#1295 – Super Busy


I just want to write here now (so my current memory is stored 😀 ) that I am soo busy at work lately that I feel the need to work long hours, 😆 . Like yesterday I was so busy at work that I had to skip a Dutch course, haha 😆 .

Arrgghh, so many things to do!!


Aku hanya ingin menulis disini sekarang (jadi ceritanya ingatanku akan saat ini akan tersimpan gitu 😀 ) bahwa saat ini aku sibuuk banget sampai-sampai aku harus lembur loh, huahaha 😆 . Kayak kemarin, saking sibuknya di kantor, aku harus bolos satu pertemuan kelas bahasa Belanda dong, haha 😆 .

Arrgghh, banyak banget sih yang harus dilakukan!!


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