#1797 – AvGeek Weekend Trip #4 (AMS – CDG, ORY – LYS – AMS)


A few weeks ago, I went on my fourth AvGeek Weekend Trip 😛 . While the routing was, rather, “mainstream” this time, I sat in the economy comfort cabin (sort of) on the three flights involved; which became an interesting highlight of this trip. Anyway, so let the trip report begin.

The route map. Created with gcmap.com

The route map this time. Created with gcmap.com

KL 1227 (Amsterdam – Paris CDG)

KL Logo
Flight: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines KL 1227
Equipment: Boeing 737-900 reg PH-BXP named “Meerkoet”
ATD: 07:28 CET (Runway 18L of AMS)
ATA: 08:20 CET (Runway 27R of CDG)

As the flight was scheduled to depart at 07:15, I got up at 03:00 this morning. Gosh, I was cursing myself for choosing such an early departure. I told myself, though, unless extremely necessary, to not book a flight with such a schedule anymore, lol 😆 . Anyway, so I took the 04:14 night train, whose passengers were mostly people going back home from parties, lol 😆 , and arrived at Schiphol at around 05:00. As usual this year, I waited at the KLM Crown Lounge.

A KLM's Boeing 737-900 reg PH-BXP, first flight

A KLM’s Boeing 737-900 reg PH-BXP, my first flight today.

The gate was not that far away from the lounge. There, a KLM’s Boeing 737-900, named “Meerkoet” with registration PH-BXP, was already waiting for me.

When I arrived at the gate, however, boarding had already commenced and two long lines of economy passengers were already in the process of getting in the plane. As a Sky Priority passenger (due to my Flying Blue Gold membership), I could walk to the front of the lines where the boarding agent let me board immediately; pissing some of those other regular passengers, lol 😆 .

I settled into my 5F seat, which was the in first row in economy today. This also meant that this row was the first row in economy comfort, which provided 3 inches of extra legroom and was actually the same seat as in KLM’s Europe business class.

Seat 5F on board PH-BXP, first flight

Seat 5F on board PH-BXP, my first flight today

Not long after we departed and took off from runway 18L. It was a regular Amsterdam – Paris shuttle, so I would not write that much details into it. Btw, another benefit of sitting in KLM’s economy comfort cabin was that I was amongst the first passengers to get served with the snacks. Especially in a short(er) flight like this, this gave me plenty of time to enjoy my snack and drinks, without having to worry that the plane would land soon, haha 😆 . Anyway, at 08:20, we landed smoothly at runway 27R of Paris – Charles De Gaulle International Airport.

Transferring from Paris CDG to Paris ORY

One reason I made this trip was my curiosity to try the complimentary bus transfer service between Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport and Paris Orly Airport for a SkyTeam Elite Plus passenger. It turned out that we just needed to go to the bus driver and showed our Elite Plus card, and then he would issue the complimentary ticket for us 😉 .

The bus itself was just a regular bus service with wifi. Unsurprisingly the service took the highway allowing rather fast transfer between the two airports.

Paris – Orly Airport

This was my second ever visit to Paris – Orly Airport, the first one being three and a half years ago when I was going from Paris to Rome with a Vueling’s seventh freedom flight. It happened that it turned out that I was using the same terminal, haha 😆 .

My flight would be operated out of the Gate 10 pier, though; unfortunately the pier which had no lounge. Yes, the airside of the airport turned out to be not all connected (there was an Air France lounge in the Gate 20 pier).

AF 7414 (Paris ORY – Lyon)

HOP BritAir

Flight: Air France AF7414 operated by HOP! Brit Air
Equipment: Bombardier CRJ1000 reg F-HMLH
ATD: 14:01 CET (Runway 20 of ORY)
ATA: 14:38 CET (Runway 36R of LYS)

Long story short, my third domestic flight ever this year was opened for boarding. Btw, it turned out that I was literally on the same flight with the squad of FC Bourg-Péronnas (FBBP), a French football club who was currently in the second tier of the French football league system. Okay, not being a football fans myself, obviously at the time I had no idea who they were. However, all these fit men who were wearing their training uniforms with the FBBP logo, of course, made me curious to find out who they were (they could not be just random football fans as they all looked really fit), haha 😆 .

Seat 1A on board F-HMLH, second flight

Seat 1A on board F-HMLH, my second flight today

Anyway, I quickly settled into my 1A seat. The legroom in this seat was impressive; and luckily seat 1C was empty that day so it was extremely roomy.

