#2469 – An October Long Weekend Story

So as my followers at Instagram have known now, a bit earlier this month I had another long weekend by going on … another trip! Haha 😛 And this time around, I went to … Rome, Italy! :mrgreen:

I guess this destination is not surprising at all, though. I mean, I actually thought of going to Rome in September because my planned weekend trip to Rome last year had to be cancelled. If not for my birthday which made me want to travel somewhere new, plus my luck with finding a reasonable deal to Dubrovnik, I most certainly would have gone to Rome in September, haha.

An aspect I was excited about this trip in particular was that I finally would fly Air France for the first time since … September last year! Yes, it had been 13 months since my last Air France flight! This also meant I hadn’t been to Paris’ Charles De Gaulle Airport since then. And things had changed, or improved, at the airport since 13 months prior, where Air France’s brand new Terminal 2F Lounge has now been open! Yay!

Speaking of Rome, while I have visited Rome multiple times before (my last time was in early 2017), somehow this was my first time solo-travelling to this eternal city. And to be honest, I find this really strange! Haha.

Anyway, as always, Rome is beautiful! I was generally lucky this time around as well where the weather was overall nice while I was there. Well, it did rain for a short period in the evening just after I had my dinner (so that kinda sucked), but still, I am not complaining as I still considered myself lucky with the Italian weather this time around.

I finally took a picture with the Colosseum

That said, Rome was … more crowded than I expected! In fact, at large it felt “normal” there where the main sites were full of tourists already! I mean, I know in normal times the Trevi Fountain area is always packed with people. So I was excited this time around thinking it should be less packed given the … you know, pandemic situation, haha. But nope, it was packed!

Anyway, I will share the full story a little bit later on. But in short, the Eternal City was certainly fun! 🙂

4 Comments Add yours

  1. kutubuku says:

    Ke Roma itu ampun2an dah sama turis Cina. Males banget, jadi mungkin it’s a good idea kesana pas musim corona ya biar ga terlalu banyak turis dari sana.

    1. zilko says:

      Hahaha iya, tapi overall masih tetap rame banget sih kemarin ini di Roma.

  2. niee says:

    Udah mulai rame ya ko traveling di eropa. Pasti seru banget deh

    1. zilko says:

      Iya udah lumayan rame lagi sekarang Niee

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