#2363 – KLM’s Boeing 747-400 Upper Deck World Business Class Flight KL691 AMS-YYZ


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I will pretty much skip the airport experience part of this trip as it was the usual KLM non-Schengen experience at Schiphol, haha.

I went to the gate about 10 minutes before scheduled boarding time, which at the time people had started queuing for boarding. Some of these people didn’t queue at the right “zones” and so the agent had to put them in their right place, including a few non-priority economy class passengers trying their luck to board first along with business class passengers, lol 😆 .

Got onboard a westbound seven forty seven…

Anyway, today’s flight would be operated with KLM’s Boeing 747-400 reg PH-BFL. I have flown PH-BFL once, about two years ago on flight KL602 from Los Angeles, which was also in World Business Class! The difference, though, this time around I chose for myself a seat in the upper deck of the Queen of the Skies! You know a double decker plane is such a rarity these days so I got to take the opportunity to sit “upstairs” whenever I could! Haha 😛 .

Hello from the other side…

So upon boarding via door L2, the flight attendant directed me to the iconic 747 stairs. I was greeted by two other flight attendants upstairs, one of which offered to take out and keep my winter coat in the closet. I then settled myself onto my seat 72A. Btw, KLM configured their Boeing 747 upper deck with only business class seats. With only 20 seats, it certainly felt really private and I imagined it was quite like flying on a private jet, haha 😛 . Due to the curvature of the 747, the upper deck cabin was a single aisle layout with 2-2 business class seat configuration. Two toilets were available in the upper deck (to be shared with the pilots as well) though one was out of service on today’s flight.

My seat 72A on board a KLM’s Boeing 747-400 Upper Deck

Not long after, the flight attendant served a selection of pre-departure drinks. As usual, I opted for the champagne, haha 😛 . The Jan Taminiau amenity kits were then distributed, which pouch still had pretty much the same design as the “summer” edition that I got on my KL 887 and KL 896 flights in the summer. They then distributed the menu book, though strangely with no wine list.

Amenity kit

Once boarding was completed, we then got the permission to depart. The IFE was still of the older generation, though; but perhaps this was because the Boeing 747s were retiring soon anyway so there was little business case to upgrade it. The chief purser then made an announcement, including that power ports were only available in business class on this flight! Thankfully I chose to upgrade! Haha 😛 .

Old IFE on board a KLM’s Boeing 747

We then took off from runway 24 of Schiphol and made a turn towards Canada. Warm towels were then distributed after take-off, followed by a round of light snack. With KLM’s 100th anniversary, they introduced a new cocktail in World Business Class that was called “The Anniversary Cocktail”. Though, at least on this flight this was at the expense of the legendary “The Flying Dutchman”. I obviously gave it a try; which turned out to be lighter and more refreshing than The Flying Dutchman, even though I still preferred the latter, haha 😛 .

The Anniversary Cocktail and some cheese

The lunch service then followed. It started with an appetizer with two options: salmon and spicy mango salad or tomato soup. I, of course, chose the former, which I accompanied with a glass of champagne, haha 😛 .

Salmon and spicy mango as the appetizer on KLM flight KL691 World Business Class

The main course came in three options: lobster in curry sauce, miso marinated chicken thigh, or beef stew. I mean, I got to choose the lobster one from these three, didn’t I? Haha 😛 . I accompanied this with a glass of white wine (which the flight attendant apologized for not having the wine list as usual). It was good though, as usual with lobster, it felt small, haha 😛 .

A lobster in curry sauce as the main course on KLM flight KL691 World Business Class

Between a cheese plate and sweet bites for dessert, as usual I chose the latter, which to me was always a good choice especially when paired with a dessert wine 😀 . The flight attendant then went around distributing KLM’s miniature house chocolates.

Sweet bites and a dessert wine on KLM flight KL691 World Business Class

Some snacks and drinks, including the chocolates, were also available in the galley at the back of the upper deck cabin throughout the rest of the flight.

