#1757 – My 2016 Roland Garros Trip (Part I: Roland Garros (Saturday))


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1. Introduction
2. Part I: Roland Garros (Saturday)
3. Part II: Paris
4. Part III: Roland Garros (Sunday)


Today, I got a Ring 1 ticket in Court Philippe Chatrier so the view from my seat was very good because the seat was quite close to the court. And so naturally today I was feeling very excited because these were the scheduled matches in Philippe Chatrier:

  1. Women’s Singles Final: [1] Serena Williams (USA) vs [4] Garbiñe Muguruza (ESP)
  2. Men’s Doubles Final: [15]Feliciano López/Marc López (ESP/ESP) vs [5] Mike Bryan/Bob Bryan (USA/USA)

And you all know that Serena Williams and Bob/Mike Bryan are amongst my favorite players! It was awesome!!

Anyway so I left my hotel at a few minutes passed 8 AM. After buying a few French pastries for breakfast, I took the metro to get to Stade Roland Garros.

Back at Roland Garros!
Back at Roland Garros!

I noticed a significant improvement has been done in this year’s edition of the tournament (compared to previous years):

  1. There are more security checks to enter Stade Roland Garros. Well, considering those infamous events which have happened multiple time in Europe within the last one year or so, this is hardly surprising and I am extremely glad they did so. This certainly made me feel much safer during my visit.
  2. Free wifi was now provided in certain areas in Stade Roland Garros!! Yeay!! 😛

As usual, the gate was opened just a few minutes before 10 AM. The weather was not the best this morning where it was very cloudy and a few drops of rain fell here and there but at least it was not raining (it was not even drizzling). I immediately went to Court Suzanne Lenglen and I bought myself a hotdog package for breakfast (the few French pastries were certainly not enough for the longer run 😛 ).

The main event at Court Philippe Chatrier would start just at 3 PM. And so to start the day I decided to watch two matches (well, one and half actually) in Court Suzanne Lenglen which started at 11 AM. They are:

1. Women’s Legends Doubles Final: Lindsay Davenport/Martina Navratilova (USA/USA) vs Conchita Martinez/Nathalie Tauziat (ESP/FRA)

It was nice to see these retired players played some tennis. Obviously they were not as fast nor athletic nor powerful as they used to be but even so, I felt like none of the four women were at their potential best during the day. In the end, Davenport/Navratilova won the match rather easily, 6–3, 6–2.

Martina Navratilova and Lindsay Davenport won the women's legends event
Martina Navratilova and Lindsay Davenport won the women’s legends event

2. Men’s Legends Over 45 Doubles Round Robin: Yannick Noah/Cedric Pioline (FRA/FRA) vs Mansour Bahrami/Richard Krajicek (FRA/NED)

This experience was my first time watching a men’s legends match. And here, I have to say that these men knew how to put up a very entertaining show in the form of a tennis match. The match was just a legends’ event so it was like “just” an exhibition match and there was no need to be extremely serious. And this was even more true especially when Mansour Bahrami was playing.

Mansour Bahrami
Mansour Bahrami

You see, nowadays Mansour Bahrami has the reputation as “fun” and “funky” in an exhibition match. And now I could see, with my own eyes, why. He was very funny on the court! Moreover, the other three players also played along so it became such an entertaining exhibition tennis “match” display.

For instance, at 5-all in the tiebreak of the first set, Yannick Noah hit a really good pass which neither Krajicek or Bahrami could chase. So while failingly trying to chase the ball, Bahrami threw a ball he kept in his pocket back to his opponents’ side. Obviously by this rule this was illegal and Bahrami/Krajicek lost the point. But the umpire played along with this stint and awarded the point to Bahrami/Krajicek. Obviously Noah and Pioline “protested” and so this happened:

So this happened
A protest

Haha 😆 .

Yeah, it was very funny!!


