#1181 – 2012 Year-End Trip (Part V)


Previously on 2012 Year-End Trip: Zilko and his brother went on a 12-day trip to four countries in Europe. Now they were already spending two days in the capital city of Spain, Madrid. They had one more full day before going to Barcelona.


Day 9 (Thursday, 3 January 2013)

Our main destination of the day was Estadio Santiago Bernabéu. Yes, the stadium that is owned by Real Madrid. Okay, I was (and am) not really a fan of football, but my brother was. So I decided to accompany him visiting the stadium as I thought it would be interesting to see anyway.

We took the Metro from Puerta del Sol (with one transit) to get to the stadium after having another “Combination” brunch nearby. The trip wasn’t that long. It took us probably around 15 minutes to get there. We got out the Metro station and Estadio Santiago Bernabéu stood before us. It was indeed a very big football stadium. It didn’t look as fancy as I thought btw, but it was huge.

We circled the stadium once from outside before going to the ticket booth to buy admission to the stadium. Apparently we had to pay €19 per person just to enter the stadium. It was kinda steep for me, in my opinion, given that I was not really a big fan of football. If I weren’t with my brother (I was alone), I wouldn’t have bought the ticket, hahaha 😆 .

We entered the stadium through one of its four towers at its corners. We were directed to the highest place first, and then the tour literally went downward circling the stadium from thereon. Overall, it was a very nice tour. If you are a fan of football, especially Real Madrid, it is a must go!

So, we started with having a panoramic look of the stadium at one of its higher sections. Then, we visited the trophy room, where all trophy that Real Madrid had won were on display. Then, we entered another room where the details (history, players, managers, achievements, etc) of Real Madrid were explained. After that, we arrived at the mid-section of the stadium which, in my opinion, was the best spot to watch a football match. It was not too high (far) and not too low (close) to the football field. Then we went to the other side of the stadium where the VVIP seats were located. And of course we could sit on those VVIP seats! Huahaha 😆 . You know, a little bit of luxury taste. 🙂

Then, the tour went even more super awesome from hereon. After the VVIP seating, we got access to the players’ dressing room!! 😯 Yes, it was the dressing room where players showered, changed, and basically prepared themselves during the moments before the match. We also got access to the alley where players walked from the dressing room to the field. Yes, that alley! So cool!! Yes, it also meant that we got access to the field! Well, of course we could not run on the field though, because they were, obviously, preserving the grass. But the cool thing was that we got access to the field-side seating where the coach and substitutes players seating were. It was so cool! After that, our last stop was at the conference room.

But there was also another highlight of this visit. I ‘met’ Cristiano Ronaldo. What, you don’t believe me? Well, here is the proof: a picture of me and Cristiano Ronaldo, huahaha 😆

With Cristiano Ronaldo

With Cristiano Ronaldo

Okay, here is the truth. So I did not really ‘meet’ Cristiano Ronaldo. So, during the tour, there was a spot where we could take picture in front of a green screen where we could take one picture with any Real Madrid players we wanted. Yes, it was like the green screen they used in making some animation movies. So I chose Cristiano Ronaldo. But after I took the picture, upon realizing that Iker Casillas was also playing for Real Madrid (I honestly didn’t remember that), I was thinking I should have chosen Casillas instead, hahaha 😆 .

We left the stadium after about three hours of touring inside. It was not bad. Even the experience was enjoyable for me as a non-fan.

After that, we walked to a shopping centre nearby where we had lunch. The restaurant was so full of local people, so it was a good choice because the price was indeed not expensive, huahaha 😛 . The waiters and waitresses did not speak English at all btw, so it was quite an interesting experience, haha. My brother ordered a paella while I ordered cod soup with potatoes or something like that.

To wrap up the day, we went back to the city center later on that day. We had dinner at a fast Chinese food restaurant, which was nice; and just spent the evening at the area around our hotel. We did not stay up late because the next morning we would have to get up early to catch a morning flight to Barcelona.

Day 10 (Friday, 4 January 2013)

We got up at 5:15 today because we had to catch our flight to Barcelona at 10:20 from Madrid-Barajas Airport. So, after checking out (read: just leaving our room key in a mailbox near the exit door), we walked to Sol station to take the airport train (with one transit) to Madrid-Barajas Airport. Apparently, train was much cheaper than the shuttle bus!! We paid €5 for shuttle bus to the city center while we only needed to pay a little over €3 for train, hmm. And the train was also a great option for us because the station was in Terminal 4, and our flight would depart from Terminal 4 as well.

