#1326 – 2013 South Korea Trip (Part IV: Busan)


Previously on 2013 South Korea Trip: After spending five days in South Korea, which consisted of three days in Seoul and two days in Jeju island, Zilko was now ready to embark to his third destination in South Korea: Busan. Busan was the second largest city in South Korea.


Day 7 (Saturday, 16 November 2013)

At around 10:00, the boarding announcement for our flight was made. So we took a bus (the airplane did not park in the apron near the terminal building apparently) to get to the airplane: an Air Busan’s Boeing 737-48E reg code HL7510 with flight number BX8104 from Jeju International Airport (CJU) to Busan-Gimhae International Airport (PUS). Btw, yes, I flew to “Jeju” with “Jeju” Air and now to “Busan” with Air “Busan”, huahaha 😆 . Anyway, I was a little bit disappointed because one reason I chose this particular flight was that in the website, when I made the booking, it was said the flight would be operated with an Airbus A321; and I had (and have) never flown with an Airbus A321 before so I was excited about it. But then they changed it to a Boeing 737-400… 😦 .

The flight route map today from Jeju Airport (CJU) to Busan-Gimhae Airport (PUS)

The flight route map today from Jeju Airport (CJU) to Busan-Gimhae Airport (PUS)

Anyway, so we took off from runway 25 of Jeju Airport and embarked on a short-haul 45 minutes flight to Busan-Gimhae Airport where we landed at runway 36L. Here is the landing video:

We took the subway (well, a combination of light rail and subway actually) to the area near our hotel in the famous Gwangan beach area. The subway station was apparently quite far away from the hotel; which was actually fine if we were not bringing our luggages with us. But we were, so… .

It was still a little bit too early for check-in so we decided to just leave the luggages at the hotel’s lobby (well, not actually in the lobby but in the concierge room next to it, but I suppose you know what I mean 😛 ). It was around lunch time already so we decided to have lunch at a Korean restaurant nearby (which was having this happy hour promotion, and lunch time was also defined as their happy hour 😛 ). It was another nice lunch, and we ordered the famous bulgogi 😀 .

Then, we went to the famous Nampodong area where we ended up going to the Yongdusan park on top of a small hill nearby the area. We went back down and walked around the very crowded shopping street with so many street food vendors! Here, I also found another yangnyeom chicken stall. You know, I found yangnyeom chicken way too spicy on the very first night of my stay in South Korea. So this time I asked the vendor-lady if she had the not-spicy one. You know, nothing to lose for me. But apparently she did! So I bought one! 😀 This one was indeed much much better (in term of spiciness), even though it was still spicy for me; but at least the level of spiciness did not go to unbearable. And now I am actually a little disappointed for not buying another small bucket of yangnyeom chicken there; and I had the chance actually 😦 .

Jagalchi Fish Market in Busan.

Jagalchi Fish Market in Busan.

We went around in the Jagalchi market (which was a fish market) just by the sea; where they sold so many sea products there (surprise, surprise) including giant squid (okay, maybe I am a little bit exaggerating here but some of the squids they had there were HUGE!!!). Then we went for another round circling the Nampodong street before deciding to go back to our hotel area to have dinner at a Korean barbeque restaurant that we spotted earlier today. Long story short it was a very nice dinner at the barbeque restaurant and we went back to our hotel.

Day 8 (Sunday, 17 November 2013)

We had breakfast at a Korean restaurant nearby our hotel. Our first and main destination of the day was the Haedong Yonggungsa Temple in the area of Haedong in Busan. I knew it would be a little bit trickier to get there because there was no close subway station, which basically meant we had to take a public bus (unless we wanted to hire a taxi, of course). But the problem was: Which bus? Which bus stop should we go to?

So after breakfast we decided to stop by at a tourist information center to ask these questions. And this was the only place that we visited in the entire South Korea trip where I met a local who spoke really good English btw! Hahaha 😛 . Anyway, so we found out that we needed to take bus number 181 and it would be easier to take it from the bus stop near the Haeundae subway station. So we took the subway and arrived at Haeundae station.

Btw, it was annoying today that I forgot my Seoul T-Money card in my hotel (yes, we could use the Seoul transportation card in Busan too! Kinda cool, isn’t it? 😉 ) so I had to buy a daily subway ticket; and on top of that I still had to purchase separate bus tickets! (We could also use the T-Money card in the bus, and it would be cheaper than the normal bus ticket). And we were quite unlucky today because when we arrived at Haeundae, the bus 181 had just left so we had to wait for the next one, which arrived in about 20 minutes. It was fine, except that it was so windy at that time and the wind was cold wind! 😦

Long story short, bus 181 arrived; and apparently this was such a popular route as like 80% of the people waiting in that bus stop took this bus service 😦 . As a result, I had to stand all the way from Haeundae to Haedong which was like 30 minutes one way.

