari landasan pacu 24 Bandara Paris-Orly dan mendarat di landasan pacu 34R Bandara Internasional Rome-Fiumicino sekitar dua jam kemudian. Iya, memang penerbangan yang lumayan panjang, berikut ini peta rutenya btw:

Peta rute penerbangan VY 6258 dari Paris menuju Roma

Kami naik bus untuk pergi ke pusat kota. Hotel kami berlokasi di dekat stasiun Roma Termini. Lokasi ini sangatlah strategis karena banyak sekali alat transportasi umum Roma yang melewati stasiun utama ini. Anyway, ternyata ada masalah dengan hotel yang kami pesan sehingga pemiliknya menawarkan alternatif hotel lain di lokasi yang tidak terlalu jauh dan dengan harga dan kualitas pelayanan yang sama. Ya sudah lah, kami ambil saja tawaran itu.

Malam itu, kami makan malam di Pastarito: sebuah jaringan-restoran pasta amat enak yang aku tahu di Roma (berkat kunjunganku kesana tepat dua tahun sebelumnya 😀 ). Yeaah, akhirnya, aku bisa menikmati lagi bucatini carbonara-nya yang uenak banget itu!! 

Kami mengunjungi Air Mancur Trevi dan Spanish Step malamnya setelah makan malam (dan tentu saja aku melempat koin lagi ke air mancurnya 😀 ).


Selanjutnya dalam 2012 Year-End Trip:
– Kota Vatikan
– Roma Kuno
– Pergi ke Spanyol (Madrid dan Barcelona)

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#1171 – 2012 Year-End Trip (Part I)


Day 1 (Wednesday, 26 December 2012)

Our first destination of this year-end trip was the capital city of France, Paris. Yes, it would be the third time I visited Paris in the year 2012 only, after this and this occasion 😀 . To get there, we caught a Thalys train which departed at 11:58 from Rotterdam Centraal Station. So, my brother and I decided to meet at around 11:00 at Rotterdam Centraal. I took a Sprinter from Delft Zuid while he took an Intercity from Amsterdam.

Long story short, the Thalys train departed on time from Rotterdam and we arrived about 2 hours and 40 minutes later in Paris Nord Station. We checked in at our hotel and was ready to go around Paris.

The first destination that we visited was, of course: Eiffel Tower, 😆 😎 . We pretty much stayed around the tower for the rest of the day, including having a nice dinner at a restaurant nearby. As an appetizer, my brother insisted on trying foie gras, a French menu that I, apparently, did not like, huahaha 😆 .

After dinner, we were thinking about going up to the top of the Eiffel Tower (third floor), like what I did during my first visit to Paris in 2011. However, it was very windy at that time that they did not sell tickets to get to the third floor anymore and just had for the second floor. Well, quite a bummer but we had to take what we could, right? So, second floor it was!

And it was indeed very windy (and crowded)! The view was also good from the second floor, though personally I think the third floor provided more unique view due to its height from the ground. After some time, we decided to go back down. But then we found out that there was a very long line for the elevator that we decided to walk down the stairs! 😯 Yes, it was quite an experience! Climbing down the Eiffel Tower with stairs!! 😀

Day 2 (Thursday, 27 December 2012)

After having French bread as our breakfast, we headed to the Louvre Museum. After buying ticket for my brother (as it was free for me because I was a resident of a European Union country aged under 26 years old 😎 ), we entered the museum.

We spent only around 3 hours there (yes, it was a rather quick visit to the gigantic museum) before we got out and walked through Jardin des Tuileries and the super famous Champs Elysees to finally get to the Arc de Triomphe. We also bought some clothes at Champs Elysees (as it was cheaper (around 33%) than the same products at the same stores in the Netherlands! 😯 ).

Then, we took the Metro to go to Notre Dame Cathedral. There was a (construction) work going on in front of the cathedral, which basically blocked the good spot for taking pictures of the cathedral 👿 . There was quite a long line to get in the cathedral. Well, of course we joined the line and fortunately it was a fast moving line so it didn’t take that long to get into the cathedral.

