#2453 – April Stories


Just like in March, my blogging motivation has still been at its lowest point in almost, like, ever; which is kind of a shame because there were actually quite some stories this month to tell. But oh well … . So let’s see how April has been this year …

Spring appeared to be in full force as we entered April, but things took a sharp turn quickly. In the beginning of April, winter weather was actually back in the Netherlands, where it was actually … snowing and hailing! Yes, in April! Geez. It wasn’t just a one off thing either, as this weather stayed for pretty much an entire week. And you know how Dutch weather is, it fluctuates a lot. One time I decided to jog in the evening (because the weather appeared nice), only for it to hail a bit later on when I was already in the middle of an open park.

Speaking of jogging, yes, gyms are still closed in the Netherlands. While there have been some relaxations to the measures, it hasn’t reached indoor sporting facility yet. And I start to get antsy about it a little bit, to be honest. By this point, gyms have been closed for about four and a half months (which is longer than the spring lockdown last year) meaning that I have had to resort to outdoor activities for exercises. And by now, I have started to get bored with jogging, to be honest, haha. I mean, of course I still go (when I don’t play tennis), but I need stronger motivation and will power to get myself out of the apartment to jog. So yeah, hopefully the relaxation on indoor sporting facility will come sooner than later!

Great weather on Koningsdag 2021
Great weather on Koningsdag 2021

Anyway, there were two long weekends in April this year, Easter at the beginning of the month and the Koningsdag (King’s Day) long weekend just last weekend (Well, -ish, as the Koningsdag fell on Tuesday). Both of which I did not realize to be honest with all these travel restrictions, haha. But nonetheless it was nice to have a couple of extra days off.

On Koningsdag, last year I was hoping the pandemic would have been over by now (lol) so that I would finally be able to experience the full Koningsdag in Amsterdam again, for the first time since ten years ago. But then of course it is what it is. Nonetheless, I decided to still go to the city center to see how it was. And it was, indeed, … busy! Lol 😆 . It wasn’t as busy as the normal Koningsdag, of course (at least at the places I went to), but I could still feel the Koningsdag atmosphere. The great weather on that day helped a lot too. Though, I read that at some parts of Amsterdam the crowd was too large (and dense) that it was impossible to adhere to physical distancing measure and a number of people were arrested by the police.

Yeah, let’s see. I do, do hope by this time next year the pandemic is over and so the full Koningsdag experience in Amsterdam is back! 😀

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  1. Memang kalau sukanya olah raga kompetisi atau yang bervariasi model pemanasan biasa jadi bosan. Setelah berhenti martial art, balik ke sepedaan atau lari, saya juga rasanya ada something missing gitu. Akhirnya nyari yg bisa kompetisi di depan rumah, badminton, ping pong..apapun…

    Hazeeh jadi bingung mau reply pakai bahasa apa hahaha…harusnya bahasa Inggris ya? Wk..

    1. zilko says:

      Iya, awal-awalnya sih nggak masalah ya. Tapi lama kelamaan mulai bosan, jadilah motivasi terganggu, hahaha.

      Yaa, reply pakai bahasa apapun nggak masalah lah 😀

  2. niee says:

    jadi udah gak hard lockdown ya ko? Soal olahraga aku beberapa bulan lalu pernah coba main sepeda, tapi emang beberpaa kali terus bosan sendiri, hahaha. enakan emang di gym ya. Tapi semenjak pandemi aku gak pernah lagi seh masuk gym

    1. zilko says:

      Lockdown sih masih senantiasa jalan Niee, cuma pembatasan-pembatasannya mulai agak dikurangi sih, hahaha. Jadi mungkin bisa dibilang semi-hard lah sekarang 😛 . Iya Niee setelah berapa lama gitu mulai bosan sendiri memangnya ya.

  3. Arman says:

    disini gym udah buka tapi gua yang belum berani balik. haha.

    1. zilko says:

      Huahaha iya sih gym indoor soalnya ya. Tapi di sana nggak ada pembatasan kapasitas kah? Di sini sewaktu sempat dibolehkan buka kemarin ada pembatasan jumlah orang maksimalnya.

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