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#1522 – Napoli Weekend Trip (Part I: Getting There)


Originally, I planned to write the weekend trip I had in the first weekend of this month in just one post. However, what happened on the first day was so epic that I feel like I must split the story into two posts, haha 😆 . This post being the first one where I focus on what happened on the first day of the trip.


As I said in that post I shared just after coming back to the Netherlands from the trip, to get there I planned to take the Amsterdam – Paris (CDG) – Naples flight with Air France. The flight from Amsterdam was scheduled to leave at 07:30 AM so the evening before I decided to stay at Schiphol. Also, since this was just a weekend trip, I decided to travel light and not checked in any luggage. A decision which, later on, turned out to be a wise one.

Flight 1:
Flight: Air France AF 1485 (AMS-CDG)
Equipment: Airbus A321-212 F-GTAZ

Boarding went on time on this first flight to Paris. Once all passengers boarded the plane, we departed. However, today I noticed that the plane was taxiing much more than usual and I felt like we were doing a bus tour around Schiphol Airport. Then, as it turned out, we went to an open remote parking area. Not to park, obviously, but for this:

WOW!!! Yes!! The plane had to get showered deiced[1]!! I was so excited because it was the first time ever I experienced that the flight I was taking had to go through the deicing procedure first before being allowed to take-off!! 😯 Really cool!!

However, unfortunately, this (and the fact that the flight departed from runway 36L, which was Schiphol’s furthest runway from the terminal building (+ 6 km)) caused this flight to get quite some delay. The problem was, I had a tight connection time in Paris of just 55 minutes based on the schedule.

Because of this, some 15 minutes before landing in Paris, the flight attendant asked me to move forward to the business class section so that I would be able to deplane first. Obviously I agreed. I mean, why would I refuse such offer to sit in a Europe business class[2] seat for free (even though obviously I did not get the service nor the freedom to choose my seat)? Lol 😆 .

On board Air France's Europe Business Class section
On board Air France’s Europe Business Class section

The flight landed at runway 09L of Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris at 09:20 AM, five minutes after the boarding-time of my connection flight to Naples. It was then parked at one of the gates and I rushed to catch my connection (I already had the e-boarding pass). After a mini-drama of I could not find the friggin’ gate (it was in the downstairs area because the airplane was parked in a remote parking so the passengers were taken by bus), I finally found the damn gate!

Transitting in Paris

Except that I was literally like thirty seconds too late. When I arrived at the gate, the ground staff just closed the door (and I literally could see the bus with the sign saying “Naples” leaving). I tried to argue that my first flight was delayed, I already had my boarding pass, and I did not have a checked-in luggage so there was no luggage problem. But the problem was that she already closed the system hence it was impossible for me to board my connection.

Yes, so, here, ladies and gentlemen, for the first time ever in my life, I missed my connecting flight!! Haha 😆

Anyway, obviously it was not my fault and thanks God Air France was a proper full service airline and I missed a connection in their homebase of Paris. So I went to the customer service desk and a staff was looking for new flight(s) for me to get myself to Naples today. He found one, which was with Alitalia flights via Rome. At this point, I felt like in The Amazing Race so I asked “This is the earliest one which arrives in Naples, right?“, haha 😆 . As there was no more direct flight to Naples from Paris today, indeed this was the earliest flight possible. So as a result, I would have to fly two more times today: Paris – Rome and then Rome – Naples.

But first, a selfie at CDG Airport while waiting for my new connecting flight
But first, a selfie at CDG Airport while waiting for my new connecting flight

Was I feeling angry? No. Was I feeling disappointed? Well, a little bit, but mostly because I missed my flight with the Baby Airbus (that day, the direct Paris – Naples flight was indeed operated with an Airbus A318, with reg F-GUGA) rather than anything else. But strangely, overall I was actually feeling elated. Why?

