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#1808 – One Month


One month went by very fast.

Yesterday morning, my parents went back to Indonesia after visiting me in Europe during my sabbatical month. They arrived a few days before my PhD contract officially ended and then we went on two trips together to Romania, Greece, and Sint Maarten (stories to be posted soon; in the meantime, you can check more spoilers out on my Instagram (@azilko) under the hashtags: #ZilkosSabbaticalMonth, #ZilkoInRomania, #ZilkoGoesToGreece, and #ZilkoComesToTheCaribbean 😛 ). In between those trips, they spent the time in the Netherlands (and a one-day trip to Düsseldorf).

Somehow, one month went by just like that and we are already approaching the end of September now. Oh well, time flies when you are having fun, isn’t that what people say?

The Netherlands

Anyway, as they spent most of their time in the Netherlands, we got to check out several Dutch towns and cities. Aside from the obvious (Delft, Den Haag, Rotterdam, and Amsterdam), we went to a few Dutch cities which I had never got the chance to visit before: Leiden, Gouda, Dordrecht, and Breda, haha 😆 . We also went to two sites which I last visited more than four years ago: Kinderdijk and Giethoorn. The Giethoorn trip was actually a redemption of their previous visit in 2012; when we originally planned to visit it but had to drop our plan and went to Roermond instead.

This Week

This week is the last week of my sabbatical month. After travelling intensively, I plan to use this week to recharge myself physically. All the travel refreshed my mind completely, which is good, but it also made my body tired. Plus the jetlag effect still lingers a little bit too. Well, good that I still have this week off, I guess 😛 .


Satu bulan berlalu dengan amat cepat.

Kemarin pagi, orangtuaku kembali ke Indonesia setelah mengunjungiku di Eropa di bulan sabatikalku. Mereka tiba beberapa hari sebelum kontrak S3ku resmi berakhir dan kemudian kami bepergian dalam dua perjalanan ke Romania, Yunani, dan Sint Maarten (cerita-ceritanya akan aku posting segera; sementara itu, spoilers bisa dicek di Instagramku (@azilko) dengan hashtag: #ZilkosSabbaticalMonth, #ZilkoInRomania, #ZilkoGoesToGreece, dan #ZilkoComesToTheCaribbean 😛 ). Di antara perjalanan-perjalanan ini, orangtuaku menghabiskan waktu mereka di Belanda (dan juga perjalanan satu hari ke Düsseldorf).

Entah bagaimana, satu bulan berlalu begitu saja dan kini kita sudah menghadapi penghujung bulan September. Yah, kata orang memang waktu itu berlalu dengan cepat ketika kita bersenang-senang, bukan?


Anyway, karena sebagian waktu mereka dihabiskan di Belanda, kami juga mengunjungi beberapa kota Belanda. Di samping kota-kota yang mainstream (Delft, Den Haag, Rotterdam, dan Amsterdam), kami juga pergi ke beberapa kota Belanda yang sebelumnya belum pernah aku kunjungi: Leiden, Gouda, Dordrecht, dan Breda, haha 😆 . Kami juga mengunjungi dua tempat wisata yang terakhir kukunjungi lebih dari empat tahun yang lalu Kinderdijk dan Giethoorn. Perjalanan ke Giethoorn ini sebenarnya adalah “penebusan” dari kunjungan orangtuaku sebelumnya di tahun 2012; di mana waktu itu awalnya kami berencana ke sana tetapi kunjungan harus dibatalkan dan kami memutuskan untuk pergi ke Roermond.

Minggu ini

Minggu ini adalah mingu terakhir bulan sabatikalku. Setelah jalan-jalan dengan intens, aku berencana memanfaatkan minggu ini untuk me-recharge fisikku. Acara jalan-jalan yang kulakukan telah me-recharge pikiranku, yang mana artinya bagus dong ya, tetapi ini juga membuat badanku merasa lelah. Apalagi efek jetlag-nya masih sedikit terasa nih sekarang. Yah, bagus juga ya aku masih memiliki satu minggu libur begini 😛 .


15 thoughts on “#1808 – One Month

  1. What?! Has it been a month already? Hope you and your parents had a good time though! You mentioned Gouda and I remember I went there several times during Summer to visit my parents’ friend and I loved going to the cheese festival where of course they displayed lots of Gouda cheese 😀

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