#989 – My Time in Elementary School


So, last week I got a homework from Nie. Well, maybe it is kinda out of date now as I am doing this homework just now (it is because I am busy btw * 😎 *), but whatever. It is still a good way to have a nostalgia though.


The theme of this homework is “The Time of My Elementary School”. Well, it has not been that long since I graduated from Elementary School (ES), just like eleven years ago, huahaha πŸ˜† . I was going to Pangudi Luhur ES in Yogyakarta, from the year 1994 and I graduated in 2000. The school building was a two-story old building; with each floor being very tall (it was like 6 meter tall for one floor). The first floor was for the 1st to 4th graders, while the second floor was for the 5th and 6th graders. The location was quite strategic as it was very close to the ‘alun-alun utara’ (north square) in Yogyakarta. And because of this location, sometimes the gym class was held in the alun-alun. Well, I generally did not really like gym class, but those time in the alun-alun was definitely my favorite as we occasionally playedΒ roundersΒ there! hehe πŸ˜€

In ES, I was always one of the “big three” since I was in the first grade. Well, in most cases I was the number 2 though, and the difference with the number 1 was usually just our grade in gym class! hahaha πŸ˜† . He got an 8 and I got a 7! That was it!! Sometimes it kinda sucked. haha. Well, though in some other occasions I was able to be the number 1 though (I made up the loss in my gym grade by performing better in other classes).

Well, in my ES, there was only one teacher per class – though in the fifth and six grades we had “extra” teachers whom taught English and Social Science (during my fifth grade, and this teacher would eventually be our primary teacher in the sixth grade). Okay, let’s talk about two kind of teachers here:


1. Favorite Teacher

I had two favorite teachers: Bu (Mrs.) Ngadinah, my fourth grade teacher; and Pak (Mr.) Sardjono, my sixth grade teacher (and my Social Science teacher in my 5th grade).

I loved being taught by Bu Ngadinah because she was such a very patient and kind person especially to me. This is true, she was very patient and kind to all students. She never got mad; a complete opposite of our third grade teacher who was infamous for being fierce. That is why we (my classmates and I) were very glad when we passed the third grade and in the fourth grade we got Bu Ngadinah, hahaha. I still remember though, in Bu Ngadinah’s class, I got a 9.9 (out of 10) in the second trimester final exam for Social Science. In my ES, the final exam was quite difficult. Well, not difficult as in difficult to pass (getting at least a 6), but it was difficult to get good grades (in my standard: above 9.5, haha :P).

And since this event in the 4th grade, I think I got the image of being “the master of Social Science” during ES. Well, by Social Science, I mean I leaned more on the geography part; about history and the other thing, well, I also liked them, but my favorite part was definitely geography, haha. And it matched! Pak Sarjono taught Social Science in my fifth grade. And he became my favorite teacher :P. Pak Sardjono was also a nice and patient teacher, but much firmer than Bu Ngadinah whom was more motherly.

2. Killer Teacher

There were two teachers who were infamous for being killer who taught me in my ES: Bu Ngatilah, my third grade teacher; and Pak Pardi, my fifth grade teacher. Well, they were infamous for being killer just because they were very fierce. If a student was being bad, Pak Pardi would “jenggit”Β (pulling hair close to the ear, and it hurt as hell!) that student. But since I was a good student, I never had any trouble with both of them, hehe.


In my class, there were approximately 40 students. And this class was quite united. But yeah, still, it was mainly divided into two main groups though: boys versus girls. And in each group, there was another smaller groupings usually based on interest (like the group of boys who liked football, etc). It is a shame though that I have sort of lost contact with many of my ES friends ever since we graduated. Well, it is true that Facebook has been helping a lot in reuniting us in the virtual world, but so far there has been no opportunity for real reunion.

In ES, I never skipped class, come on, I was a good student, hahaha πŸ˜† 😎 . The reason I did not go to school were usually either I was sick or I had to go out of town with my parents. I also never got into a fight. Well, come to think about it, I was truly a good student back then! hahaha :D. Umm, but it was true though that of course I was involved in some clashes with friends, we were still kids being together for six years after all,Β but we never got into physical fight. We were too smart for that.

Then, one thing many ES students liked was the allowance. However, my parents turned out to worry about the level of hygiene of the snacks or food sold in my school, and hence they did not give me (and my brother) the so-called allowance! Not a single rupiah! However, still, they brought us snack from home though. And actually, this snack I brought from home was way more elite than the snacks they had in school, as I usually brought bread 😎 . And I was allowed to pick my own bread, and usually I picked the chocolate or cheesy one.

But still, an ES student did not really care with the food being elite or not. And so, I felt jealous with my friends whom got their own allowance to buy food/snacks they liked in the canteen in school. I understood well enough that my parents would not give me any money if I asked them (moreover if I whined for it, well, it would be even more impossible). But my desire to buy some snacks in school made me put on my thinking helmet to make my own money. Well, I will write about this in more detail next time :D. But the point is, I put my thinking helmet on and I ended up running my own business! 😎 Well, it was (of course) just a small business, which turned out to be successful. 😎 :mrgreen: From this business (during the “golden time”), I earned much more money than the average allowance my friends got, hahaha πŸ˜† . And because I made these money on my own, my parents could not prohibit me not to use the money; but I was, of course, already smart enough to pick hygienic snacks, hehe.

Anyway, the popular snack at that time was: Anak Mas! Beside that, there were also several other snacks like Gulai Ayam, etc. About toys, well, so far as I recall, I have never bought toy in ES. There was one though, and it was hermit crab! Yeah, it was that small animal with shell. When I was in the 5th-6th grade, this hermit crab was booming and popular in my school. One standard hermit crab cost like Rp 500 (if I recall correctly), and I remember I bought some of them in ES. And all of them died after several days, hehehe.