  1. First of all, because I did not have to pay for my new flights
  2. Second of all, it was my first experience of missing a flight (I know, a super strange reason to feel elated about, lol 😆 ).
  3. Third of all, today I would fly three times instead of two times. And as an aviation enthusiast, this was actually like a present! Lol 😆 . To me, the flying experience itself is always a big part of a trip; not just my time in the ‘destination’.
  4. Fourth of all, I would fly with Alitalia today! An airline I had never tried before (even though had everything gone as planned, I would have flown with them for the first time two days afterward anyway on my way back to the Netherlands). And as I said, by default I liked Alitalia because of their ‘AZ’ code 😛 ; and:
  5. This kind of travelling problem was actually good for my Flying Blue account as I got more frequent flyer miles because now they had to reschedule me to new flights hence I got the more expensive economy class ticket (as it was basically like a last-minute purchase), and I did not have to pay for that!

Anyway, so, as a result, my flight path map became like this today:

Red: original planned flight path, yellow: adjusted flight path because of missing my CDG-NAP connection. Map created with
Red: original planned flight path, yellow: adjusted flight path because of missing my CDG-NAP connection. Map created with

Flight 2:
Flight: Alitalia AZ 319 (CDG-FCO)
Equipment: Airbus A320-216 EI-DTK

I did not have to wait for too long in Paris, actually, since at 10:40, I boarded my second flight today: an Alitalia’s Airbus A320-216 reg EI-DKT flight AZ 319 bound for Rome – Fiumicino. At 11:10 AM, the flight departed on time.

After taking off from runway 08L of Charles De Gaulle Airport, it was a normal uneventful 105 minutes flight to Rome. Btw, during the snack service obviously I ordered Alitalia’s famous blood orange juice for my drink! 😀 I mean, I had been curious about this drink for so long and now finally I could have it two days earlier, thanks to the delay, haha, lol 😆 . Well, it was basically orange juice but the color was red; and it was really good! So if by any chance you are going to fly with Alitalia, I do recommend this blood orange juice! 😀

Snack service on board Alitalia's flight and their famous blood orange juice
Snack service on board Alitalia’s flight and their famous blood orange juice

At 12:35 PM, the flight landed at runway 16L of Rome – Fiumicino Airport. Here is the landing video:

Flight 3:
Flight: Alitalia AZ 1269 (FCO-NAP)
Equipment: Airbus A320-216 EI-DSB

My third flight of the day happened to be delayed by almost one hour today! 😦 We were supposed to board at 14:20 PM but then the actual boarding started at around 15:10 PM. The airplane was parked in the remote parking so we were taken there by a bus. It turned out to be another Alitalia’s Airbus A320-216, this time with reg EI-DSB.

Btw, this flight was only the fifth domestic flight I have ever taken in Europe! You know, after my Toulouse to Nice (France) flight in 2012, Madrid to Barcelona (Spain) in 2013, and the return Marseille – Ajaccio (Corsica) flights last year (France again).

Oh, one thing: avoid the middle seat when flying with Alitalia because there was a huge IFE box there
Oh, also: avoid the middle seat when flying with Alitalia’s A320/A321 because there was a huge IFE box there
... while there was no "IFE" on board, even though the screen was there but it was not working
… while there actually was no “IFE” on board, even though there was a screen; but it was not working

Anyway, the flight took off from runway 25 of Rome-Fiumicino Airport for the very short hop to Naples. Because it was such a short flight, there was no service on board. Well, except that one flight attendant offered some water, but that was all. Some 40 minutes later, we landed at runway 24 of Napoli Capodichino Airport. Here is the landing video:

The flight landed at 17:20 PM while my original direct Air France flight was supposed to land at 12:00 PM. So practically I lost my entire day in Naples today. The day which I originally planned for some city sightseeing. But, aside from feeling tired, I was still feeling alright to be honest.


Next on Napoli Weekend Trip:
– Pompeii
– The city of Napoli
– The Italian Food (including: having the original pizza margherita in the restaurant where it was invented in 1889)


Pada awalnya, aku berencana untuk menuliskan cerita jalan-jalan akhir pekan yang aku lakoni awal bulan ini di dalam satu posting saja. Tetapi, apa yang terjadi di hari pertama sungguh epik sehingga aku merasa harus membagi ceritanya menjadi dua posting, haha 😆 . Posting ini adalah yang pertama dimana aku fokus pada apa yang terjadi di hari pertama perjalanan ini.


