#2468 – A One Day Trip to Monaco


During my long weekend trip to Nice in mid-August, I decided to go on a one-day trip to Monaco, that was located just about 15 km away from Nice. The last time I went to Monaco was … almost nine years ago! Time really flies!

If nine years ago I chose to take the public bus service to get to Monaco as this was the most cost-optimal option, haha (this bus service still exists these days btw), this time around I decided to take the train. I bought a return ticket from Nice-Ville Train Station using the machine which was really easy to use. There was a mini drama where for a while the station’s electronic information system went offline so I couldn’t know from which platform the train to Monaco would depart from. Thankfully it went back online just in time for me to get the information!

The train journey to Monaco took roughly 25 minutes. The train was full on my way to Monaco, but it was much less busy on my way back. There were power plugs available in the train btw, which were really useful! The train rode along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, but I found the view to be “better” with the bus as the train track went through several tunnels to navigate through the hilly coast.

Anyway, my first destination in Monaco was … the Monte Carlo Casino, obviously! Haha 😀 . Btw, the good thing about Monaco was that the country was so small that it was actually convenient to get to most places there on foot. Though, it was a really warm, summer day today and so I was quite sweaty when I reached the casino, haha.

The Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco

I didn’t enter the casino, btw, as I’d just like to take a picture from its front side, haha. And as you may have imagined, this part of Monaco was perhaps the most posh part of all. Like, there were a lot of luxurious cars parked next to each other in front of the casino. Not only that, some residents also passed by with their branded cars here.

There was a garden and an open terrace behind the casino, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and also Monaco’s port. Anyway, from there, I decided to walk back down towards the port area. By this time, thankfully some cloud started to cover Monaco so the heat went significantly down. It was lunchtime so I was looking for a restaurant for lunch; and I found a pasta place that was a bit outside the touristy area, so their pricing was much more reasonable, haha.

After lunch, I went up the hill on the opposite side of the casino to get to the Monaco’s palace. I decided not to visit the palace (I already did in 2012) and I just enjoyed Monaco’s beautiful scenery from up there. Btw, the square in front of the palace was a mask mandatory zone so there were policemen going around telling people to wear their masks.

Hello Monaco

I then went back down to the port area and sat at a cafe to have a drink. I gave myself roughly 5 hours in Monaco this time around (Because I bought a return ticket from Nice so I must already pick my return time when I bought the ticket). At first I thought this was a lot of time … but it actually wasn’t! Somehow it was almost time to go back to Nice, so I left the cafe, walked around a little bit, and went back to the train station.

So yeah, it was really nice to go back to Monaco again … because Monaco was really pretty! Even though it wasn’t that far away from Nice, the atmosphere in this country was really, really different. Not only the buildings, but I also found the people there to be more … “posh”, something that isn’t surprising, I suppose?

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Arman says:

    kenapa gak masuk ke casino nya ko?

    1. zilko says:

      Soalnya aku ngga gitu demen casino, hahaha 😛

  2. Yance says:

    Casino nya keren ya bangunannya. Monaco cantik ya kotanya

  3. niee says:

    Awalnya aku kira monaco itu di africa ko, ternyata masih di eropa ya, hahaha

    1. zilko says:

      Huahaha, yang di Afrika kan Maroko Niee 😛

      1. niee says:

        oh iya, hahahahaha. salah ingatan

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