#1256 – 2013 Wimbledon Trip (Part III)


Previously on 2013 Wimbledon Trip: Zilko went to London for the second time in June to go to the third grandslam tournament of the year: The Wimbledon Championships. He had spent two of the first three full days he had in London in Wimbledon. One full day to go, and he decided to go to the Championships on this day as well.


Day 3 (Friday, 28 June 2013)

Unsurprisingly, it was much easier for me to sleep that night and I had a much better sleep than I had in the nights prior to my first two days at the Championships. But still, because I got up at 03:30, I still felt like a zombie when I got up, lol 😆 .

The Black Wednesday incident screwed the Friday schedule for me because there were not so many singles starts left scheduled to play today. I mean, I am a big fans of Andy Murray; but because he was basically the only star left, I was almost sure he would be scheduled to play in Centre Court; and I knew it was practically impossible to get a Centre Court if I did not camp overnight.

So that was why I got up about 45 minutes later than on my first two days. I arrived at The Queue a few minutes before 5 AM today, and here is my number:

I was the 1327th person in The Queue today
I was the 1327th person in The Queue today

I was the 1327th person in The Queue. Well, not too bad, I guess, hahaha.

The Queue went pretty much the same as before though. At around 07:45, when the stewards started handing out the show courts’ wristbands, actually I still had the options to choose either No.1 Court wristband or No.2 Court wristband.  But because the line-ups for both courts were not that interesting for me (and also because the weather forecast was not too good today), I decided not to take any of them and would just buy a grounds admission.

Btw, as I just said, the weather forecast was far from being fine for today; and it already showed that morning when I was queuing. That was why I really liked it when a group of entertainers played this song in The Queue:

Hahaha 😆 . Btw, in case you don’t get it, they were playing “Ain’t No Sunshine“. If you still don’t get it (duh!), see the weather 🙂 .

Anyway, after paying £20 for my grounds admission, I bought another fish and chips for brunch. Btw, I have to say though that buying only grounds admission did make me feel a little bit less important, lol 😆 .

Looking at the schedule, the first match that I wanted to watch was the first round gentlemen’s doubles match between Bob and Mike Bryan and a Brazilian team, Marcelo Demoliner and André Sá at the No.16 Court. So after having my brunch and getting around a little bit, I went directly to the court to get a seat. Because I was still quite early, I got a really good seat (in the first row) that morning.

However, the weather turned from bad to worse. If it was (only) heavily cloudy before, now drizzle started to fall down. As a result, all matches, which were supposed to start at 11:30, could not get underway and had to wait. I was sitting there waiting and waiting, but at noon, there seemed to be no improvement on the weather. I started to feel the tiredness and also felt sleepy. It was bad, I thought, and I knew I had to get moving. So I sacrificed my good seat and went around the grounds again.

(Typical) gloomy Friday in London
(Typical) gloomy Friday in London

The weather was not so nice so there was not so many action going on. Some players gave their autographs (I saw Agnieszka Radwańska and Tomáš Berdych), some people just sat on the Henman Hill, some had meal in some restaurants, etc. But finally, at around 1 PM, the rain stopped and plays would finally be started. So I went back to the No.16 Court; and as expected, all seats had been taken 😥 . But well, I could stand just at the entrance of the court and saw the match though, it was just that I did not have any seat.

Long story short, both teams, the Bryans and Sá/Demoliner, entered the court and started the match. After a few games, some people left their seats at the far-end of the court. Well, because I planned to watch the entire match, I decided to take this seat even though it was not a superb seat. But still, having a seat was better than not having one, I thought. Btw, throughout the match, two girls who were standing behind me couldn’t stop talking (and gossiping, lol 😆 ); and it was, frankly, a bit irritating though. One lady who was sitting in front of me couldn’t handle it and shooshed them. But they didn’t stop, really 🙄 . Anyway, in the end, the Bryans won the match 6–4, 6–4, 6–1.

The famous chestbump by the Bryan twins celebrating their victory
The famous chestbump by the Bryan twins celebrating their victory

It was around 3:30 PM, if I recall correctly. I left my seat at the No.16 Court and headed to the No.12 Court where the third round match between Alizé Cornet and Flavia Pennetta was underway. The No.12 Court was one of the special outer courts that had dedicated steel-structure for a lot of seats (read: it had many seats for spectators). And I was lucky that I arrived there at the time where some seats were still available (because it was an outer court, it was a first come first serve basis) so I did not have to queue.

The first set was a weird scoreline though because Cornet bagelled Pennetta. Okay, Pennetta was ranked 166th and Cornet was 31st so some non-tennis fans might think this was not that surprising. However, Pennetta was ranked this low only because she missed several months of the tour due to injury; hence, her ranking dropped. Quality-wise, she was at least a top 30 player, in my opinion. So I expected the match to be much closer than that (and that was why the match was scheduled on the No.12 Court, one of the bigger outer courts 😉 ).

