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#1252 – 2013 Wimbledon Championships


So it is that time around of the year again. Earlier today, the third grandslam tournamen of the year, the Wimbledon Championships, was concluded. So here we go

Black Wednesday

Wednesday, 26 July 2013, was a strange that at the Championships. After Rafael Nadal’s shocking loss in the first round (his first ever first round loss at a grandslam tournament in his entire career) to the world no.135, Steve Darcis, already made Tuesday headline. The bottom halves of both the gentlemen’s and ladies’ draw were played on Wednesday and originally consisted of a lot of big names on the tour: Andy Murray, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Victoria Azarenka, and Maria Sharapova. With Nadal heading back home on Monday, four of them remained and all were scheduled to play on Wednesday.

However, who would ever think that three of them would not be back at the Championships this year by the end of the day? Azarenka had to withdraw from the tournament due to the knee injury she sufferred in her first round match, Maria Sharapova lost to Michelle Larcher de Brito, and Roger Federer lost for the first time since 2005 to a player ranked outside of the top 100. Only Andy Murray “survived” the day.

Beside of that, a lot of other players were injured or withdrew as well; the list including Nadal’s conqueror, Steve Darcis. Some seeded players lost as well. It was truly the weirdest day in a big tournament, such as Wimbledon. And that is why it was a “black” Wednesday.

Gentlemen’s Singles

Despite all of those early shocks, the gentlemen’s singles held pretty firmly for the rest of the tournament. The remaining two of the Big Four, Novak Djokovic (world no.1) and Andy Murray (world no.2), advanced to the final. Murray got a much smoother path after those early shocks that involved a lot of players in his side of the draw; while Djokovic had to overcome Juan Martin del Potro 7–5, 4–6, 7–6(2), 6–7(8), 6–3 in the longest semifinals in the history of Wimbledon.

In the final, Andy Murray played more consistently than Novak Djokovic and won in straight sets 6–4, 7–5, 6–4. Even it was in three sets, they were all very long sets as the total match took a little over three hours to be completed. In the last game, where Murray was serving, he immediately led 40–0 and, thus, had three championships points (if he won any of these three, he would win the match). But Djokovic fought back and made it to deuce. After that, he even had some break points opportunities. But in the end, Murray could hold his nerve and sealed the match at the fourth championships point.

By winning the title, Andy Murray became the first British male player to win a Wimbledon singles title after Fred Perry in 1936! So, after 77 years, finally the UK has a male Wimbledon champion! I am so happy now!!

Congratulations Andy Murray!! 🙂

Ladies’ Singles

Unlike the gentlemen’s singles draw, the ladies’ singles draw fell further apart after the Black Wednesday. Already the hot favorite to win the tournament, Serena Williams became an even hotter favorite to win the title. However, as I said in this post, one dangerous player was lurking in her side of the draw: Sabine Lisicki. And they met each other in the fourth round. Surprisingly, Serena Williams lost in three sets to the German 2–6, 6–1, 4–6. The third set was very weird because Serena was up a break twice, at 3–1, and then 4–2, but could not consolidate the break in the game afterward. It was uncharacteristically Serena. But well, she has been playing a lot of tennis since March and she was coming to this match on a 34 match winning streak which included titles in Miami, Charleston, Madrid, Rome, and the French Open. Maybe she was, mentally, a little bit exhausted? I don’t know.

Lisicki followed up this victory with an appareance to the final for the first time ever. In the other side of the draw, however, Marion Bartoli has been flying under the radar; which in a way was “natural” because she was not facing any players with rankings within the top 15. She reached the Wimbledon final for the second time in her career (after 2007 where she lost to Venus Williams).

The final looked a little bit strange, especially for Sabine Lisicki whose form seemed to dissipate. She was not playing anywhere near the level where she beat Serena Williams or Agnieszka Radwańska in the semifinals. In the end, despite Lisicki “woke up” at the end of the second set where she saved three championships points, Lisicki was in a too-big hole that Marion Bartoli won her first grandslam title with a straight sets victory of 6–1, 6–4.

Talking about luck of the draw, I think this year’s edition of the Championships is a premium example for that. So, to win a grandslam, a player must win seven matches. And in her seven matches, these are the players (and their rankings) that Bartoli defeated:
R1: Elina Svitolina (#82)
R2: Christina McHale (#70)
R3: Camila Giorgi (#93)
R4: Karin Knapp (#104)
QF: Sloane Stephens (#17)
SF: Kirsten Flipkens (#20)
F: Sabine Lisicki (#24)

Yes, the highest ranked player she had to beat was Sloane Stephens, who was at number 17. Not to take anything away from Bartoli’s triumph though, as she was the only player in the ladies’ draw that did her job of beating seven players, while the others did not; but still…

Gentlemen’s Doubles

This season has been Bob and Mike Bryan’s season in the men’s doubles. Coming into Wimbledon Championships, the duo has won 8 titles including the Australian Open and French Open titles. They dominated the field so much that they had collected 8,805 points this year only while the second best team had collected “only” 3,325 points. Looking the streak a little bit further to the second-half of the 2012, they were also the title-holders of the Olympics and the US Open. So, if they were to win this Wimbledon Championships (they lost in the semifinals last year), they would be the title holders (reigning champions) of all four grandslam titles AND Olympics gold medal! That is a non-calendar year golden slam!

