#2340 – KLM’s Boeing 777-300ER World Business Class Flight KL896 PVG-AMS


Posts in the Short Summer Trip to Indonesia series:
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5. Part IV: Yogyakarta
6. Part V: Garuda Indonesia Business Class A330-200 Jakarta to Shanghai
7. Part VI: Transiting at Shanghai Pudong Airport
8. Part VII: KLM Business Class B777-300ER Shanghai to Amsterdam

The check-in lady at Shanghai Pudong Airport gave me an invitation card to use the China Eastern Lounge. So after getting to the airside, I went up to the lounge. As before (see Part II), the first thing that I did at the lounge was to use the shower room! Haha πŸ˜› The lounge looked busy that morning but thankfully noone was using the shower room so I could immediately use it. It was really refreshing to be able to shower after a short-ish redeye flight from Jakarta (Part V) and the long transiting process at the airport (Part VI)!

A shower room at the China Eastern Lounge at Shanghai Pudong Airport

Anyway, I was actually excited to get to this lounge because I was impressed by it in my first two visits there. And it turned out that … I might have had more experience with lounge visits since then which has raised my “standard”, haha. I mean, the lounge was still overall nice, but somehow I didn’t find it as “amazing” as how I remembered it from 2016/2017 πŸ˜› . The situation where none of the massaging chairs (my favorite feature of the lounge) was working might have played a role on this, though πŸ˜› .

Unfortunately none of these massage chairs was working today

But as I said, overall the lounge was still nice; even though the main floor might be a little bit overcrowded (where I couldn’t find a place to sit and had to take my bowl of noodles to the upper level).

A remote gate departure at Shanghai Pudong Airport

About twenty minutes before scheduled boarding time, I left the lounge to get to the gate; during which I just learned that it was a remote gate today! Boarding started a little bit delayed, but long story short they took us with buses to the aircraft. Btw as per usual with KLM, there was no special bus/minivan service for their business class passengers.

Today the flight would be operated by KLM’s Boeing 777-300ER reg PH-BVS named “Darien National Park”. So a remote gate departure especially like this one was super cool because we got “unusual” angle of this very big plane!

Boarding this KLM’s Boeing 777-300ER reg PH-BVS from a remote gate at Shanghai Pudong Airport

We all had to enter from the L2 door, from where I had to turn left to get to my 1K seat. It was the same seat as in KLM’s Boeing 747-400 and Boeing 777-200ER. Just like in their Boeing 777-200ER, KLM configured their 777-300ER World Business Class cabin in a 2-2-2 layout.

Seat 1K on board KLM’s Boeing 777-300ER PH-BVS

While waiting for boarding to complete, the flight attendants distributed the amenity kit. It was the same one as in my earlier KL887 flight, except that the Jan Taminiau poach was in different color πŸ˜€ . And then came the pre-departure drink service. I got myself a glass of champagne; and then the flight attendant came back with some amuse-bouche. It was really nice!

Amuse-bouche and a glass of champagne

It was then time for departure and pushback began. The safety video was played via the screen, and we took off from runway 17L of Shanghai Pudong Airport. PH-BVS then made a turn towards Europe. Once the fasten seatbelt sign was turned off, the flight attendant distributed some hot towels; which was followed by a snack service. As usual (haha πŸ˜› ), I asked for a glass of the Flying Dutchman, which was accompanied by some nuts.

After take-off snack, the Flying Dutchman and some nuts

And then it was time for the lunch service. From the two appetizer options, a sichuan beef fillet or tomato soup, obviously I went for the first one. I paired the dish with the red wine. It was quite nice.

Omnomnom, ready for my dinner

The main course then followed. There were three options: a selection of three Chinese dishes with rice, salmon in teriyaki sauce, or grilled chicken breast. As I was feeling like eating healthy, I went for the salmon option. The salmon was a little bit in the overcooked-scale for me, but it was still okay. Ah, I paired the dish with a Dutch white wine which was actually quite nice.

