#1534 – A 15 Hour Trip from Amsterdam to Tokio


So here is the trip report about my 15 hour flight from Amsterdam to Tokyo-Narita, via Paris-CDG, which I took three days ago 😀 . First, here is the flight route map today:

The flight route map today from Amsterdam to Tokyo - Narita, via Paris - CDG

The flight route map today from Amsterdam to Tokyo – Narita, via Paris – CDG

Btw, in case some people are wondering why the red line from Paris to Tokyo appears far from being straight. It IS actually a straight line! We must remember that the Earth is in the shape of (almost like) a ball. Therefore the shortest straight line distance between two points in the northern hemisphere appears like that when being projected into a 2 dimensional map like the above. Probably the flight path map from my Paris – Tokyo below helps:

The flight path map from Paris - Charles de Gaulle to Tokyo- Narita as shown in the IFE

The flight path map from Paris – Charles de Gaulle to Tokyo- Narita as shown in the IFE

Flight 1:
Flight: KLM KL 1245 (AMS-CDG)
Equipment: Boeing 737-700 PH-BGQ

I arrived at Schiphol at around 15:30 and went to the Priority check-in area for checking in. My luggage got tagged all the way to Tokyo and everything went smoothly. Btw, today I was really glad that I got my Flying Blue silver account because then I did not have to queue at the security. It was late Friday afternoon so Schiphol was very busy with people travelling!

Because I would have a 2.5 hours layover in Paris, at first I planned to have dinner at Paris. But then I was already hungry at Schiphol so I decided to buy a menu from Burger King, haha 😆 . Anyway, the KL 1245 flight was said to be operated with a Boeing 737-900 when I got the reservation but then it turned out they changed the aircraft to a smaller Boeing 737-700. I know this KLM’s Boeing 737-700 was actually newer than the Boeing 737-900s, but I kinda wanted to fly with a Boeing 737-900 again 😛 .

PH-BGQ being prepared for departure to Paris

PH-BGQ being prepared for departure to Paris

Long story short, I boarded the airplane, 4 year old PH-BGQ named “Golden Oriole”, and the flight departed right on time. It was quite funny that the expected flying time was 48 minutes and 37 seconds today! I mean, so precise!! 😛 The flight took off from runway 36L of Schiphol Airport and 48 minutes and 37 seconds later (okay, I did not actually keep track on this), we landed at runway 08R of Paris-Charles de Gaulle International Airport. Here is the landing video:

Flight 2:
Flight: Japan Airlines JL 416
Equipment: Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner reg JA837J

This flight was definitely the main attraction of today’s flights AND it was, indeed, the very reason why I chose this combination to go from Amsterdam to Tokyo. I was excited for three first time experiences I would experience with this one flight simultaneously:
1. Flying with Japan Airlines (JAL)!!
2. Flying with a member of the OneWorld Alliance
3. And most importantly, flying with a Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner!!

Btw, this JAL flight was codeshared with Air France. For this reason, I could still earn flying miles with my Flying Blue account with this long-haul flight! 😀 And I was excited today that JAL deployed one of their newest Boeing 787-8, a 5 months old JA837J, for my flight today!! 😀

My first flight with a Boeing 787 Dreamliner and Japan Airlines!

My first flight with a Boeing 787 Dreamliner and Japan Airlines!

Anyway, after a quick 2.5 hours layover in Paris where I ended up not eating anything because I was still full with my meal at Schiphol ( 😆 ), I boarded my JL 416 flight to Tokyo – Narita.

General Impression

And my first three impressions of the Boeing 787-8:
– it, indeed, looked rather narrow for a two-aisle airplane (well, it was not designed to be that big anyway)
– but it looked extremely cool and modern and so 21st century, and
– the window was HUUUUUGE!!!

Selfie with Boeing 787-8's HUGE window!!

Selfie with Boeing 787-8’s HUGE window!!

Then I settled to my seat, which was very comfortable with the newest generation of JAL’s In Flight Entertainment (IFE) system. Btw, I also liked the fact that JAL configured their Boeing 787-8 with a 2-4-2 seating configuration. To me who liked to sit on a window seat, the 2 seating arrangement definitely made it very comfortable!