Seperti yang aku tuliskan di posting setelah aku baru saja kembali di Belanda dari perjalanan tersebut, untuk pergi kesana aku berencana untuk menaiki penerbangannya Air France dengan rute Amsterdam – Paris (CDG) – Napoli. Penerbangannya dari Amsterdam dijadwalkan berangkat jam 7:30 pagi jadi semalam sebelumnya aku memutuskan untuk menginap di Schiphol. Juga, karena ini adalah perjalanan akhir pekan, aku memutuskan untuk travelling light aja jadi aku tidak check-in bagasi ke dalam pesawat. Sebuah keputusan yang, nantinya, ternyata merupakan sebuah keputusan bijak.

Penerbangan 1:
Penerbangan: Air France AF 1485 (AMS-CDG)
Pesawat: Airbus A321-212 F-GTAZ

Boarding berlangsung tepat waktu di penerbangan pertama ke Paris. Begitu semua penumpangnya naik pesawat, kami berangkat. Namun, hari ini aku merasa agak aneh dimana pesawatnya taxiing lumayan lama di bandara Schiphol sehingga rasanya kami seperti sedang naik tur dengan bus keliling bandara gitu deh, haha. Lalu, ternyata, kami pergi dulu ke sebuah tempat parkir di remote area. Bukan untuk parkir, jelas, tetapi untuk ini:

WOW!!! Iya loh!! Pesawatnya harus dimandiin dulu di-de-ice[1]!! Aku merasa gembira banget soalnya ini adalah kali pertama aku mengalami penerbanganku harus di-de-ice dulu sebelum diperbolehkan terbang!! 😯 Keren yah!!

Namun, sayangnya, ini (dan fakta dimana pesawatnya harus lepas landas dari landasan pacu 36L, landasan pacu terjauh (+ 6 km) dari gedung terminal di Bandara Schiphol) jelas menyebabkan penerbangannya delay dong ya. Masalahnya, waktu koneksi untuk penerbanganku selanjutnya di Paris sendiri juga sudah lumayan ketat, hanya 55 menit saja berdasarkan jadwal.

Oleh karena itu, sekitar 15 menit sebelum mendarat di Paris, seorang pramugaranya meminta aku untuk pindah kursi ke depan di bagian business class sehingga aku bisa turun duluan. Eh, jelas aja aku mau banget dong ya. Lumayan banget kan ya bisa duduk di kursi Europe business class[2] gratisan (walaupun jelas aku tidak mendapatkan layanan kelas bisnisnya ataupun bisa memilih kursinya sih). Haha 😆 .

On board Air France's Europe Business Class section
Di bagian Europe Business Class-nya Air France

Pesawatnya mendarat di landasan pacu 09L Bandara Charles de Gaulle di Paris sekitar jam 9:20 pagi, lima menit setelah jadwal naik pesawat (boarding) penerbangan lanjutanku ke Napoli. Lalu pesawatnya parkir di salah satu gate-nya dan aku kemudian langsung berlari terburu-buru untuk mengejar penerbangan lanjutanku (aku sudah memiliki e-boarding pass-nya). Setelah mini-drama dimana aku nggak bisa menemukan gate penerbangan lanjutanku (yang mana ternyata ada di area lantai bahwa karena pesawatnya diparkir di tempat parkir remote sehingga para penumpang akan dibawa kesana dengan bus), aku akhirnya menemukan gate-nya!

Transit di Paris

Kecuali bahwa aku terlambat sekitar tiga puluh detik. Ketika aku tiba di gate-nya, petugasnya baru saja menutup pintu keberangkatan (dan aku bisa melihat bus dengan tulisan “Napoli” berangkat dari terminal). Aku mendesak petugasnya bahwa penerbangan pertamaku terkena delay, aku sudah memiliki boarding pass, dan aku tidak membawa bagasi check-in sehingga tidak akan ada masalah dengan bagasi. Masalahnya adalah sistemnya sudah terlanjur ia tutup sehingga aku tidak mungkin menaiki penerbangan lanjutanku.