Salmon in teriyaki sauce

There were three options for dessert: a cheese plate, a pear strudel, or a Haagen-Dazs strawberry ice cream. I opted for the pear strudel and paired it with a dessert one, which was a killer combo! I actually thought of ordering the ice cream but somehow thought it would be just like an ice cream in a cup, lol. I was wrong, as I saw my neighbour getting a very palatable-looking ice cream! Until next time then, haha…

Pear strudel and a dessert wine

Then for digestif I was actually asking for some warm tea and chocolate; but somehow this never came. Perhaps this had something to do with me feeling tired and fell asleep for a little bit after my dessert, haha. But still, I would expect to still get the tea and chocolate served and put on the mini “table” between the two seats. In the end I just went to the galley myself asking for the tea and got myself some chocolate, haha.

KLM’s IFE already had Avengers: Endgame!

As this was August already, the IFE had been updated with a few more movies since my previous KL887 flight to Hong Kong (see Part I). What was cool was that the new Avengers; Endgame was already added to the library! So I decided to reap my “investment” of saving off movies for my long-haul flights here by watching this 3-hour long movie, haha.

Enjoying the IFE on KLM’s World Business Class

About half-way towards Amsterdam, a flight attendant went around distributing some warm stroopwafels. Speaking of meal service, PVG-AMSΒ  was one of the several routes where KLM had introduced the “Anytime For You” service. Apart from lunch, that was served not long after departure, business class passengers could order any other meal options anytime during the flight (well, until 1.5 hour before landing). There were five choices of dishes for this service on this flight:

The “Anytime For You” menu on KLM’s flight KL896

Because I would like to eat something about two hours before landing and I did not want my choice to be already gone by then, I called a flight attendant to place an order, haha. I ordered the fried egg noodles and a sweet treat; and if still available, I would like some of the crunchy salad as well because I was craving for some vegetables, haha. She took a note and assured me that I would get my main choices.

KLM’s Boeing 777-300ER’s World Business Class cabin

Then a few hours later, exactly two hours before landing, the flight attendant served my dishes of choice, fried egg noodles and the sweet treat. What I didn’t expect was that it apparently came with some side dishes too, making the serving bigger than I thought! Lol πŸ˜† . Both dishes were good, btw.

Egg noodle and sweet treat from the Anytime For You Menu

And once I finished those, the flight attendant told me that they still had the crunchy salad! Yeay! And so she served me that, which apparently also came with some side dishes, haha. The salad should actually come with some garlic bread too, which was still in the oven at the time, but I said I didn’t want it as I felt like I would already have had enough! Haha πŸ˜›

Crunchy salad from the Anytime For You menu

After I finished my big meal (haha), I asked for a cup of tea. It seemed that KLM had noticed that I had a sweet tooth, so the flight attendant served the tea with … another serving of the sweet treat! Haha πŸ˜› .

Warm tea and another serving of sweet treat πŸ˜›

It was then about an hour before arrival at Schiphol; which meant: it was KLM huisjes time!! Yeay!! A flight attendant went around the World Business Class cabin with a collection of KLM’s cute Delft Blue houses. I chose one which I, obviously, did not have yet πŸ˜€ .

A KLM’s Delft Blue house!

And not long after we were approaching Schiphol Airport. It was then the usual. We landedΒ smoothly at runway 06. PH-BVS parked at gate E24, I walked to the main terminal building, cleared immigration, got my luggage, and took a taxi to go back home.

Yeah, it was such a nice way to officially endΒ my short summer trip to Indonesia!