I checked the IFE but there was no movies or tv shows that caught my interest at the time, so I chose to skip it. Feeling a little bit sleepy, I then decided to take some nap. So I turned my seat to full lie-flat mode and got some sleep. I actually got a couple of hours of solid nap, as I woke up feeling really refreshed (which would later also help with the jetlag in Toronto).

Boeing 747 upperdeck life

At this point, though, I started to feel the effect of the “old technology” of the 747. The air in the cabin was really dry, though KLM already put a face moisturizer in the amenity kit to combat this. Really useful the amenity kit was! Haha 😛 . But also, somehow I started to feel “air sick” which might have had something to do with the air pressurization. Yeah, I came to the realization that the Queen did need to retire in these ages.

The Upper Deck cabin on board a KLM’s Boeing 747-400

We were already around New Foundland in Canada at this time. Not long after, the flight attendant distributed warm towels again; and started the pre-arrival light meal service. It came with two choices: a cheese quiche or an Angus beef burger. Either option was served with a sweet potato salad and an apple pie for dessert. I chose the burger option, which came uniquely wrapped in a newspaper with articles about KLM. It was good, though unfortunately my mild airsickness didn’t allow me to finish the salad and the dessert, haha.

An Angus beef burger and apple pie as the light meal service on KLM flight KL691 World Business Class

It was then time for KLM’s famous Delft Blue houses round. I asked the flight attendant if they had KLM’s newest house number 100 loaded on this flight, but unfortunately they didn’t. Alrighty then, I chose another house which I did not have yet, which was number 85.

KLM’s Delft Blue House

It turned out that we were approaching Toronto already (I couldn’t see as it was really cloudy that day in Canada, haha). In fact, I only started to see the ground about one minute prior to touchdown at runway 05 of Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Landing at runway 05 of Toronto Pearson Airport

Landing was smooth even though we had to wait for the taxiway to clear before we could park at our gate in Terminal 3. Business class passengers were asked to deplane first, which was super useful as then I could immediately use the self-service immigration machines at the terminal without first having to queue, haha 😛 . I was impressed by these machines, though, as immigration became such a breeze! 😀

Anyway, I then got my luggage, took the free Terminal Link train to Terminal 1, bought a Presto Card, and took the UP Express to Union Station in Downtown Toronto.

And here, my year end trip in Canada officially started.



Posting-posting dalam seri perjalanan akhir tahun 2019:
1. Introduction
2. Part I: KLM Business Class Boeing 747-400 Upper Deck Amsterdam to Toronto
3. Part II: Toronto (1)
4. Part III: Niagara Falls, Canada
5. Part IV: Niagara Falls, USA
6. Part V: Toronto (2)
7. Part VI: Air France Business Class Airbus A350-900 Toronto to Paris

Di posting ini aku akan melewati bagian bandara dari perjalanan ini karena bagian ini sebagaimana lah biasa dengan penerbangan non-Schengen KLM di Schiphol, haha.

Aku menuju ke gerbang keberangkatan sekitar 10 menit sebelum jadwal boarding dimulai, dimana waktu ini sudah terbentuk antrian boarding. Cuma ya memang sebagian orang ini tidak mengantri di “zona” yang benar sehingga petugas boarding-nya harus banyak mengarahkan mereka ke antrian yang benar, termasuk beberapa penumpang ekonomi non-prioritas yang sengaja “salah antri” di antrian penumpang kelas bisnis, lol 😆 .

Got onboard a westbound seven forty seven

Anyway, penerbangan hari ini akan dioperasikan dengan pesawat Boeing 747-400 rego PH-BFLnya KLM. Aku sudah pernah terbang dengan PH-BFL sekali sebelumnya, yaitu dua tahun yang lalu di penerbangan KL602 dari Los Angeles, yang mana waktu itu juga aku naiki di World Business Class! Bedanya, kali ini aku memilih kursi di lantai atas Queen of the Skies ini! Ya sekarang ini pesawat tingkat dua kan sudah semakin jarang ya makanya aku harus mengambil kesempatan untuk duduk di atas selagi masih bisa! Haha 😛 .