I decided to leave Court Suzanne Lenglen after the first set because I was hungry for lunch. So I went to the gourmet restaurant and ordered my favorite dish at Roland Garros: steak with Mediterranean ratatouille.

After lunch, I went to Court Philippe Chatrier and settled in my seat. I was quite early there and at that time, Novak Djokovic was still practicing for his tomorrow’s men’s singles final against Andy Murray. A few minutes later, he left the court.

At Court Philippe Chatrier
At Court Philippe Chatrier. I carefully chose this outfit of mine. Can you guess why so?

The main event today started with a ceremony of the induction of Amelie Mauresmo to the International Tennis Hall of Fame. After that, the main showdown of today, the women’s singles final, started.

3. Women’s Singles Final: [1] Serena Williams (USA) vs [4] Garbiñe Muguruza (ESP)

This women’s singles final was a rematch of last year’s Wimbledon final, which I also watched live 😛 . Anyway, I was very excited when Serena Williams entered the court:

And I noticed that my hand was shaking when I was taking that short video. I don’t know if it was because I was being nervous or just due to my excitement, haha 😆 .

You all know that Serena Williams is one of my most favorite tennis players, ever. But you might not know that actually I also like Garbiñe Muguruza. Moreover, I do think that she can be on the top of the women’s game some day (sidelining very bad injury of course), and that some day might actually come quite soon. However, in the battle between these two, obviously I would have to go with which of the two which I liked the more; and in this case it was Serena, haha 😆 .

Serena William serving
Serena Williams. Yes so I chose my outfit so that the color would match Serena’s dress #truefans

But as you might already know by now, Muguruza won 7–5, 6–4. Serena did not play at her best (her first serve percentage was quite low which allowed Muguruza too much look on her second serve) but it was obvious that she was fighting hard, including saving four championships points in the second set. However, it was not enough as Muguruza was in the zone today. Muguruza’s strategy today was clear to me: to go for her shots, playing high risk tennis. This was reasonable because if she did not do so, she would most definitely lose the match given her opposition in the final. And her strategy paid off where she basically “painted the lines” in many occassions during the match.

The reward for Muguruza? Well, her first grandslam singles title!!

Garbiñe Muguruza won her first grandslam title at Roland Garros 2016
Garbiñe Muguruza won her first grandslam title at Roland Garros 2016

Congratulations, Garbiñe!!

As for Serena, I do hope she wakes up just in time for Wimbledon and the upcoming US Open this year. Come on Serena, you can do it!!

4. Men’s Doubles Final: [15] Feliciano López/Marc López (ESP/ESP) vs [5] Mike Bryan/Bob Bryan (USA/USA)

Following the women’s singles final was the men’s doubles final between Feliciano López/Marc López and Mike Bryan/Bob Bryan.

The López got an early break in the first set which they managed to hold upon until the end of the set, thus winning it 6–4. The second set was much tighter that a tiebrak was forced to be played. The Bryans saved one championships point during the tiebreak and took claimed the set by winning the tiebreak (8–6).

Feliciano López and Marc López
Feliciano López and Marc López

After the second set, somehow I felt very tired. I think I was more affected by the disappointment of Serena’s loss than I thought I was, haha 😆 . And so I decided to leave the stadium. Well, I still had one day the next day so my justification was that I needed to have a good rest 😛 .

Anyway, it turned out that Feliciano López/Marc López won the third set 6–3 thus the Spaniards won their first grandslam title.



Posting-posting dalam seri My 2016 Roland Garros Trip:

1. Introduction
2. Part I: Roland Garros (Saturday)
3. Part II: Paris
4. Part III: Roland Garros (Sunday)


Hari ini, aku memiliki sebuah tiket Ring 1nya Lapangan Philippe Chatrier sehingga pandangan dari kursiku oke banget karena lokasi kursinya yang cukup dekat dengan lapangan tenisnya. Dan jelas dong sebagai akibatnya hari ini aku amat bersemangat karena pertandingan-pertandingan yang dijadwalkan di Philippe Chatrier adalah sebagai berikut:

  1. Final Tunggal Putri: [1] Serena Williams (USA) vs [4] Garbiñe Muguruza (ESP)
  2. Final Ganda Putral: [15]Feliciano López/Marc López (ESP/ESP) vs [5] Mike Bryan/Bob Bryan (USA/USA)

Dan pasti sudah pada tahu deh Serena Williams dan Bob/Mike Bryan adalah salah sekian dari petenis favoritku! Seruu!!