After boarding was completed, the captain welcomed us on board and reported on the weather at the destination, which was very cloudy and rainy. It sounded so strange because it was very sunny in Paris at the moment, haha 😆 .

Long story short, after boarding was completed, the flight departed and took off from runway 20 of Paris Orly Airport. The service on board was the standard HOP! level service: sufficient but not overly impressive. The flight attendants were fantastic, though; who were very attentive. One of them gave me both the snack options, haha 😆 .

The flight today was operated with a Bombardier CRJ1000. Gosh, I just loved this regional jet! Especially that I sat in seat 1A, which was the furthest seat away from the engine, the flight was so quiet! Haha 😆 . At 14:38, we landed smoothly at runway 36R of Lyon Airport during a not-so-nice rainy weather.

A HOP! BritAir's Bombardier CRJ1000 reg F-HMLH, second flight

A HOP! BritAir’s Bombardier CRJ1000 reg F-HMLH, my second flight today, after arriving in Lyon.

Transitting at Lyon Airport

I wasn’t exactly excited to transit at Lyon Airport, especially after my third AvGeek Weekend Trip where I found out that the Air France lounge at Lyon Airport was underwhelming.

However, the lounge attendant was very nice to me today. When knowing that I was flying internationally to Amsterdam, she told me I could go to the other lounge just after the passport control. Well, the Air France lounge was underwhelming anyway so I thought I would just take my chance (there would be no way to go back). Luckily, it turned out that the other lounge was substantially better! The sofas were much more comfortable; and the snack and drink options were much better! They even had an unlimited supply of macarons!! 😱😱😱😱😱

KL 1416 (Lyon – Amsterdam)

KL Logo
Flight: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines KL 1416
Equipment: Boeing 737-700 reg PH-BGH named “Grutto”
ATD: 18:31 CET (Runway 36L of LYS)
ATA: 19:44 CET (Runway 18R of AMS)

Boarding commenced on time today. I was the first passenger to board and quickly settled into my 5C seat, which was also in KLM’s economy comfort section. Not long after, however, the purser approached me and asked if I was “Mr. Zilko“, which I, of course, affirmed. Then, he mentioned that in today’s flight, KLM invited the Flying Blue Gold and Platinum members to sit in the front of the plane (read: in the Europe business class cabin). The first row was still empty and I could choose any seat that I wanted.

Seat 1A on board PH-BGH, third flight

Seat 1A on board PH-BGH, my third flight today.

I mean, how else was I supposed to react other than to accept the offer? Haha 😆 . I quickly got up and moved myself to seat 1A, my second flight today in such a seat 😛 . Even though technically in business class, the seat was the same as in economy, though, hence the “Europe business class” term. However, there was a coat hanger at the bulkhead just in front of my seat. So my jacket did not have to be rudely stored in the overhead storage, lol :

A coat hanger

A coat hanger

After boarding was completed, the flight attendant went around the Europe business class cabin offering newspaper. Well, I did not feel like reading so I didn’t take any. Then, we took off from runway 36L of Lyon Saint-Exupery Airport.

Not long after take-off, the purser provided the drink service, which was served in better looking glasses (not the “cheap” plastic or paper cups in economy 😛 ). I opted for a South African white wine and a glass of water. The snack service, however, was the standard regular economy service: two pieces of sandwiches. Haha, yeah, that is why I could not say this flight was in a real KLM Europe business class cabin 😛 . Just before landing, when we were already above the province of Zeeland in the Netherlands, the purser offered me two choices of warm drink services, which I opted for the warm tea. Again, the tea was served in a real mini mug:

A pre-landing warm drink service

A pre-landing warm drink service: a Dilmah tea.

Not long after, we landed at my least favorite runway of Schiphol, the Polderbaan. Consequently, the taxi took so long (about 20 minutes, lol 😆 ) before we reached the terminal building.

A KLM's Boeing 737-700 reg PH-BGH, third flight

A KLM’s Boeing 737-700 reg PH-BGH, my third flight today.

Anyway, today’s flight was operated with KLM’s Boeing 737-700 reg PH-BGH, named “Grutto”. So this plane officially became the first in KLM fleet which I have flown three times (the first time was in 2012 and the second time was just two and a half months ago 😛 ).