We arrived at Madrid-Barajas Airport at around 7:00. The check-in counter for our flight would be opened just at 8:20 so we decided to have breakfast at McDonald’s first. Long story short, we finished our breakfast, checked-in, and got to our departure gate. At 9:45, we boarded our plane: a Vueling’s Airbus A320-214 reg code EC-KKT with flight number VY 1035. Yes, it would be my second ever domestic flight in Europe, after the easyJet’s flight from Toulouse to Nice I took during my trip to southern France and Austria last October!

Vueling's VY 1035 route map from Madrid to Barcelona

Vueling’s VY 1035 route map from Madrid to Barcelona

The flight departed on time. It took off from runway 36R and about fifty minutes later, it landed at runway 25R of Barcelona El Prat Airport in Barcelona. We took our luggage and then walked to the bus stop to take a shuttle bus to the city center. The bus was full but at least it was not overloaded like the shuttle bus in Madrid. So it was good.

We got off at Plaza de Catalunya. We took a Metro from there to Barceloneta, where our hotel was. Btw, it was so HOT today in Barcelona! It was so unexpected as it was in the middle of winter so we thought it would be much cooler than that! Hahaha 😆 . Anyway, so we checked-in and after putting our luggage in our room, we left the hotel.

But first, we had lunch first at a restaurant near our hotel which offered an attractive (in term of price) package menu. I chose the tomato spaghetti – beef with rice – coconut mousse combo. The beef and coconut mousse were okay, but the spaghetti was so horrible. I think my spaghetti is even much more delicious than that! Hahaha 😆 .

Anyway, our first destination in Barcelona for the day was Parc Güell. To get there, we would take bus no.24 from Plaza de Calatunya, as our hotel’s reception suggested. At first, we got to the wrong bus stop at Plaza de Catalunya as the bus 24 which departed from there was heading for the opposite direction. The driver was kind enough to ask us where we were going and told us we should take the other bus. So we got off and had to find the other bus stop, which location could be anywhere in the plaza. Long story short, we finally found it and managed to get the correct bus 24.

On the way to Parc Güell, a twist happened. So, our bus hit a car!! 😯 The rear window of the car was completely shattered, both the bus and the car were dented, but at least none was injured. Because of this, all of the passengers had to get off the bus and waited for the next bus 24, which was just like 5 – 10 minutes behind this one. Wow, what an experience!!

Anyway, so we finally arrived at Parc Güell. Parc Güell was indeed very interesting. The design was so unique and it provided quite a nice view of Barcelona. The best part, however, was that it was free for admission! Yay!  After Parc Güell, we took bus 24 to get back to Plaza de Catalunya. Then, we decided to take another bus to get to the beach part of the city.

We arrived at the beach at around 17:00, so it was already dusk. We walked alongside the beach until we reached the famous Las Ramblas. We had dinner at Las Ramblas where I ordered Arros Negro: a black paella. Btw, it was black because they used squid ink to make it black 😀 . It was interesting. After dinner, we continued walking in Las Ramblas; and then we got back to our hotel.


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Sebelumnya dalam 2012 Year-End Trip: Zilko dan adiknya berjalan-jalan selama 12 hari ke empat negara di Eropa. Kini mereka telah menghabiskan dua malam di ibukotanya Spanyol, Madrid. Mereka masih memiliki satu hari lagi disana sebelum melanjutkan perjalanan ke Barcelona.


Hari 9 (Kamis, 3 Januari 2013)

Tujuan utama kami hari ini adalah Estadio Santiago Bernabéu. Ya, stadion miliknya klub Real Madrid. Oke, aku bukanlah fans sepakbola ya, tapi adikku nge-fans. Jadilah aku menemaninya mengunjungi stadion ini karena toh kayaknya bakal menarik juga kan.

Kami naik Metro dari Puerta del Sol (dengan satu transit) untuk menuju ke stadionnya setelah makan “Combination” lagi di dekat hotel. Perjalanannya nggak lama ternyata. Kami hanya membutuhkan waktu paling 15an menit untuk kesana. Kami keluar dari stasion Metro-nya dan Estadio Santiago Bernabéu berdiri megah di depan kami. Stadionnya ternyata memang beneran besar banget lho. Penampakannya nggak se-wah bayanganku sih, tapi memang ukurannya raksasa banget.