Pennetta played better in the second set, and immediately built a 5–1 lead. However, Cornet got back to the set slowly and was able to level it up 5–5. During one changeover, Pennetta asked to see the trainer, so it worried me that she might have some injury or something. But she kept on playing. As thought, the second set went to a tiebreak. Cornet seemed to ride the momentum she had built in the earlier part of the tiebreak though where she had quite a lead. However, Pennetta kept fighting and in the end was able to take the tiebreak 7–4.

I felt so exhausted at this point and I decided to leave my seat. I walked around the grounds and saw some doubles actions being underway. I saw Alexander Peya/Bruno Soares, Sara Errani/Roberta Vinci, Natalie Grandin/Vladimira Uhlirova, and Raquel Kops-Jones/Abigail Spears. I went to the practice courts and some players were practicing there, like Dominika Cibulková and Kevin Anderson. Speaking of Kevin Anderson, seeing him on person made me realize that he was so big! Well, I mean, his height was 203 cm so, at around 20 cm taller than myself, obviously he was really tall! Hahaha 😆 .

I was quite hungry so I decided to buy a meal for dinner. Quite bored with fish and chips, I decided to buy chicken and chips instead, huahaha 😆 . Btw, at this time, the third set of the Cornet vs Pennetta match was concluded with Pennetta won the decider 6–2. Forza Flavia! 🙂

Because I was exhausted already and none of the rest of the matches at the outer courts was that interesting, I decided to end my day and went back to my hotel. The weather made me glad that I did not buy the show court ticket though, because only the Centre Court schedule that was unaffected by the rain though due to Centre Court’s retractable roof; plus, I was so exhausted that day. So I saved quite some quids 🙂 .


So, yeah, that was the story of my trip to the Wimbledon Championships this year. The day after that (Saturday), I went back to the Netherlands catching an afternoon KLM flight from London Heathrow Airport to Schiphol Airport. And here my one week trip to London this year officially ended.



Sebelumnya dalam 2013 Wimbledon Trip: Zilko pergi ke London untuk kali kedua di bulan Juni untuk menonton turnamen grandslam ketiga tahun ini: Kejuaraan Wimbledon. Ia telah menghabiskan dua dari tiga hari penuhnya di London di Wimbledon. Masih tersisa satu hari penuh lagi, dan ia memutuskan untuk pergi ke kejuaraannya pula hari ini.


Hari 3 (Jumat, 28 Juni 2013)

Tidak mengejutkan, malam ini jauh lebih mudah bagiku untuk tidur dan tidurku juga jauh lebih nyenyak daripada di malam-malam sebelum dua kunjungan pertamaku di Kejuaraan ini tahun ini. Tapi tetap aja lah ya, karena aku bangunnya jam 03:30 subuh, rasanya masih kayak zombie gitu ketika bangun, huahaha 😆 .

Insiden Rabu Kelabu beneran mengacaukan jadwal hari Jumat untukku karena tidak ada banyak pemain top tunggal yang tersisa yang akan bermain hari ini. Maksudku, jelas aku adalah fans-nya Andy Murray; tetapi karena ia, pada dasarnya, adalah satu-satunya pemain top yang tersisa, aku sangat yakin ia akan dijadwalkan main di Centre Court hari ini; dan aku tahu dong praktis tidak mungkin aku bisa mendapatkan tiket Centre Court kalau aku tidak ikutan kemping mengantri sepanjang malam.

Inilah mengapa aku bangun 45 menit lebih siang daripada di dua hari pertama. Ketika aku tiba di The Queue sekitar beberapa menit sebelum jam 5 subuh, nomorku adalah berikut ini:

I was the 1327th person in The Queue today
Aku adalah orang ke-1327 di The Queue hari ini

Aku adalah orang ke-1327 di The Queue loh. Masih lumayan sih, hahaha.

The Queue-nya berjalan kurang lebih sama seperti sebelumnya. Sekitar jam 07:45, ketika para stewards-nya membagikan gelang lapangan utama, sebenarnya aku masih bisa memilih gelang Lapangan No.1 atau Lapangan No.2 loh. Tetapi karena pertandingan-pertandingan yang dijadwalkan di kedua lapangan itu pun nggak terlalu menarik bagiku (dan juga karena ramalan cuaca hari ini kurang begitu bagus), aku memutuskan untuk tidak mengambil yang mana pun dan akan membeli tiket grounds admission saja.