Btw, if you look closely to my selfie with the window above, you may notice something looks “missing” from the window. Found it? No? Don’t worry, I will tell you. It was the window shade, it was not there! 😯 So what if the sun was so bright on one side that the passenger wanted to shut the shade down, but the shade was non-existent? Well, the answer to that question was this button:

A window controller on a Boeing 787-8

A window controller on a Boeing 787-8

which was the key that led to this:

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the window could literally change its color and transparency; and it came with five different transparency level! 😯 It. Was. So. COOL!!

Anyway, the flight was flown by Captain Yoshikawa and First Officer Kuriyama (I was so excited about flying to Japan that I even remember these names! 😆 ) and we took off from runway 09R of Paris – Charles de Gaulle Airport. And as visible from the first flight path map above, the flight route from Paris to Tokyo actually flew over the Netherlands. So I found it quite funny that just earlier that day I was actually in the Netherlands! Haha 😆

Hello again, the Netherlands!!

Hello again, the Netherlands!!


Being one of the newest members of JAL’s fleet, the IFE on board JA837J was also very new and modern. The screen was definitely the widest IFE screen I have ever had. The content was also quite good. There were a lot of J-Pop music (obviously) which I was not familiar with at all ( 😆 ), and quite some Western music, even though not that much in quantity to my liking.

The Theory of Everything in the IFE

The Theory of Everything in the IFE

The movie collection was impressive though because they had the newest movies already! And the library included Interstellar and The Theory of Everything, two good movies which I had not watched yet. At first I was going to watch Interstellar but then after finding out it would literally take almost three hours to complete, I switched to The Theory of Everything instead, haha 😆 .

The game collection was quite varied as well. And what I really liked was the choices for some “Japanese” games, like go for instance. But then because I had not played it for a really long time, I was so rusty that I gave up after a few steps (and also because of the annoying pointer which kept putting my stone on the wrong spot 👿 ).

But what was so unexpected to me was the e-reader, in which I could read:

Mangas in the e-reader!!

Some mangas in the e-reader!!

Who are familiar with these two pages?? :D

Who are familiar with this?

Yes people! I could read Detective Conan, Naruto, Dragon Ball, etc! All those legendary mangas!! 😯 Okay, not the entire series obviously, but still!!

The Food and the Service

Dinner service on board JL 416

Dinner service on board JL 416

Just after take-off, a snack service was provided with a small bag of tasty rice creacker. About one and a half hour later, the dinner service was served. There were two choices of meals but both were basically Japanese, haha. I found this to be quite unorthodox because usually the two choices were from two different countries/regions. But well, I liked Japanese food anyway so I was not complaining. I chose the beef one which came with rice. Overall the meal was quite good, even though I could not eat the noodles with wasabi because the noodles was cold and the wasabi was, well, wasabi 😆 . But for the dessert, there was an extra dish which they served when the passengers almost finished the meal. Why? Well, it was an ice cream. But it was no ordinary ice cream as it was:

The dessert

The dessert

Yes, a cup of Haagen Dazs ice cream for dessert! Me likey!!

The breakfast service was served about two hours before landing. However, there was no option for breakfast: omelette and sausage, which was also quite tasty to be honest.

The service of the crew was amazing as well. And since they were all Japanese, they were (obviously) so Japanese! For instance, at one point when I made the color changing window video above, even though it was bright outside, the light inside the cabin was supposed to be in minimal to provide comfort for the passengers due to the time zone difference. So my action of playing with the window transparency actually messed up with this system a little bit. As a result, one flight attendant came to me and asked me politely to change the window color back to the darkest level. I obviously understood and I complied. But then, upon finding that I was taking pictures so that was why I changed the window color, she felt so sorry and actually apologized to me! I don’t think she apologized to me for her action though (as it was her duty and indeed I was wrong), but she felt so sorry because then I might feel unhappy about that. Oh, and she did that in a super cute Japanese way, aka kawaii (I hope you can imagine how that looks like 😆 ).

Purple window

Purple window

Green window

Green window

Landing and the aftermath

Anyway, after 11 hours of flying (which probably around 70% was spent above Russia, 😆 ), we approach Tokyo-Narita International Airport. We landed at runway 34R of the airport at 16:35, 45 minutes ahead of schedule! Here is the landing video:

Being a Flying Blue Silver member also had an extra perk for me on the aftermath of this flight too. With my KLM flight naturally I got the priority label for my checked-in luggage. But Japan Airlines was not a member of SkyTeam (Air France/KLM’s alliance) so they did not recognize my KLM priority label. And so it turned out that in Paris, they put an extra priority label on my bag, and it was the OneWorld (Japan Airlines’ alliance) priority label for business class passengers! 😯 As a result, my bag was literally the first bag which came out at Narita Airport. NIICEEE!!! 😀

