#2333 – Garuda Indonesia’s Airbus A330-200 Business Class Flight GA894 CGK-PVG


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At Terminal 3 Ultimate, I checked-in at Garuda Indonesia’s business class and SkyPriority international check-in counters; which set-up was rather unusual as the area had a lot of sofas! Haha πŸ˜› .

Garuda Indonesia’s business class and SkyPriority international check-in desks at Terminal 3 Ultimate

Anyway, I did not check my luggage through all the way from Yogyakarta (from where I was also flying with Garuda) because I would like to make sure of something in Jakarta. This was to ask the check-in agent whether my luggage would be handled all the way to Amsterdam or if I would have to take care of it in Shanghai. With Shanghai, it could be a tricky business with luggage, as during my first experience transiting there. And so I thought the Jakarta agent should have been more knowledgeable on this matter than the Yogyakarta agent. The agent told me it should be handled all the way to Amsterdam, as shown by the “AMS” luggage tag. Now, this is an important information which I will discuss much furher in Part VI, haha.

Garuda Indonesia International Lounge

Anyway from there I cleared security and passport control; and then went to the Garuda Lounge. The international Garuda Lounge was okay; at least as far as I am concerned, I did not see as much cost-cutting as in their domestic lounge counterpart in the same airport. Btw while I was at this lounge, this earthquake struck. I was getting something to eat when I felt the floor moving. I thought it was only me, but then I saw the ceiling of the terminal building was rattling, and some other passengers were cautioning that an earthquake was taking place. It was going one for quite some time, though, at least 15-20 seconds, I think. But thankfully everything was fine.

The old pier of Terminal 3 Ultimate

Long story short, it was then time to board. Today, the boarding gate was 1D, that was at the very, very far end of Terminal 3 Ultimate. In fact, it was in the “old” Terminal 3 Pier that was mainly used by LCCs before the opening of the entire Terminal 3 Ultimate. It felt a little bit like a blast from the past as I hadn’t been there since November 2013!

Garuda Indonesia’s Airbus A330-200 reg PK-GPQ which would take me to Shanghai as flight GA894 tonight

Boarding went … quite chaotic today, haha :P. Anyway, today’s flight would be operated by an Airbus A330-200 reg PK-GPQ. As a business class passenger I was amongst the first to board the aircraft, where I settled onto my 8A seat. During boarding, Garuda played their instrumental Indonesian traditional music, which was really soothing.

Garuda Indonesia’s Airbus A330-200 business class seat

The seat was really nice. It had amazing legroom and was a lie-flat one; definitely much better than their Boeing 737-800 recliner business class seats. And the seat could … do some basic back massaging too! Lol πŸ˜† . So I wasn’t sure what the central button in the seat panel did; and so naturally I played around with it. It turned out to be the control for this cool massaging feature! Lol πŸ˜† . The downside of the seat was that I felt like the seat was on the narrower-side; as Garuda configured their A330-200 business class cabin in a 2-2-2 layout.

Garuda Indonesia’s Airbus A330-200 business class cabin

Upon boarding, a flight attendant came to me and asked what I would like as a welcome drink. I asked for an orange juice; and she brought me one with a hot towel. After that, she asked my preference for breakfast from the menu book (This flight was supplied with menu books in business class, haha πŸ˜› ). I went for the duck fried rice; and asked for a glass of champagne and nuts as a snack after take-off.

Garuda Indonesia’s business class amenity kit

Amenity kit and a pair of sandals were already distributed in the seat. These were exactly the same products as distributed in their Boeing 737-800 GA863 flight from Hong Kong (see Part II).

Unfortunately we had a 20 minutes ATC delay today, and they assigned us to take off from runway 25L, which was the furthest runway when departing from Terminal 3 Ultimate. As a result we took off about 50 minutes behind schedule. Anyway, the safety demonstration was played using the video screen, and I was lucky Garuda already used their newest version, like this one (but the A330-200 not Boeing 777-300ER version in the video):

The flight attendant then brought me my champagne and nuts. As before, the champagne was really good, I loved it! 😍 After that it was time for me to get some sleep, so I took out the very nice and comfortable business class blanket. Btw this flight offered some a la carte snack options, though, as follows:

The in-between fuel menu

But I was full already at the time and much preferred to have some sleep instead as this was just a short flight to Shanghai (around 6 hours).