Beberapa minggu yang lalu, aku pergi dalam rangka AvGeek Weekend Trip yang keempat:P . Walaupun rutenya kali ini cukup “mainstream“, kali ini aku duduk di kabin economy comfort (semacam itu lah) di ketiga penerbangannya yang terlibat; yang mana menjadi satu highlight perjalanan edisi kali ini. Anyway, mari ceritanya langsung kita mulai.

The route map. Created with gcmap.com

Peta rute kali ini. Dibuat dengan gcmap.com

KL 1227 (Amsterdam – Paris CDG)

KL Logo
Penerbangan: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines KL 1227
Pesawat: Boeing 737-900 reg PH-BXP bernama “Meerkoet”
ATD: 07:28 CET (Runway 18L of AMS)
ATA: 08:20 CET (Runway 27R of CDG)

Karena penerbangan ini dijadwalkan berangkat jam 07:15 pagi, aku bangun jam 3 subuh pagi ini. Duh, aku benar-benar menyalahkan diriku sendiri waktu itu mengapa kok aku memilih penerbangan sepagi ini sih, haha. Aku bilang ke diriku sendiri deh, kecuali amat penting, lain kali mending membeli tiket penerbangan yang jadwalnya lebih enak aja, haha 😆 . Ngomong-ngomong, aku menaiki kereta malam jam 4:14 subuh, yang mana sebagian besar penumpangnya adalah orang-orang yang baru aja pulang dari party, haha 😆 , dan tiba di Schiphol sekitar jam 5. Seperti biasanya tahun ini, aku menunggu di KLM Crown Lounge.

A KLM's Boeing 737-900 reg PH-BXP, first flight

Sebuah Boeing 737-900nya KLM registrasi PH-BXP, penerbangan pertama hari ini.

Di gerbang keberangkatan tidak jauh dari lounge, telah menunggu sebuah Boeing 737-900nya KLM yang bernama “Meerkoet” dengan registrasi PH-BXP.

Ketika aku tiba di gerbangnya, sebenarnya boarding sudah dimulai sehingga antrian panjang naik pesawat penumpang kelas ekonomi sudah terbentuk. Sebagai penumpang Sky Priority (akibat keanggotaan Flying Blue Gold-ku), aku bisa langsung ke depan antrian dimana agen boarding-nya langsung mempersilakan aku naik pesawat; yang diiringi dengan tatapan sebal penumpang reguler yang sudah antri lama, huahaha 😆 .

Aku duduk di kursi 5F-ku, yang berada di barisan pertama kelas ekonomi hari ini. Ini juga berarti kursi ini ada di barisan pertama bagian economy comfort, yang menyediakan ruang kaki ekstra sebanyak 3 inci dan sebenarnya adalah kursi yang sama dengan kursi di kabin kelas bisnis Eropanya KLM.

Seat 5F on board PH-BXP, first flight

Kursi 5F di dalam PH-BXP, penerbangan pertamaku hari ini

Tak lama setelahnya, pesawat berangkat dan lepas landas dari landasan pacu 18L. Ini adalah penerbangan reguler Amsterdam – Paris sehingga tak banyak yang akan kuceritakan di sini. Btw, satu keuntungan duduk di kabin economy comfort-nya KLM adalah menjadi salah satu penumpang pertama yang mendapatkan layanan snack dan minumannya. Terutama di penerbangan-penerbangan jarak (agak) dekat seperti ini, ini memberikanku lebih banyak waktu untuk menikmati snack dan minumannya, tanpa harus khawatir terburu-buru karena sudah akan segera mendarat, haha 😆 . Anyway, jam 08:20, pesawat mendarat mulus di landasan pacu 27R Bandara Paris – Charles De Gaulle.

Berpindah bandara dari Paris CDG ke Paris ORY

Satu alasan perjalanan ini kususun adalah rasa penasaranku akan layanan transfer bus komplimen antara Bandara Paris Charles De Gaulle dan Bandara Paris Orly untuk penumpang SkyTeam Elite Plus. Ternyata, kita hanya perlu datang ke sopir busnya dengan menunjukkan kartu Elite Plus kita, dan disana ia akan langsung mencetak tiket komplimen kita 😉 .

Layanan busnya sendiri sih seperti layanan bus pada umumnya lah, yang dilengkapi dengan fitur wifi gratis. Tidak mengherankan, layanannya menggunakan jalan tol sehingga transit antara kedua bandara berlangung cepat dan lancar.

