#2058 – 2017 Year End Trip (Part V: The City of Los Angeles)


Posts in the 2017 Year End Trip series:
1. Introduction
2. Part I: Getting to California
3. Part II: A Tourist in San Francisco
4. Part III: Alcatraz and Yosemite
5. Part IV: The City of San Francisco
6. Part V: The City of Los Angeles
7. Part VI: Hollywood and Griffith
8. Part VII: More of LA
9. Part VIII: Back to Europe in Business Class

Getting to Los Angeles

Flight: Delta DL4837 operated by SkyWest
Equipment: Embraer ERJ175 reg N257SY
ATD: 16:59 PST (Runway 01L of SFO)
ATA: 17:55 PST (Runway 24R of LAX)

Obviously I chose to fly to get to Los Angeles; and this flight from San Francisco was my 67th (lol) and last flight of 2017. It would be a Delta’s “Delta Shuttle” flight under their regional Delta Connection brand operated by SkyWest Airlines, haha 😆 .

A SkyWest’s Embraer ERJ175 reg N257SY in Delta Connection livery

I arrived really early at San Francisco International Airport. After checking in my luggage and clearing the security, I went to the Delta Sky Club Lounge. However, I was told that my SkyTeam Elite Plus status did not grant me complimentary access to the lounge because I wasn’t connecting to/from an international SkyTeam flight today. Damn, this was indeed true and I forgot this small fine print! Oh well…

Delta Sky Club at SFO

Anyway, as per the standard in America, I was on the list of the complimentary upgrade. However, I was only 8th on the free upgrade list to First Class (note: “First Class” is the American term for business class in a domestic flight) but was 1st on the free upgrade list to Delta Comfort+. So unsurprisingly I did not clear the First Class upgrade but I got the Delta Comfort+ one.

Impressive legroom in Delta Comfort+!

Long story short, the flight today would be operated with an Embraer ERJ175 reg N257SY. I boarded the plane and sat on my Delta Comfort+ 7A seat, which legroom was really impressive! 😮 The flight took off from runway 01L and then turned southeast towards Los Angeles. The view was beautiful because the flight was during dusk and sunset.

The complimentary Delta Shuttle snack service

The snack service was distributed about a third into the flight. I was actually impressed with the service, btw, which consisted of tasty whole grain crackers with dip, cheese, fresh fruit and vegetables; it was healthy! Apparently this was the “Delta Shuttle” level of service, which unfortunately was discontinued as per 4 January 2018 from this route.

Anyway, the approach to Los Angeles International Airport was super cool because the plane flew above the city of Los Angeles, providing amazing view of the city, including Downtown Los Angeles with all the skyscrapers! 😍 At 5:55 PM, we landed at runway 24R of LAX. Here is the landing video:

Winter in LA

Anyway, I was in LA during the winter. And it turned out that LA winter climate was like this:

A winter day in LA

😮 Yes, 28°C and sunny. What kind of winter is this??? 😅 In the Netherlands, this would have been called a rare good summer day! Lol 😆 .

On my first day in LA, this really caught me by surprise and made me felt like I dressed too much. I had to go back to the hotel to leave some of my clothes behind, because it was becoming really hot! Haha 😆 . It was nice though to be able to wear my summer outfit in California in the middle of “winter” 😛 .

One layer of clothes in the middle of “winter” in LA.

Getting Around

Anyway, just like in San Francisco, I tried to get around only by using public transportation in LA. To do this, I bought the Tap Card with a week pass which could be used at any Metro rides.

A TAP card

Unlike San Francisco, Los Angeles was actually huge! Size-wise, it was more than ten times larger than SF. And so you would probably think that public transportation in LA would be more advanced. However as it turned out, it was actually the opposite and was seriously lacking!

There were a few subway/light rail lines but I felt like the frequency was way too low. For instance, the frequency of the red line train was often only once in about every fifteen minutes! To be fair each train set was long hence the high capacity; but considering this was an urban public transport, I would still go for frequency than capacity.

The low subway frequency in LA

To me this was rather annoying that I felt like I spent a lot of time just transporting from one place to another. From this trip point of view, this wasn’t much of a problem because I had so many days in LA anyway. But if I had had much less time, or if I lived in LA, there was practically almost no incentive for me to take the public transport.

This was also one of the (many) things discussed during lunch with Arman and Christa, where we agreed that owning a car was a must for those who lived in LA, haha.

Bloggers Gathering

A bloggers meetup in Hollywood!!