Hello from the other side

Ketika masuk pesawat melalui pintu L2, pramugarinya mengarahkanku untuk naik menggunakan tangga legendarisnya 747. Aku disambut oleh dua orang pramugari lagi di atas, yang mana salah satunya menawarkan untuk membantuk melepas dan menyimpankan mantel musim dinginku di lemari. Aku kemudian duduk di kursi 72A. Btw, KLM mengkonfigurasi lantai atas Boeing 747nya hanya dengan kursi kelas bisnis. Dengan hanya 20 kursi, jelas kabin ini terasa amat private dan aku bayangkan mungkin terbang dengan pesawat jet pribadi itu mirip-mirip begini gitu kali yah, haha 😛 . Karena kurvaktur pesawat Boeing 747nya, lantai atas ini hanya memiliki satu lorong dengan konfigurasi kursi kelas bisnis 2-2. Ada dua toilet di lantai atas (yang mana juga digunakan oleh pilotnya) tetapi hari ini salah satunya sedang rusak.

Kursi 72A di lantai atas Boeing 747-400nya KLM

Tidak lama setelahnya, pramugari menyajikan minuman pra-keberangkatan. Seperti biasa, aku memilih champagne, haha 😛 . Amenity kits-nya Jan Taminiau kemudian dibagikan, yang mana pouch-nya berdisain kurang lebih sama lah dengan edisi “musim panas”-nya yang aku dapatkan di penerbangan KL 887 dan KL 896 musim panas kemarin. Buku menu kemudian dibagikan, tetapi anehnya tidak ada buku menu untuk wine.

Amenity kit

Begitu boarding selesai, kami mendapatkan lampu hijau untuk berangkat. IFE di pesawat ini masih yang generasi tua, btw; tapi mungkin memang karena toh semua pesawat Boeing 747 akan segera dipensiunkan segera, jadi tidak worth-it bagi KLM untuk meng-upgrade-nya. Chief purser kemudian membuat pengumuman selamat datang, termasuk informasi bahwa colokan listrik hanya tersedia di kelas bisnis aja di penerbangan ini! Ah, untung aku memutuskan untuk upgrade ke kelas bisnis! Haha 😛 .

IFE generasi tua di Boeing 747nya KLM

Kami kemudian lepas landas dari landasan pacu 24 Bandara Schiphol dan berbelok menuju Kanada. Handuk hangat kemudian dibagikan yang diikuti dengan layanan snack ringan. Untuk merayakan ulang-tahun ke-100nya KLM, mereka memperkenalkan minuman cocktail baru di World Business Class yang dinamai  “The Anniversary Cocktail”. Tapi, setidaknya di penerbangan ini, ini disediakan dengan mengorbankan pilihan legendaris “The Flying Dutchman”. Jelas dong aku mencobanya; yang mana terasa lebih ringan dan menyegarkan dibandingkan The Flying Dutchman, walaupun aku masih lebih suka yang lama sih, haha 😛 .

The Anniversary Cocktail dan keju Belanda

Layanan makan siang kemudian dimulai. Menu pembuka terdiri atas dua pilihan: salad dengan salmon dan mangga pedas atau sup tomat. Yang mana lah jelas aku memilih yang pertama lah ya, haha, yang aku pasangkan dengan segelas champagne, haha 😛 .

Salmon dan mangga pedas sebagai makanan pembuka di World Business Class KLM KL691

Menu utama datang dengan tiga pilihan: lobster dengan saus kari, paha ayam yang direndam dengan kuah miso, atau beef stew. Yaaa, jelas lah ya aku harus memilih lobster dari pilihan-pilihan ini, iya nggak sih? Haha 😛 . Aku memasangkannya dengan anggur putih (yang mana pramugarinya meminta maaf karena di penerbangan ini tidak ada buku menu wine-nya). Enak sih, tapi ya yang namanya lobster mah ya, rasanya kecil, haha 😛 .

Lobster dengan saus kari sebagai makanan utama di penerbangan World Business Class KLM KL691

Dengan pilihan keju atau kue manis untuk pencuci mulut, jelas lah ya aku memilih yang kedua, yang mana untukku selalu enak apalagi jika dipasangkan dengan dessert wine 😀 . Pramugari kemudian berkeliling membagikan cokelat berbentuk miniatur rumah-rumahan ala KLM.