Two priority labels

Two priority labels


Berikut ini sebuah laporan perjalanan (trip report) dari penerbanganku selama 15 jam dari Amsterdam ke Tokyo-Narita, via Paris-CDG, tiga hari yang lalu. Berikut ini peta rute penerbangannya hari ini:

The flight route map today from Amsterdam to Tokyo - Narita, via Paris - CDG

Peta rute penerbangan dari Amsterdam ke Tokyo – Narita via Paris – CDG

Btw, andaikata kalau ada yang bingung mengapa garis merah dari Paris ke Tokyo nampak sama sekali nggak lurus. Ya, sebenarnya garisnya LURUS loh! Kita harus ingat bahwa planet Bumi berbentuk (nyaris) bola. Oleh karenanya, garis lurus terpendek dari dua titik di belahan bumi utara akan nampak seperti gambar di atas apabila diproyeksikan ke peta dua dimensi seperti ini. Mungkin jejak rutenya yang ditampilkan di IFE penerbangan Paris – Tokyo berikut ini membantu untuk memberikan gambaran:

The flight path map from Paris - Charles de Gaulle to Tokyo- Narita as shown in the IFE

Peta rute penerbangan dari Paris – Charles de Gaulle ke Tokyo – Narita seperti yang ditampilkan IFE

Penerbangan 1:
Penerbangan: KLM KL 1245 (AMS-CDG)
Pesawat: Boeing 737-700 PH-BGQ

Aku tiba di Bandara Schiphol sekitar jam 3:30 sore dan langsung meluncur ke area check-in priortas. Bagasiku langsung di-tag ke Tokyo dan semuanya berjalan lancar. Btw, hari ini aku merasa senang loh memiliki akun Flying Blue silver karena aku jadi tidak perlu mengantri untuk pemeriksaan sekuriti. Karena Jumat sore, bandaranya sibuk banget dimana ada banyak banget orang yang mau terbang!

Karena waktu transitku di Paris adalah 2,5 jam, awalnya aku berencana untuk makan malam di Paris aja. Tapi kok aku tiba-tiba lapar ya sewaktu masih di Schiphol. Jadilah aku makan di Burger King aja, haha 😆 . Ngomong-ngomong, penerbangan KL 1245 hari ini dikatakan akan dioperasikan dengan Boeing 737-900 loh ketika aku mendapatkan reservasi penerbangannya. Tetapi ternyata kemudian pesawatnya diganti ke yang lebih kecil, Boeing 737-700. Oke, memang sih Boeing 737-700nya KLM lebih baru daripada Boeing 737-900nya. Tetapi aku kan pengen terbang dengan 737-900 lagi 😛 .

PH-BGQ being prepared for departure to Paris

PH-BGQ sedang dipersiapkan untuk terbang ke Paris

Singkat cerita, aku menaiki pesawatku, PH-BGQ yang berumur 4 tahun dan dinamai “Golden Oriele”, dan penerbangannya berangkat tepat waktu. Btw, lucu rasanya ketika disebutkan bahwa perkiraan waktu terbang hari ini adalah 48 menit dan 37 detik! Wuih, mendetail banget ya perkiraanya!! 😛 Penerbangannya lepas landas dari landasan pacu 36L Bandara Schiphol dan 48 menit 37 detik kemudian (oke, aku kelupaan untuk iseng mengecek ini benar atau tidak 😛 ), kami mendarat di landasan pacu 08R Bandara Paris-Charles de Gaulle. Berikut ini video pendaratannya:

Penerbangan 2:
Penerbangan: Japan Airlines JL 416
Pesawat: Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner reg JA837J

Penerbangan kedua ini jelas atraksi utama dari penerbangan hari ini DAN memang inilah alasan aku memilih kombinasi penerbangan ini untuk pergi dari Amsterdam ke Tokyo. Aku amat senang hari ini karena tiga pengalaman baru bagiku terjadi bersamaan melalui satu penerbangan ini:
1. Terbang dengan Japan Airlines (JAL)!!
2. Terbang dengan anggota aliansi OneWorld
3. Dan yang terpenting, terbang dengan Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner!!