And they put themselves in a good position to achieve that. They reached the final where they would face Ivan Dodig/Marcelo Melo. In the end, they won their third Wimbledon title with a 3–6, 6–3, 6–4, 6–4 victory.

Congratulations Bob and Mike!

Andy Murray won his second grand slam title at Wimbledon ater defeating the world no.1, Novak Djokovic, in the final. Photo credit: Clive Brunskill/Getty Images Europe
Andy Murray won his second grand slam title at Wimbledon ater defeating the world no.1, Novak Djokovic, in the final. Photo credit: Clive Brunskill/Getty Images Europe
Marion Bartoli won her maiden grand slam title at the 2013 Wimbledon Championships. Photo credit: Dennis Grombkowski/Getty Images Europe
Marion Bartoli won her maiden grand slam title at the 2013 Wimbledon Championships. Photo credit: Dennis Grombkowski/Getty Images Europe
By winning the 2013 Wimbledon Championships, Bob & Mike Bryan became the reigning champions of the Olympics, US Open, Australian Open, French Open, and Wimbledon! Photo credit: Julian Finney/Getty Images Europe
By winning the 2013 Wimbledon Championships, Bob & Mike Bryan became the reigning champions of the Olympics, US Open, Australian Open, French Open, and Wimbledon! Photo credit: Julian Finney/Getty Images Europe


Sore tadi, turnamen grandslam ketiga tahun ini, Kejuaraan Wimbledon, telah berakhir. Jadi, mari kita mulai saja

Rabu Kelabu

Rabu, 26 Juli 2013, adalah hari yang aneh di kejuaraan ini. Kekalahan Rafael Nadal yang mengejutkan di babak pertama (kekalahan pertamanya di babak pertama turnamen grandslam di sepanjang kariernya) dari pemain peringkat 135 dunia, Steve Darcis, menjadi headline di hari Selasa. Ceritanya, undian bawah dari tunggal putra dan putri dimainkan di hari Rabu dan awalnya bagian ini memiliki banyak nama-nama besar: Andy Murray, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Victoria Azarenka, dan Maria Sharapova. Dengan kekalahannya Nadal di hari Senin, empat di antaranya masih bertahan dan dijadwalkan untuk bermain di hari Rabu.

Namun, siapa yang menyangka bahwa tiga di antaranya tidak akan kembali lagi ke Kejuaraan Wimbledon tahun ini setelah hari itu berakhir? Azarenka harus mundur dari turnamen karena cedera lutut yang ia derita di pertandingan babak pertamanya, Maria Sharapova kalah dari Michelle Larcher de Brito, dan Roger Federer kalah dari pemain berperingkat di luar 100 besar dunia untuk pertama kalinya semenjak tahun 2005. Hanya Andy Murray yang “bertahan”.

Di samping itu, ada banyak sekali pemain lain yang cedera dan mundur juga; termasuk petenis yang menaklukan Nadal, Steve Darcis. Beberapa pemain unggulan juga, secara mengejutkan, kalah juga. Hari itu beneran sebuah hari yang amat aneh di sebuah turnamen besar, seperti Wimbledon. Makanya hari itu disebut sebagai Rabu kelabu.

Tunggal Putra

Meskipun kejutan besar di awal turnamen itu, undian (draw) tunggal putra masih bisa bertahan cukup solid kok di sepanjang sisa turnamennya. Dua yang tersisa dari The Big Four, Novak Djokovic (peringkat 1 dunia) dan Andy Murray (peringkat 2 dunia), berhasil menembus final. Murray mendapatkan jalan yang lebih mulus karena kejutan-kejutan besar yang terjadi di awal turnamen itu kebanyakan berada di sisi undiannya; sementara Djokovic harus mengalahkan Juan Martin del Potro 7–5, 4–6, 7–6(2), 6–7(8), 6–3 di semifinal terlama di sejarahnya Wimbledon.

Di final, Andy Murray bermain lebih konsisten daripada Novak Djokovic dan menang dalam tiga set langsung, 6–4, 7–5, 6–4. Walaupun tiga set, kesemuanya adalah set yang panjang loh karena total keseluruhan pertandingannya memakan waktu lebih dari tiga jam. Di game terakhir, dimana Murray memegang serve, ia langsung memimpin 40–0 dan, oleh karenanya, memiliki tiga championships points (kalau ia memenangi satu saja dari tiga poin ini, ia memenangi pertandingannya). Tapi Djokovic terus memberikan perlawanan dan berhasil membuat skor menjadi deuce. Setelahnya, bahkan ia memiliki beberapa kesempatan untuk mematahkan servisnya Murray. Namun, pada akhirnya Murray berhasil mengatur mentalnya dan memenangi pertandingan di championships point keempat.