Kue manis dan dessert wine di penerbangan KLM KL691ku di World Business Class

Beberapa pilihan snack dan minuman, termasuk cokelat, juga disediakan di galley di bagian belakang kabin lantai atas ini di sepanjang penerbangan.

Tidak ada film atau acara tv yang menarik perhatianku di IFEnya, sehingga aku putuskan untuk melewatinya. Karena aku sedikit merasa mengantuk, ya sudah aku tidur siang aja. Kursinya aku ubah ke mode lie-flat (rata) dan aku mulai tidur. Dan aku beneran tertidur lelap selama dua jam-an loh, dimana aku bangun merasa amat segar (yang mana nantinya juga membantu banget dengan jetlag di Toronto).

Kehidupan lantai atas Boeing 747

Di waktu ini, aku mulai merasakan “tua”-nya teknologi di Boeing 747. Udara di kabinnya amat kering, tetapi KLM telah memberikan pelembab wajah di dalam amenity kit-nya untuk melawan ini sih. Nah kan amenity kit ini berguna banget! Haha 😛 . Tapi juga, entah mengapa tiba-tiba aku sedikit merasa “mabuk udara” loh, yang mana aku kira mungkin ada hubungannya dengan tekanan udara di dalam pesawatnya deh. Ya, aku benar-benar menyadari bahwa memang sudah waktunya Ratu ini untuk mulai dipensiunkan.

Kabin lantai atas Boeing 747-400nya KLM

Kami sudah berada kira-kira di sekitar New Foundland, Kanada pada waktu ini. Tak lama kemudian handuk hangat kembali dibagikan; dan layanan makanan ringan disajikan. Ada dua pilihan: quiche keju atau burger daging sapi Angus. Keduanya disajikan dengan salad kentang dan pie apel sebagai pencuci mulut. Aku memilih burgernya, yang mana disajikan unik di dalam kertas koran yang berisi artikel tentang KLM gitu. Rasanya enak, walaupun sayangnya mabuk udaraku membuatku tidak bisa menghabiskan salad dan pencuci mulutnya, haha.

Burger daging sapi Angus dan apple pie di penerbangan World Business Class KLM KL691

Lalu tiba lah waktunya untuk rumah-rumahan Delft Blue-nya KLM. Aku bertanya apakah rumah nomor 100 yang mana adalah rumah-rumahan terbarunya ada di penerbangan ini. Sayangnya rumah nomor 100 yang memang jarang ada ini tidak ada. Ya sudah deh, aku memilih satu rumah-rumahan yang aku belum punyai juga, yaitu nomor 85.

Rumah-rumahan Delft Blue-nya KLM

Ternyata kami sudah hampir tiba di Toronto (tidak bisa aku lihat dari jendela karena cuaca di Kanada sedang berawan tebal banget, haha). Bahkan ya, daratan baru mulai terlihat sekitar satu menit sebelum touchdown di landasan pacu 05 Bandara Internasional Toronto Pearson.

Mendarat di landasan pacu 05 Bandara Toronto Pearson

Pendaratan berlangsung mulus walaupun kami sempat harus menunggu lumayan lama di taxiway sebelum diizinkan parkir di gerbang kami di Terminal 3. Penumpang kelas bisnis dipersilakan untuk turun terlebih dahulu, yang mana berguna banget karena aku bisa langsung menggunakan mesin imigrasi self-service tanpa harus mengantri terlebih dahulu, haha 😛 . Aku sungguh terkesan dengan mesinnya ini loh, dimana proses imigrasi jadi mulus sekali! 😀

Anyway, aku kemudian mengambil bagasiku, menaiki Terminal Link untuk menuju ke Terminal 1, membeli Presto Card, dan menaiki UP Express menuju Stasiun Union di Downtown Toronto.

Dan di sini, perjalanan akhir tahunku di Kanada resmi dimulai.


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