#1149 – Southern France and Austria Trip (Part IV)


Previously on Southern France and Austria Trip: Zilko went on a trip to southern France and Austria with his parents who were visiting him this October. After spending five nights in France, now they were ready to go to their next destination: Austria.


Day 6 (Wednesday, 24 October 2012)

Our flight to Vienna was scheduled to take off at 14:15, so basically we still had the whole morning to spend in Nice. And we used this time to: suit shopping for my dad! 😆 . So, my dad did not bring his suit as he thought he would wear mine for my graduation ceremony. But then I told them that this graduation ceremony in the TU Delft would be different as I, the graduate, would not wear any robe during the graduation; hence I was planning on wearing my suit. I already told them this prior to their departure though, but it looked like either they did not trust me or did not remember I said so. Anyway, so after awhile we found a nice suit with reasonable price in Zara.

At 12:00, we checked out from our hotel. We took the tram to go to the central station where we would take bus no.99 to go to the airport. At the airport after checking in, we planned to have lunch first before going to the gate. First, we went to a restaurant above the security check. But their service took forever while we would have to go to the gate in less than 45 minutes! So we decided to leave the restaurant and ate at Quick instead (a chain of fast-food restaurant, pretty much like McDonald’s or Burger King). We also bought two pieces of big macarons at Paul cafe next to it btw.

Anyway, at 13:45, we boarded our flight. We were flying with Niki and the flight would be on an Airbus A320-214 reg code OE-LEC (nicknamed “Flamenco”) with flight number HG 8015. At around 14:20, our flight took off from runway 04R of Nice Cote d’Azur Airport. The view during the 90 minutes flight was: stunning!! First, we flew by the southern European coastal side towards the Mediterranean Sea, which included part of southern France (including Monaco) and also a little part of Italy. Then, as we flew towards Vienna, we passed the amazing Alps Mountains! It was simply stunning!!

Flight route from Nice (NCE) to Vienna (VIE)

At 15:45, our flight landed at runway 16 of Vienna International Airport. After taking our luggage, we took the S7 local train service to the city. We got off at Wien Mitte to switch to the metro (subway) network to get to our hotel. Long story short, we checked in at our hotel. Then, we went to the famous Mariahilfer-Strasse. It was already quite late though as it was already almost 19:00. Most stores were closing at 19:00 – 19:30 🙄 . We had dinner there as well. At around 20:30, we went back to our hotel.

Day 7 (Thursday, 25 October 2012)

Originally, my plan was to go to Schloss Schönbrunn and then to the city center (I mean, we only had one day there so I thought I shouldn’t really pack too many destinations into this one day). But then, my dad insisted on going to Belvedere Palace as well. Okay, so I put Belvedere into our schedule and this palace would be our first destination for efficiency reason.

So, we went to Belvedere. Belvedere was still pretty much the same since the last time I was there though. At first, I thought it would be quite “uninteresting” to go to a place I had ever visited; but it turned out that my experience actually helped as I could explain some things and already knew which one was worth a visit and which one was not, hahaha 😆 . At just around noon, we left Belvedere. We took the metro to go to Schloss Schönbrunn in the west area of the city.

I did mention that I liked the interior of Schloss Schönbrunn better than of Versailles’. However, after visiting the palace for the second time, I kinda had a change of mind, huahaha 😎 . Even though the interior was, probably, better-preserved, Versailles still excelled in its grandeur-ness. Anyway, this time, we did buy the second-cheapest tickets (which granted access to the entire palace). It was kinda fun though that I could explain some of the interiors inside the palace to my parents, for example the addition of Mozart in one of the paintings there 🙂 .

Anyway, we finished the tour at the palace at around 13:00, and I was starving!! Aside from the hostel-like breakfast (our hotel was a hotel-hostel combination and we booked the hotel room, which was very nice and cheap! 🙂 ), which was just a standard hostel breakfast, I had not eaten anything. So, we stopped by at a cafe within the palace’s area hoping they would serve food. However, apparently they only served light meal. Okay, we took what we could and ate there, even though it did not satisfy my hunger, hahaha 😆 .

After “lunch”, we got back to the city center. First, we went to St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Once we were in the cathedral, a tour to the catacombs was about to start and we decided to join the tour (whose guide spoke German and English). And the short tour was so cool! 😯 It was in the catacombs (in the ‘basement’ of the cathedral) so there was this mystic feeling. We passed several graveyards, urns filled with human’s intestines 😐 , human’s bones and skeletons, etc. And since it was built in the 15th century (or sometime around that age), it also looked so medieval! Made from blocks of stones, low-ceiling, minimalist lighting, etc. So cool!

