#2466 – A September Long Weekend Story

As my Instagram followers would have known by now, I made the last weekend a long weekend, again! Yeay! So naturally after getting my fully vaccinated status, I was looking for a possibility to go on a trip somewhere. Well, within the European Union only though as for now the hassle-free travel is mostly possible only within this zone.

Anyway, at first I thought about going to Rome because, just like Nice, I also had to cancel my planned weekend trip to Rome last year due to the pandemic’s second wave. I had already looked for a ticket and had actually found a good deal for it. However, as this time around it would be close-ish to my birthday, I wanted to go somewhere new, for the sense of adventure; while I have been to Rome multiple times before. So while I saved Rome as an option, I kept window-shopping for other destinations.

And then … I remembered that KLM opened several new routes this summer, and one of which was Dubrovnik, Croatia! I had never been to Dubrovnik before and this place had been in my bucket list to visit since 2007 when The Amazing Race had a leg there in its 12th season! So I was looking around for a deal and, thankfully, I found one! (It was quite tricky as you could imagine, summer was a peak season for travel within Europe 😛 ).

So, yeah, I finally went to Dubrovnik after all this time!

I finally went to Dubrovnik!!

Another exciting thing was … I had never been to Croatia before; meaning I was adding a new country to my visited list as well! It felt so nice (and surreal a little bit) to be able to do this during this time! Within Europe, the last time I added a new country was over two years ago with my trip to the Czech Republic; while globally, the last time was Vietnam just before the pandemic!

As usual, though, I will share the story of this trip in a separate post. But I can say right now that … Dubrovnik is indeed amazing and really beautiful! I also find it quite touristy though … but there is a legitimate reason for this indeed.

Anyway, I actually also thought of doing a one day trip from Dubrovnik to Kotor, Montenegro. However, due to the rising number of COVID cases there, the Dutch government put Montenegro in the very high risk list (code orange) since early September. So I decided to scrap this plan as it was definitely not worth the trouble. Oh well, I suppose this means that in the future I’d need to come back to this region again! 😀 I definitely wouldn’t mind anyway! 🙂

Dubrovnik Old Port

10 Comments Add yours

  1. pinkuonna says:

    Waw, ikutan senang bacanya bisa travel ke salah satu negara wishlist 🙂 Congrats, Zilko 🙂

    1. zilko says:

      Trims! 😀

  2. denaldd says:

    2 tahun lalu kami ke Croatia. Itu terakhir kali naik pesawat sebelum pandemi datang. Kami ke wilayah Istria. Saking gedenya Croatia, musti didatangi lagi nih. Termasuk ke Dubrovnic. Memang bagus ya. Duh Croatia nih alamnya baguus, makanannya jg enak.

    1. zilko says:

      Ah iya nih, ini baru pertama kali aku ke Kroasia. Memang kayaknya banyak daerah-daerah di sana yang bagus-bagus buat liburan yah, terutama alamnya! 😀 Plus negara-negara di sekitarnya juga banyak yang recommend, cuma kalau sekarang masih rada tricky karena rata-rata negaranya non-EU jadi restriksinya rada ketat, hahaha

  3. Ditunggu cerita detailnya…

    1. zilko says:

      Sippp!! 😀

  4. niee says:

    waaah, seru banget pasti ya ko pergi ke negara baru lagi. Sekalian nambah-namabah jumlah negara kunjungan juga 😀

    1. zilko says:

      Iya, lumayan Niee masih bisa nambah negara baru :mrgreen:

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