Dengan memenangi gelar ini, Andy Murray menjadi pria dari Inggris Raya pertama yang memenangi gelar tunggal Wimbledon setelah Fred Perry di tahun 1936! Jadi, setelah 77 tahun, akhirnya Inggris Raya memiliki juara Wimbledon putra juga! Ah, aku merasa senang sekali nih sekarang!!

Selamat Andy Murray!! 🙂

Tunggal Putri

Tidak seperti tunggal putra, undian tunggal putri-nya menjadi semakin hancur setelah Rabu kelabu itu. Yang bahkan sudah difavoritkan untuk juara sebelum turnamen dimulai, Serena Williams menjadi lebih semakin difavoritkan lagi setelah Rabu kelabu. Namun, seperti yang aku bilang di posting ini, ada satu pemain berbahaya di grupnya: Sabine Lisicki. Dan mereka beneran bertemu di babak keempat. Secara mengejutkan Serena Williams kalah dalam tiga set dari pemain Jerman ini dengan skor 2–6, 6–1, 4–6. Set ketiganya berlangsung aneh karena Serena sempat unggul dengan satu break sebanyak dua kali, di posisi 3–1, dan kemudian 4–2, tetapi selalu tidak bisa menyegel keunggulan break itu di game setelahnya. Tidak seperti Serena. Ah, tapi ia sudah bermain banyak sekali tenis semenjak bulan Maret dan ia datang ke turnamen ini dengan 34 kemenangan beruntun yang mana termasuk gelar juara di Miami, Charleston, Madrid, Roma, dan French Open. Jadi mungkin ia, secara mental, merasa lelah? Nggak tahu juga sih.

Lisicki memanfaatkan kemenangan ini sebagai modal untuk melaju ke final untuk pertama kalinya. Di sisi lain dari undian, Marion Bartoli bermain under the radar, tidak banyak diberitakan; yang mana cukup “natural” juga karena ia tidak pernah perlu melawan pemain berperingkat 15 besar dunia. Kemudian ia mencapai final Wimbledon untuk kedua kalinya di kariernya (setelah tahun 2007 dimana ia kalah dari Venus Williams).

Finalnya berlangsung aneh, terutama Sabine Lisicki yang permainannya nampak hilang. Ia nampak tidak bermain di level permainan tenis yang sama ketika ia mengalahkan Serena Williams atau Agnieszka Radwańska di semifinal. Akhirnya, walaupun Lisicki sempat “bangun” di akhir set kedua dimana ia menyelamatkan tiga championships points, ia sudah terlanjut berada di situasi yang terlalu buruk sehingga Marion Bartoli berhasil memenangi gelar grandslam pertamanya dengan kemenangan straight sets 6–1, 6–4.

Ngomongin mengenai keberuntungan dari undian, aku rasa Kejuaraan Wimbledon edisi tahun ini adalah contoh yang premium. Jadi, untuk memenangi sebuah gelar grandslam, seorang pemain harus memenangi tujuh pertandingan. Dan di tujuh pertandingannya, berikut adalah para pemain (dan peringkat dunianya) yang harus dikalahkan Bartoli:
R1: Elina Svitolina (#82)
R2: Christina McHale (#70)
R3: Camila Giorgi (#93)
R4: Karin Knapp (#104)
QF: Sloane Stephens (#17)
SF: Kirsten Flipkens (#20)
F: Sabine Lisicki (#24)

Ya, pemain peringkat tertinggi yang harus ia kalahkan adalah Sloane Stephens, yang “hanya” berperingkat 17. Tanpa bermaksud menodai kemenangannya Bartoli ya, karena toh ia adalah satu-satunya wanita di tunggal putri yang sukses menjalankan tugasnya mengalahkan tujuh pemain, sementara yang lain tidak; tapi tetap aja lah ya…

Ganda Putra

Musim ini adalah musimnya Bob dan Mike Bryan di ganda putra. Masuk ke Kejuaraan Wimbledon, duo ini telah mengoleksi 8 gelar juara yang termasuk gelar di Australian Open dan French Open. Mereka mendominasi ganda putra dimana mereka telah mengantongi 8.805 poin tahun ini saja sementara tim terbaik kedua baru mengantongi “hanya” 3.325 poin. Melihat prestasinya agak jauh ke belakang sedikit, ke setengah terakhir tahun 2012, mereka jugalah pemegang titel di Olimpiade dan US Open. Jadi, kalau mereka memenangi Wimbledon tahun ini (mereka kalah di semifinal tahun lalu), mereka akan menjadi pemegang titel (reigning champion) dari kesemua turnamen grandslam DAN medali emas olimpiade pada saat yang bersamaan! Sebuah non-calendar year golden slam!

Dan mereka memberikan kesempatan diri mereka untuk mencapai prestasi itu. Mereka mencapai final dimana mereka akan menghadapi Ivan Dodig/Marcelo Melo. Akhirnya, mereka memenangi gelar ketiga Wimbledon mereka dengan kemenangan 3–6, 6–3, 6–4, 6–4.

Selamat Bob and Mike!


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