Posting-posting dalam seri perjalanan singkat musim panas ke Indonesia:
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2. Part I: KLM Business Class B777-200ER Amsterdam to Hong Kong
3. Part II: Garuda Indonesia Business Class B737-800 Hong Kong to Jakarta
4. Part III: Surabaya
5. Part IV: Yogyakarta
6. Part V: Garuda Indonesia Business Class A330-200 Jakarta to Shanghai
7. Part VI: Transiting at Shanghai Pudong Airport
8. Part VII: KLM Business Class B777-300ER Shanghai to Amsterdam

Petugas check-in di Bandara Shanghai PudongΒ  memberikanku kartu undangan untuk menggunakan China Eastern Lounge. Jadilah setelah mencapai areaΒ airside, aku pergi naik ke lantai atas dimana lounge-nya berada. Seperi yang lalu (di Bagian II), hal pertama yang kulakukan setelah masuk di lounge-nya adalah: mandi di kamar mandinya! Haha πŸ˜› Pagi ini lounge-nya ramai sebenarnya tapi untungnya waktu itu kamar mandinya pas sedang kosong sehingga bisa langsung aku pakai. Menyegarkan sekali rasanya bisa mandi setelah penerbangan red eye yang nggak terlalu panjang dari Jakarta (Bagian V) dan juga proses transit yang panjang di Shanghai (Bagian VI)!

Sebuah kamar mandi di China Eastern Lounge di Bandara Shanghai Pudong

Anyway, aku excited sebenarnya untuk mampir di lounge ini karena aku cukup terpesona dengannya di duaΒ kunjungan pertamaku di sana. Dan ternyata … kayaknya jam terbangku dengan dunia per-lounge-an sudah jauh lebih tinggi sehingga “standar”-ku juga mengikuti dah, haha. Maksudku, lounge-nya secara keseluruhan masih oke sih, tapi rasanya kok nggak se-“wah” seperti yang aku ingat dari tahun 2016/2017 itu πŸ˜› . Situasi dimana kursi pijatnya sedang tidak beroperasi semua (bagian favoritku dari lounge-nya) juga mungkin mempengaruhi ini sih πŸ˜› .

Sayangnya semua kursi pijat ini sedang tidak beroperasi

Tapi seperti yang kubilang; lounge-nya masih oke sih walau area lantai utamanya ramai banget dengan pengunjung (dimana aku tidak menemukan kursi kosong sehingga aku harus membawa semangkok mie rebusku ke lantai atas).

Sebuah gerbang keberangkatan remote di Bandara Shanghai Pudong

Sekitar dua puluh menit sebelum jadwal naik pesawat, aku meninggalkan lounge-nya untuk menuju ke gerbang keberangkatan; yang mana baru aku ketahui kalau hari ini KLM menggunakan gerbang remote! Boarding dimulai agak terlambat hari ini, dan singkat cerita kami diantarkan ke pesawat dengan menggunakan bus. Btw seperti biasanya dengan KLM, tidak ada bus/minivan khusus untuk penumpang kelas bisnis.

Hari ini penerbangan akan dioperasikan dengan Boeing 777-300ERnya KLM rego PH-BVS bernama “Taman Nasional Darien”. Keberangkatan melalui gerbang remote gini sebenarnya keren dan seru soalnya penumpang jadi mendapatkan pandangan yang “tidak biasa” dari pesawat berbadan besar ini!

Boarding Boeing 777-300ER rego PH-BVSnya KLM ini dari gerbang remote di Bandara Shanghai Pudong

Penumpang masuk pesawat melalui pintu L2, dari mana aku belok kiri untuk menuju kursi 1K-ku. Kursinya sama seperti di pesawat Boeing 747-400 dan Boeing 777-200ERnya. Dan seperti di Boeing 777-200ER, KLM mengkonfigurasi World Business Class 777-300ER-nya dengan susunan 2-2-2.

Kursi 1K di pesawat Boeing 777-300ER PH-BVSnya KLM

Sembari menunggu boarding selesai, para pramugari/a membagikan amenity kit. Amenity kit-nya sama seperti di penerbangan KL887ku (Bagian I), kecuali poach Jan Taminiaunya memiliki warna yang berbeda. Setelahnya dibagikan layanan pra-keberangkatan. Aku mengambil segelas champagne; dan pramugarinya berkeliling lagi membagikan amuse-bouche. Enak!