Yak, saudara dan saudari sekalian, disini, untuk pertama kalinya seumur hidup, aku ketinggalakn penerbangan lanjutanku dong!! Haha 😆

Ngomong-ngomong, jelas ini bukanlah salahku kan ya dan untungnya Air France adalah maskapai full service yang oke dan aku ketinggalan koneksiku di rumah mereka di Paris. Jadilah kemudian aku komplain di meja customer service-nya mereka disana dan salah seorang stafnya mencarikan penerbangan(-penerbangan) baru untukku pergi ke Napoli hari ini. Ia menemukan satu, yaitu dengan penerbangannya Alitalia dengan transit di Roma. Di saat ini, tiba-tiba aku merasa kayak sedang di The Amazing Race loh dan bertanya “Ini adalah penerbangan yang tiba paling awal di Napoli kan?“, huahaha 😆 . Karena tidak ada lagi penerbangan langsung ke Napoli dari Paris hari ini, memang inilah penerbangan paling awal yang mungkin. Jadilah sebagai akibatnya aku harus terbang dua kali lagi hari ini: Paris – Roma dan Roma – Napoli.

But first, a selfie at CDG Airport while waiting for my new connecting flight
Pertama-tama, selfie dulu aja di Bandara CDG sembari menunggu penerbangan lanjutan baruku.

Apakah aku merasa marah? Enggak. Apakah aku merasa kecewa? Sedikit sih, tetapi ini semata-mata disebabkan oleh aku ketinggalan penerbanganku yang dioperasikan dengan si Baby Airbus (dan hari itu, penerbangan langsung Paris – Napolinya beneran dioperasikan dengan sebuah Airbus A318, registrasi F-GUGA) bukannya yang lain. Tetapi anehnya, justru secara keseluruhan aku merasa agak senang loh. Mengapa?

  1. Pertama-tama, karena penerbangan-penerbangan pengganti ini gratis kan ya, haha
  2. Kedua, ini adalah pengalaman pertamaku ketinggalan pesawat (Iya, memang alasan yang aneh untuk merasa senang, haha 😆 ).
  3. Ketiga, artinya hari ini aku akan terbang tiga kali dong ya bukannya dua kali. Dan sebagai seorang aviation enthusiast, ini jelas kayak hadiah lah! Huahaha 😆 . Untukku terbang itu sudah menjadi bagian utama dari sebuah perjalanan itu sendiri; jadi nggak sekedar waktuku di ‘tempat tujuanku’ saja.
  4. Keempat, toh aku akan terbang dengan Alitalia hari ini! Sebuah maskapai yang belum pernah aku coba sebelumnya (walaupun andaikata semuanya berlangsung lancar, toh aku akan terbang dengan mereka dua hari kemudian sih ketika aku kembali ke Belanda). Dan seperti yang aku bilang, by default aku suka Alitalia karena kodenya mereka ‘AZ’ kan, haha 😆 ; dan:
  5. Permasalahan dengan urusan terbang begini sebenarnya ‘baik’ sih untuk akun Flying Blue-ku karena aku jadi mendapatkan poin frequent flyer lebih banyak karena mereka harus memindahkanku ke penerbangan baru yang mana artinya aku mendapatkan tiket kelas ekonomi yang lebih mahal (karena pada dasarnya merupakan pembelian tiket last minute) tanpa harus bayar!