To get to the temple, we had to walk for around 500 meter from the bus stop in Haedong. And the atmosphere near the entrance there was like any other popular tourist destinations: very crowded with a lot of street vendors selling on-the-go snacks or souvenirs. But seriously, it was super crowded today that we had to walk very slowly when entering the temple. So I was wondering if all these people were going there on a Sunday to pray?

Anyway, the entrance to the temple was free of charge. What was premium about the temple was the location. Haedong Yonggungsa Temple was located on a cliff rock facing the Sea of Japan. And combining that with a classic Korean temple architecture; wow, we got a very beautiful place! 🙂

The beautiful Haedong Yonggungsa Temple in Busan.

The beautiful Haedong Yonggungsa Temple in Busan.

We stayed for around one an a half hour in the temple before deciding to go back to Busan. Again, we took bus 181 (but on the opposite direction obviously). We had to wait for another 15 minutes in the bus stop; and again, it was such a very crowded bus ride! I had to stand all the way until Haeundae station again! lol 😆 .

Haeundae was another well-known beach area in Busan; so while we were already in Haeundae station anyway, we decided to pay a visit. The station was not located directly by the beach, but it was still within walking distance. Along the way, we decided to have lunch at a small Korean restaurant. My order apparently took longer to cook; but it was such a nice meal! 🙂

We stopped by at the Haeundae market first before finally hitting the beach. The beach was okay though, it was nice with white sand. But after visiting Belitung just about ten days prior, well, it looked just fine. After the beach, we decided to go to the Shinsegae Department Store, apparently the largest department store in the world (and this was certified by the Guinness World Record). They connected the metro station with the department store so it was very convenient to get there. And at that connection, I saw this:

A "Trevi Fountain" in Busan

A “Trevi Fountain” in Busan

Yes, a Trevi fountain in Busan! Lol 😆 . Okay…

We stayed until around 19:00 in Shinsegae (it was, indeed, a very big department store as the levels went from B2 until the 10th floor or something like that) before deciding to leave and have dinner at the same Korean barbeque restaurant that we had the day prior. It was another round of very nice barbeque meal; and then we decided to go back to our hotel because the next morning we had to get up really early.

Day 9 (Monday, 18 November 2013)

Our AirAsia X’s flight back to Kuala Lumpur was scheduled to depart at 10:35 in the morning so basically there was no time for things other than going to the airport. We knew the airport was quite far away so we left a little bit earlier today. We checked-out at around 6:00 and ordered two taxis to go to the subway station. Unluckily, my taxi driver was super rude as hell!! 👿 He literally threw our luggages to the curb when we arrived at the station!! 😯 I mean, if he did not want to lift them properly to the curb, fine, just put them there on the street and I would be willing to take them to the curb. But not throwing them away just like that as if my luggages were pieces of worthless stuffs! 👿

Anyway, long story short we arrived at the airport at around 7:30. We filled the tax-refund form, queued for a really really long time to check-in, and finally we got to the departure area. We bought Dunkin Donuts for breakfast, and not long after that the boarding announcement was made.

The flight route map today from Busan-Gimhae International Airport (PUS) to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL)

The flight route map today from Busan-Gimhae International Airport (PUS) to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL)

We boarded our aircraft: an AirAsia X’s Airbus A330-343X reg code 9M-XXB flight number D7 519 to Kuala Lumpur. We took off from runway 36R of Busan-Gimhae International Airport. I was quite happy because this flight was not too busy, which meant the seats next to mine were EMPTY!! Huahahaha 😆 . (Btw, yes, they assigned my parents and brother to sit in different zone in the airplane, as I myself bought a seat to guarantee that I would get a window seat. At that time I assumed they would assign my parents and brother to sit close to me; but I was, obviously, wrong).

Empty seats!!! :D

Empty seats!!! 😀

It was quite a nice flight; and I was so happy I did not experience any stomachache along the way. At around 16:10 KL time, we landed at runway 32L of Kuala Lumpur International Airport. And the landing was such a super smooth one; probably the smoothest landing I had in the sixteen flights that I took during this one month Asia trip. Here is the landing video btw:

After the immigration and luggage handling, we left the airport to go to Kuala Kumpur city center.