When we got out, two random things happened. First, there was a Gangnam Style flash mob going on at the plaza in front of the cathedral (so imagine yourself going out a church and there was a Gangnam Style flash mob going on outside, so random! Huahaha 😆 ). Second, it was not as nice, there was a man lying down at the same plaza appearing to have just suffered a heart attack or something. A few minutes later, an ambulance arrived at picked him up.

We had dinner at KFC that evening, huahaha 😆 . Somehow I was craving for KFC but afterwards, I felt quite unhealthy. But at least my craving had been fulfilled 😛 .

Afterwards, we went to Pont de l’Alma to take the Seine River boat tour like I did this time during my first visit to Paris in 2011. I was still excited with this boat tour for two reasons. First, it would be in the evening so it would be different from my first boat tour which was during the day; and second, my first tour didn’t visit the Statue of Liberty due to bad weather so I had big expectation that this tour would pass it.

The boat departed at 19:00 and it lasted for 1 hour 20 minutes. It offered nice view of Paris in the evening (quite different view from the day tour though as this time they lit up the lamps and lights, including the Eiffel Tower). However, this tour also didn’t pass the Statue of Liberty (and they didn’t announce it beforehand). My brother and I hypothesized that the tour’s timetable was designed in such a way that the boat passed Eiffel Tower when its light show was on. But whichever it was (coincidence or preplanned), it was beautiful!!


Next on 2012 Year-End Trip:
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– Back to Rome
– Off to Spain (Madrid and Barcelona)


Hari 1 (Rabu, 26 Desember 2012)

Tujuan pertama kami di perjalanan akhir-tahun ini adalah ibukota dari Prancis, Paris. Ya, ini adalah kali ketiga aku mengunjungi Paris di tahun 2012 saja, setelah perjalanan yang ini dan yang ini 😀 . Untuk pergi kesana, kami menaiki kereta Thalys yang berangkat jam 11:58 dari Stasiun Rotterdam Centraal. Jadilah aku dan adikku memutuskan untuk bertemu sekitar jam 11:00 di Stasiun Rotterdam Centraal. Aku menaiki Sprinter dari Delft Zuid dan ia menaiki Intercity dari Amsterdam.

Singkat cerita, kereta Thalys-nya berangkat tepat waktu dari Rotterdam dan kami tiba di Paris sekitar 2 jam 40 menit kemudian di Stasiun Paris Nord. Kami kemudian check-in di hotel dan siap untuk berkeliling Paris.

Tujuan pertama kami adalah, tentu saja: Menara Eiffel, huahaha 😆 😎 . Nah, selanjutnya sepanjang sisa hari itu, kami kurang lebih menghabiskan waktu di sekitar menaranya sih, termasuk makan malam di sebuah restoran di dekatnya. Nah, untuk makanan pembuka, adikku bersikeras mencoba foie gras, sebuah masakan Prancis yang mana aku, ternyata, kurang suka, hahaha 😆 .

Setelah makan malam, kami memutuskan untuk naik ke puncak Menara Eiffel (lantai tiga), seperti yang kulakukan di perjalanan pertamaku ke Paris di tahun 2011. Namun, cuaca hari itu sangat berangin sehingga mereka tidak menjual tiket ke lantai tiga lagi dan hanya menjual tiket sampai lantai dua. Ya sudah deh, sayang banget sih memang, tapi mau bagaimana lagi kan? Adanya lantai dua, ya ke lantai dua sajalah!

Dan ternyata beneran berangin banget lho (dan rame)! Pemandangannya oke juga sih dari lantai dua, walaupun secara pribadi aku rasa lantai tiga lebih menyediakan pemandangan yang unik karena ketinggiannya dari permukaan tanah. Nah, setelah beberapa waktu, kami memutuskan untuk turun. Tapi kemudian kami berada di antrean yang sangat panjang untuk menunggu lift untuk turun. Jadilah kami memutuskan untuk turun dengan naik tangga aja! 😯 Iya loh, pengalaman yang keren banget dah! Menuruni Menara Eiffel dengan naik tangga!! 😀

Hari 2 (Kamis, 27 Desember 2012)

Setelah makan roti Prancis sebagai sarapan, kami pergi menuju Museum Louvre. Setelah beli tiket untuk adikku (kan buatku gratis gitu ya karena aku adalah penduduk di sebuah negara Uni Eropa dan berumur di bawah 26 tahun 😎 ), kami memasuki museumnya.

