#1309 – Hello from Seoul!

So currently I am in the middle of the South Korean part of my one month Asia trip. I am in Seoul now! I arrived here two days ago and tomorrow I am off to Jeju.

What can I say about South Korea at this point? Well, one thing is that the food is SO HOT and spicy!! But well, it comes from me who can’t eat spicy food though, hahaha… 😆

Right now I am not feeling that well so I decide to take a rest in my hotel. Well, maybe that is all for now. And here are a couple of pictures I took lately here in Seoul as a preview of this trip of mine 😀

The famous Namiseom
Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul

21 thoughts on “#1309 – Hello from Seoul!

    1. ini jawaban zilko gak banget, mau digebuk pengemar korea se Indonesia yang belum kesampaian ke Korea tapi malah disalip si zilko yang gak gemar K-POP dan K-Drama 😛

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