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#1695 – Flying Business Class* with HOP! Regional


* Because the flight on review here was an intra-European flight, the offered business class product was a “Europe Business Class”, which might differ from what some of you might have thought about when hearing the term “business class” 🙂 . This will actually be clear in the rest of this trip report though, but I find it important to mention this first hence the asterisk 😛 .

One of the four flights I took in my weekend trip to Bilbao was in business class. And this post is a trip report of this flight 😉 .

AF 1576 (Paris CDG – Bilbao)

HOP! Regional Logo
Flight: Air France AF 1576 operated by HOP! Regional
Equipment: Embraer ERJ170 reg F-HBXH
ATD: 17:19 CET (Runway 26R of CDG)
ATA: 18:36 CET (Runway 30 of BIO)


I booked my Paris – Bilbao ticket (and all the other flights in this weekend trip), obviously, in economy class. Today had not been a smooth flying day for me which involved quite some drama from a delayed Amsterdam – Paris CDG flight to an extra security check at Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport. These are for a later post, though 🙂 .

Upon boarding this AF 1576 flight in Paris, the boarding agent told me that I had been upgraded (for free of course) to business class. I might look just cool at the time but actually I was soo happy in the inside (who wouldn’t? LOL 😆 ). This, at least, made my day sweeter after all the drama I had with flying earlier today.

The Seat and The IFE

The airplane they deployed on this route today was HOP! Regional’s F-HBXH, the exact same Embraer ERJ170 which brought me from Paris CDG to Aberdeen last September. The business class cabin in this Embraer ERJ170 was arranged in a 2-2 seat configuration, just as in the economy class. In fact, this was my business class seat on this flight:

My business class seat
My business class seat

Yes, it was exactly the same seat as in economy except that the seat pitch was 5 inches longer than in economy. This also meant no IFE, even in business class, for this flight.

You see, this is why the above asterisk is important.

The Light Meal Service

After taking off, the light meal service was served. There was no option for the meal but given that this was such a short flight, this was of course understandable.

Light meal in business class
Light meal in business class

It consisted of a mini bagel, a cheese blini, a puff pastry, berry compote, a chocolate cake with custard sauce, and a package of chocolate. As usual in an Air France flight, it was very delicious! 😋 Of course I was not full afterwards (as it was clearly not meant for that effect), but it was definitely enough for the short flight and so I still had some room for my real dinner in Bilbao later that evening 😉 .

You can also see that I ordered a warm tea as well. Well, as all the stuffs provided in the light meal set were really sweet, I felt like I needed to neutralize that a little bit with some nice warm tea, so I asked for one, haha 😆 .


HOP! Regional's Embraer ERJ170 reg F-HBXH which brought me to Bilbao in business class
HOP! Regional’s Embraer ERJ170 reg F-HBXH which brought me to Bilbao in business class

In conclusion, I enjoyed enough my business class flight from Paris CDG to Bilbao. Obviously it felt short if being compared to other airlines’ “real” business class products; however, this kind of business class model seems to be the norm in most European airlines for their short European flights.


* Karena penerbangan yang aku tulis review-nya disini adalah penerbangan intra-Eropa, produk kelas bisnis yang ditawarkan adalah “Europe Business Class”, yang mana mungkin berbeda dari apa yang kita bayangkan ketika mendengar istilah “kelas bisnis” 🙂 . Ini akan menjadi jelas kok nanti di sepanjang trip report ini, tetapi aku rasa ini penting untuk disebutkan dahulu 😛 .

Satu dari empat penerbangan yang aku ambil di perjalanan akhir pekanku ke Bilbao adalah di kelas bisnis loh. Dan posting ini akan berisi trip report dari penerbangan ini 😉 .

AF 1576 (Paris CDG – Bilbao)

HOP! Regional Logo
Penerbangan: Air France AF 1576 dioperasikan oleh HOP! Regional
Pesawat: Embraer ERJ170 reg F-HBXH
ATD: 17:19 CET (Runway 26R of CDG)
ATA: 18:36 CET (Runway 30 of BIO)


Aku membeli tiket penerbangan Paris – Bilbaoku (dan semua penerbangan lainnya di penerbangan ini), jelas, di kelas ekonomi. Hari ini bukanlah hari yang baik dalam hal pengalaman terbangku dimana banyak drama terlibat mulai dari penerbangan Amsterdam – Paris CDGku yang terkena delay hingga pemeriksaan sekuriti ekstra di Bandara Paris Charles De Gaulle. Ah, tetapi cerita-cerita ini untuk posting yang nanti saja 🙂 .

Ketika boarding penerbangan AF 1576 ini di Paris, petugas boarding-nya memberi-tahuku bahwa tiketku telah di-upgrade (gratis tentunya) ke kelas bisnis. Aku sih sok cool aja padahal di dalam hati sudah kegirangan banget (siapa juga yang nggak akan senang? Hahaha 😆 ). Ini, setidaknya, membuat akhir dari pengalaman terbang hari ini lebih manis setelah drama yang harus aku lalui sebelumnya.

Kursi dan IFE

Pesawat yang dioperasikan di rute ini hari ini adalah F-HBXH-nya HOP! Regional, Embraer ERJ170 yang sama seperti yang September lalu membawaku terbang dari Paris CDG ke Aberdeen. Kabin kelas bisnis di pesawat Embraer ERJ170 ini disusun dengan konfigurasi kursi 2-2, sama seperti di kelas ekonomi. Malahan, kursi kelas bisnisku di penerbangan ini seperti ini nih:

My business class seat
Kursi kelas bisnisku

Iya, ini adalah kursi yang sama seperti di kelas ekonomi kecuali bahwa seat pitch-nya memang lebih panjang 5 inci (12,7 cm) daripada di kelas ekonomi. Ini juga berarti tidak ada IFE bahkan di kelas bisnis di penerbangan ini.