Kami menghabiskan sekitat 3 jam disana (ya, memang sebuah kunjungan yang relatif singkat di museum raksasa itu) dan kemudian keluar dan berjalan melewati Jardin des Tuileries dan Champs Elysees yang terkenal banget itu untuk akhirnya tiba di Arc de Triomphe. Eh, kami juga membeli beberapa baju sih di Champs Elysees (soalnya harganya lebih murah (sekitar 33%) dari harga barang yang sama di toko yang sama di Belanda loh! 😯 ).

Lalu, kami menaiki Metro menuju Katedral Notre Dame. Saat itu sedang ada pekerjaan konstruksi di depan katedralnya, yang mana pada dasarnya menutupi spot oke banget buat foto-foto katedralnya 👿 . Ada antrean panjang untuk memasuki katedralnya. Ya, tentu saja kami bergabung di antreannya dan untungnya antreannya juga bergerak cepat kok sehingga tidak membutuhkan banyak waktu deh sampai kami memasuki katedralnya.

Ketika kami keluar, ada dua hal random banget yang terjadi. Pertama-tama, tiba-tiba aja ada flash mob-nya Gangnam Style dong di depan katedralnya itu (bayangkan aja, lagi keluar dari gereja tiba-tiba ada flash mob Gangnam Style di luar, random banget kan! Huahaha 😆 ). Kedua, bukan hal yang menyenangkan sih, ada seorang bapak-bapak yang terkulai di lapangan yang sama dan nampaknya barusan kena serangan jantung atau apa gitu. Serem dah. Beberapa menit kemudian, sebuah ambulans datang untuk menjemputnya.

Kami makan malam di KFC malam itu, huahaha 😆 . Entah kenapa aku bisa ngidam banget sama KFC tetapi setelahnya, aku malah jadi merasa nggak sehat. Ah, tapi setidaknya rasa ngidamnya terpenuhi dah 😛 .

Setelahnya, kami pergi ke Ponte de l’Alma untuk naik boat tour di Sungai Seine seperti yang kulakukan di waktu ini di kunjungan pertamaku ke Paris tahun 2011. Aku masih excited sih menaiki boat tour ini karena dua alasan. Pertama, ini kan di malam hari sehingga pemandangannya bakal nampak berbeda dong dari boat tour pertamaku yang berlangsung di siang hari; kedua, boat tour pertamaku nggak melewati Patung Liberty karena cuaca buruk sehingga aku memiliki ekspektasi yang tinggi bahwa tur ini akan melewatinya.

Kapalnya berangkat jam 19:00 dan turnya berlangsung selama 1 jam 20 menit. Tur ini menyajikan pemandangan kota Paris di malam hari (nampak berbeda lho dari pemandangan di siang hari karena di malam hari kan pada menyalakan lampu-lampu, termasuk Menara Eiffel-nya). Namun, tur ini ternyata juga enggak melewati Patung Liberty-nya (dan mereka nggak mengumumkannya sebelum berangkat). Adikku dan aku menduga bahwa jadwal turnya diatur sedemikian rupa sehingga kapalnya melewati Menara Eiffel ketika show lampunya sedang dimainkan. Ah, yang manapun yang benar (kebetulan atau direncanakan), yang penting kelihatan keren banget dah!!


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#1152 – Southern France and Austria Trip (Part VI)


Previously on Southern France and Austria Trip: Zilko went on a trip to southern France and Austria with his parents who were visiting him this October. After spending five nights in France and five nights in Austria, they were now in the city of Innsbruck, their last stop of this trip.


