#2465 – A Nice Long Weekend in Nice Nice

I went to Nice for an extended weekend in mid-August this year, my first trip after being officially fully vaccinated! Anyway, the last time I went to Nice was three and a half years ago. That trip was so short though (I was in Nice for less than 24 hours in total) as it was part of an avgeek weekend trip that I did back then, haha. So if we don’t want to count that trip, then the previous time I went to Nice was … almost nine years ago! The fact that I haven’t been to Nice more frequently is surprising, to be honest, as Nice is nice!

Anyway, one big improvement since my last visit in 2018 is that, now, one of the tram line has been extended to Nice’s Cote d’Azur Airport! Before the extension of this Line 2, bus was the mode of public transport serving the airport. Nice’s public transportation system is decent, even though in my opinion a tourist doesn’t really need it to explore the “main” area of the city.

The famous Fenocchio gelato in Nice

Nice in the summer was … really hot, btw. The typical Mediterranean summer weather was in full force the entire time I was there. Thankfully I chose to stay at a hotel with an air conditioner, which I constantly turned on, haha. On the other hand, this was actually a very nice break from the terrible Dutch weather we’ve had this summer πŸ˜› . But I suppose this was also what made Nice really popular as a summer destination. And this time around it was no exception, there were so many visitors!

I love Nice!

Le Vieux Nice, or Old Nice, was a very vibrant part of the city with its narrow streets with a Middle Age vibe which, if you were not used to it, felt a little bit like a maze to navigate through. Old Nice was located just below the Castle Hill, a small hill in the city offering an easy hike to the top where we could get a nice view of the city.

The Nice Beach as seen from the Castle Hill

Being a major city in the Mediterranean Sea, obviously Nice had a port. These days, though, the port was full with … yachts. And let me tell you, some of these yachts were really impressively huge!

The old port of Nice

The beach of Nice was actually full of pebble stones instead of sand. In a way this was nice though as visitors wouldn’t need to deal with the annoying sand when they were done, I suppose? Haha. There were also some operators offering rides for visitors to enjoy as well. I, unfortunately, forgot to bring my beach/swimming attire on this trip so I had to “skip” the beach. But this was fine because alongside the beach was a long open boulevard, which was really nice to walk on while enjoying the Mediterranean weather.

So yeah, Nice was indeed really nice. I do think I should consider going there more frequently in the future! πŸ˜€

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Arman says:

    masih panas banget disana ya ko?

    1. zilko says:

      Iyaa Agustus kemarin masih panas banget di Nice.

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