Anyway, jadi, sebagai akibatnya, peta rute penerbanganku hari ini berubah seperti ini deh:

Red: original planned flight path, yellow: adjusted flight path because of missing my CDG-NAP connection. Map created with
Merah: rencana peta rute penerbangan hari ini, kuning: peta rute penerbangan sebenarnya yang telah disesuaikan akibat ketinggalan penerbangan koneksi CDG-NAP-ku. Peta dibuat dengan

Penerbangan 2:
Penerbangan: Alitalia AZ 319 (CDG-FCO)
Pesawat: Airbus A320-216 EI-DTK

Aku tidak harus menunggu lama sih di Paris sebenarnya, karena jam 10:40, aku menaiki penerbangan keduaku hari ini: dengan Airbus A320-216-nya Alitalia dengan registrasi EI-DKT dengan nomor penerbangan AZ 319 tujuan Roma-Fiumicino. Jam 11:10 pagi, penerbangannya berangkat tepat waktu.

Setelah lepas landas dari landasan pacu 08L Bandara Charles de Gaulle, penerbangannya adalah penerbangan rutin biasa selama 105 menit ke Roma. Btw, ketika snack dibagikan, jelas untuk minum aku meminta blood orange juice-nya Alitalia yang terkenal banget itu dong ya! 😀 Maksudku, kan sudah lama aku penasaran ama minuman yang satu ini dan sekarang aku bisa mencobanya dua hari lebih awal, semua karena delay tadi pagi itu! Haha 😆 .Ya, pada dasarnya ini adalah orange juice tapi warnanya merah gitu deh; yang mana rasanya memang enak loh! Jadi kalau akan ada yang akan terbang dengan Alitalia, cobain deh blood orange juice-nya ini! 😀

Snack service on board Alitalia's flight and their famous blood orange juice
Layanan snack di penerbangan Alitalia dan blood orange juice-nya yang terkenal itu

Jam 12:35 siang, pesawatnya mendarat di landasan pacu 16L Bandara Roma – Fiumicino. Berikut ini video pendaratannya:

Penerbangan 3:
Penerbangan: Alitalia AZ 1269 (FCO-NAP)
Pesawat: Airbus A320-216 EI-DSB

Penerbangan ketigaku hari ini juga kebetulan terlambat lagi dong selama hampir satu jam! 😦 Jadi seharusnya boarding adalah jam 2:20 siang tetapi kenyataannya boarding baru dilaksanakan jam 3:10 sore. Pesawatnya diparkir di tempat parkir remote sehingga kami harus diantar dengan bus kesana. Ternyata pesawatnya adalah pesawat Airbus A320-216nya Alitalia yang lain, dengan registrasi EI-DSB.

Btw, ini adalah penerbangan domestik kelimaku yang pernah aku naiki di Eropa loh! Tahu kan, setelah penerbanganku dari Toulouse ke Nice (Prancis) di tahun 2012, Madrid ke Barcelona (Spanyol) di tahun 2013, dan penerbangan pp-ku Marseille – Ajaccio (Corsica) tahun lalu (Prancis lagi).

Oh, one thing: avoid the middle seat when flying with Alitalia because there was a huge IFE box there
Oh, dan satu lagi: hindari middle seat ketika terbang dengan A320/A321nya Alitalia karena disitu lah kotak IFE diletakkan
... while there was no "IFE" on board, even though the screen was there but it was not working
… yang mana padahal nggak ada “IFE” loh di pesawatnya, walaupun memang ada layarnya sih. Tetapi IFE-nya ini mati

Ngomong-ngomong, kami kemudian lepas landas dari landasan pacu 25 Bandara Roma-Fiumicino untuk penerbangan singkat ke Napoli ini. Karena penerbangannya amat singkat, tidak ada layanan snack yang diberikan di penerbangan ini. Sekitar 40 menit kemudian, kami mendarat di landasan pacu 24 Bandara Capodichini di Napoli. Berikut ini video pendaratannya:

Penerbangannya mendarat di Napoli jam 5:20 sore sementara penerbangan awalku dengan Air France seharusnya mendarat jam 12 siang. Jadi artinya aku praktis kehilangan waktu satu hari ya di Napoli hari ini. Hari yang awalnya aku rencanakan untuk melihat-lihat keliling kota.