Day 11 (Monday, 29 October 2012)

As usual, we started the day with checking the weather forecast. And for today, the forecasted temperature was –11ºC in the afternoon 😯 . Yes, freaking MINUS ELEVEN degree!! And it was supposed to be “fall”?? 🙄

Anyway, so, we left our hotel at around 9:00, obviously after buying the very useful (and recommended) Innsbruck Card from our hotel’s reception. Our first destination was the Swarovski Kristallwelten in Wattens, near Innsbruck.

It was nice that the shuttle bus to get there also had a stop not so far away from our centrally-located hotel, so we did not have to go far to the train station to catch the bus. 🙂 At around 9:04, the shuttle bus arrived at the bus stop and our 30 minute trip to Swarovski Kristallwelten started. It was also snowing all night long in Innsbruck btw, and the view along the journey to Wattens was SO STUNNING!! It just snowed so the snow wasn’t all cleared up yet, so beautiful!

At around 9:35, we arrived at Swarovski Kristallwelten. Again, this was not my first visit to this wonderful place; but this time, because it just snowed, the garden looked different and more “winteresque”. The museum was still pretty much the same as my previous visit btw, including almost all of their collections, as far as I remembered though. After spending about two hours there, we went back to Innsbruck catching the 11:30 shuttle bus.

We decided to have lunch in the Altstadt, and we picked an Italian pizzeria. I insisted to order a calzone because apparently my parents didn’t try one when they were in Italy. The calzone was a bit watery (as far as I recalled, it shouldn’t be that watery though, at least based on the one I tried while I was in Italy a couple of years ago); but it was still so good! 😀

After lunch, we went to our next destination which was the Nordkette, one of the peak of the Alps to the north of Innsbruck. To get to the top, of course we chose the Nordkettenbahn (well, the other option was: hiking, huahaha 😆 ), which consisted of three legs: the Hungerburgbahn (funicular ride to Hungerburg), the Seegrubenbahn (cable car to Seegrube, the longest leg of the three), and the Hafelekarbahn (cable car to Hafelekar, this was the top stop). And with our Innsbruck Card, it was for free (for 1 way up and 1 way down)! 😀

The view along the Nordkettenbahn was breathtaking! Because it just snowed, all the trees were covered with snow; and it was just amazing! I mean, I liked this view much more than the view of the same place when I previously visited it in the summer. It was just that it was very misty at the top of the mountain so the visibility was quite low. And at the top, it was, literally, freezing!! I mean, you know, I did not bring my winter equipments and stuffs with me so I had pretty much minimalist protection against the cold (like I did not wear any gloves or winter hat); so it was very cold for me! I think it was –15ºC at the hottest 😯 . But still, it was amazing. We reached Hafelekar (of course), but decided not to be outside for too long.

After awhile, we went back downtown to Innsbruck. In Innsbruck, we visited the Hofkirche, a church I did not have the chance to visit in my previous trip there (because it was already closed while I was there). It was quite a very interesting Gothic church, with 28 large bronze statues in it. It was already 16:30 when we got off from Hofkirche (we also visited the Volkskunstmuseum next to Hofkirche), and decided to take the sightseeing bus, which was also for free because we had the Innsbruck Card 😎 .

We had dinner at around 19:30 near our hotel before calling it a day…

Day 12 (Tuesday, 30 October 2012)

The theme of the day would be going back to the Netherlands. While planning for the trip, we realized that there was no direct flight service from Innsbruck to the Netherlands in the period of our visit. Hence, I got the idea to go to the neighboring country of Switzerland and took a flight from there. My choice went to easyJet which had direct service to Amsterdam from Basel. To get to Basel, we took trains with one transit in Zürich (and we got super-promo tickets for the trains, yay! 😀 ). This was pretty much our plan for the day btw:

Our planned route for the day to go from Innsbruck back to the Netherlands (via Zürich and Basel)

So, we took the 9:54 train service departing from Innsbruck to Zürich. Again, the view along the way was very beautiful, because of the snow. It was quite funny that at the village of Buchs, our train changed direction. So if we sat at the same seat, if before Buchs we were moving forward, we would move backward after Buchs.

Anyway, we arrived at Zürich Hauptbahnhof at 13:20. We did not have any time to go out from the station though (let alone to go around the city) because our connecting to Basel, which turned out to be a TGV train, would depart at 13:34. Our double-decker TGV train departed on time, and arrived on time as well 53 minutes later at 14:27 at Basel SBB Station.