We went to the Kunsthistorisches Museum. Btw, the building of this museum is an identical twin to the Naturhistorisches Museum, which I already visited during my previous trip to Vienna. It was a huge museum with marvelous interior and huge collection of art. It was already around 17:00 when we got out from the museum. And we still had not gone to Hofburg yet (see? It was impossible to pack a lot of things in Vienna in one day). So, we walked to Hofburg to just look around and take some photos. Of course it was already too late to enter any of the museums in Hofburg. Btw, there was a military exhibition at the square in Hofburg at that time.

Then, we went back to the hotel because my dad was not feeling well. He suspected he got food-poisoned during lunch at Schönbrunn. So he decided to take rest; and then so did my mom and I, hahaha. We had dinner at a restaurant nearby where I finally ate Wienerschnitzel! 🙂

Day 8 (Friday, 26 October 2012)

My dad was still not feeling that well this morning. But we had to go to Westbahnhof (train station) to catch a train to our next destination: Salzburg. After buying tickets, we had brunch at the station. I had another Wienerschnitzel.

We caught the 12:30 train to Salzburg. But then, on board, we were told (during the tickets check) that we were catching the wrong train (huahaha 😆 ) because this train was run by a private company (Westbahn) while we bought tickets for trains run by the national company (OEBB). So we were asked to get off at the next stop, which was Amstetten, and change train there. Long story short, we finally arrived at Salzburg at around 16:00. This was pretty much the route btw, and you can see that Amstetten was actually already about half way of the trip:

Our first destination was, of course, to get to our hotel. We took bus no.2 to get there. After some rest at the hotel, we had dinner at a nice Chinese food restaurant in the city center. The meal was very good btw!


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– The town of Salzburg
– Snowing in Innsbruck


Sebelumnya dalam Southern France and Austria Trip: Zilko pergi ke Prancis selatan dan Austria bersama orangtuanya yang sedang mengunjunginya di bulan Oktober. Setelah menghabiskan lima malam di Prancis, kini mereka siap untuk pergi menuju tujuan selanjutnya: Austria.


Hari 6 (Rabu, 24 Oktober 2012)

Penerbangan kami ke Vienna dijadwalkan lepas landas jam 14:15, jadi artinya kami bisa menghabiskan pagi ini di Nice. Dan kami menggunakan waktu ini untuk: membeli jas untuk papaku! huahaha 😆 . Jadi, papaku tidak membawa jas karena ia kira ia akan memakai jasku saja di upacara wisudaku. Lalu, aku beri tahu bahwa upacara wisuda di TU Delft itu berbeda karena aku, wisudawannya, tidak akan mengenakan jubah gitu di acaranya; makanya aku berencana memakai jasku itu. Sebenarnya aku sudah memberi-tahu mereka lho sebelum berangkat, tapi ya sepertinya antara mereka nggak percaya atau nggak ingat sudah kubilangi sih, hahaha. Anyway, akhirnya kami menemukan satu jas yang oke dengan harga masuk akal di Zara.

Jam 12:00, kami check out dari hotel. Kami naik tram menuju stasiun pusat dimana kami akan naik bus no.99 untuk menuju bandara. Di bandara setelah check in, kami berencana makan siang dulu sebelum masuk ke gate. Pertama-tama, kami memilih sebuah restoran di atas area sekuriti. Tapi pelayanan mereka payah dan memakan waktu lama banget padahal kami sudah harus masuk ke gate dalam waktu kurang dari 45 menit! Jadilah restorannya kami tinggal dan makan di Quick deh (semacam jaringan fast-food gitu, semacam McDonald’s atau Burger King lah). Kami juga membeli dua biji macarons besar di kafe Paul di sebelahnya btw.

Anyway, jam 13:45 kami menaiki pesawat kami. Kami terbang bersama Niki dan penerbangan ini akan ditempuh dengan pesawat Airbus A320-214 dengan kode registrasi OE-LEC (diberi nama “Flamenco”) dengan nomor penerbangan HG 8015. Sekitar jam 14:20, penerbangan kami lepas landas dari landasan pacu 04 R Bandara Nice Cote d’Azur. Pemandangan sepanjang penerbangan selama 90 menit ini: keren banget loh!! Pertama-tama, kami terbang di atas garis pantai Eropa yang menghadap Laut Mediterania, yang meliputi sebagian Prancis selatan (termasuk Monako) dan juga sedikit bagian dari Italia. Lalu, ketika pesawat semakin mendekati Vienna, kami melewati Pegunungan Alpen yang indah sekali! Keren banget dah!!

