#2458 – Recent Life Update


The lockdown relaxation trend which has been going on since this Spring has continued here in the Netherlands. In fact, since about ten days ago, most of the restrictions have been lifted! This is, certainly, really nice and life “normalcy” is starting to come back here. I went to some stores to buy some new clothes this weekend, for instance, the first time I was doing so in, like, … two years here! Haha 😛 .

Though, of course the pandemic isn’t over. I personally choose to still err on the side of caution, like by still choosing to wear masks whenever I’m indoor, for instance when I was at those stores or at the supermarket (indoor mask mandate has also been lifted in most situations here, except on public transport, airport, or indoor facilities where distancing couldn’t be maintained). I mean, I am still not yet fully vaccinated at this point, as I’m still waiting for my second jab later on this month.

Speaking of being fully vaccinated, I of course have made a plan on what I will do once I officially get that “status”. That is, unsurprisingly, to … travel! Haha 😛 . So most travel requirements for fully vaccinated people have been lifted for travel within the EU, and so of course it makes perfect sense for me to take on this! Of course the country-level risk assessment still exists and this relaxation is only for travel to a low-risk destination. Still, it’s nice to be able to travel somewhat hassle-free this time around! Where to, btw? Well, I’ll leave that for a future post, haha. Heck, I haven’t even got the time to write about my Lisbon trip!

So yeah, all in all, it’s nice that things are somewhat getting back to normal here right now. Let’s hope that this trend continues and the situation won’t get worse in the Fall like last year. There is a big difference between this summer and last year’s, though, that is this year we have the vaccine! So I suppose it makes the case to have a more positive outlook on things moving forward, though we need to remember that, for the moment, the battle with the pandemic isn’t yet over.

I hear and read the situation in Indonesia is getting critical at the moment. Let’s hope things will soon get under control (and the people to actually follow the rules/recommendations/mandates)!

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  1. kutubuku says:

    It’s ironical indeed that we get slightly normal lives here in Europe while things get worse in Indonesia. Let’s hope that things will be better and 2022 brings a more normal year everywhere.

    1. zilko says:

      Indeed, even though tbh at the moment with the rising number of cases (again) I am still trying to manage my expectation regarding restrictions, haha. But I guess this time around a larger proportion of the residents here have got the vaccine so that might help maintaining a somewhat “normalcy” here… . Indeed, let’s hope things will improve everywhere soon, and 2022 will be a much better year!

  2. Ira says:

    aamiin for the last paragraph!!
    I hope every thing will be better at the end of the year, aamiin

    1. zilko says:

      Amen!!! Hopefully things will get under control through the rest of the year, so 2022 can become a much better year!

      1. Ira says:

        aamiin Zilko!

  3. niee says:

    wah, jadi udah gak wajib pake masker lagi ya ko? Kalau disini udah dua lapis tiga lapis dan berlapis2 maskernya, hahaha.

    Semoga membaik deh ya covidnya di seluruh dunia.

    1. zilko says:

      Iya Niee di sini di hampir semua tempat uda ga wajib pakai masker lagi, cuma di public transport, airport aja sih yang wajib. Iya di Indo memang lagi parah ini ya Niee. Nggak cuma dari berita aja tapi juga dengar2 dari cerita dan kondisi kerabat dan teman juga lagi serius banget situasinya. Duh, beneran mudah-mudahan segera terkontrol dan membaik ya Niee.

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