Our flight back to Amsterdam was scheduled to depart at 19:20 that evening. This meant we had tons of time to kill in Basel. Yet, based on my experience, there was nothing so interesting worth the effort to go to in Basel, hmm. But first things first, we needed to find a place to eat, and we were in Switzerland where everything was so expensive (even in European standard (in my opinion)). Like I found a restaurant in the train station which offered steak, but it was like CHF 37, or around €30.73 (as of mid-November 2012) 🙄 . And so we decided to eat at Burger King instead, huahaha 😆 .

We left Burger King, which was just across the train station, at 16:00. The shuttle bus to the airport left at around 16:15 from the train station, so the location was already quite convenient. We arrived at the airport at 16:40-ish. From hereon, it was just another standard procedure at the airport. So we were dropping our luggage (we were already checked-in as we were flying with easyJet), going through the security check, waiting at the gate, and so on.

We were finally boarding at around 18:50. Our flight would be on an Airbus A319-111 reg code HB-JZT as EZS 1045. At 19:20, it took off from runway 15 of Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg Airport. At around 20:40, we landed at runway 18R of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

After taking our luggage, we took the InterCity service to Den Haag, where my parents would stay for two nights before moving to Delft. So, after taking my parents safely to their hotel in Den Haag, I went back to Delft. At Den Haag Centraal Station btw, I literally missed my train by 10 seconds! 😯 The next train would leave 30 minutes later, so I decided to try my luck by walking to Spui to see if I could take Tram no.1 instead to go to Delft. Luckily, the tram was there when I arrived at Spui, though I had to run (but the driver was kind enough to wait for me 😀 ). And here my trip to southern France and Austria officially ended…



Sebelumnya dalam Southern France and Austria Trip: Zilko pergi ke Prancis selatan dan Austria dalam rangka menemani orangtuanya yang sedang mengunjunginya di bulan Oktober. Setelah menghabiskan lima malam di Prancis dan lima malam di Austria, kini mereka berada di kota Innsbruck, perhentian terakhir mereka di perjalanan kali ini.


Hari 11 (Senin, 29 Oktober 2012)

Seperti biasa, kami memulai hari ini dengan mengecek ramalan cuaca untuk hari ini. Dan untuk hari ini, temperatur udara diramalkan –11ºC loh di siang hari 😯 . Ya, MINUS SEBELAS derajat dong!! Yang kayak gini ini “musim gugur” darimananya coba?? 🙄

Anyway, kami berangkat dari hotel kami sekitar jam 9:00, tentu saja setelah membeli Innsbruck Card yang amat berguna (dan sangat direkomendasikan loh) dari lobby hotel kami. Tujuan pertama kami adalah Swarovski Kristallwelten di Wattens, tidak jauh dari Innsbruck.

Asyik juga bahwa shuttle bus menuju kesana juga memiliki pemberhentian tidak jauh dari hotel kami yang lokasinya memang oke banget, jadi kami nggak perlu berjalan jauh ke stasiun pusat gitu untuk naik busnya. 🙂 Sekitar jam 9:04, busnya tiba di halte ini dan dimulailah perjalanan selama 30 menit ke Swarovski Kristallwelten. Semalam sebelumnya, cuaca bersalju semalaman di Innsbruck, sehingga pemandangan sepanjang jalan ke Wattens itu KEREN BANGET loh!! Karena baru saja bersalju, jadi saljunya masih belum hilang/mencair gitu deh, jadi masih indah banget!!

Sekitar jam 9:35, tibalah kami di Swarovski Kristallwelten. Lagi-lagi, ini bukanlah kali pertama aku mengunjungi tempat yang keren ini; tapi karena kali ini baru saja bersalju, jadi tamannya terlihat berbeda dan lebih berasa “musim dingin” gitu deh. Museumnya sih kurang lebih masih sama aja ya dibandingkan dengan kunjunganku sebelumnya itu, termasuk koleksi-koleksinya, sejauh yang kuingat sih. Setelah menghabiskan waktu sekitar dua jam disana, kami kembali ke Innsbruck dengan menaiki shuttle bus yang jam 11:30.