Amuse-bouche dan segelas champagne

Lalu waktu keberangkatan pun tiba dan pushback dimulai. Video peragaan keselamatan dimainkan melalui layar IFE, dan kami lepas landas dari landasan pacu 17L Bandara Pudong. PH-BVS kemudian berbelok menuju Eropa. Setelah lampu kenakan sabuk pengaman dipadamkan, pramugarinya membagikan handuk hangat; yang diikuti dengan layanan snack. Seperti biasa (haha πŸ˜› ), aku meminta segelas minuman the Flying Dutchman, yang ditemani dengan semangkok kecil kacang.

Snack setelah lepas landas, the Flying Dutchman dan kacang

Dan waktu makan siang pun tiba. Dari dua pilihan masakan pembuka, beef fillet a la Sichuan atau sup tomat, jelas aku memilih yang pertama dong ya, haha. Ini kupasangkan dengan red wine. Enak juga.

Omnomnom, mari makan…

Menu utama kemudian mengikuti. Ada tiga pilihan untuk ini: tiga pilihan masakan Chinese food, salmon dengan saus teriyaki, atau dada ayam bakar. Karena sedang ingin makan sehat, aku memilih pilihan salmonnya. Salmonnya dimasak agak terlalu matang untukku pribadi, tapi masih oke kok. Ah, menu ini aku pasangkan dengan white wine dari Belanda yang ternyata bisa enak juga, haha.

Salmon dengan saus teriyaki

Ada tiga pilihan pencuci mulut: sepiring keju, pear strudel, atau es krim stroberinya Haagen Dazs. Aku memilih pear strudel dan memasangkannya dengan segelas dessert wine, yang mana adalah kombo yang jos banget! Sebenarnya aku sempat ingin untuk memesan es krimnya tapi aku kok membayangkan es krimnya cuma es krim di dalam cup gitu ya, haha. Aku salah loh ternyata, karena kulihat penumpang di kursi lain mendapatkan es krim yang disajikan di piring dan nampak menarik banget! Ya sudah lain kali deh ya, haha…

Pear strudel dan dessert wine

Untuk digestif sebenarnya aku meminta secangkir teh hangat dan cokelat; tapi entah mengapa ini tidak pernah diantarkan. Mungkin ada hubungannya yang memang aku merasa lelah dan mengantuk setelah makan siang selesai sehingga aku mendatarkan kursi dan tertidur sejenak, haha. Tapi tetap aja, aku rasa seharusnya teh dan cokelatku tetap diantarkan dong ya dan ditaruh di meja “mini” di antara dua kursi. Pada akhirnya aku pergi sendiri ke galley untuk meminta teh dan mengambil sendiri cokelatnya sih, haha.

IFEnya KLM sudah diisi dengan Avengers: Endgame!

Karena sudah bulan Agustus, IFEnya sudah diisi beberapa film baru semenjak penerbangan KL887ku ke Hong Kong belum lama sebelumnya. Yang keren adalah Avengers; Endgame sudah masuk dong! Jadilah aku memutuskan untuk “memanen” investasiku dimana aku sengaja tidak langsung menonton film-film baru karena lebih baik “kusimpan” untuk penerbangan jarak jauhku. Dan film berdurasi 3 jam ini aku tonton, haha.

Menikmati IFE di World Business Class-nya KLM

Sekitar setengah jalan ke Amsterdam, seorang pramugari berkeliling membagikan stroopwafels hangat. Ngomongin layanan makanan, PVG-AMS ini adalah salah satu dari beberapa rutenya KLM yang menggunakan konsep layanan “Anytime For You”. Jadi di samping makan siang yang disajikan setelah keberangkatan, penumpang kelas bisnis bisa memesan menu apa pun lainnya di waktu kapan pun di sepanjang perjalanan ini (eh tapi cuma sampai 1,5 jam sebelum mendarat aja sih). Dan ada lima menu untuk layanan ini di penerbangan kali ini:

Menu “Anytime For You” di penerbangan KLM KL896

Karena aku baru ingin makan nanti sekitar dua jam sebelum mendarat tapi aku juga nggak ingin pilihanku sudah keburu habis waktu itu, aku memanggil seorang pramugari untuk memesan terlebih dahulu, haha. Aku memesan menu mie telur goreng dan kue manisnya; dan jika masih ada, juga seporsi saladnya karena entah mengapa aku ingin banget makan sayur, haha. Ia kemudian mencatatnya dan bisa menjamin aku akan mendapatkan pilihan utamaku.