Speaking of meeting up with Arman and Christa, we decided to meet at a Thai restaurant in Hollywood (because I stayed in Hollywood) on New Year’s day for lunch. Arman came with Esther, Andrew, and Emma; and Christa came with R. We met at around noon and talked and talked for hours, and suddenly it was almost 3 PM already! Time flew by really fast that Emma felt left out. We are so sorry Emma!! 😣 Btw, Andrew and Emma spoke great Indonesian, btw! 😀 Anyway, indeed it was so much fun!! 🙂

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve in Hollywood

Speaking of Hollywood, one would think that the New Year’s Eve would be awesome and super fun there. This was one of the reasons why I was staying there, haha. But it turned out to be wrong! There were only few fireworks and even at the new year’s time (12 o’clock midnight), people only honked their cars but that was all about it! Haha 😆 . Suffice to say I felt rather “deflated”, haha…

The Food

Speaking of the food, just like in San Francisco, LA had very wide varieties of food to choose from. As it turned out, Hollywood was located quite close to the Thai Town so there were a lot of Thai restaurants there, haha. I tried a few of those and the best one was indeed the Palms Thai restaurant where we had the bloggers gathering (The gathering was so much fun that I forgot to take pictures of the food, haha).

In-N-Out’s Double-Double burger

Anyway, one meal that definitely impressed me was In-N-Out, that was actually a burger joint (There were actually a few In-N-Outs in San Francisco too but I didn’t have the chance to go there while in SF). I got a few independent recommendations to really try it and so I did in LA. I tried their Double-Double burger and indeed it was great. Not only the taste, but also the value of money! Haha 😆 . It was so famous that it was very busy the time I was there, which arguably was not the peak hours. So I agree that In-N-Out is a much whenever you are in California, hahaha 😆 .



Posting-posting dalam seri 2017 Year End Trip:
1. Introduction
2. Part I: Getting to California
3. Part II: A Tourist in San Francisco
4. Part III: Alcatraz and Yosemite
5. Part IV: The City of San Francisco
6. Part V: The City of Los Angeles
7. Part VI: Hollywood and Griffith
8. Part VII: More of LA
9. Part VIII: Back to Europe in Business Class

Ke Los Angeles

Penerbangan: Delta DL4837 dioperasikan oleh SkyWest
Pesawat: Embraer ERJ175 reg N257SY
ATD: 16:59 PST (Runway 01L of SFO)
ATA: 17:55 PST (Runway 24R of LAX)

Jelas dong ya aku memilih untuk naik pesawat untuk pergi ke Los Angeles; dan penerbangan dari San Francisco ini adalah penerbangan ke-67ku (lol) dan yang terakhir di tahun 2017. Penerbangan ini adalah penerbangan “Delta Shuttle”-nya Delta dengan brand regional Delta Connection-nya yang dioperasikan oleh SkyWest Airlines, haha 😆 .

Sebuah Embraer ERJ175 rego N257SY milik SkyWest dengan cat Delta Connection

Aku tiba awal banget di Bandara Internasional San Francisco. Setelah memasukkan bagasi dan melewati pemeriksaan sekuriti, aku pergi ke Lounge Delta Sky Club. Namun, aku diberi-tahu bahwa status SkyTeam Elite Plus-ku tidak memberikan akses komplimen ke lounge-nya karena hari ini penerbanganku tidak terkoneksi ke/dari sebuah penerbangan internasionalnya SkyTeam. Ah sial, memang begini sih aturan mainnya Delta dan aku lupa syarat dan ketentuan kecil ini! Ya sudah deh…

Delta Sky Club di SFO

Anyway, seperti sebagaimana standar penerbangan di Amerika, aku masuk dalam daftar untuk di-upgrade gratis di penerbanganku ini. Namun, aku berada di urutan ke-8 untuk upgrade gratis ke First Class (baca: “First Class” adalah istilah Amerika untuk kelas bisnis di penerbangan domestik) tetapi berada di urutan pertama untuk upgrade gratis ke Delta Comfort+. Jadi tidak mengherankan ketika pada akhirnya aku tidak mendapatkan upgrade ke First Class tetapi mendapatkan upgrade ke Delta Comfort+.

Legroom di Delta Comfort+ impresif banget lho!

Singkat cerita, penerbangan hari ini akan dioperasikan dengan Embraer ERJ175 dengan rego N257SY. Aku menaiki pesawatku dan duduk di kursi Delta Comfort+ 7A, yang mana legroom-nya impresif sekali! 😮 Pesawat kemudian lepas landas dari landasan pacu 01L dan kemudian berputar menuju Los Angeles. Pemandangan sepanjang penerbangan keren loh soalnya bertepatan dengan waktu senja dan matahari terbenam.

