#2460 – Fully Vaccinated(-ish)!

This Friday morning, around five weeks after my first COVID-19 vaccine jab, I finally had my second jab! Yeay!

This means I will officially be fully vaccinated soon! I mean, it’s true that I have completed the two doses, but I also need to give the vaccine some time to reach its maximum protectiveness. Here in Europe, that official time for the Pfizer vaccine is generally set at two weeks after the second jab (Though I notice the standard is different between countries and for a country, it can even change with time, but in general I observe two weeks appears to be the consensus).

And to be honest, I cannot wait for that time to come! Aside from the obvious protection from the disease, in some places there are also fewer restrictions if you are fully vaccinated. For instance, in France, you’d need to provide a digital covid certificate to even go to a restaurant! You’d also need to have one to access certain establishments/events here in the Netherlands.

Fully vaccinated!

Anyway, now that two days have passed since my second jab, I’d like to share here that, thankfully, I haven’t had any side effect from it! Well, other than the sore arm, but even this wasn’t that bad, it was even lighter than the soreness I had after the first jab, which, again, also wasn’t bad at all.

I think this is quite important to share because I notice that people tend to share mostly when they are experiencing a negative symptom. Conversely, when they’re not, they tend not to share anything. As a consequence, in my opinion, this creates a bias on what’s “out there”, exaggerating the perceived frequency of someone to experience a side effect after getting a jab. So here’s a data point that there’s a chance there is no (significant) side effect as well 🙂 . But regardless, I believe the benefit that comes with the vaccine far, far, far outweighs the risk of any side effect.

So yeah, I am very happy that I now have completed both jabs!

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  1. Yance says:

    wah asik deh udah lengkap vaksinnya dan gak ada efek sampingnya pula. Mantapp! Sehat2 terus deh Ko! Stay safe

    1. Phebie says:

      Congrats sdh lengkap vaksin Pfizer nya.
      Benar, harusnya imbang pemberitaan efek samping ya.

      1. zilko says:

        Thanks! Iya, penting ya pemberitaan yang seimbang supaya informasi yang beredar nggak exaggerated dan berat sebelah

    2. zilko says:

      Iya, asyik akhirnya sudah komplit juga, plus tanpa efek samping! 😀 Trims, sama-sama ya, sehat-sehat terus di sana!

  2. Arman says:

    yay! udah komplit vaksinnya! 🙂

  3. niee says:

    jadi kalau di sana banyak yang mensyaratkan sertifikat vaksin gak ko kayak Prancis? kalau di jakarta kan udah mulai mau gitu ya

    1. zilko says:

      Ada sih Niee di sini tapi memang nggak seketat yang di Prancis (Di Prancis pun banyak yang ga suka seketat itu peraturannya makanya banyak yang demo kan belakangan ini). Tapi beruntungnya di sini sepertinya sentimen masyarakat terhadap vaksinnya kebanyakan positif jadi turn out vaksinasinya juga tinggi sih.

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