Btw, seperti yang aku bilang, cuaca hari ini diramalkan tidak terlalu baik; dan tanda-tandanya memang sudah nampak semenjak pagi hari loh ketika aku mengantri. Makanya aku suka banget ketika satu grup penghibur memainkan lagu ini di The Queue:

Hahaha 😆 . Btw, kalau misalnya nggak ngerti maksudnya apaan, mereka memainkan lagu “Ain’t No Sunshine” (Tidak ada sinar matahari). Kalau masih nggak ngerti juga maksudnya apaan (duh!), coba lihat cuacanya dah 🙂 .

Anyway, setelah membayar £20 untuk grounds admission-ku, aku membeli fish and chips lagi deh untuk brunch. Btw, harus kubilang lho bahwa hanya membeli grounds admission membuatku sedikit merasa kurang penting gitu deh, huahaha 😆 .

Melihat jadwalnya, pertandingan pertama yang ingin kutonton adalah pertandingan babak pertama ganda putra antara Bob dan Mike Bryan melawan tim asal Brazil, Marcelo Demoliner dan André Sá, di Lapangan No.16. Makanya setelah selesai makan dan berkeliling sedikit, aku langsung menuju ke lapangannya untuk menduduki satu tempat duduk. Karena aku masih awal, aku mendapatkan kursi yang oke banget loh (di baris pertama) pagi itu.

Namun, cuacanya berubah dari buruk menjadi lebih buruk. Kalau sebelumnya (cuma) mendung tebal aja, sekarang mulai gerimis dong. Sebagai hasilnya, semua pertandingan, yang dijadwalkan dimulai jam 11:30, tidak bisa dimainkan dan harus menunggu. Aku duduk disana menunggu dan terus menunggu. Sampai tengah hari, nampak seperti tidak ada peningkatan di cuacanya. Aku mulai merasa lelah banget dan agak ngantuk. Agak berbahaya kan, begitulah pikirku, dan aku merasa bahwa aku harus bergerak nih. Jadilah aku mengorbankan kursiku yang bagus itu dan lalu berkeliling lagi.

(Typical) gloomy Friday in London
Jumat yang muram (tipikal sih) di London

Karena cuacanya nggak terlalu oke, nggak banyak aktivitas yang berlangsung juga. Beberapa pemain memberikan tanda tangan mereka (aku melihat Agnieszka Radwańska dan Tomáš Berdych), beberapa orang duduk-duduk saja di Bukit Henman, beberapa makan di restoran, dll. Tetapi akhirnya, sekitar jam 1 siang, hujannya berhenti dan pertandingan tenis akhirnya bisa dimulai. Aku kembali ke Lapangan No.16; dan seperti yang sudah diduga, semua kursinya sudah penuh dong 😥 . Ah, nggak papa sih, aku masih bisa berdiri di pintu masuknya itu dan menonton pertandingannya, aku cuma nggak punya kursi saja.

Singkat cerita, kedua tim, si kembar Bryan dan Sá/Demoliner, memasuki lapangan dan memulai pertandingan. Setelah beberapa games, beberapa orang meninggalkan kursinya di pojok lapangan.Ya, karena aku berencana menonton keseluruhan pertandingannya, aku mengambil kursi itu deh walaupun lokasinya agak kurang oke. Tapi masih mending mendapatkan kursi daripada enggak toh? Btw, di sepanjang pertandingan itu, ada dua perempuan di belakangku yang terus-terusan ngobrol dong (dan bergosip, huahaha 😆 ); dan jujur ya, agak mengganggu juga. Satu wanita di depanku akhirnya tidak tahan dan menyuruh mereka diam (di-shoosh). Tapi mereka tetap nggak berhenti dong 🙄 . Anyway, akhirnya, Bob dan Mike Bryan menang 6–4, 6–4, 6–1.

The famous chestbump by the Bryan twins celebrating their victory
Si kembar Bryan melakukan chestbump-nya yang terkenal itu untuk merayakan kemenangan mereka

Waktu itu sudah sekitar jam 3:30 sore, kalau nggak salah. Aku meninggalkan kursiku di Lapangan No.16 dan berjalan menuju Lapangan No.12 dimana pertandingan babak ketiga antara Alizé Cornet dan Flavia Pennetta sedang berlangsung. Lapangan No.12 ini adalah salah satu lapangan luar yang spesial karena memiliki rangka besi yang bisa menampung banyak kursi (baca: ada banyak kursi untuk penonton). Dan aku beruntung karena aku tiba disana ketika ada beberapa kursi yang kosong (di lapangan luar, sistemnya adalah siapa duluan dia dapat) jadi aku nggak perlu mengantri.