Selanjutnya dalam Napoli Weekend Trip:
– Pompeii
– Kota Napoli
– Masakan Italia (termasuk: makan pizza margherita di restoran dimana pizza margherita pertama kali ditemukan di tahun 1889)


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    1. Hahaha, tapi itu bisa duduk di kelas yang lebih tinggi akibat pesawatnya delay dan mereka khawatir aku tidak akan bisa mengejar penerbangan lanjutanku jika duduknya agak di belakang 😀 . Dan pada akhirnya beneran tertinggal kan 😛 .

  1. ooh, that’s why you were transitting so much!

    I once missed a flight due to unbelievably long security queue – in front of me were a lot of old couples who probably hadn’t heard about the liquid rules before. They had like a lot of 1-liter bottles of shampoo and the likes. Luckily I got a seat on the next flight (it was to Oslo and by Norwegian) for free since I claimed that I was at the airport on time, but got held at the security queue.

    I hate having short transit time in airports that I’m not familiar with. The only place that I know it’s possible to do so is in Changi. I always had like 1 hour 20 minute transit between my flight arrival from Copenhagen and next flight to Surabaya and sometimes I have to change gate as well. 1 hour 20 minute is between landing and departure time, so you can see how nervous I always am – since I have to disembark, run to the skytrain to switch terminal and get to my gate, but Changi is easy to navigate.

    I hate CDG because of the long “corridors” and obscure gate places :S

    Btw, what’s so special about Alitalia’s blood orange juice? Is it the taste?

    1. But don’t they, sometimes, allow you to skip the queue if you can show that your boarding time is really soon? But of course this is assuming that those people are not yet in the security check and still queuing. If they are already there and already blocking everything though,..

      Yeah, this 55 minutes transit is also between arrival time and departure time 😆 . I thought it was okay because it was in their system and it was between intra Schengen flights anyway so they used the same terminal, no extra security check, and no immigration hassle. But of course this was fine as long as there was no delay 😆 .

      A 1 hour and 20 minutes transit does sound very tight especially considering it is between an inter-continental flight and an international flight 😆 . Wait, you also have to change terminal in Changi in between? Wow now that sounds even more tight!!

      I know, right? My gate at CDG at that time was gate F41 but what I could find in the hall that was supposed to be for gates F41 – F56 were only gate F44 – F56. Like, where on earth was this gate F41?? 😆 . It turned out it was in one of the corners where I had to get down the escalator to get to the waiting room 😆 .

      It was the taste (which was not really like normal orange juice, but it was orange juice) and the color 😀 .

      1. Yes, they do let you skip the queue, but I was already on the line for the check, so it was the old folks before me that stopped the queue – there was nothing I could do about it but waited for them.

        As in Changi, sometimes the plane from Copenhagen lands on T2 and my Surabaya plane departs from T3 and vice versa, as far as I remember they always depart and land from different terminal, I don’t know why.

        You’ve never tasted blood orange before? Hehe here we have plenty of the fruit and juice alike sold in the supermarket.

        1. Oh, I see. Indeed in that case there was nothing you could do. Just pure bad luck! Btw, sometimes I am really startled at how unprepared or unaware some people are with flying regulation! I mean, once I saw an old man whose expensive liquor had to be thrown out in the bin at an airport security! Lol 😆 .

          Oh, I see. Sometimes indeed they separate intercontinental and regional flights I think.

          Yup, never. And now that I think about it, I haven’t really looked for it in the supermarket here before. Probably I should the next time I go there, lol 😆 .

      2. …and oh by the way, although I’m always nervous with the short transit time, I always make it without problem – the Singapore airline stewardess always convince me that I would. Sometimes, I even have time to get a coffee at Starbucks, that’s how efficient Changi is LOL

        Last time my plane from Copenhagen was late half an hour, so I had only 45 minutes to go, I made it, but my checked in luggage didn’t LOL Fortunately they fly 2 times a day to Surabaya, so I got my bag later that day.

        1. True, Singapore Airlines is truly world class in this kind of service! Even though lately I read a few reports where they also experienced a bit of more connecting problems more frequently than their average though.