Btw, penerbangan JAL ini mereka codeshare dengan Air France. Oleh karena itu, aku masih bisa mendapatkan poin frequent flyer loh dengan akun Flying Blue-ku di penerbangan jarak jauh ini! 😀 Dan hari ini aku juga senang karena JAL mengoperasikan salah satu Boeing 787-8 terbarunya, JA837J yang baru berumur 5 bulan!! 😀

My first flight with a Boeing 787 Dreamliner and Japan Airlines!

Penerbangan pertamaku dengan Boeing 787 dan Japan Airlines!

Setelah transit 2,5 jam di Paris, dimana akhirnya aku nggak makan apa-apa karena masih kenyang dengan Burger King di Schiphol tadi (haha 😆 ), aku menaiki penerbangan JL 416ku dengan tujuan Tokyo – Narita.

Kesan Umum

Dan tiga kesan pertamaku tentang Boeing 787-8:
– pesawatnya memang terlihat agak sempit untuk ukuran pesawat dengan dua lorong (yaa, memang pesawatnya tidak didisain besar sih)
– tetapi penampilannya memang keren dan modern dan abad 21 banget dah pokoknya, dan
– jendelanya GEDE bangettt!!!

Selfie with Boeing 787-8's HUGE window!!

Selfie dengan sebuah jendelanya Boeing 787-8’s yang GEDE bangett!!

Lalu aku mem-PW-kan badan di kursiku, yang amat nyaman banget yang dilengkapi dengan In Flight Entertainment (IFE)-nya JAL yang terbaru. Btw, aku juga suka banget dengan keputusan JAL untuk mengkonfigurasi Boeing 787-8 mereka 2-4-2. Untukku yang suka duduk di kursi jendela, konfigurasi 2 kursi di samping ini jelas nyaman banget!

Btw,  jika foto selfie-ku dengan jendela di atas diamati dengan seksama, mungkin ada yang menyadari bahwa ada sesuatu yang “hilang” dari jendelanya. Bisa menemukannya kah? Tidak? Aku kasih tahu deh. Di jendelanya itu nggak ada penutup jendelanya kan! 😯 Nah, trus kalau tiba-tiba mataharinya terik dimana penutup jendelanya perlu diturunkan trus gimana dong kalau nggak ada penutup jendelanya? Jawabannya adalah tombol berikut ini:

A window controller on a Boeing 787-8

Tombol pengontrol jendela di Boeing 787-8

yang merupakan kunci yang mendalangi ini:

Iya dong itu jendelanya bisa berubah warna dan transparansinya; dan ada lima level transparansi yang bisa dipilih! 😯 Gila ini KEREN banget!!

Ngomong-ngomong, penerbangannya dipiloti oleh Kapten Yoshikawa dan First Officer Kuriyama (iya loh saking senangnya aku terbang ke Jepang, sampai-sampai namanya aja aku ingat! 😆 ) dan lepas landas dari landasan pacu 09R Bandara Paris – Charles de Gaulle. Dan seperti yang terlihat di peta pertama di atas, rute penerbangan Paris – Tokyo ini sebenarnya melewati langitnya Belanda juga. Bagiku lucu rasanya dimana awalnya hari itu sebenarnya aku sudah berada di Belanda kan! Haha 😆

Hello again, the Netherlands!!

Halo lagi, Belanda!!


Karena merupakan salah satu anggota terbaru armadanya JAL, IFE-nya di dalam JA837J juga amatlah baru dan modern. Layarnya jelas adalah layar IFE terbesar yang pernah aku lihat deh. Isinya juga bagus juga. Ada banyak musik J-pop (ya iya lah 😆 ) yang mana aku sama sekali tidak familier dengannya, dan beberapa musik Barat, walaupun aku rasa akan lebih nyaman lagi bagiku kalau musik Baratnya agak lebih banyak lagi sih.

The Theory of Everything in the IFE

The Theory of Everything di IFE

Nah, tapi koleksi filmnya mengagumkan banget lho karena film-film yang masih termasuk keluaran barusan sudah ada! Dan ini termasuk Interstellar dan The Theory of Everything, dua film bagus yang belum sempat aku tonton. Awalnya aku berencana untuk menonton Interstellar, tetapi setelah tahu bahwa filmnya berdurasi tiga jam, aku mengganti pilihanku ke The Theory of Everything deh, haha 😆 .