Kami mengelilingi stadionnya dari luar satu kali dahulu sebelum mengantri di loket tiket untuk masuk ke stadionnya. Ternyata kami harus membayar €19 per orang hanya untuk masuk stadionnya loh. Mahal banget ya, menurutku sih, soalnya aku kan nggak nge-fans amat sama sepakbola gitu. Kalau aku nggak sama adikku (maksudnya kalau lagi sendirian), ogah dah beli tiket segitu buat masuk, hahaha 😆 .

Kami memasuki stadionnya melalui salah satu dari empat menara di keempat ujungnya. Kami langsung di arahkan ke tempat tertinggi dulu, dan dari sana turnya turun, dalam artian sebenarnya, mengelilingi stadion. Secara keseluruhan, turnya asyik juga lho. Jadi kalau pada nge-fans sama sepakbola, apalagi Real Madrid, wajib dikunjungi deh!

Jadi, kami memulai dengan mendapatkan pemandangan panorama stadionya dari sudut yang tinggi (di kursi-kursi atas gitu). Lalu, kami mengunjungi ruangan piala, dimana semua piala yang pernah dimenangi Real Madrid dipamerkan. Lalu, kami memasuki ruangan lain dimana detail-detail (sejarah, daftar pemain, manajer, prestasi, dll)-nya Real Madrid dijelaskan. Lalu, kami tiba di bagian tengah stadion yang, menurutku sih, merupakan tempat paling strategis buat nonton bola. Lokasinya nggak terlalu tinggi (jauh) atau terlalu rendah (dekat) ke lapangan bolanya. Lalu, kami berjalan ke sisi lainnya stadion dimana kursi-kursi VVIP berada. Dan tentu saja kita boleh duduk-duduk di kursi-kursi VVIP-nya itu loh. Jadi ngerasain gimana rasanya duduk di lokasi mewah. 🙂

Lalu, turnya menjadi semakin keren banget loh dari sini. Setelah dari kursi-kursi VVIP itu, kami mendapatkan akses untuk masuk ke ruang ganti pemainnya!! 😯 Iya, ruangan dimana para pemain mandi, ganti baju, dan pada dasarnya mempersiapkan diri di waktu-waktu sebelum pertandingannya. Kami juga lalu berjalan di lorong dimana para pemain berjalan dari ruang ganti ke lapangannya. Ya, lorong itu! Keren dah!! Ini juga berarti kami mendapatkan akses ke lapangannya! Ya, tentu saja kami nggak bisa lari-larian di lapangannya ya, kan ceritanya rumputnya lagi dijaga dan dirawat dengan baik. Tapi yang keren adalah, kami juga mendapatkan akses ke kursi di samping lapangan dimana pelatih dan pemain cadangan duduk. Keren banget dah! Setelah itu, kami mengunjungi ruang konferensi pers-nya.

Tapi ada highlight lain loh dari kunjungan ini. Aku ‘bertemu’ Cristiano Ronaldo loh. Eh, kaga percaya? Kok gitu amat sih? Ya ini deh buktinya: fotoku dengan Cristiano Ronaldo, huahaha 😆

With Cristiano Ronaldo

Dengan Cristiano Ronaldo

Oke deh, ini cerita sebenarnya. Jadi ya aku nggak beneran ‘bertemu’ Cristiano Ronaldo-nya sih. Jadi, di turnya itu, ada tempat dimana kita difoto di depan layar hijau dimana kita bisa mengambil satu foto bersama pemain Real Madrid yang mana pun. Iya, layar hijau yang sering dipakai di film-film animasi itu. Nah, aku memilih Cristiano Ronaldo. Tapi setelah foto, aku baru sadar dong bahwa Iker Casillas kan pemain Real Madrid ya (aku beneran nggak ingat dah sebelumnya) *tepok jidat*, dan jadilah aku berpikir bahwa seharusnya aku minta foto bareng Casillas aja ya, hahaha 😆 .

Kami meninggalkan stadion setelah kira-kira tiga jam berjalan-jalan di dalamnya. Lumayan banget lah. Bahkan pengalamannya asyik juga lho untuk aku yang bukanlah fans.

