#1495 – Happy New Year from India!!

Hello everyone! In this occassion I would like to say: HAPPY NEW YEAR from India! May this new year of 2015 brings us more happiness and success in life, both professionally and personally!! 🙂

Btw, yes, currently I am still in India for my year end trip and so I would like to use the occassion to say that I still exist, haha 😆 . I don’t have much time to write a more thorough post though. But I can say that this trip has been so amazing! 🙂 . The destinations are great, the weather has been surprisingly beautiful, and obviously Indian food is best found in India!!

Also, in some sense I saw (surprisingly) a lot of similarities between India and Indonesia. And the similarities existed on several different levels. I will get into this later on after I am back 🙂 . So, stay tuned!!

Yeah, that is all I am here for right now. I still have some days left in India and so if you want to follow the rest of my adventure, just follow my Instagram account at @azilko!! 🙂

21 thoughts on “#1495 – Happy New Year from India!!

  1. Happy New Year Zilko!!! Have fun ya disana 😀 Di tongue cerita2nya 😀

  2. Arman says:

    Happy new year…

  3. Happy new year. Have wonferful trip ya …

  4. Puji says:

    Happy new year from Jakarta 🙂

  5. adejhr says:

    Hpy new year bang. Wah ngk sbr ngu cerita dri indiany hehe

  6. dani says:

    Happy new year Zilko! Wishing an even greater year! Can’t wait to read your India adventure!

  7. jampang says:

    wah tahun baruan di india

  8. niee says:

    Lebih dari ekspetasi jadinya zil? 😉

  9. yance says:

    Happy new year ko…ayo pulanggg! Hehehe ..lama juga di India nya

  10. Pypy says:

    Happy New year, Ko 😀 Jangan lupa pulang yahh 😀 hihii

  11. […] year 2015 has really been crazy to me. I started it in Goa, India, and I ended it here, in Huatulco, Mexico!! And these two places are literally almost at the other […]

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