Anyway jadilah aku berangkat dari hotelku jam 8 pagi lewat sedikit. Setelah membeli beberapa roti Prancis untuk sarapan, aku menaiki metro untuk pergi ke Stade Roland Garros.

Back at Roland Garros!
Kembali di Roland Garros!

Aku amati ada perubahan signifikan di edisi tahun ini dari turnamen ini (dibandingkan tahun-tahun sebelumnya):

  1. Ada beberapa pemeriksaan sekuriti ekstra untuk memasuki Stade Roland Garros. Yaa, mengingat apa yang terjadi di Eropa beberapa kali selama setahun belakangan ini, ini nggak mengherankan lah ya. Ini jelas membuatku merasa jauh lebih aman ketika di sana.
  2. Sekarang ada wifi gratisannya loh di beberapa area di Stade Roland Garros!! Horee!! *penting ini* 😛

Seperti biasa, gerbang masuk dibuka beberapa menit sebelum jam 10 pagi. Cuaca hari ini kurang begitu baik deh dimana langit berawan tebal dan beberapa butiran air terasa jatuh di sana-sini. Tetapi untungnya nggak sampai hujan sih (bahkan nggak gerimis juga). Aku langsung pergi ke area Lapangan Suzanne Lenglen dan membeli satu paket hotdog untuk sarapan (roti Prancisnya jelas cuma mengganjal perut aja kan ya 😛 ).

Pertandingan utama di Philippe Chatrier baru dijadwalkan jam 3 sore. Jadilah hari ini aku mulai dengan menonton dua pertandingan (satu setengah sih sebenarnya) di Suzanne Lenglen yang dimulai jam 11 pagi. Dua pertandingan ini adalah:

1. Final Legenda Putri: Lindsay Davenport/Martina Navratilova (USA/USA) vs Conchita Martinez/Nathalie Tauziat (ESP/FRA)

Seru deh rasanya melihat petenis yang sudah pensiun bermain tenis. Tentu mereka sudah tidak secepat, seatletis, atau sekuat dulu ya. Namun, walaupun begitu aku merasa keempat pemainnya tidak bermain yang terbaik deh hari ini. Pada akhirnya, Davenport/Navratilova menang dengan cukup mudah, 6–3, 6–2.

Martina Navratilova and Lindsay Davenport won the women's legends event
Martina Navratilova dan Lindsay Davenport memenangi gelar ganda legenda putri

2. Babak Round Robin Legenda Putra Di Atas 45 Tahun: Yannick Noah/Cedric Pioline (FRA/FRA) vs Mansour Bahrami/Richard Krajicek (FRA/NED)

Pengalaman ini adalah kali pertama aku menonton pertandingan legenda putra. Dan dengan ini, harus kubilang bahwa pemain-pemain ini tahu bagaimana mengadakan pertunjukan yang amat menghibur dalam rupa sebuah pertandingan tenis. Karena hanya turnamen legenda saja, di satu sisi pertandingan ini seperti pertandingan ekshibisi gitu sehingga tentu mereka tidak perlu serius-serius amat. Dan pernyataan ini benar sekali terutama ketika Mansour Bahrami berpartisipasi.

Mansour Bahrami
Mansour Bahrami

Mansour Bahrami sekarang terkenal sebagai pemain yang “seru” dan “lucu” di pertandingan ekshibisi. Dan sekarang bisa kusaksikan sendiri bahwa pernyataan ini benar adanya. Dia lucu bangett! Lebih jauh lagi, ketiga pemain lainnya juga ikutan tampil lucu sehingga sebuah pertunjukan ekshibisi tenis yang lucu dan menghibur terciptakan.