Set pertama berlangsung aneh karena Cornet mem-bagel Pennetta. Oke, Pennetta memang berperingkat 166 di dunia sementara Cornet berperingkat 31 dunia sehingga mereka yang tidak mengikuti tenis mungkin mengira hasil ini seharusnya tidaklah aneh. Namun, Pennetta itu berperingkat sedemikian rendah hanya karena ia tidak bisa bermain selama beberapa bulan karena cedera; oleh karenanya, peringkatnya anjlok. Secara kualitas sih, menurutku ia setidaknya adalah pemain peringkat 30 besar lah. Makanya aku menjangka pertandingan ini lebih ketat daripada skor itu (dan inilah mengapa pertandingan ini dijadwalkan di Lapangan No.12, salah satu lapangan luar yang besar 😉 ).

Pennetta bermain lebih baik di set kedua, dan langsung unggul 5–1. Namun, Cornet secara perlahan-lahan kembali ke set kedua dan berhasil menyamakan skor menjadi 5–5. Di salah satu changeover-nya, Pennetta meminta trainer untuk memeriksanya, sehingga aku agak khawatir apakah ia sedang cedera atau apa. Tapi ia terus bermain. Seperti yang diduga, set kedua memasuki babak tiebreak. Cornet nampak seperti memanfaatkan momentumnya yang baru saja ia bangun di set kedua di awal tiebreak dengan langsung unggul beberapa poin. Namun, Pennetta terus melawan dan akhirnya berhasil memenangi set kedua dengan memenangi tiebreak-nya 7–4.

Aku merasa lelah banget di waktu ini dan memutuskan untuk meninggalkan kursiku. Aku berjalan berkeliling kompleks turnamen dan melihat beberapa pertandingan ganda sedang dimainkan. Aku melihat Alexander Peya/Bruno Soares, Sara Errani/Roberta Vinci, Natalie Grandin/Vladimira Uhlirova, dan Raquel Kops-Jones/Abigail Spears. Lalu aku pergi ke arena lapangan berlatih dan waktu itu sedang ada beberapa pemain yang berlatih disana, seperti Dominika Cibulková dan Kevin Anderson. Ngomongin Kevin Anderson, melihatnya itu membuatku menyadari bahwa ia itu besar banget ya! Maksudku, iya sih, tingginya aja kan 203 cm, atau sekitar 20 cm lebih tinggi daripada aku, jadi jelas aja dia tinggi banget ya! Hahaha 😆 .

Aku merasa lapar jadilah aku memutuskan untuk makan malam sekalian. Karena bosan dengan fish and chips, aku membeli chicken and chips deh, huahaha 😆 . Btw, di waktu ini, set ketiga pertandingan Cornet vs Pennetta selesai dengan Pennetta memenangi set ini 6–2. Forza Flavia! 🙂

Karena aku sudah capek banget dan pertandingan yang tersisa juga tidaklah begitu menarik bagiku, aku memutuskan untuk mengakhiri hariku dan kembali ke hotel. Cuacanya membuatku merasa lega karena tidak membeli tiket lapangan utama lho, karena hanya jadwal Centre Court saja yang tidak terganggu hujan karena Centre Court memiliki atap yang bisa digerakkan itu kan; ditambah lagi, aku merasa lelah banget hari ini. Jadi lumayan kan aku menghemat beberapa quids 🙂 .


Jadi, ya, itulah cerita perjalananku ke Kejuaraan Wimbledon tahun ini. Sehari setelahnya (Sabtu), aku kembali ke Belanda dengan menaiki penerbangannya KLM di siang hari dari Bandara Heathrow di London ke Bandara Schiphol. Dan disinilah perjalanan semingguku ke London tahun ini berakhir.


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  1. nyonyasepatu says:

    zi, karena gak ngerti tennis, jadi liat foto2nya aja deh hehehe

    1. zilko says:

      Hahaha 😀 . Iya, kemarin ini ambil fotonya banyak juga 😛 .

  2. ladeva says:

    Gak ngeh…kamu pergi sendirian ya Ko?

    1. zilko says:

      Iya, pergi sendiri Dev, hehehe 🙂

  3. bebe' says:

    Jadi pingin mamerin foto2 swedish open kemarin juga deh.. nyahahaha kompetitip ceritanya.. 😛

    1. zilko says:

      Waaa, di-upload dong fotonya Be, penasaraan!! Hehehe 🙂 Btw, hari ini nggak pergi Be? Hari ini Serena Williams beneran main disana loh. Dan kalau diliat dari tayangannya, itu kayaknya stadionnya jadi full banget gitu pas dia main, hahaha 😆 .

  4. raden ikhwan says:

    sedingin itu apa ndak kram otot ya (apalagi gloomy friday) 🙄

    1. zilko says:

      Hahaha, nggak terlalu dingin kok karena kan musim panas. Apalagi bagi pemainnya tentu mereka sudah pemanasan dan persiapan untuk itu 😀 .

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