          Lol, lucky then you took the first flight to Surabaya that day otherwise you would have had to wait until the next day (I suppose), unless they were also willing to ship it with another airline 😆 .

  2. Waaa this post makes me nervous as I will need to change flights in Changi during my trip to Mumbai next week! :O Like Eva said Changi is easy to navigate though but still I only have 1,5 hours in between flights! aaa fingers crossed!

      1. Yeah, but it still depends on the airline though. Once I was “transitting” in Singapore but actually my first flight ended in Singapore (with Emirates) and I needed to take another flight to Yogyakarta. Technically there was time for “connecting” that day with an LCC but it was only 1.5 hours or so. But since it was with an LCC (where I had to get my luggage first, check-in, pass two immigration checks, security, etc), I chose to play it safe by not taking that flight and, instead, taking a morning flight the following day, haha 😆 .

      1. I’ll be flying with Garuda Indonesia to Singapore and then Jet Airways to Mumbai, they are both full service airlines right? yaa let’s hope it won’t be a problem! should not worry to much and start thinking my itinerary hehehe 😀

        1. Yup, both are full service airlines. Btw, are the two flights under the same ticket? If so, you don’t need to worry I think 🙂 . Just make sure that your luggage is tagged all the way to Mumbai (BOM) from Jakarta 🙂 .

    1. Di Napoli 2 malem aja, hehe 😀 . Bener-bener truly untuk weekend trip aja. Memang capek sih dan jatuhnya minggu depannya itu sakit demam (tapi ini gara-gara beberapa faktor sih 😀 ), hahaha 😆 .

  3. Ihh seru ya Zilko kalau kita dapat upgrade class dinpesawat. Lucky you! 🙂 tapi bagian ketinggalan pesawat itu kalau guebsi pasti dah panik n bete huehehehe.ditunggu cerita napoli nya 😉

    1. Iya, lumayan di-upgrade di dalam pesawat gitu. Yaa, cuma dapat kursinya aja sih tapi lumayan lah ya, haha. Walau sebenarnya kursinya juga sama aja sih dengan kursi kelas ekonomi kalau di penerbangan di dalam Eropa 🙂 .

      Hahaha, aku sih agak santai bagian ketinggalan pesawatnya karena Air France ini maskapai yang bonafide dan juga aku juga nggak terlalu terburu-buru banget sih waktu itu. Jadi santai dan dinikmati aja, hahaha 😀 .

      Cerita Napolinya akan segera tayang kok, hehe *halah 😀 *

  4. Ini orang Jawa banget sih ya Ko, tapi untungnya dirimu memang menikmati penerbangannya ya. Tapi luar biasa pelayanannya Ko, telat 15 menit dan sampe ketinggalan connecting flight langsung dicarikan. Kemaren gw sampe 2 jam ngemper di ruang tunggu gak diapa-apain. Didiemin aja. Pas tanya ke cust. servicenya malah kena semprot kebetean mereka. *lhakokmalahcurhat

    1. Orang Jawa gimana maksudnya Dan? Hehehe 😀 . Iya, untungnya aku memang menikmati penerbangan jadi ya fine-fine aja deh telat lama gini, haha 😆 . Memang itu bagian dari tanggung-jawab mereka kan karena kita telat kan bukan karena salah kita, hehe. Wah, maskapai apa itu yang pelayanannya begitu? 😛

      1. Otang Jawa suka bilang “untungnya” meskipun menghadapi unfortunate event gitu. Untungnya menikmati penerbangannya meskipun jadi tertunda lama. Hihihi.
        Di sini Lion Air. Sempat ada sehari dicancel semua dan gak ada ganti rugi apapun.

        1. Oh, I see, haha. Begitulah, yaa dari kejadian apa pun kita lihat sisi positifnya aja ya daripada bete kan? 😀 Hahaha, yaa, kalau maskapai yang satu itu kan memang. ya gitu deh. Kalau nggak salah mereka banyak dapat komplain dari pelanggan juga kan? Aku juga baca beritanya kasus mereka dua mingguan yang lalu itu…

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