Misalnya, di posisi 5-sama di tiebreak set pertama, Yannick Noah memukul sebuah pukulan pass yang bagus sehingga Krajicek atau Bahrami tidak bisa mencapainya. Jadilah ketika berusaha mencoba mengejar bolanya (tentu ia gagal), Bahrami melemparkan sebuah bola tenis yang ia simpan di kantong celananya ke sisi lawan. Jelas dong menurut aturan ini ilegal dan Bahrami/Krajicek kehilangan poin ini. Tetapi wasit pertandingannya ikutan bermain dengan skemanya Bahrami ini adan memberikan poin untuk Bahrami/Krajicek. Nah, jelas dong Noah dan Pioline “protes” sehingga ini terjadi:

So this happened
Sebuah protes

Haha 😆 .

Iyaa, lucu banget memang!!


Aku meninggalkan Lapangan Suzanne Lenglen setelah set pertama karena aku merasa lapar. Jadilah aku pergi ke restoran gourmet untuk makan siang disana dan memesan menu favoritku di Roland Garros: steak dengan ratatouille ala Mediteranea.

Setelah makan siang, aku ke Philippe Chatrier untuk duduk di kursiku. Aku datang agak awal dan waktu itu, Novak Djokovic sedang berlatih untuk pertandingan finalnya keesokan harinya melawan Andy Murray. Beberapa menit setelah aku datang, ia meninggalkan lapangannya.

At Court Philippe Chatrier
Di Philippe Chatrier. Outfit ini aku pilih sedemikian rupa lho. Ada yang bisa menebak mengapa aku memilihnya?

Hari ini acara dimulai dengan upacara masuknya Amelie Mauresmo ke International Tennis Hall of Fame. Setelahnya, acara dimulai dengan event utama: final tunggal putri.

3. Final Tunggal Putri: [1] Serena Williams (USA) vs [4] Garbiñe Muguruza (ESP)

Final tunggal putri ini adalah ulangan final Wimbledon tahun lalu, yang mana juga aku tonton 😛 . Anyway, aku merasa bersemangat banget loh ketika Serena Williams memasuki lapangannya:

Dan kuperhatikan ternyata tanganku bergetar juga ketika video singkat di atas aku ambil. Entah karena aku grogi atau saking senangnya, haha 😆 .

Tentu sudah pada tahu bahwa Serena Williams adalah salah satu petenis favoritku sepanjang masa. Tetapi mungkin banyak yang belum tahu bahwa aku juga suka Garbiñe Muguruza. Lebih jauh lagi, aku kira ia bisa menjadi petenis nomor satu di sisi putri suatu hari (dengan mengesampingkan faktor cedera tentunya), dan suatu hari itu mungkin akan segera datang. Namun, di pertandingan antara dua petenis ini, jelas aku memihak yang lebih kufavoritkan dong ya, yang mana dalam hal ini adalah Serena, haha 😆 .

Serena William serving
Serena Williams. Iya, outfit-ku aku pilih supaya warnanya kembaran dengan dress-nya Serena #fanssejati

Tetapi seperti yang mungkin sudah pada tahu sekarang, Muguruza menang 7–5, 6–4. Serena tidak dalam performa terbaiknya (persentasi servis pertamanya terlalu rendah sehingga Muguruza mendapatkan banyak kesempatan di servis kedua) tetapi jelas bahwa ia berjuang segigih mungkin, termasuk ketika menyelamatkan empat championships points di set kedua. Namun, itu tidak cukup karena Muguruza sedang in the zone banget hari ini. Aku bisa membaca jelas strateginya Muguruza: untuk mengambil risiko tinggi. Ini strategi yang masuk akal sih karena kalau tidak, ia sudah hampir dipastikan kalah mengingat siapa lawannya. Dan strateginya berhasil dimana ia “menyapu garis” beberapa kali di momen-momen penting pertandingan ini.