Garuda’s A330-200 business class seat in lie-flat mode

I was actually able to get some sleep! Until … when we reached the Vietnam airspace where we encountered lengthy turbulence πŸ˜…. It might be related to the typhoon that just hit the region just a few days before? Anyway as a light sleeper, this naturally woke me up. I tried to force myself to get some sleep but obviously, even though I got some, it wasn’t a “real” sleep, haha.

Trying to get some sleep in business class

About two hours before landing, I got up. The maitre’d greeted me and asked how my sleep was; she was worried I didn’t get good sleep as she noticed I was moving a lot (and made a few trips to the lavatory during the flight, haha). See, Garuda’s attentiveness level was this high! After this, an orange juice and hot towel were distributed.

Orange juice and hot towel to start the day

Then it was time for breakfast. The maitre’d brought me the appetizer, which was a fruit platter. It was then followed with my main course option: duck fried rice. The fried rice was reallt good, though!

Ready for my breakfast on board Garuda Indonesia GA894 to Shanghai.

As it was a short night flight, I did not really use the IFE on this flight. Ah and also, PK-GPQ was equipped with a wifi connection; and nowadays Garuda offered a free 15-minutes connection on their Airbus fleet. Not much at all, indeed, haha.

Hello, Shanghai Pudong!

Long story short, we were then approaching Shanghai, and landed smoothly at runway 16L of Pudong Airport. It was quite some taxi to arrive at our gate in Terminal 2; during which they played their instrumental Indonesian music again, which was really nice. Anyway we then reached the gate, and I got off the plane for my transit at Pudong Airport, my third time ever doing so!



Posting-posting dalam seri perjalanan singkat musim panas ke Indonesia:
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5. Part IV: Yogyakarta
6. Part V: Garuda Indonesia Business Class A330-200 Jakarta to Shanghai
7. Part VI: Transiting at Shanghai Pudong Airport
8. Part VII: KLM Business Class B777-300ER Shanghai to Amsterdam

Di Terminal 3 Ultimate, aku check-in di konter check-in kelas bisnis dan SkyPriority-nya Garuda Indonesia; yang agak tidak biasa karena areanya diisi dengan banyak sofa! Haha πŸ˜›

Konter check-in kelas bisnis dan SkyPriority-nya Garuda Indonesia di Terminal 3 Ultimate

Anyway, aku sengaja untuk tidak memasukkan bagasiku langsung ke Amsterdam dari Yogyakarta (darimana sebenarnya aku juga terbang dengan Garuda) karena di Jakarta aku ingin memastikan suatu hal dulu. Aku ingin bertanya ke petugas check-in-nya mengenai apakah bagasiku akan langsung ke Amsterdam atau jika aku harus mengurusnya di Shanghai. Ketika transit Shanghai, urusan bagasi ini bisa jadi agak ribet memang, seperti di pengalaman pertamakuΒ transit di sana. Dan aku kira petugas di Jakarta seharusnya lebih tahu akan hal ini daripada petugas di Yogyakarta kan ya. Petugasnya bilang bahwa seharusnya bagasiku langsung ke Amsterdam dimana memang label bagasi “AMS”-nya keluar. Nah, ini nih informasi penting yang akan kuceritakan lebih mendalam nanti di Bagian VI, haha.

Garuda Indonesia International Lounge

Anyway setelahnya aku melalui pemeriksaan sekuriti dan imigrasi; dan kemudian menuju lounge-nya Garuda. Lounge internasionalnya Garuda masih oke sih; seenggaknya dari pengamatanku, cost-cutting-nya tidak separah di lounge domestiknya di terminal yang sama. Btw ketika menunggu di lounge ini, gempa bumi ini terjadi dong. Ketika itu aku sedang mengambil makan ketika aku merasa lantainya kok bergerak-gerak gitu. Awalnya kukira hanya perasaanku saja, tapi kulihat kok langit-langitnya Terminal 3 Ultimate juga goyang-goyang, dan beberapa penumpang lain bilang bahwa sedang gempa. Gempanya berlangsung lumayan lama juga lho, sekitar 15-20 detik lah. Untungnya semuanya baik-baik saja.