Koleksi permainannya sendiri juga banyak. Dan yang aku suka adalah banyaknya pilihan game-game “Jepang”, seperti go misalnya. Tetapi kemudian karena sudah lama banget aku nggak main go, insting permainanku jadi tumpul deh dan aku menyerah setelah beberapa langkah (ini juga akibat pointer-nya yang menyebalkan banget karena batu pionku ditaruh di tempat yang salah dong 👿 )

Yang tidak aku duga sama sekali adalah e-readernya, dimana aku bisa membaca:

Mangas in the e-reader!!

Beberapa manga di e-reader!!

Who are familiar with these two pages?? :D

Hayo siapa yang kenal dengan ini?

Iya loh, aku bisa membaca Detektif Conan, Naruto, Dragon Ball, dll! Komik-komik legendari itu!! 😯 Oke, memang sih nggak semua volumenya ada, tetapi tetap aja seru ya!!

Makanannya dan Servis

Dinner service on board JL 416

Menu makan malam di penerbangan JL 416

Setelah lepas landas, layanan snack dibagikan dengan satu kantong kecil krupuk beras. Sekitar satu setengah jam kemudian, layanan makan malam dibagikan. Ada dua pilihan untuk makan malam tetapi keduanya sama-sama menu masakan Jepang, haha. Aku rasa ini cukup unik karena biasanya dua pilihan yang ditawarkan adalah dua makanan dari negara/daerah yang berbeda kan. Ah, tetapi karena aku pada dasarnya suka makanan Jepang, jadi aku tidak protes deh. Aku memilih menu daging sapi dengan nasi. Secara keseluruhan menunya oke deh, walaupun aku tidak mampu menyelesaikan mi dengan wasabinya karena minya dingin dan wasibi kan, yah, wasabi 😆 . Tetapi untuk pencuci mulutnya, ada hidangan ekstra yang baru dibagikan ketika para penumpang sudah hampir selesai makan. Mengapa? Karena pencuci mulutnya adalah es krim. Tetapi bukan es krim biasa loh, tetapi:

The dessert

Pencuci mulut

Iya loh, pencuci mulutnya adalah es krim Haagen Dazs! Suka deh!!

Sarapannya dibagikan sekitar dua jam sebelum mendarat. Namun, tidak ada pilihan untuk sarapan: hanya telur dan sosis aja, yang mana enak-enak aja sih sebenarnya.

Layanan dari awak kabinnya sendiri keren banget deh. Dan karena awak kabinnya semua orang Jepang, jelas mereka Jepang banget dong ya! Misalnya saja ketika aku sedang membuat video jendelanya yang berubah warna di atas itu. Ketika itu di luar amat terang padahal pencahayaan di dalam kabin sedang dibuat seminimal mungkin untuk memberikan kenyamanan bagi penumpang akibat perbedaan zona waktu. Jadilah tingkah-lakuku memainkan transparansi jendelanya itu mengganggu sistem yang sedang berlangsung ini dong ya. Jadilah kemudian salah satu awak kabin menghampiriku dan menegurku untuk menyetel kembali jendelanya ke posisi tergelap. Jelas aku mengerti dan menurut. Tetapi kemudian, ketika ia tahu bahwa aku sedang mengambil foto di luar ketika itu, ia tiba-tiba meminta maaf kepadaku dong! Hmm, aku yakin ia tidak meminta-maaf karena menegurku sih (karena memang itulah tugasnya dan memang aku yang salah kan), tetapi ia mungkin merasa kasihan (sorry) karena akibat tindakannya, aku jadi mungkin merasa tersinggung atau tidak suka karena jadi tidak bisa foto-foto. Oh, dan ia menegurku dengan cara yang cute banget ala Jepang gitu deh, kawaii gitu lah (mudah-mudahan jelas deh maksudku apa 😆 ).

Purple window

Jendelanya ungu

Green window

Jendelanya hijau

Mendarat dan setelahnya

Setelah terbang 11 jam (dimana sekitar 70% berada di atasnya Rusia itu, haha 😆 ), kami telah dekat dengan Bandar Udara Internasional Tokyo Narita. Kami mendarat di landasan pacu 34R jam 4:35 sore, 45 menit lebih cepat daripada jadwal! Berikut ini video pendaratannya:

Keanggotaan level Silver di Flying Blue-ku berguna lagi loh untukku di akhir penerbangan ini. Jadi dengan KLM jelas bagasiku mendapatkan label prioritas. Tetapi Japan Airlines bukanlah anggota SkyTeam (aliansinya Air France/KLM) sehingga mereka tidak mengenal label prioritasnya KLM. Nah, ternyata di Paris, mereka menambahkan label prioritas ekstra untukku loh, dan label ini adalah labelnya OneWorld (aliansinya Japan Airlines) untuk penumpang kelas bisnis! 😯 Sebagai akibatnya, bagasiku adalah yang pertama keluar loh di Bandara Narita. ASYIIIK!!! 😀