Layanan snack komplimen di penerbangan Delta Shuttle

Layanan snack dibagikan kira-kira setelah sepertiga perjalanan. Aku sungguh terkesan dengan layanan snack-nya, btw, yang terdiri atas whole grain crackers yang enak banget dengan saus cocolan, keju, dan irisan buah dan sayuran segar; sehat banget ya snack-nya! Nah, ternyata begini lah standar pelayanan produk “Delta Shuttle”-nya Delta, yang mana sayangnya telah diberhentikan per 4 Januari 2018 di rute ini.

Anyway, approach menuju Bandara Internasional Los Angeles keren banget loh soalnya pesawatnya terbang tepat di atas Los Angeles dulu, sehingga pemandangannya kece cetar banget, termasuk Downtown Los Angeles dengan menara-menaranya itu! 😍 Jam 5:55 sore, pesawat mendarat di landasan pacu 24R Bandara LAX. Berikut ini video pendaratannya:

Musim dingin di LA

Anyway, jadi ceritanya ini aku di LA di musim dingin kan. Dan ternyata cuaca musim dingin di LA itu kayak gini:

Musim dingin di LA

😮 Iya dong ya, itu 28°C dan matahari bersinar dengan riangnya. Nah, musim dingin macam apa ini kan ya??? 😅 Di Belanda, cuaca kayak begini mah cuaca yang baik di musim panas yang munculnya pun jarang! Huahaha 😆 .

Di hari pertamaku di LA, ini sungguh mengagetkanku sampai-sampai aku merasa saltum karena memakai pakaian terlalu banyak. Sampai-sampai aku memutuskan untuk pulang ke hotel untuk melepas baju, soalnya bener-bener jadi kepanasan banget! Haha 😆 . Eh tapi asyik sih sebenarnya bisa memakai pakaian ala musim panas di California di “musim dingin” 😛 .

Pakai baju satu lapis aja loh di tengah-tengah “musim dingin” di LA.

Berkeliling Kota

Anyway, seperti di San Francisco, aku juga berusaha untuk selalu menggunakan transportasi umum di LA. Untuk ini, aku membeli Tap Card dengan week pass yang bisa digunakan di semua kendaraan yang dioperasikan oleh Metro.

Sebuah TAP card

Tidak seperti San Francisco, Los Angeles adalah kota yang besar banget! Secara ukuran, luas kotanya lebih dari sepuluh kali lipatnya SF loh. Jadi wajar dong ya kalau aku kira sistem transportasi umumnya LA bakal lebih maju. Namun, ternyata kenyataannya adalah sebaliknya dan justru bisa dibilang sistemnya sangat amat kurang banget!

Memang ada beberapa jalur subway/light rail tetapi bagiku frekuensi operasi keretanya terlalu jarang. Misalnya saja, frekuensi kereta jalur merah seringnya adalah setiap lima belas menit dong! Memang sih rangkaian keretanya panjang sehingga kapasitasnya juga banyak, tetapi menurutku sih untuk transportasi umum dalam kota begini frekuensi lebih penting ya.

Frekuensi subway yang jarang di LA

Untukku ini sedikit menyebalkan karena mengakibatkan banyak waktuku yang mesti kuhabiskan di jalan. Dari sudut pandang murni perjalanan ini, ini bukan lah masalah besar sih karena kebetulan aku memang mengalokasikan waktu yang cukup lama di LA. Tapi andaikata waktuku di LA lebih singkat, atau jika aku tinggal di LA, rasanya kecil banget insentif untukku menggunakan transportasi umum.

Ini juga adalah salah satu (dari banyaaak) hal yang kami diskusikan ketika kopdar sambil makan siang bersama Arman dan Christa, dimana kami setuju bahwa punya mobil itu wajib banget kalau tinggal di LA, haha.


Kopdar di Hollywood!!

