#2470 – October Stories


So here we are, at the tail end of October. Speaking of today, it is one of my most favourite day of the year because today is the Autumn Daylight Saving Day (DST) day here in the Netherlands! It means that today is the only day in the year where we have 25 hours in one day! :mrgreen: I really thought the DST day would be last Sunday though (I thought last Sunday was the last Sunday of October, when the DST always is in Europe), so I was quite disappointed that it wasn’t, haha.

Anyway speaking of October this year, earlier in the month I finally had my first WFO (Working From Office) since the pandemic! That day was actually 596 days since my last WFO day, that was just before my Spring Trip to Southeast Asia last year. Btw, my office doesn’t require us to WFO, as WFO is completely voluntary. Even then, the office buildings capacity is still limited so if we’d like to WFO, we’d need to register in advance.

And how was it? Well, it was great! The capacity limitation meant that it was, still, relatively quiet; making it easy to concentrate on what I’d need to do, which was one element I liked from working from home (WFH). The office restaurant was a great aspect too as it meant that I didn’t have to think about preparing my lunch, haha. There was one good thing from it that I didn’t anticipate though. WFO meant that I got to get out of my neighbourhood for once, and this felt … really refreshing!

So yeah, I think I will WFO more often in the coming future, haha. We will see, though, as the number of COVID cases is creeping up again here (given that it’s Autumn already) and the government is going to hold another press conference in a few days time. We will see what kind of restrictions (if any) that will be introduced. Fingers crossed!

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  1. niee says:

    jadi WFO nya masih ganti2an ya ko sampai sekarang?

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