#2462 – A Long Weekend Story

So just recently I made a weekend a long weekend, where I decided to go on an extended weekend trip! First of all, why this particular weekend in mid-August? Well, it was because my official fully vaccinated status started on this weekend, two weeks after my second vaccine jab! Haha 😛 . So obviously the first thing that I would do would be to travel, wouldn’t it? 😛 Btw, yes, this was the trip that I mentioned I already booked last month.

Anyway, this time around, I went to … Nice, France! You may remember that I had a weekend trip plan to Nice last September which I had to cancel due to the rising number of COVID cases back then. So it was quite an easy decision to pick Nice for this trip, which would be my first time back in Nice in over three years! 😀

Finally I was back in Nice!

These days being officially fully vaccinated surely makes travelling less of a hassle, well, at least within the EU, as it bypasses the requirements for a negative COVID tests (in many cases, but not all btw). France, for example, is currently categorised “yellow” by the official Dutch travel advice so a traveller who is not yet officially fully vaccinated would need to provide a negative COVID test result prior to travelling to the Netherlands. But not for a fully a vaccinated traveller, though, where the vaccination certificate is enough.

France itself has also been really strict these days, where a proof of full vaccination or a negative COVID test is required to access many public spaces; and these include cafes, bars, and restaurants! Yeah it is an extra “hassle” that we must show this proof (Though, to be honest, for me it’s not much of a hassle actually as I’d just need to show the official Dutch vaccination QR code in my smartphone and the restaurant just needs to scan it 😛 ), but on the other hand this actually provides an extra layer of assurance that everyone else there in the establishment is also of low risk of having the virus. And that’s a nice peace of mind, isn’t it? 😛

Anyway, Nice was, of course, nice 😛 . Only that … it was really hot this time around! Haha 😛 . Yeah, I had never visited Nice in the middle of the summer season before. But other than that, the weather was actually beautiful the entire time I was there, thus making it such a nice summer weekend trip! Also, because this was an extended weekend trip, I also decided to go on a one day trip to Monaco, which only was my second time there after my previous visit in … 2012! Haha 😀 . I will share the stories of the trip in separate posts later on.

So, yeah, it’s nice to be able to travel somewhere again these days!

Back in Monaco for the first time since 2012!

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  1. niee says:

    Iih, seru banget ya udah nyaman travellingnya unttuk yang full vaksin. Smeoga negara tetangga Indonesia juga segera buka deh, aku udah pengen jalan ke singapore, hahahaha.

    1. zilko says:

      Iya lumayan Niee kalau sudah full vaksin, relatif mudah lah pergi-perginya, ya minimal ke negara-negara tetangga kalau di Eropa. Iya mudah-mudahan segera bisa begitu ya Niee.

  2. adnabilah says:

    Was blogwalking around and found this gem of a blog. Seems like you’ve seen a lot of the world and got some really amazing travels! I remembered I was planning to go to Nice & Monaco right before the pandemic hit, because I was supposed to have a business trip to France and thought it would be nice to stroll around the southern area while I’m there. But the business trip was postponed, hence the holiday plan too, and then the outbreak started so it was cancelled for real. Anyhow, such an awesome blog dan salam kenal!

    1. zilko says:

      Thank you! Well, I wouldn’t say I have seen a lot, as I feel like there are still plenty of places that I haven’t been to! 😀 Indeed, the southern France is always a great option for some leisure time. If there is an opportunity to fit it in into your business trip itinerary to France, then I’d definitely recommend it! Indeed hopefully this pandemic will soon be under control and everything can start to get going again! Salam kenal!

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