Kabin World Business Class Boeing 777-300ERnya KLM

Lalu beberapa jam kemudian, tepat dua jam sebelum mendarat, pramugarinya menyajikan menu pilihanku, mie telur goreng dan kue manisnya. Yang tidak aku sangka adalah ternyata menunya disajikan dengan makanan sampingan juga, yang mana membuat porsinya jadi lebih besar daripada sangkaanku! Haha πŸ˜† . Keduanya enak-enak aja kok.

Mie telur goreng dan kue manis dari menu Anytime For You

Begitu selesai, pramugarinya bilang bahwa saladnya masih ada! Hore! Jadilah ia memberikanku seporsi saladnya, yang juga datang dengan makanan sampingan, haha. Saladnya juga seharusnya disajikan dengan garlic bread yang waktu itu masih di-oven, tapi aku bilang aku tidak memerlukannya karena rasanya banyaknya ini sudah cukup banget dah! Haha πŸ˜›

Salad dari menu Anytime For You

Setelah aku selesai makan besar ini (haha), aku meminta segelas teh hangat. Sepertinya KLM sudah memperhatikan bahwa aku terkadang suka makanan yang manis-manis, jadilah pramugarinya menyajikan tehku dengan … seporsi kue-kue manisnya lagi! Haha πŸ˜›

Teh hangat dan seporsi kue manis lagi πŸ˜›

Tiba-tiba penerbangan ini tinggal satu jam lagi; yang berarti: waktu untuk huisjes-nya KLM!! Hore!! Seorang pramugari berkeliling kabin World Business Class dengan koleksi rumah-rumahan Delft Blue KLMnya yang imut-imut itu. Jelas aku memilih satu yang aku belum punya lah ya πŸ˜€ .

Satu rumah-rumahan Delft Blue-nya KLM!

Dan tak lama setelahnya, kami mulai mendekati Bandara Schiphol. Lalu seperti biasa deh. Pesawat mendarat mulus di landasan pacu 06. PH-BVS kemudian parkir di gerbang E24, aku berjalan ke gedung terminal, melalui imigrasi, mengambil bagasiku, dan naik taksi untuk pulang ke rumah.

Ya, memang sebuah cara yang nyaman dan mengasyikkan untuk mengakhiri perjalanan singkat musim panasku ke Indonesia tahun ini!

7 Comments Add yours

  1. fahrizinfa says:

    Side dish nya banyak yaa pastii kenyangg banget XD and it’s look delicious! btw collection of KLM’s cute Delft Blue houses is cute, I hope someday I could get one of it collection πŸ˜€

    1. zilko says:

      Iya, adanya side dish itu bikin kenyang banget! Hahaha πŸ˜€ . Ada rute sweet spot untuk dapat Delft Blue house-nya KLM ini dari segi harga tiket: Jakarta – Kuala Lumpur di business class, haha. Tiket rute ini sering dijual dengan harga terjangkau banget (termasuk di ekonomi sih πŸ˜€ ). Dan di business class-nya dapat Delft Blue house juga, yang mana nggak dibagiin di business class intra-Eropa, haha…

  2. nyonyasepatu says:

    Zi, gak berhenti2 makan hahaha.

    1. zilko says:

      Iya Non kenyang terus, hahaha πŸ˜†

  3. niee says:

    Ya ampun, pasti seru banget ya nonotn Endgame 3 jam dipesawat gitu terus lo belum nontonnya. Kan kalau udah nonton terasa kurang seru yak, hahahaha.

    1. zilko says:

      Iya Niee. Makanya aku sengaja nggak nonton di bioskop sekarang ini. Mendingan filmnya disimpan buat di pesawat, huahaha πŸ˜†

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