Next on 2013 South Korea Trip:
– Transit in Kuala Lumpur
– Back to Yogyakarta


Sebelumnya dalam 2013 South Korea Trip: Setelah menghabiskan lima hari di Korea Selatan, yang terdiri atas tiga hari di Seoul dan dua hari di pulau Jeju, kini Zilko sudah siap untuk melanjutkan perjalanannya ke tujuan ketiga di Korea Selatan: Busan. Busan adalah kota terbesar kedua di Korea Selatan.


Hari 7 (Sabtu, 16 November 2013)

Sekitar jam 10 pagi, pengumuman untuk naik pesawat dikumandangakan. Jadilah kami naik shuttle bus (pesawatnya nggak parkir di dekat gedung terminalnya ternyata) untuk diantar ke tempat parkir pesawatnya: sebuah Boeing 737-48E milik Air Busan dengan kode registrasi HL7510 dengan nomor penerbangan BX 8104. Btw, tepat sekali, aku terbang ke “Jeju” dengan “Jeju” Air dan sekarang terbang ke “Busan” dengan “Air Busan”, huahaha 😆 . Ngomong-ngomong, aku merasa sedikit kecewa karena salah satu alasan aku memilih penerbangan ini adalah karena di website mereka, ketika aku memesan tiketnya, ditulis bahwa penerbangan akan dioperasikan dengan pesawat Airbus A321; dan kan ceritanya aku belum pernah terbang dengan Airbus A321 sebelumnya dan makanya aku excited. Eh tapi ternyata pesawatnya diganti jadi Boeing 737-400 aja… 😦 .

The flight route map today from Jeju Airport (CJU) to Busan-Gimhae Airport (PUS)

Rute penerbangan hari ini dari Bandara Jeju (CJU) ke Bandara Busan-Gimhae (PUS)

Kembali ke cerita, kami lepas landas dari landasan pacu 25 Bandara Jeju dan penerbangan jarak dekat ke Bandara Busan-Gimhae yang ditempuh dalam 45 menit pun dimulai. Di bandara tujuan, kami mendarat di landasan pacu 36L. Berikut ini video pendaratannya:

Kami naik subway (ya, kombinasi dari light rail dan kereta bawah tanah (subway) sih sebenarnya) untuk pergi ke hotel kami yang berada di area pantai Gwangan. Stasiun subway-nya ternyata agak jauh daripada hotel; yang mana sebenarnya nggak terlalu masalah sih kalau saja kami nggak sedang membawa tas-tas bagasi kami.

Karena masih terlalu awal untuk check-in, jadilah kami menitipkan tas kami di lobby hotel (oke, nggak di lobby-nya sih tetapi di concierge hotelnya, tapi ngerti lah ya maksudku 😛 ). Karena sudah waktunya makan siang, kami memutuskan untuk makan siang di sebuah restoran Korea di dekat situ (yang juga sedang ada promosi happy hour loh, dan waktu makan siangnya termasuk dalam definisi happy hour-nya 😛 ). Makan siangnya enak-enak deh, dan kami memesan bulgogi yang terkenal itu 😀 .

Lalu, kami pergi ke area Nampodong yang terkenal itu dan akhirnya kami tiba di taman Yongdusan di puncak sebuah bukit kecil di area dekat sana. Kemudian kami turun kembali ke jalanan perbelanjaannya dimana banyak terdapat penjual makanan kaki lima! Disini aku menemukan kios penjual ayam yangnyeom lagi. Tahu kan, ternyata ayam yangnyeom itu terlalu pedas untukku di malam pertamaku di Korea Selatan. Nah, jadilah iseng aja kali ini aku nanya penjualnya apakah ada yang versi nggak pedasnya. Eh, ternyata ada loh! Jadilah aku beli satu! 😀 Dan yang ini ternyata memang lebih oke deh (dalam hal tingkat kepedasan), walaupun masih pedas sih untukku; tetapi setidaknya pedasnya masih bisa ditahan. Dan sekarang kalau diingat-ingat lagi kok aku jadi menyesal deh waktu itu nggak beli satu lagi ayamnya; padahal ada lho kesempatannya 😦 .

Jagalchi Fish Market in Busan.

Pasar Ikan Jagalchi di Busan.

Kemudian kami berkeliling di area Pasar Jagalchi (yang merupakan pasar ikan) di samping pantai; dimana mereka menjual berbagai macam produk laut (ya iyalah) termasuk cumi-cumi raksasa loh (oke, mungkin aku agak sedikit melebih-lebihknay, tapi cumi-cuminya beneran BESAR BANGET loh!!! ). Lalu kami mengelilingi area Nampodong lagi sebelum memutuskan untuk kembali ke area hotel untuk makan malam di sebuah restoran barbeque ala Korea yang kami lihat siangnya tadi. Singkat cerita, makan malamnya enak banget loh di restoran barbeque-nya, dan kami kemudian kembali ke hotel.