Bandara Paris – Orly

Ini adalah kali kedua aku mengunjungi Bandara Paris – Orly, dimana yang pertama adalah tiga setengah tahun lalu ketika aku terbang dari Paris ke Roma dengan penerbangan kebebasan ketujuhnya Vueling. Kebetulan hari ini aku menggunakan terminal yang sama seperti waktu itu, haha 😆 .

Penerbanganku dioperasikan dari Anjungan 10; dimana, sayangnya, tidak ada lounge di anjungan ini. Iya, bagian airside bandaranya ternyata tidak semuanya terkoneksi (dimana Air France memiliki satu lounge di Anjungan 20).

AF 7414 (Paris ORY – Lyon)

HOP BritAir

Penerbangan: Air France AF7414 dioperasikan oleh HOP! Brit Air
Pesawat: Bombardier CRJ1000 reg F-HMLH
ATD: 14:01 CET (Runway 20 of ORY)
ATA: 14:38 CET (Runway 36R of LYS)

Singkat cerita, boarding penerbangan domestik ketigaku tahun ini dimulai. Btw, kebetulan waktu itu aku berada di penerbangan yang sama dengan timnya FC Bourg-Péronnas (FBBP) loh, sebuah klub sepakbola Prancis yang saat ini berada di divisi duanya sistem liga sepakbola Prancis. Oke, karena aku nggak ngefans dengan sepakbola, sejujurnya waktu itu aku tidak tahu sih mereka itu siapa. Namun, melihat segerombolan laki-laki berperawakan fit yang mengenakan seragam training dengan logo FBBP, aku jadi penasaran dan kemudian aku meng-google FBBP (nggak mungkin fans sepakbola biasa karena, beneran deh, semuanya berbadan oke), haha 😆 .

Seat 1A on board F-HMLH, second flight

Kursi 1A di dalam F-HMLH, penerbangan keduaku hari ini

Anyway, aku langsung mem-pewe-kan diriku di kursi 1A. Ruang kaki di kursi ini lega sekali; dan untungnya saat itu kursi 1C juga kosong sehingga aku merasa leluasa sekali.

Setelah boarding selesai, kapten penerbangan mengucapkan selamat datang dan melaporkan cuaca di tujuan, yang mana saat itu mendung tebal dan sedang hujan. Aneh juga mendengarnya karena saat itu cuaca di Paris cerah sekali, haha 😆 .

Singkat cerita, setelah boarding selesai, pesawat berangkat dan lepas landas dari landasan pacu 20 Bandara Paris Orly. Servis di pesawat sesuai dengan standarnya HOP!: cukup pas tetapi tidak begitu impresif. Layanan pramugarinya prima sekali saat itu; dimana mereka sungguh perhatian. Salah satunya bahkan memberikanku kedua pilihan snack-nya loh, haha 😆 .

Penerbangan hari ini dioperasikan dengan sebuah Bombardier CRJ 1000. Oh wow, aku suka sekali pesawat jet regional ini deh! Terutama karena aku duduk di kursi 1A, sehingga jarakku dengan mesin adalah yang terjauh di penerbangan ini, penerbangannya terasa tidak berisik sama sekali! Haha 😆 . Sekitar jam 02:38 sore, pesawat mendarat mulus di landasan pacu 36R Bandara Lyon di tengah cuaca hujan cukup lebat.

A HOP! BritAir's Bombardier CRJ1000 reg F-HMLH, second flight

Sebuah Bombardier CRJ1000 milik HOP! BritAir dengan rego F-HMLH, penerbangan keduaku hari ini, setelah tiba di Lyon

Transit di Bandara Lyon

Sejujurnya aku tidak begitu excited dengan harus transit di Bandara Lyon, terutama setelah pengalamanku di AvGeek Weekend Tripketigaku dimana aku tidak begitu terkesan dengan lounge-nya Air France disana.