Two priority labels

Dua label prioritas


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    • zilko says:

      Iya, Boeing 787 seru untuk dicobain, hehe. Ayo terbang rute jarak jauh jadi pesawatnya pakai yang besar. Atau terbang dari Jakarta ke Denpasar setahuku ada beberapa penerbangannya Garuda yang dioperasikan dengan Airbus A330 atau Boeing 777-300ER tuh 🙂 .

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  7. kutubuku says:

    I’m even more looking forward to my trip. It’ll be my second long haul with SAS, well technically a first, since my first was when I went to Washington DC and they had to hire plane + crew because they had problems with their own, so it wasn’t SAS. I’m dreading it, because I’m used to flying long haul with SQ and you can’t really compare European airline service with an Asian one 😉

    • zilko says:

      Which one SAS rent their for the replacement flight to DC? 😀

      Don’t worry, I don’t think the European airlines are bad in their long-haul flight. I may not be qualified to say this though because I have only flown on Air France in long-haul flights with European carrier. But my experience with Air France was positive, so it was a good sign. I will fly on KLM this time to go back to the Netherlands though. So KLM will be the second European carrier which I will fly long-haul on 😛 .

      But indeed, for the obvious reason, it is sensible to not put too much expectation, especially service as high as SQ standard for instance, haha 😆

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  9. Aaa, mimpi saya adalah bisa ke Jepang naik JAL….Dan baca cerita Zilko ini jadi pengen tambah naik JAL deh 🙂

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      Iya, pesawatnya keren banget! 🙂 Hahaha, dari Indonesia ada juga kok penerbangan yang pakai Boeing 787: Jakarta – Tokyo (ANA), Denpasar – Sydney (JetStar), Denpasar – Melbourne (Jetstar), sama Denpasar – Doha (Qatar), haha 😛 .

  11. wah mantap banget dapat dessert haagen dazs ice cream. seru ya naik KLM ini bisa baca conan pula!!! You’re very lucky! jadi gak berasa lah ya 15jam perjalanan di langit sana. tapi tetep sama gak ya naik pesawat sekeren ini kalau bawa toddler ahahaha.

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  20. Una says:

    Hahaha parah keren banget jendelanya. Bisa jadi gelap banget kayak ditutup gitu ga sih Mas? Atau gelap aja tapi tetep transparan?
    Aku pernah naik JAL dan kan kalau muslim kan kursinya ditandai ya biar mealnya sesuai. Trus trus dikasih dessertnya apaan gitu gak menarik ehhh temenku yang kursinya ga ditandai dikasihnya Haagen Dazs, kan gue sirikk tau gitu kucopot stiker kursiku hahaha….

    • zilko says:

      Keren banget kan Na, aku jadi kayak kampungan gitu waktu terbang kemarin. Setting jendelanya aku main-mainin terus, hehe. Iya, bisa kok jadi full gelap 100% gitu! Keren banget ya!!

      Dugaanku mungkin di tiketnya sudah request untuk Moslem meal mungkin Na.

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  27. Ainur Rofiq says:

    Maaf saya telat mengikuti ceritanya Mas Zilko. Tenang akan saya baca satu per satu. Pasti seru liburan ke Jepang. Senangnya mas Zilko naik JAL. BTW Cendelanya amazing banget. Jepang gitu loh. Dua jempol deh buat mas Zilko. Terima kasih ceritanya sangat bermanfaat.

    • zilko says:

      Hehehe, jendelanya sih bukan karena JAL tapi karena pesawatnya memang generasi yang terbaru, Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, hehehe 🙂 .


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  29. sakawselaw says:

    Informasi yang diberikan kok lengkap banget :3 ihihi keren :))

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  34. […] that the two KLM flights were operated using two Boeing 737-700s which I had flown before: PH-BGQ and PH-BGN. And so consequently, I couldn’t add new KLM registration to my flying log. […]

  35. […] lot, this was actually just my second time using its Hall K (the first time was when I was catching my Japan Airlines flight to Tokyo-Narita 2.5 years ago), so I wasn’t that familiar with this hall. The interior design of Paris – CDG Terminal […]

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