Rute penerbangan dari Nice (NCE) menuju Vienna (VIE)

Jam 15:45, pesawat kami mendarat di landasan pacu 16 Bandara Internasional Vienna. Setelah mengambil bagasi, kami naik kereta lokal S7 menuju kota. Kami turun di Wien Mitte untuk berpindah menggunakan metro (kereta bawah tanah) untuk pergi ke hotel. Singkat cerita, tibalah kami di hotel. Lalu, kami pergi ke Mariahilfer-Strasse yang terkenal itu. Sudah agak terlambat sih karena sudah hampir jam 19:00. Kebanyakan toko disana kan tutup sekitar jam 19:00 – 19:30 🙄 . Kami makan malam disana juga. Sekitar jam 20:30, kami kembali ke hotel.

Hari 7 (Kamis, 25 Oktober 2012)

Awalnya, rencanaku adalah pergi ke Schloss Schönbrunn lalu ke pusat kota (maksudku, kami kan hanya memiliki waktu satu hari disana jadi aku rasa aku nggak bisa memasukkan terlalu banyak tujuan dalam satu hari ini deh). Tapi kemudian, papaku bersikeras ingin ke Istana Belvedere juga. Ya sudah deh, jadilah Belvedere aku masukkan ke dalam jadwal dan istana ini akan dikunjungi pertama dengan alasan efisiensi.

Oke, pergilah kami ke Belvedere. Belvedere masih sama seperti terakhir kali aku kesana sih. Awalnya, aku kira akan menjadi “tidak menarik” gitu ya pergi ke tempat yang sudah pernah kukunjungi sebelumnya; tetapi ternyata justru pengalamanku membantu karena aku bisa menjelaskan beberapa hal dan tahu mana tempat yang patut dikunjungi dan mana yang tidak, hahaha 😆 . Sekitar jam 12, kami meninggalkan Belvedere. Kami menaiki metro untuk pergi ke Schloss Schönbrunn di bagian barat dari kota ini.

Pernah kusebutkan bahwa aku lebih menyukai interiornya Schloss Schönbrunn daripada interiornya Versailles. Namun, setelah mengunjungi istananya untuk kedua kalinya, aku merubah pendapatku sedikit deh, huahaha 😎 . Walaupun interiornya memang, mungkin, dirawat lebih baik, Versailles masih menang dalam hal kemewahannya sih. Anyway, kali ini, kami membeli tiket yang termurah kedua (yang memberikan akses ke keseluruhan istananya). Agak menyenangkan juga bahwa aku bisa menjelaskan beberapa interior di dalamnya ke orangtuaku, seperti misalnya penambahan Mozart di salah satu lukisannya disana 🙂 .

Acara kami di istana ini selesai sekitar jam 13:00, dan aku kelaparan!! Selain makan pagi ala hostel (jadi hotel kami itu berkonsep gabungan hotel-hostel gitu dan kami memesan kamar hotelnya sih, yang mana oke banget dan murah loh! 🙂 ), yang mana adalah menu sarapan standar hostel, aku belum makan apa-apa. Oleh karenanya, kami mampir di sebuah kafe di dalam area istananya itu dengan harapan mereka menyajikan makanan juga. Namun, ternyata mereka hanya memiliki makanan ringan. Ya sudah deh, adanya itu ya kami memesan itu saja disana, walaupun akhirnya kelaparanku tidak terlalu terpuaskan, hahaha 😆 .

Setelah “makan siang”, kami kembali ke pusat kota. Pertama-tama, kami pergi ke Katedral St. Stephens. Begitu masuk katedral, ada tur ke katakombe yang akan dimulai dan kami memutuskan ikut tur ini (yang mana guide-nya berbicara dalam bahasa Jerman dan Inggris). Dan tur singkat ini ternyata keren banget loh! 😯 Turnya diadakan di katakombe (semacam ‘basement’-nya katedral ini) jadi ya suasana mistisnya agak terasa gitu deh. Kami melewati beberapa kuburan, jambangan yang berisi usus manusia 😐 , tulang belulang manusia, dll (semuanya beneran loh). Dan karena katakombenya dibangun di abad ke 15 (atau sekitar itu lah), suasananya juga abad pertengahan banget! Dibuatnya dari balok-balok batu besar, langit-langit yang amat pendek, pencahayaan amat minimalis, dll. Keren bener!

Kami pergi ke Museum Kunsthistorisches. Btw, gedung museum ini kembar identik dengan gedungnya Museum Naturhistorisches loh, yang sudah pernah kukunjungi di perjalananku yang lalu ke Vienna. Ini adalah museum besar dengan interior mengagumkan dan banyak sekali koleksi seni. Sudah jam 17:00 ketika kami keluar museum ini. Dan kami masih belum ke Hofburg (nah kan? Nggak mungkin deh memasukkan terlalu banyak agenda di Vienna dalam satu hari). Jadilah kami berjalan ke Hofburg untuk melihat-lihat dan foto-foto saja. Tentu saja sudah terlambat ya untuk memasuki museum di Hofburg. Btw, ketika itu sedang ada pameran militer di lapangannya Hofburg.