Nah kan, terlihat kan pentingnya mengapa aku memberikan tanda bintang di atas.

Servis Makanan Ringan

Setelah lepas landas, layanan makanan ringan diberikan. Tidak ada pilihan untuk makanannya tetapi karena ini hanyalah penerbangan singkat, ini tentu bisa dimaklumi.

Light meal in business class
Layanan makanan ringan di kelas bisnis

Layanannya terdiri dari roti bagel mini, cheese blini,puff pastry, compote dari berry, kue coklat dengan saus custard, dan satu bungkus coklat. Seperti biasa kalau terbang dengan Air France, makanannya enaaak! 😋 Tentu saja aku tidak kenyang setelahnya (karena jelas menunya tidak didisain untuk itu), tetapi cukup banget untuk sebuah penerbangan jarak pendek dan akibatnya aku masih memiliki sisa ruangan di dalam perutku untuk makan malamku di Bilbao nantinya 😉 .

Terlihat juga bahwa aku memesan teh hangat. Yah, karena makanan ringan ini isinya manis-manis semua, aku merasa perlu untuk menetralisasinya sedikit dengan teh hangat, jadilah aku meminta satu, haha 😆 .


HOP! Regional's Embraer ERJ170 reg F-HBXH which brought me to Bilbao in business class
Embraer ERJ170 dengan registrasi F-HBXH milik HOP! Regional yang membawaku ke Bilbao di kelas bisnis

Kesimpulannya, aku cukup menikmati penerbanganku di kelas bisnis dari Paris CDG ke Bilbao ini. Tentu saja layanannya kalah jauh jika dibandingkan dengan produk kelas bisnis “yang beneran” di maskapai-maskapai lain. Namun, model kelas bisnis seperti ini sebenarnya adalah standar kelas bisnis di kebanyakan maskapai Eropa di rute-rute dalam Eropa mereka loh.


38 thoughts on “#1695 – Flying Business Class* with HOP! Regional

    1. Hahaha, sebenarnya informasinya ada di website-nya juga sih 😛 . Cuma memang kalau yang beli nggak mengeceknya dulu dan berekspektasi kelas bisnisnya seperti layaknya penerbangan kelas bisnis lainnya, bakal kecewa pastinya ya, hahaha 😆 . Iya, berhubung di-upgrade mah oke-oke aja ya, ahahahaha 😆

  1. Business class in European flight sucks. I fly with SAS’ business class sometimes when I have to go to Oslo and only knew that I had to go a few days before (no other tickets available). The only benefit is that you could go through fast track security system (which doesn’t even matter since you’re flying so early there’s hardly anyone at the airport anyway LOL) and get a light meal / breakfast onboard that consists of a sad bread and wilted salad.

    The lounge access was nice though, you could fill up and have breakfast there instead of in the flight.

    1. At least Air France (thus HOP! Regional, which is an Air France’s subsidiary) provides good food on board their flights, haha 😆 .

      Indeed. However, my problem with this model of business class is that as a Flying Blue Gold member, the only difference I experience between flying business and economy is when on board. I mean, with my membership I also get the fast track security and immigration check, prioritized check-in and boarding, free luggage, including free lounge access anyway even when flying in economy, haha 😆 .

      Yeah, I love the lounge! Plus, it saves me tons now as it means no more overpriced food/drinks at the airports! Lol 😆

        1. Lol, to me I am all for the free stuffs in the lounges, including the free sparkling wine at KLM’s lounges at Schiphol 😛 . Not champagne, true, but still 😛 .

    1. Indeed, “sadly” this type of product has become the norm in “business class” travel within Europe. So for a business class flight within Europe, it might worth consider flying some fifth freedom routes offered by some non-European airlines. But then of course the choices are very limited 😆 .

      Yeah, at least HOP! Regional was an Air France’s subsidiary so the light snack they provided was good 🙂 .

            1. Hahaha, berarti masih mending Sriwijaya ya 😛 . Masuk akal sih, secara kalau di Indonesia artinya business class-nya bakal mau gak mau bersaing sama business classnya Garuda atau Batik kan 😛 .

  2. I knew it! Begitu baca judulnya, ditambah asterisk, ditambah HOP = european “business class” 😀
    Kalo pesawatnya A320/A321/B738 dkk business class-nya blocked middle seat kan ya? Ini 5 inches longer pitch aja karena embraer 😛
    Ahh tapi namanya business class tetep aja enak ya..

    1. Yup, di pesawat Airbus A320 family atau Boeing 737, business class-nya cuma yang blocked middle seat, hahahaha 😆 .

      Iya, tetap enak-enak aja sih sebenarnya kalau di-upgrade gratis ke business class gitu, hahahaha 😆

  3. Liat dari kursinya ga gitu menarik ya Ko meski kelas bisnis juga. Tapi ok lah krn free.. Kalo bayar sih agak nyesek ya krn beda nya cuma dipitch nya. XD

    1. Iya Py. Kalau harus bayar sendiri mah nggak worth it lah kelas bisnis yang Europe Business Class ini. Tapi kalo free mah nggak nolak juga sih ya, hahahahaha 😆 .

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