Pier lama Terminal 3 Ultimate

Singkat cerita, waktunya untuk naik pesawat. Kali ini gerbang keberangkatan adalah 1D yang berlokasi di ujung bangetnya Terminal 3 Ultimate. Ternyata ini adalah gedung Terminal 3 “lama”-nya yang dulu digunakan oleh LCC sebelum keseluruhan Terminal 3 Ultimate jadi. Rasanya jadi agak bernostalgia juga di sana, karena terakhir kali aku ke sana adalah di bulan November 2013!

Airbus A330-200nya Garuda Indonesia rego PK-GPQ yang akan membawaku ke Shanghaisebagai penerbangan GA894 malam ini

Boarding berlangsung … lumayan kacau, haha πŸ˜› . Penerbangan hari ini akan dioperasikan dengan pesawat Airbus A330-200 rego PK-GPQ. Sebagai penumpang kelas bisnis, aku termasuk yang pertama naik pesawat, dan aku duduk di kursi 8A-ku. Ketika boarding, Garuda memainkan alunan musik tradisional Indonesianya, yang mana membuat suasana terasa lebih rileks.

Kursi kelas bisnisnya Garuda Indonesia di pesawat Airbus A330-200

Kursinya nyaman. Legroom-nya jelas mantap banget dan kursinya lie-flat alias bisa ditidurkan rata; jelas jauh lebih enak daripada kursi recliner (yang cuma bisa dimiringkan) di kelas bisnis Boeing 737-800nya. Dan ternyata kursinya juga bisa … memijat punggung kita juga loh! Haha πŸ˜† . Jadi ceritanya ada tombol di tengah alat kontrolnya yang aku nggak tahu untuk apa; jadi jelas aku cobain dong ya. Ternyata tombol ini adalah untuk pijat! Haha πŸ˜† . Kelemahan dari kursinya adalah lebar kursinya yang kurasa cukup sempit; karena memang Garuda mengkonfigurasi kelas bisnis A330-200nya dengan susunan 2-2-2 sih.

Kabin kelas bisnisnya Garuda Indonesia di pesawat Airbus A330-200

Ketika boarding, seorang pramugari menghampiriku dan bertanya untuk welcome drink aku ingin minum apa. Aku minta segelas orange juice; dan ia kemudian mengantarkannya bersama dengan handuk hangat. Setelahnya ia bertanya apakah aku sudah memiliki pilihan untuk sarapan dari buku menunya (Iya, di penerbangan ini ada kok buku menu di kelas bisnis, haha πŸ˜› ). Aku memilih nasi goreng bebek; dan meminta segelas champagne dan kacang untuk snack setelah lepas landas.

Amenity kit kelas bisnisnya Garuda Indonesia

Amenity kit dan sandal juga telah dibagikan di kursi. Produknya sama persis seperti di kelas bisnis Boeing 737-800 GA863 dari Hong Kong (baca di Bagian II).

Sayangnya kami dikenai delay selama 20 menit oleh ATC, dan mereka memberikan kami landasan pacu 25L untuk lepas landas pula, yang mana adalah landasan yang paling jauh untuk keberangkatan dari Terminal 3 Ultimate. Jadilah akibatnya kami lepas landas sekitar 50 menit terlambat di belakang jadwal. Ngomong-ngomong, peragaan keselamatannya dilakukan melalui video loh, dan beruntung kali ini Garuda telah menggunakan versi terbarunya, kayak gini (tapi yang A330-200 jelas ya, bukan Boeing 777-300ER seperti di video berikut):

Pramugarinya kemudian menyajikan champagne dan kacangku. Seperti yang lalu, champagne-nya enaak, aku suka! 😍 Setelahnya adalah waktuku untuk tidur, jadilah aku mengeluarkan selimut kelas bisnisnya yang enak dan nyaman banget. Btw di penerbangan ini sebenarnya ada layanan snack a la carte loh, menunya sebagai berikut:

Menu in-between fuel

Tetapi waktu ini aku sudah kenyang dan lebih memilih untuk tidur saja karena penerbangan malam ke Shanghai ini hanya berdurasi singkat banget (cuma 6 jam doang).