Kami memutuskan untuk makan siang di Altstadt, dan kami memilih sebuah restoran pizza (pizzeria) Italia. Aku bersikeras untuk memesan calzone karena ternyata orangtuaku belum mencobanya ketika mereka berada di Italia. Calzone-nya agak sedikit berair sih (sejauh yang kuingat, seharusnya tidak terlalu berair deh, setidaknya berdasarkan yang kucoba di Italia ketika aku kesana dua tahun yang lalu ya); tapi rasanya masih enak kok! 😀

Setelah makan siang, kami pergi ke tujuan kami berikutnya, yaitu Nordkette, salah satu puncak pegunungan Alpen yang berada di utaranya Innsbruck. Untuk naik ke atas, tentu saja kami naik Nordkettenbahn lah ya (pilihan lainnya adalah: jalan kaki dong, huahaha 😆 ), yang terdiri dari tiga bagian perjalanan: Hungerburgbahn (funicular ke Hungerburg), Seegrubenbahn (kereta gantung ke Seegrube, ini bagian yang paling panjang nih), dan Hafelekarbahn (kereta gantung ke Hafelekar, yang mana berada di paling atas). Dan dengan Innsbruck Card, naiknya kan gratis ya (untuk 1 kali naik dan 1 kali turun)! 😀

Pemandangan sepanjang perjalanan dengan Nordkettenbahn itu keren abis lho! Karena baru saja bersalju, jadi pohon-pohonnya itu terselimuti salju gitu deh, keren banget! Maksudku, aku jauh lebih suka pemandangan yang ini daripada pemandangan tempat yang sama ini ketika di musim panas, seperti pada waktu kunjunganku sebelumnya itu. Hanya saja, kali ini cuacanya agak berkabut gitu jadi jarak pandangnya juga agak kurang. Dan di puncak gunungnya, suhu udaranya, dalam artian sebenarnya, membekukan banget lho!! Maksudku, tahu kan, kebetulan pas aku nggak membawa peralatan musim dinginku kali ini jadi ya perlindunganku terhadap udara dingin ya cukup minimalis saja (misalnya, aku nggak memakai sarung tangan atau kupluk musim dingin); jadi ya rasanya dingin banget gitu! Rasanya, di atas itu sepanas-panasnya suhunya –15ºC deh 😯 . Eh, tapi tetep ya, view-nya menakjubkan banget. Kami mencapai Hafelekar (tentu saja), tapi akhirnya memutuskan untuk nggak berada di luar lama-lama amat.

Setelah beberapa waktu, kami kembali turun ke Innsbruck. Di Innsbruck, kami mengunjungi Hofkirche, sebuah gereja yang belum sempat aku kunjungi di kunjunganku sebelumnya kesana (waktu itu gerejanya sudah tutup gitu). Gereja ini adalah gereja Gotik yang cukup menarik juga, dengan 28 patung perunggu berukuran besar di dalamnya. Sudah jam 16:30 ketika kami keluar dari Hofkirche (kami juga sempat mampir di Volkskunstmuseum di sebelahnya Hofkirche loh), dan akhirnya memutuskan untuk naik sightseeing bus, yang mana juga gratis dengan Innsbruck Card kami 😎 .

Kami makan malam sekitar jam 19:30 di dekat hotel sebelum akhirnya pulang…

Hari 12 (Selasa, 30 Oktober 2012)

Tema hari ini adalah seharian untuk kembali ke Belanda. Nah, ketika merencanakan perjalanan ini, kami baru menyadari bahwa ternyata tidak ada penerbangan langsung dari Innsbruck menuju Belanda di waktu kunjungan kami ini. Makanya aku mendapatkan ide untuk pergi ke negara tetangganya Austria, Swiss, dan naik pesawat dari sana. Pilihanku jatuh kepada easyJet yang memiliki rute langsung dari Basel menuju Amsterdam. Untuk pergi ke Basel, kami naik kereta dengan satu kali transit di Zürich (dan untuk kereta ini kami mendapatkan tiket super-promo loh, lumayan banget, yay! 😀 ). Peta dari rencana perjalanan hari ini kurang lebih seperti ini deh:

Rute perjalanan rencana kami untuk hari ini dari Innsbruck untuk kembali ke Belanda (via Zürich dan Basel)

Jadi, kami naik kereta jam 9:54 dari Innsbruck menuju Zürich. Lagi-lagi, pemandangan di perjalanan itu indah banget, karena salju sih. Oh iya, lucunya, di desa Buchs, kereta kami berganti arah loh. Jadi kalau kita tidak berpindah kursi, jika sebelum Buchs kita bergerak maju, kita akan bergerak mundur setelah Buchs.

Anyway, tibalah kami di Zürich Hauptbahnhof pada jam 13:20. Kami tidak memiliki waktu untuk keluar dari stasiun btw (apalagi untuk keliling kota) karena kereta lanjutan kami menuju Basel, yang mana ternyata adalah TGV loh, akan berangkat jam 13:34. Kereta TGV dua-tinggkat kami berangkat tepat waktu, dan tiba tepat waktu juga 53 menit kemudian, pada jam 14:27, di Stasiun Basel SBB.

Penerbangan ke Amsterdam kami baru dijadwalkan berangkat jam 19:20 malam itu. Artinya, kami memiliki banyak waktu untuk dihabiskan di Basel. Namun, berdasarkan pengalamanku, nggak ada yang terlalu menarik di Basel untuk dikunjungi gitu, hmm. Ah, satu-satu dulu deh, pertama-tama, kami mencari tempat buat makan dulu; dan kami sedang berada di Swiss dimana semuanya kan mahal-mahal gitu ya (bahkan untuk standar Eropa (menurutku loh)). Seperti misalnya aku menemukan sebuah restoran di stasiun kereta yang menjual steak kan, tapi harganya CHF 37, atau sekitar €30.73 loh (per pertengahan November 2012) 🙄 . Dan jadilah kami makan di Burger King saja, huahaha 😆 .

Kami meninggalkan Burger King, yang lokasinya hanya berada di sebranya stasiun kereta, jam 16:00. Shuttle bus menuju bandara berangkat sekitar jam 16:15 dari stasiun kereta, jadi lokasinya sudah enak banget gitu. Kami tiba di bandara sekitar jam 16:40an. Dari sini, semuanya ya prosedur standar di bandara sih. Kami memasukkan beberapa barang bawaan kami ke bagasi (kami sudah check-in karena kami terbang dengan easyJet), melewati pengecekan sekuriti, menunggu di gate, dll.

Akhirnya kami boarding sekitar jam 18:50. Penerbangan kami akan ditempuh dengan sebuah pesawat Airbus A319-111 dengan kode registrasi HB-JZT dengan nomor penerbangan EZS 1045. Jam 19:20, penerbangannya lepas landas dari landasan pacu 15 Bandara Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg. Sekitar jam 20:40, kami mendarat di landasan pacu 18R Bandara Amsterdam Schiphol.

Setelah mengambil bagasi kami, kami menaiki kereta InterCity menuju Den Haag, dimana orangtuaku akan menginap selama dua malam sebelum pindah hotel ke Delft. Nah, setelah mengantar orangtuaku dengan aman ke hotelnya mereka di Den Haag, aku kembali ke Delft deh. Btw, di Stasiun Den Haag Centraal, aku ketinggalan keretanya hanya karena terlambat, dalam artian sebenarnya, 10 detik saja loh! 😯 Kereta selanjutnya baru berangkat 30 menit kemudian, jadilah aku memutuskan untuk mencoba peruntungan dengan berjalan ke Spui untuk melihat apakah aku bisa menaiki Tram 1 menuju Delft. Untungnya, tramnya berada disana pas ketika aku tiba di Spui, walaupun aku harus lari sih untuk menaikinya (untung banget masinisnya baik jadi mau menungguku 😀 ). Dan disinilah perjalananku ke Prancis selatan dan Austria resmi berakhir…