Setelah itu, kami berjalan ke pusat perbelanjaan di dekat sana dan makan siang deh. Restorannya penuh dengan orang lokal, jadi ini pilihan yang baik dong soalnya harganya kan nggak mahal, huahaha 😛 . Dan pelayan-pelayannya disana pada nggak bisa bahasa Inggris loh, jadi ya menarik juga pengalaman makan disana, haha. Adikku memesan paella dan aku memesan sup ikan kod dengan kentang.

Lalu, kami kembali ke pusat kota. Sisa hari kami habiskan disana. Kami makan malam di fast food restoran Chinese food, yang mana enak juga loh; dan berkeliling di sekitar hotel saja. Kami tidur agak cepat malam ini karena keesokan paginya kami harus bangun pagi untuk naik penerbangan pagi ke Barcelona.

Hari 10 (Jumat, 4 Januari 2013)

Kami bangun jam 5:15 pagi ini karena kami harus mengejar pesawat kami ke Barcelona yang berangkat jam 10:20 dari Bandara Madrid-Barajas. Jadi, setelah check-out (baca: meninggalkan kunci kamar di kotak surat di dekat pintu keluar hotel), kami berjalan ke stasiun Sol dan dari sana naik kereta (dengan satu transit) ke Bandara Madrid-Barajas. Ternyata naik kereta lebih murah daripada naik shuttle bus loh!! Kami membayar €5 untuk shuttle bus ke pusat kota sementara dengan kereta harga tiketnya hanya €3 lebih sedikit, hmm. Dan bagi kami, kereta jugalah pilihan yang oke karena stasiun keretanya berada di Terminal 4, dan penerbangan kami kan berangkat dari Terminal 4 juga.

Kami tiba di Bandara Madrid-Barajas sekitar jam 7:00. Konter check-in kami baru akan dibuka jam 8:20 sehingga jadilah kami memutuskan untuk sarapan dulu di McDonald’s. Singkat cerita, kami selesai sarapan, check-in, dan sampai di gerbang keberangkatan kami. Jam 9:45, kami menaiki pesawat kami: sebuah Airbus A320-214 milik Vueling dengan kode registrasi EC-KKT dengan nomor penerbangan VY 1035. Ya, ini akan menjadi penerbangan domestikku yang kedua di Eropa, setelah penerbangan dengan easyJet dari Toulouse ke Nice yang aku naiki di perjalananku ke Prancis selatan dan Austria Oktober lalu!

Vueling's VY 1035 route map from Madrid to Barcelona

Rute penerbangan pesawat Vueling VY 1035 dari Madrid ke Barcelona

Penerbangannya berangkat tepat waktu. Penerbangannya lepas landas dari landasan pacu 36R dan sekitar lima puluh menit kemudian, mendarat di landasan pacu 25R Bandara Barcelona El Prat di Barcelona. Kami mengambil bagasi kami dan kemudian berjalan ke halte bus untuk naik shuttle bus ke pusat kota. Busnya penuh, tapi setidaknya nggak sampai overloaded seperti di Madrid. Jadi ya masih oke lah.

Kami turun di Plaza de Catalunya (iya, Plaza Catalunya yang sama kayak yang di lagu ‘Barcelona’-nya Fariz RM itu 😀 ). Dari sana, kami naik Metro menuju Barceloneta, lokasi dimana hotel kami berada. Btw, hari ini tuh PANAS banget dong di Barcelona! Benar-benar nggak disangka soalnya kan lagi di tengah-tengah musim dingin dan jadi bayangan kami ya lebih dingin daripada itu lah! Hahaha 😆 . Anyway, kami check-in di hotel dan setelah menaruh barang-barang di kamar, kami berangkat dari hotel.

Tapi pertama-tama, kami makan siang dulu di sebuah restoran di dekat hotel yang mana menu paketnya menarik banget (dalam hal harga). Aku memesan kombo spaghetti tomat – nasi dengan daging – dan mousse kelapa. Daging dan mousse kelapanya enak sih, tapi spaghetti-nya nggak enak banget. Spaghetti masakanku aja jauh lebih enak daripada itu loh! Hahaha 😆 .