Kursi kelas bisnis A330-200nya Garuda di mode lie-flat

Aku bisa tidur lumayan nyenyak loh! Sampai … ketika kami mencapai ruang udara Vietnam dimana pesawat mengalami turbulensi konstan yang lumayan lama πŸ˜…. Mungkin ada kaitannya dengan taifun yang memang baru melanda daerah ini beberapa hari sebelumnya ya? Dan masalahnya karena aku ini orangnya light sleeper, ini membuatku terbangun deh. Setelahnya aku coba memaksa diriku untuk tidur lagi, walaupun memang sempat tertidur tapi jatuhnya jadi kurang “nyenyak” juga sih, haha.

Mencoba tidur di kelas bisnis

Sekitar dua jam sebelum mendarat, aku bangun. Pramugari maitre’d-nya (seragam ungu) mengucapkan selamat pagi dan bertanya bagaimana tidurku; karena ia khawatir aku kurang nyenyak tidurnya karena ia perhatikan aku banyak bergerak (dan memang beberapa kali pula ke toilet di penerbangan ini, haha). Nah, lihat kan sebegitu perhatiannya level pelayanan di penerbangannya Garuda! Setelah ini, orange juice dan handuk hangat dibagikan.

Bangun dengan orange juice dan handuk hangat

Lalu saatnya sarapan. Maitre’d membawakan menu pembuka, yaitu sepiring buah-buahan. Ini kemudian diikuti dengan menu utama pilihanku: nasi goreng bebek. Nasi gorengnya enak!

Sarapan dulu di penerbangan Garuda Indonesia GA894 ke Shanghai.

Karena penerbangan malam, aku tidak banyak menggunakan IFE di penerbangan ini. Ah dan juga, PK-GPQ dilengkapi dengan wifi juga loh; dan ternyata Garuda memberikan 15 menit gratis dengan wifi ini di armada Airbus mereka. Nggak banyak ya, haha.

Halo, Shanghai Pudong!

Singkat cerita, akhirnya kami mendekati Shanghai, dan mendarat mulus di landasan pacu 16L Bandara Pudong. Taxiing-nya lumayan jauh untuk mencapai gate kami di Terminal 2; dan di waktu ini mereka kembali memainkan lagu-lagu tradisional Indonesia instrumentalnya, yang mana enak-enak deh. Akhirnya kami mencapai gate, dan aku turun dari pesawat untuk transit untuk ketiga kalinya di Bandara Pudong!


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  1. inlycampbell says:

    Yahhhh 15 menit mah bentaran banget hihi.. Dulu aku suka naik ferry nyebrang pulau di NZ, dapat wifinya cuma 100MB, yang mana habis juga dalam waktu 15-20 menit haha..

    1. zilko says:

      Iyaa bentar banget. Kemarin dipake buat 1 posting di IG langsung habis kuotanya, hahaha πŸ˜† . Sayang mau beli paketnya soalnya flight-nya nggak lama, dan toh rencana mau tidur doang juga sih πŸ˜› .

      1. inlycampbell says:

        Kalau aku, selalu sayang haha.. Soalnya udah prepare nonton film di pesawat yah atau tidur, atau baca buku yang dibawa haha..

        1. zilko says:

          Huahaha, iya sih tapi terkadang asyik juga kok, terutama kalau flight long-haul yang siang plus kalau fee buat wifi-nya masih masuk akal, hahaha πŸ˜†

    1. zilko says:

      Thank you πŸ™‚

  2. fahrizinfa says:

    Leg room business class garuda besar jugaa yaa XD, Duck fried rice nya juga terlihat enak jugaa hahaha

    1. zilko says:

      Iya! Legroom-nya besar dan kursinya bisa ditidurkan sehingga nyaman! Duck fried rice-nya memang enak!

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