Namun, petugas lounge-nya baik banget ke aku hari ini. Ketika tahu bahwa aku akan terbang di penerbangan internasional ke Amsterdam, ia memberi-tahuku bahwa aku bisa pergi ke lounge lain yang berlokasi setelah imigrasi. Yah, karena menurutku toh lounge-nya Air France tidak menarik, jadilah aku merasa keputusan yang rasional adalah gambling aja deh (tidak mungkin untuk kembali andaikata aku tidak suka lounge satunya). Untungnya, ternyata lounge satunya jauuuh lebih keren! Sofanya jauh lebih nyaman; dan pilihan snack dan minumannya jauh lebih oke! Bahkan ya, mereka memiliki supply macarons yang ada habisnya!! 😱😱😱😱😱

KL 1416 (Lyon – Amsterdam)

KL Logo
Penerbangan: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines KL 1416
Pesawat: Boeing 737-700 reg PH-BGH bernama “Grutto”
ATD: 18:31 CET (Runway 36L of LYS)
ATA: 19:44 CET (Runway 18R of AMS)

Boarding berlangsung tepat waktu hari ini. Aku adalah penumpang pertama yang naik pesawat dimana aku langsung duduk nyaman di kursi 5C-ku, yang juga berada di bagian economy comfort-nya KLM. Tidak lama setelahnya, purser penerbangan ini menghampiriku dan bertanya apakah aku adalah “Mr. Zilko“, yang mana aku iyakan. Kemudian, ia menyebutkan bahwa di penerbangan hari ini, KLM mengundang anggota Flying Blue Gold dan Platinum untuk duduk di bagian depan pesawat (baca: di kabin kelas bisnis Eropa). Barisan pertama kosong waktu itu sehingga aku bebas mau duduk di kursi yang mana pun.

Seat 1A on board PH-BGH, third flight

Kursi 1A di dalam PH-BGH, penerbangan ketigaku hari ini.

Maksudku, memang ada ya reaksi lain yang cocok untuk penawaran semacam ini, selain untuk menerimanya? Haha 😆 . Aku kemudian berdiri dan pindah ke kursi 1A, penerbangan keduaku hari ini di kursi bernomor ini 😛 . Walaupun secara teknis kursi ini berada di kelas bisnis, kursinya sebenarnya sama sih dengan di kelas ekonomi, yang menyebabkan istilah “kelas bisnis Eropa” muncul. Namun, kursi ini dilengkapi dengan gantungan mantel juga loh di tembok di depan kursiku. Jadilah jaketku tidak harus secara semena-mena kuletakkan di tempat penyimpanan di atas kursi deh, haha 😆

A coat hanger

Gantungan mantel

Setelah boarding selesai, seorang pramugari berkeliling kabin kelas bisnis menawarkan beberapa koran. Yah, karena aku sedang tidak ingin membaca, aku tidak mengambil satu pun. Lalu, kami berangkat dan pesawat lepas landas dari landsan pacu 36L Bandara Lyon Saint-Exupery.

Tak lama setelah lepas landas, purser menawarkan layanan minuman, yang disajikan dengan gelas yang oke (bukan dengan gelas plastik atau kertas “murahan” sebagaimana di kelas ekonomi 😛 ). Aku memilih anggur putih Afrika Selatan dan segelas air putih. Layanan snack-nya, tapinya, sama seperti servis di kelas ekonomi biasa: dua potong sandwich. Haha, iya, karena ini lah aku bilang penerbanganku kali ini bukanlah penerbangan di kelas bisnis Eropanya KLM yang sebenarnya 😛 . Sebelum mendarat, ketika sudah berada di atas provinsi Zeeland di Belanda, purser mendatangiku dan menawariku dua buah pilihan minuman hangat, yang mana aku memilih secangkir teh. Lagi, tehnya disajikan dengan cangkir mini yang oke:

A pre-landing warm drink service

Layanan minuman hangat sebelum mendarat: teh Dilmah.

Tidak lama setelahnya, kami mendarat di landasan pacunya Schiphol yang paling tidak aku sukai, Polderbaan. Akibatnya, pesawat harus taxiing lama (sekitar 20 menit, haha 😆 ) sebelum akhirnya kami tiba di gedung terminalnya.

A KLM's Boeing 737-700 reg PH-BGH, third flight

Sebuah Boeing 737-700nya KLM dengan registrasi PH-BGH, penerbangan ketigaku hari ini.

Anyway, penerbangan hari ini dioperasikan dengan Boeing 737-700nya KLM dengan registrasi PH-BGH, bernama “Grutto”. Jadilah pesawat ini resmi menjadi pesawat pertama di armadanya KLM yang kuterbangi tiga kali (yang pertama kali di tahun 2012 dan yang kedua kali baru dua setengah bulan lalu 😛 ).


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  1. Pypy says:

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