Anyway, tujuan pertama kami di Barcelona hari ini adalah Parc Güell. Untuk kesana, kami akan naik bus no.24 dari Plaza de Catalunya, seperti yang disarankan resepsionis hotel kami. Awalnya, kami naik tiba di halte bus yang salah loh soalnya bus 24 yang berangkat dari sana tuh mengarah ke arah sebaliknya. Sopirnya baik banget loh dengan bertanya ke kami mengenai tujuan kami; dan ia memberi-tahu bahwa kami harus menaiki bus dengan arah sebaliknya. Jadilah kami langsung turun dan harus mencari halte bus satunya, yang mana lokasinya bisa dimana pun di plaza-nya kan. Singkat cerita, haltenya ketemu dan kami menaiki bus no.24 yang benar.

Dalam perjalanan ke Parc Güell, ada sesuatu yang terjadi. Bus kami menabrak mobil dong!! 😯 Kaca belakang mobilnya pecah semua, bus dan mobilnya sama-sama penyok, tetapi setidaknya tidak ada yang terluka. Karena ini, semua penumpang busnya harus turun dan menunggu bus no.24 yang selanjutnya, yang mana berada sekitar 5 – 10 menit di belakang bus yang ini. Wow, pengalaman yang unik ya!!

Anyway, akhirnya tibalah kami di Parc Güell. Parc Güell memang menarik banget lho. Disainnya menarik banget dan dari sana kita mendapatkan pemandangan kota Barcelona yang indah. Yang paling keren sih, menurutku, adalah bahwa masuknya gratis loh! Yay!  *pecinta gratisan*. Setelah dari Parc Güell, kami naik bus 24 untuk kembali ke Plaza de Catalunya. Lalu, kami memutuskan untuk naik bus lain untuk pergi ke bagian pantai dari kotanya.

Kami tiba di pantainya sekitar jam 17:00, jadi sudah senja gitu. Kami berjalan di tepian pantai sampai kami tiba di jalan Las Ramblas yang terkenal itu (kayak Malioboronya Jogja). Kami makan malam di Las Ramblas dimana aku memesan Arros Negro: paella hitam. Btw, warnanya hitam soalnya mereka memakai tinta cumi gitu deh untuk membuatnya menjadi hitam 😀 . Menarik juga. Setelah makan malam, kami meneruskan berjalan-jalan di Las Ramblas; dan lalu kembali ke hotel kami.


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14 thoughts on “#1181 – 2012 Year-End Trip (Part V)

  1. Chita says:

    Seerruuu!! Kalo yang bukan fans sepak bola aja ngerasa puas sama tour-nya apalagi kalo fans bola beneran! 🙂

    Wah, ada aja yah kejadian yang nggak disangka-sangka terjadi pas liburan, bus nabrak mobil. Sukur yah nggak ada korban. 🙂

    • zilko says:

      Iya, kalau yang fans pasti senang banget deh, hehehe 🙂

      Ho oh, ada-ada aja kan. Kaget banget waktu itu soalnya tiba-tiba busnya ngerem mendadak dan trus ngeliat di depan ada mobil, hmmm… . Iya, nggak ada korban, tapi yang punya mobil marah-marah tuh kayaknya, hahaha

  2. ndutyke says:

    Wow….. kalo fans Real Madrid ato plg gak gibol (gila bola) emg bakalan sueneng bgt yah bs tur kliling stadion.

  3. Arman says:

    hahaha foto ama christiano ronaldo nya sih keliatan boongannya ko…. 😀 tapi tetep aja seru bisa kesana ya… 🙂

    • zilko says:

      Huahaha, soalnya yang ini kan foto dari foto. Tapi foto aslinya kayak beneran lho, keren bener dah, hahaha 😆 Nggak tahu kenapa deh kalau fotonya difoto jadi kelihatan boongannya, hmmm….

      Iya, seru memang. Kalau ngefans sama bola pasti lebih suka lagi deh

  4. bebe' says:

    Hiks.. Mau ke Barcelona.. Yang Arros Negro enak Ko? Penasaran bentuknya gitu soalnya… ^^

    • zilko says:

      Barcelona keren banget lho Be!! Salah satu kota favoritku di Eropa deh! 😀 Arros Negro lumayan. Mirip-mirip lah sama paella, cuma beda sensasinya karena bentuknya kan kayak gitu, huahahaha 😆 .

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  6. niee says:

    Aku mau juga masuk stadion old trafford >_<

  7. […] to get inside the stadium. Well, pretty much similar to my experience in Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in Madrid one year ago. But unfortunately, because there would be a match held there later on this afternoon (between […]

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