#2463 – This Year’s Summer

So here we are in September, pretty much heading towards the end of this year’s summer.

And here in the Netherlands, this summer has been … wet! Yes, as in, it has been raining … a lot! This certainly has been really annoying because the rain has messed with my outdoor plans … a lot, mainly those involving tennis. One time I had to reschedule one tennis match three times because it just kept raining every single time.

Speaking of tennis, this summer my tennis club decided to renovate (and upgrade) four of its ten courts to the real clay surface, that is very different from the previous “Smash Court” surface that actually is common in the Netherlands. The summer period was chosen for this renovation because many members would go on vacation during this period anyway, which made this a smart decision. And obviously I have been excited about this new surface and these days I have booked to play on these new courts only 😛 .

Anyway, the other side of the coin of the frequent rain is that, thus far, there hasn’t been any bad heatwave here in the Netherlands this summer. And this certainly is a positive thing, especially that now I am still working from home 😀 . It’s true that I have my air cooler from last year but it’s still better not to have the heatwave actually. So yeah, on one hand I’m unhappy with the frequent rain, but on the other hand I don’t mind the absence of heatwave, so …

And finally … it is nice that as of this summer, I’m fully vaccinated! 😀 Aside from the obvious protection from the virus, being fully vaccinated also comes with some more benefits; especially related to travelling which, obviously, is very dear to me 😀 . I didn’t get to travel much thus far actually (only to Lisbon in June and Nice/Monaco in mid-August) mainly because I had to spend some time to get and wait for both of my vaccine jabs. But that’s ok, as hopefully this will mean that moving forward, especially as we are approaching Fall here in the Northern Hemisphere, things will stay under control (at least within Europe) and we don’t need to go back to harsh restrictions as we had last year. Fingers crossed!

7 Comments Add yours

  1. niee says:

    wah, kalau hujan dan mendung terus emang jadi kurang ok ya ko. Tapi untung gak ada heatwave deh

    1. zilko says:

      Iya Niee, ngeselin hujan terus, tapi di sisi lain jadinya nggak heatwave sih, hahaha 😛

  2. kutubuku says:

    Disini panas lagi dong Ko, dan I don’t like it. Autumn ya maunya proper autumn weather, scary banget tiba2 sampe 25C lagi

    1. zilko says:

      Iya di sini juga 2 minggu belakangan cuacanya membaik banget!

  3. Arman says:

    yay udah fully vaccinated! and happy birthday!

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