Lalu, kami kembali ke hotel karena papaku merasa tidak enak badan. Ia menduga ia sedikit keracunan makanan ketika makan siang di Schönbrunn. Jadilah ia memutuskan untuk beristirahat saja; mamaku dan aku jadi ikutan beristirahat juga deh, hahaha. Kami makan malam di sebuah restoran di dekat hotel dimana akhirnya aku makan Wienerschnitzel! 🙂

Hari 8 (Jumat, 26 Oktober 2012)

Papaku masih merasa agak kurang enak badan hari ini. Tapi kami tetap harus pergi ke Westbahnhof (stasiun kereta) untuk naik kereta menuju tujuan kami selanjutnya: Salzburg. Setelah membeli tiket, kami makan siang di stasiun, dimana aku makan Wienerschnitzel lagi.

Kami menaiki kereta jam 12:30 tujuan Salzburg. Namun kemudian, di kereta, kami diberi-tahu (ketika pengecekan tiket) bahwa kami naik kereta yang salah dong (huahaha 😆 ) karena kereta yang kami naiki ini ternyata dioperasikan oleh perusahaan swasta (Westbahn) sementara tiket kami adalah untuk kereta yang dioperasikan perusahaan nasionalnya Austria (OEBB). Jadilah kami diminta turun di pemberhentian selanjutnya, yang mana adalah kota Amstetten, dan pindah kereta disana. Singkat cerita, tibalah kami di Salzburg sekitar jam 16:00. Rutenya kurang lebih seperti di peta berikut ini, dan bisa dilihat bahwa Amstetten sebenarnya sudah sekitar setengah perjalanan ya:

Tujuan pertama kami, tentu saja, adalah hotel. Kami naik bus no.2 untuk pergi kesana. Setelah beristirahat sejenak di hotel, kami makan malam di sebuah restoran Chinese food di pusat kota. Masakannya mereka enak bener lho btw!


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– Kota Salzburg
– Bersalju di Innsbruck

16 Comments Add yours

  1. bebe' says:

    Itu katedralnya bagus bangeeeeeet.. trus trus macarons-nya juga kayaknya enaaaaak..

    Seru ih Ko, bisa ke banyak negara gini. Kemarin aku agak ga pede buat banyak negara karena takut ortu kecapean kalo dipaksain. 😦

    1. zilko says:

      Yang keren banget dari katedralnya catacombs-nya tuh Be. Sayang pas masuk ke catacombs-nya kaga boleh foto-foto, huahaha… . Macarons-nya memang enak kok. Dan itu kita beli yang besar lho, jadi memang lebih “kerasa” gitu sih, hehehe 🙂

      Iya, ke banyak negara memang seru ya Be. Ini juga ortuku sendiri lho yang request mau ke kota A, B, C-nya. Jadi ya aku tinggal ngurusin pencarian bagaimana cara mencapai A, B, C itu dan hotel-hotelnya, hehehe 🙂

  2. niee says:

    Waahh.. seru banget zil perjalanannya.. pemandangannya cantik cantik.. gedungnya keren keren.. aaahhh *ngayal lagi ke eropa*

    1. zilko says:

      Ho oh, seru memang Nie 😀 Eropa memang cantik-cantik deh, hehehe 🙂

  3. Tina Latief says:

    ahhh macarons..
    makin banyak saja perjalanan pasca wisuda..
    ngomong-ngomong aku suka sekali sama foto-fotonya Ko..
    meskipun belum bisa sampai ke sana, tapi fotomu mewakili 🙂

    1. zilko says:

      Sebelum wisuda juga ada banyak (banget) kok perjalanannya, hehehe 🙂 Trims 😀

  4. Goiq says:

    itu kabinnya Niie kayanya bagus dan lapang banget yah Ko. ngga berada di A320.. Trus foto-foto lu keren semua…. cuma bisa ngences doang ah.. hahahahaha

    1. zilko says:

      Yup, memang oke. Tapi seat-pitch-nya kayaknya sih standar kok; nggak lebar-lebar amat juga, hehehe 🙂 Trims! 😀

  5. ditter says:

    Udah lama ngga berkunjung ke blog keren ini 🙂

    Wuih, seru ceritanya. Bikin kepengen! Hahahaha….

    Ditunggu sambungan berikutnya 😉

    1. zilko says:

      Trims. Hehehe, ya ayo pergilah ke Eropa 🙂 Keren-keren lho 😀

  6. Usus manusia? Diawetin gitu mas? Kok horor amat hihihi…
    Macaronnya menarik… @.@

    1. zilko says:

      Yoi. Awalnya aku kira isinya apa kan (paling abu jenazah atau apa gitu), trus dibilangin ternyata isinya usus manusia. Kaget dah, hahaha 😆 .

      Macarons-nya memang menarik!! 😀

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