#2327 – A Warm Weekend in Wroclaw


To kick off September, I went on a weekend trip to Wroclaw, a city in the west-side of Poland. Earlier this year, I read the news that KLM was opening a new route there and I found a promo ticket, so I thought, “Why not?“, haha. This trip also made me realize that it was only my second trip to Poland! After my weekend trip to Warsaw three and a half years ago!

Anyway, the airport of Wroclaw had a cool name: “Nicolaus Copernicus Airport”, after the famous Polish astronomer. It was a cute little airport with a very spacious and modern terminal design. It had one contract lounge that was shared between several airlines (including KLM, Air France, Lufthansa, Swiss, etc). It was quite a nice lounge too.

The Wroclaw Airport Lounge

I am not going to really write about my flights, as these were just regular, pleasant flights with Air France/KLM group. I flew KLM Cityhopper’s Embraer 175 PH-EXH to get there, and I was back with HOP! Regional’s Embraer 190 F-HBLC to Paris, connecting to Air France’s Airbus A318 F-GUGH to Amsterdam.

Taking this KLM Cityhopper’s Embraer ERJ175 reg PH-EXH to Wroclaw

Anyway, Wroclaw was a pretty city. It had an old town that was surrounded by the (more) modern parts of the city. I also noticed that there were several malls there too; even though quite some of them felt “dead” when I decided to visit (as I was looking for a supermarket to buy some mineral water, haha) as there was no activity at all! Though, it might be because it was a Sunday too, haha.

The beautiful Wroclaw Glowny Railway Station

Naturally, the most beautiful part of the city was the old town area indeed. The old town wasn’t really big so everything was reachable by foot, which of course was really nice. But still, it was really, really warm during this weekend, somehow. The temperature reached 34 °C at some point! At least the air was dry.

Wroclaw Old Town

The old town was full of buildings with unique, beautiful, and colorful architecture. It was obvious that it had a (very) long history too; as a couple of the buildings were actually from the 15th century! The most Instagrammable building, and a mandatory spot for a selfie, in the old town was the Town Hall building. And so obviously I took a selfie there as well, haha.

The mandatory Wroclaw selfie

North of the Old Town was a river, and across it there was the Ostrów Tumski district, which according to Wikipedia apparently was the oldest district in Wroclaw (Meaning it was older than the Old Town 😆 ). The most prominent figure of this district was the very tall Wroclaw Cathedral.

The Ostrów Tumski district in Wroclaw

Aside from the (old) buildings with beautiful architecture, Wroclaw had another very interesting tourists magnet: the gnomes! I noticed that the city was filled with a lot of gnomes, and, to me, gnomes hunting was really fun to do! Haha. Apparently this was a relatively recent initiative that started just in 2005; but in my opinion this was a great idea that added an extra “identity” to the city! Haha 😀

So yeah, all in all, it was a nice weekend in Wroclaw. The weather was very warm, indeed, but the city was beautiful so that definitely made up for it. But the generally low Eastern European price in Poland topped it all off, made it even more worth it! 😛


Untuk memulai bulan September, aku pergi dalam sebuah perjalanan akhir pekan ke Wroclaw, sebuah kota di bagian barat Polandia. Awal tahun ini, aku membaca berita bahwa KLM membuka rute baru kesana dan aku menemukan tiket promo, jadi kupikir “Why not?” kan, haha. Perjalanan ini juga baru membuatku sadar bahwa ini baru lah kali kedua aku jalan-jalan ke Polandia loh! Setelah perjalanan akhir pekanku ke Warsawa tiga setengah tahun yang lalu!

Anyway, bandaranya Wroclaw memiliki nama yang keren: “Bandara Nicolaus Copernicus”, yang memang dinamai dengan nama astronomer Polandia yang terkenal itu. Bandara ini adalah bandara kecil dengan disain terminal yang sungguh lapang dan modern. Ada satu lounge kontrak di bandara ini yang digunakan oleh beberapa maskapai bersamaan (termasuk KLM, Air France, Lufthansa, Swiss, dll). Lounge-nya lumayan oke juga.