Hari 8 (Minggu, 17 November 2013)

Kami sarapan di sebuah restoran Korea di dekat hotel. Tujuan pertama dan utama kami hari ini adalah Kuil Haedong Yonggungsa di area Haedong di Busan. Aku tahu perjalanan untuk mencapai kuilnya akan sedikit lebih tricky karena tidak ada stasiun subway yang berlokasi di dekat kuilnya, yang mana artinya kami harus naik bus umum untuk pergi kesana (kecuali kalau mau naik taksi sih). Tapi masalahnya adalah: Bus yang mana? Dan naiknya dari halte yang mana dan dimana?

Nah, setelah sarapan itu kami mampir di pusat informasi buat turis untuk menanyakan hal ini. Dan ini adalah satu-satunya tempat yang kukunjungi di seluruh perjalananku di Korea Selatan dimana aku bertemu orang lokal yang bahasa Inggrisnya lancar loh! Hahaha 😛 . Singkat cerita, kami mendapatkan informasi bahwa kuilnya bisa dicapai dengan naik bus nomor 181 yang mana bisa kita naiki di halte di dekat stasiun subway Haeundae. Mengikuti informasi ini, kemudian kami naik subway untuk pergi ke stasiun Haeundae.

Btw, yang agak menyebalkan hari ini adalah kartu T-Money dari Seoul-ku ketinggalan di hotel (Iya loh, kita bisa memakai kartu transportasinya Seoul di Busan! Keren ya! 😉 ) sehingga aku harus membeli tiket harian untuk subway-nya; dan di samping itu aku masih harus membeli tiket busnya sendiri! (Kita juga bisa menggunakan T-Money untuk bus umum di Busan dan harganya sedikit lebih murah daripada tiket biasa). Kami agak sial hari ini karena ketika tiba di Haeundae, bus 181 sudah berangkat sehingga kami harus menunggu bus yang berikutnya, yang mana tiba sekitar 20 menit kemudian. Sebenarnya nggak masalah sih, hanya saja waktu itu angin sedang bertiup kencang dan anginnya adalah angin yang dingin! 😦

Singkat cerita, bus 181 tiba; dan ternyata rute ini adalah rute yang populer sekali karena sekitar 80% dari orang yang menunggu bus di halte ini naik bus ini dong 😦 . Sebagai akibatnya, aku nggak kebagian kursi dan harus berdiri deh di sepanjang perjalanan dari Haeundae ke Haedong selama 30 menit sekali jalan.

Untuk mencapai kuilnya, kami harus berjalan sekitar 500 meter dari halte bus di Haedong. Dan suasana pintu masuknya seperti destinasi turis populer lainnya gitu deh: sangat ramai dengan banyak pedagang kaki lima menjajakan makanan ringan atau suvenir. Eh, tapi iya loh, hari ini rame banget sampai-sampai masuk ke dalam kuilnya harus berjalan pelan-pelan! Aku jadi penasaran apa kebanyakan orang ini pergi kesana di hari Minggu untuk sembahyang ya?

Masuk ke dalam kuilnya gratis loh. Dan yang oke banget dari kuil ini adalah lokasinya. Kuil Haedong Yonggungsa terletak di tebing berbatu-batu dan menghadap ke Laut Jepang. Dan dikombinasikan dengan arsitektur kuil klasik ala Korea; wow, tempatnya memang indah banget! 🙂

The beautiful Haedong Yonggungsa Temple in Busan.

Kuil Haedong Yonggungsa yang indah di Busan.

Kami tinggal disana selama sekitar satu setengah jam sebelum memutuskan untuk kembali ke Busan. Lagi, kami menaiki bus 181 (di arah yang sebaliknya tentunya). Kami harus menunggu selama sekitar 15 menit di haltenya; dan lagi-lagi, bus kami penuh banget! Jadilah aku harus berdiri di sepanjang jalan sampai Haeundae lagi! lol 😆 .

