#2467 – Hello, October


So as of today, we are in October which basically means we are entering the Fall, that is my least favorite season of the year. Indeed the days have gone shorter now (Well, we have passed the Fall equinox that was on 22 September this year), and the temperature has generally been cooler here in the Netherlands. Luckily the weather has been manageable thus far, and let’s hope this continues, haha.

Even though I don’t like the season, usually I still like October because there are many TV shows that premiere at this time of the year. While in general this is, fortunately, still true, I find the composition of the shows to be quite different this year.

Usually I would be excited for a new series of The Apprentice UK at this time of the year. Last year the show had to be cancelled due to the pandemic; but it has been confirmed that a new series would be produced this year. However, it will be aired in early next year instead. Darn!

The Apprentice UK will only return early next year

However, Netflix has come to the rescue! In the past month or so, they have added new series or the new seasons of shows that I have followed; that make my “to watch” list quite full right now. Kim’s Convenience and Downton Abbey are two shows which I have started following. I like the premise of Kim’s Convenience, that follows the life of a Korean Canadian family living in Toronto, Canada. Downton Abbey is not a new show per se (it has been around for about a decade), but back then I wasn’t that interested given that it was a drama series. But people change (or, grow?), haha, as I find myself enjoying a drama series more so now than I did in my younger years years ago.

The last, and final, season of a show which I have follow, Lucifer, has premiered in September. On this show, I have to say the last two seasons have been even more fun and engaging than the previous ones; as the writers really let their creativities run, for instance with a musical episode in season 5 or a partly-animated episode in season 6, which I both love! I just checked, and a new season of Sex Education and Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father have apparently also premiered! Not only that, even Squid Game has made it to the Dutch Netflix as well! I mean, I have no idea what Squid Game is about but I feel like it has been trending (on social media) recently?

Wow, my list is certainly full now, which makes me able to look at this coming Fall with a more positive outlook, to be honest! Haha. That said, does anyone have any series recommendations which I perhaps should consider?

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  1. niee says:

    Baca hello oktober di bulan november, hahaha. Kalau aku malah sekarang jadi jarang nonton Netflix karena belum menu yang aku suka.

    1. zilko says:

      Iya Niee kadang Netflix memang begitu, beberapa bulan juga aku sedikit yang “klik”, akhirnya jadi nonton ulang beberapa serial lama deh, hahaha

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