Wroclaw Airport Lounge

Aku tidak akan terlalu menuliskan bagian penerbangan dari perjalanan ini, karena memang hanya penerbangan biasa dan nyaman dengan grup Air France/KLM kok. Aku terbang dengan Embraer 175 PH-EXHnya KLM Cityhopper ke Wroclaw, dan pulangnya terbang dengan Embraer 190 F-HBLCnya HOP! Regional ke Paris, dan dilanjutkan dengan Airbus A318 F-GUGHnya Air France ke Amsterdam.

Menaiki Embraer ERJ175 rego PH-EXHnya KLM Cityhopper ini ke Wroclaw

Anyway, Wroclaw adalah kota yang cantik. Ada bagian kota tuanya yang dikelilingi oleh bagian yang (lebih) modern dari kotanya. Aku perhatikan ada banyak mall di kotanya juga; walaupun beberapa terasa “mati” sih ketika aku kunjungi (soalnya aku sedang mencari supermarket untuk membeli air mineral, haha) karena sama sekali tidak ada aktivitas! Ah tapi mungkin ini karena waktu itu adalah hari Minggu ya, haha.

Stasiun kereta api Wroclaw Glowny yang kece banget.

Jelas bagian paling kece dari kotanya memang adalah bagian kota tuanya. Kota tuanya berukuran tidak terlalu besar sehingga memang bisa banget dijelajahi dengan berjalan-kaki. Jadi jelas asyik dong ya. Tapi waktu itu lagi panas-panasnya nih. Suhu udaranya bahkan sempat mencapai 34 °C loh di satu waktu! Tapi seenggaknya udaranya kering dah.

Kota Tua Wroclaw

Kota Tuanya berisi bangunan-bangunan yang unik, indah, dan warna-warni banget. Jelas banget kota ini memiliki sejarah (yang panjang); dimana masih ada bangunan-bangunan yang didirikan di abad ke-15 loh! Bangunan paling Instagrammable dan merupakan tempat wajib untuk foto-foto adalah Balai Kota (Town Hall)-nya. Jadi jelas dong ya aku selfie di sana juga, haha.

Selfie wajib di Wroclaw

Di sebelah utara Kota Tua terdapat sebuah sungai, dan di seberangnya adalah distrik Ostrów Tumski, yang mana ternyata menurut Wikipedia adalah distrik tertua di Wroclaw (Berarti lebih tua daripada Kota Tuanya dong ya? Huahaha 😆 ). Bangunan paling mentereng di distrik ini adalah Katedral Wroclaw yang memang menjulang tinggi banget.

Distrik Ostrów Tumski di Wroclaw

Di samping bangunan-bangunan (tua) dengan arsitektur yang indah, Wroclaw memiliki magnet turis lain yang tidak kalah serunya: gnomes (patung-patung kurcaci)! Aku perhatikan kota ini dipenuhi dengan banyak banget gnomes dan, bagiku, perburuan gnomes ini seru juga dah! Haha. Ternyata ini adalah inisiatif yang relatif baru yang baru dimulai di tahun 2005 saja; tapi menurutku adalah ide yang bagus ya yang menambah satu “identitas” ekstra untuk kota ini! Haha 😀

Begitu deh cerita akhir pekan seruku di Wroclaw. Cuacanya hangat, memang, tapi kotanya bagus kok sehingga setimpal lah ya. Ditambah lagi harga-harga di Eropa Timur sana yang cenderung rendah juga membuat semuanya semakin lebih worth it lagi! Haha 😛 .


2 Comments Add yours

  1. aggy87 says:

    Did you find all the gnomes? 😃😃 I went to a mall in Poznan and I know what you mean by “dead” haha, there were hardly any people inside even thought it was summer hahaha

    1. zilko says:

      According to Wiki apparently there are like 350 gnomes all over the city! Thankfully I didn’t pursue a “real” gnome hunting, imagine the effort! Hahaha 😛 . It was fun, though. Indeed! Most of the shops were closed too, though I am quite certain it must be because it was a Sunday. But still, it was really weird because they still bothered to “open” the mall!

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