Haeundae adalah pantai yang terkenal juga di Busan; jadi mumpung sudah sampai di stasiun Haeundae, sekalian aja kami mampir. Lokasi stasiunnya sih tidak persis di samping pantai, tetapi pantainya nggak jauh kok untuk dicapai dengan jalan kaki. Di jalan, kami mampir di sebuah restoran kecil Korea untuk makan siang. Pesananku ternyata adalah pesanan yang waktu memasaknya lama; tetapi enak juga! 🙂

Kami mampir di pasar Haendae dulu sebelum akhirnya ke pantai. Pantainya oke sih, pasirnya berwarna putih. Masalahnya, karena baru aja mengunjungi Belitung sekitar sepuluh hari sebelumnya, penampakannya jadi biasa aja gitu deh. Setelah dari pantai, kami memutuskan untuk pergi ke Department Store Shinsegai, yang mana ternyata merupakan department store terbesar di dunia loh (dan ini diakui oleh Rekor Dunia Guinness). Nah, ceritanya stasiun subway-nya tersambung dengan gedung department store-nya jadi mudah deh akses kesananya. Dan di sambungan itu, aku melihat ini:

A "Trevi Fountain" in Busan

“Air Mancur Trevi” di Busan

Iya loh, masa ada air mancur Trevi (KW) di Busan! Lol 😆 . Okay…

Kami berada di Shinsegae sampai sekitar jam 19:00 (yang mana ternyata memang sebuah department store yang gede banget yang mana lantainya itu dari B2 sampai lantai 10 loh) sebelum memutuskan untuk pergi dan makan malam di restoran barbeque Korea yang sama seperti sehari sebelumnya. Makan malamnya enak lagi lho; dan kemudian kami kembali ke hotel karena keesokan harinya harus bangun pagi.

Hari 9 (Senin, 18 November 2013)

Penerbangan AirAsia X kami ke Kuala Lumpur dijadwalkan berangkat jam 10:35 di pagi hari jadi pada dasarnya tidak ada waktu bagi kami untuk hal lain selain pergi ke bandara. Karena bandaranya jauh, kami harus berangkat agak awal hari ini. Kami check out sekitar jam 6:00 dan memesan dua taksi untuk pergi ke stasiun subway-nya. Dan sopir taksiku kasar dan nggak ramah sama sekali lho!! 👿 Ia melempar tas-tas bagasi kami ke trotoar ketika kami sudah tiba di stasiunnya!! 😯 Maksudku, oke lah kalau dia nggak mau mengangkatnya dengan baik-baik ke trotoar ya nggak masalah, tapi taruh aja tas-tasnya di jalan dan aku sendiri yang akan mengangkatnya ke trotoar. Bukannya tas-tasnya dilempar seenak jidat seakan-akan tas kami nggak berharga gitu kan! 👿

Singkat cerita, tibalah kami di bandara sekitar jam 7:30. Kami mengisi formulir buat tax-refund, mengantri yang amat panjang dan lama untuk check-in, dan akhirnya masuk ke area keberangkatan. Setelah membeli Dunkin Donuts untuk sarapan, pintu boarding dibuka.

The flight route map today from Busan-Gimhae International Airport (PUS) to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL)

Rute penerbangan hari ini dari Bandara Internasional Busan-Gimhae (PUS) ke Bandara Internasional Kuala Lumpur (KUL)

Kami menaiki pesawat kami: sebuah Airbus A330-343X milik AirAsia X dengan kode registrasi 9M-XXB dengan nomor penerbangan D7 519 ke Kuala Lumpur. Kami lepas landas dari landasan pacu 36R Bandara Busan-Gimhae. Aku merasa cukup senang karena penerbangan ini tidak terlalu sibuk, yang mana artinya kursi-kursi di sebelahku KOSONG loh!! Huahahaha 😆 . (Btw, iya, kursi orangtua dan adikku berada di zona yang lain di pesawatnya karena aku sendiri membeli kursi untuk menjamin aku mendapatkan kursi window kan. Waktu itu aku berasumsi mereka akan mengatur kursi orangtua dan adikku di dekatku; dan ternyata asumsi itu salah).

Empty seats!!! :D

Kursi-kursi kosong!!! 😀

Penerbangannya oke juga; dan aku sih merasa senang karena setidaknya aku nggak sakit perut di sepanjang perjalanan. Sekitar jam 16:10 waktu KL, kami mendarat di landasan pacu 32L Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur (yup, aku masih suka dengan padanan kata “Bandara Internasional” dalam bahasa Malaysia ini nih 😛 ). Dan landing-nya super mulus banget lho; mungkin adalah landing termulus dari enam belas penerbangan yang aku terbangi di perjalanan di Asia selama sebulan ini. Berikut ini proses pendaratannya:

Setelah imigrasi dan urusan bagasi, kami meninggalkan bandaranya dan pergi ke pusat kota Kuala Lumpur.


Selanjutnya dalam 2013 South Korea Trip:
– Transit diKuala Lumpur
– Kembali ke Yogyakarta


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  5. […] the Netherlands would be operated with an Airbus A321!! Yay! 😎 I mentioned it in the post of my trip from Jeju to Busan in South Korea last year that I had been wanting to fly on an A321 for quite awhile. And I still do. At that time, […]

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