Ngomongin kopdaran dengan Arman dan Christa, kami memutuskan untuk bertemu di sebuah restoran Thailand di Hollywood (soalnya aku menginap di Hollywood) di Hari Tahun Baru. Arman datang bersama Esther, Andrew, dan Emma; dan Christa datang bersama R. Kami bertemu kira-kira jam 12 siang dan ngobrol dan ngobrol terus dengan seru. Bahkan sampai berjam-jam, dimana tiba-tiba sudah jam 3 sore aja dong! Haha. Saking nggak terasanya waktu berjalan, Emma sampai merasa left out. Aduh, sorry banget ya Emma!! 😣 Btw, Andrew dan Emma itu bahasa Indonesianya lancar lho! 😀 Anyway, kopdarnya seru banget lah!! 🙂

Malam Tahun Baru

Malam Tahun Baru di Hollywood

Ngomongin Hollywood, jelas dong aku kira Malam Tahun Baruan disana pasti seru banget kan ya. Inilah salah satu alasan mengapa aku menginap di daerah sana. Dan ternyataa, aku salah besar dong! Kembang apinya cuma ada sedikit banget dan bahkan di saat pergantian tahun, yang terjadi adalah cuma mobil-mobil di jalan pada membunyikan klaksonnya doang! Ya udah gitu aja! Haha 😆 . Ya bisa dibilang aku sedikit merasa kena “zonk” deh ini, haha…


Ngomongin makanan, seperti San Francisco, LA memiliki varietas makanan yang luas sekali. Ternyata, Hollywood berlokasi dekat dengan Thai Town sehingga ada banyak restoran Thailand di sana, haha. Aku mencoba beberapa dan yang paling enak memang lah Restoran Palms Thai dimana kami kopdaran (Saking seru kopdarnya, aku kelupaan foto makanannya dong, haha).

In-N-Out’s Double-Double burger

Anyway, satu tempat makan yang sungguh membuatku terkesan adalah In-N-Out, yang mana adalah kedai burger gitu deh (Ada beberapa In-N-Out juga sih di San Francisco tetapi aku tidak sempat mencobanya). Kebetulan juga aku mendapatkan beberapa rekomendasi terpisah untuk makan di In-N-Out dan jadilah di LA aku cobain beneran. Aku memesan burger Double-Double mereka dan ternyata beneran enak banget loh. Nggak hanya dari segi rasa, tapi juga dari segi harga! Haha 😆 . Saking terkenalnya, tempat makannya ramai banget lho ketika aku di sana padahal waktu itu pun bukan jam makan. Jadi aku setuju banget bahwa In-N-Out ini harus banget dicobain kalau misalnya pada pergi ke California, hahaha 😆 .



28 Comments Add yours

  1. Arman says:

    Iya seru ngobrol nya. Hehe.
    Di LA emang public transportation nya sangat gak bisa diandalkan. Mesti pake uber ko. Hehehe

    1. zilko says:

      Iyaa, seru banget!! 😀

      Iya banget nih, next time ke LA aku bakal pake Uber aja dah. Jauh lebih praktis dan hemat waktu!! 😀

    1. zilko says:

      Hahaha, iyaa 😀

  2. niee says:

    terus pas kopdaran itu pake bahasa apa ko? Penasaran aku jadinya, hahahaha

    1. zilko says:

      Pakai bahasa Indo dooong, hahahaha 😀 .

      1. niee says:

        hahaha. kirain kan pake bahasa inggris gitu 😆

  3. aggy87 says:

    Wah meet up dengan Christa juga ya seru banget! Makanan di sana kayaknya enak2 ya Zil apalagi burgernya menggoda hati banget 😆😆

    1. zilko says:

      Iya Gy, seru banget!! 😀 Ah kalo ke Amerika memang mesti makan burgernya yaa, hahaha. Burger di New York juga enak-enak 😛 .

  4. Pypy says:

    Ahh iya, dari beberapa postingan ko Arman gw juga bisa menyimpulkan bahwa LA ga ramah transportasinya. Seruuu bangett kopdarny. Versi lengkapp pulakk..

    1. zilko says:

      Betul banget Py. Kalau ke LA mendingan naik Uber atau seenggaknya nyewa mobil aja deh, hahahaha 😆 . Iya seruu 😀

  5. yance says:

    Wahh asikk banget yaa sampe bisa meet up bloggers….ohh ternyata di LA transportasi umumnya begitu yaa…ngabisin waktu…hahaha

    1. zilko says:

      Iyaa, seru bisa kopdaran 😀 . Dan iya, di LA transportasi umumnya mah gak asyik, mendingan naik Uber atau nyetir sendiri kemana-mana, hahaha 😀

  6. Christa says:

    Iya bener deh besok2 kesini lagi naik Uber aja Ko hehehe :))) jangan kapok main kesini lagi yaaa!

    1. zilko says:

      Iya Chris, next time enakan naik Uber kemana-mana ya! Hahahaha 😀 . Sipp, LA asyik kok kotanya sebenarnya! 🙂

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