Hadiahnya bagi Muguruza? Yah, gelar grandslam pertamanya!!

Garbiñe Muguruza won her first grandslam title at Roland Garros 2016
Garbiñe Muguruza memenangi gelar grandslam pertamanya di Roland Garros 2016

Selamat, Garbiñe!!

Untuk Serena, mudah-mudahan ia segera bangun deh sebelum Wimbledon dan US Open tahun ini. Ayo Serena, kamu bisa!!

4. Final Ganda Putra: [15] Feliciano López/Marc López (ESP/ESP) vs [5] Mike Bryan/Bob Bryan (USA/USA)

Mengikuti final tunggal putri adalah final ganda putra antara Feliciano López/Marc López dan Mike Bryan/Bob Bryan.

Pasangan López berhasil mematahkan servis lawan di awal pertandingan dan berhasil mempertahankannya sampai akhir set, dan menang 6–4. Set kedua berlangsung lebih ketat dimana tiebreak harus dimainkan. Si kembar Bryan menyelamatkan satu championships point di tiebreak ini dan berhasil mengamankannya dengan memenangi tiebreak-nya (8–6).

Feliciano López and Marc López
Feliciano López dan Marc López

Setelah set kedua, entah mengapa aku merasa amat lelah. Aku kira pengaruh dari kekecewaanku karena kalahnya Serena lebih kuat daripada yang kukira deh, haha 😆 . Dan jadilah setelahnya aku memutuskan untuk pulang. Yaa, aku kan masih memiliki satu hari lagi besoknya ya sehingga justifikasiku adalah aku perlu istirahat 😛 .

Anyway, ternyata Feliciano López/Marc López memenangi set ketiga 6–3 sehingga petenis Spanyol ini memenangi grandslam pertama mereka.


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  1. jampang says:

    adegan lucunya itu ada videonya nggak?
    pensaran soalnya

    1. zilko says:

      Hahaha, sayangnya nggak aku video

  2. winnymarlina says:

    kemeja birumu cakep zilko

    1. zilko says:

      Hahaha, warnanya kontras sama warna lapangan tenisnya ya Win 😛

      1. winnymarlina says:

        iya hahha jd unik

        1. zilko says:

          Haha, itu kupilih supaya warnanya sama kayak kostumnya Serena sebenarnya Win 😛

  3. dani says:

    Lama gak maen ke sini Ko. Hihihihi… Penasaran sampe segimana menghiburnya itu yang Mansour Bahrani Ko. Hehehe…. Dirimu beneran penggemar sejati ya sampe bela-belain pake kemeja yang sama dengan dressnya Serenq…

    1. zilko says:

      Lucuu banget deh Mansour Bahrami itu! Kayaknya ada beberapa cuplikan pertandingan ekshibisnya di Youtube kok, hehehe 🙂 .

      Iya dooong, kan fans sejati ceritanya jadi outfit-nya mesti kembaran warnanya, ahahahahah 😆

      1. dani says:

        Hahahaha… Ngerti banget sih perasaannya fans sejati. Gw maen ke youtube ah… Thx Ko!

        1. zilko says:

          Iya dooong. Habisnya ga ada baju yang gambarnya bendera Amerika sih. Jadi warnanya aja deh yang disamain, hahaha 😆

      2. dani says:

        barusan nonton. Lucuuu. Hahahaha.

        1. zilko says:

          Iya kaan, suka ngebanyol memang orangnya 😛

  4. pinkuonna says:

    Berarti sebelum pertandingan udah tahu warna baju Serena dong, Ko? Apa diumumin sebelumnya warna baju yang mau dia pakai?

    1. zilko says:

      Iyaa, aku sudah tahu karena dress-nya kan sama sepanjang turnamen, hehehe 😀 .

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