I do not remember my favorite shoes though. I think they were just standard black shoes, hehehe. About my bags, well, I had kiddies bag with cartoon figure on it. I do not remember which cartoon, but if I am not mistaken it was Dragon Ball; but I am not sure though. But one thing for sure is that it was a kiddies bag… πŸ˜€


Well, yeah, that is a little bit of my ES story. It turns out to be quite exciting though, writing a post while being nostalgic about one thing, hehehe. Now it is already the time to spread this homework. Hmm, I am not sure to whom I would like to throw this over as this has been going on here for quite a while. But I think I want to throw this to three other bloggers:Β Ndutyke the Teacher,Β Dian, andΒ Sherly, hehehe πŸ˜› Trust me, it is quite a good way to reminisce something nostalgic πŸ˜€

A hermit crab (kelomang)

note : picture was taken from here.


Jadi, ceritanya minggu lalu aku dapat lemparan PR ini dari Nie. Mungkin udah agak basi sih ya karena baru ngerjainnya sekarang (habis saya sibuk sih *sok sibuk 😎 *), tapi biarlah, hehe. Lumayan buat nostalgia.


Tema PR ini adalah “Masa Sekolah Dasarku”. Ah, belum lama juga koq aku lulus dari SD, baru sekitar sebelas tahun yang lalu aja, huahaha πŸ˜† . Aku bersekolah di SD Pangudi Luhur di Yogyakarta, dari tahun 1994 dan lulus tahun 2000. Bangunan sekolahnya bangunan lama gitu; ada dua tingkat dan ruangannya itu tinggi banget (satu ruangan sekitar 6 meter kalau nggak salah). Lantai satu buat kelas 1 sampai kelas 4, dan lantai dua buat kelas 5 dan kelas 6. Lokasinya lumayan strategis karena berada di dekat alun-alun utara kota Yogyakarta. Dan karena lokasi itu, kadang pelajaran olahraganya diadakan di alun-alun. Yah, aku sebenarnya nggak suka pelajaran olahraga ya (secara umum), tapi yang di alun-alun ini aku suka karena kita sering main kasti disana!Β hehe πŸ˜€

Waktu di SD aku selalu masuk 3 besar kelas semenjak kelas 1 loh. Well, di beberapa kesempatan aku seringnya jadi nomer 2 sih, dan bedanya hanya 1 poin sama temanku yang sering nomor 1: nilai di pelajaran olahraga! hahaha πŸ˜† . Dia dapat 8 dan aku dapat 7! Itu aja!! Nyebelin gak tuh? haha. Walau di beberapa kesempatan aku bisa menjadi nomer 1 sih (di mata pelajaran lain aku dapat nilai lebih bagus).

Nah, di SD-ku ini satu kelas ya diajar satu guru aja – walau di kelas 5 dan kelas 6 ada guru “tambahan” sih yang mengajar bahasa Inggris dan IPS (sewaktu aku kelas 5, dan beliau ini nantinya juga mengajar aku di kelas 6). Oke, mari kita bicarakan dua tipe guru disini:


1. Guru Favorit

Ada dua guru yang merupakan favoritku: Bu Ngadinah, beliau ini guru kelas 4-ku; dan Pak Sardjono, beliau guru kelas 6-ku (dan guru IPS-ku sewaktu kelas 5).

Aku senang diajar Bu Ngadinah karena beliau ini orangnya sabaar dan baiik banget terutama sama aku. Eh bener sih, beliau ini baik dan sabar ke semua murid. Nggak pernah marah gitu deh; beda sama guru kelas 3 kami yang terkenal galak. Makanya kami (aku dan teman-teman sekelas) merasa mendapat “berkat” ketika naik dari kelas 3 dan di kelas 4 dapat Bu Ngadinah, hahaha. Aku ingat banget, ketika diajar beliau, ulangan umum IPSku di Cawu (Caturwulan) 2 dapat 9,9 (dari skala 0-10) loh. Di SD-ku itu, ulangan umumnya itu sulit.Β Well, bukan sulit dalam artian sulit buat lulus (dapat 6) sih, tapi sulit buat dapat nilai bagus (dalam standard saya, yaitu di atas 9,5).

Dan kayaknya mulai di kelas 4 ini lah aku mendapat cap “jago IPS” deh di kelas semasa SD. Oh iya, yang dimaksud IPS disini lebih condong ke geografinya ya; kalau sejarah dan yang lainnya, well, suka juga sih, tapi aku lebih suka bagian geografinya gitu, haha. Dan cocok kan, Pak Sardjono ngajar IPS di kelas 5. Makanya beliau juga jadi guru favoritku :P. Pak Sarjono ini orangnya juga baik dan ramah, tetapi jauh lebih tegas daripada Bu Ngadinah yang cenderung keibuan.

2. Guru Killer

Ada dua guru yang terkenal killer yang mengajarku selama masa SD: Bu Ngatilah, guru kelas 3-ku; dan Pak Pardi, guru kelas 5-ku. Mereka terkenal killer karena galak aja sih. Kalau ada anak yang nakal, Pak Pardi men-jenggit anak itu (rambut di bagian deket telinga dijambak gitu deh. Sakit kan, haha). Dan karena sewaktu SD itu aku adalah anak yang baik, jadi aku nggak pernah bermasalah deh sama mereka, hehe.


Di satu kelasku ada sekitar 40 anak. Dan kelas kita ini lumayan kompak. Hanya saja memang terbagi dalam dua grup besar sih: grup cowok vs grup cewek. Dan di masing-masing grup ini ada pembagian lain grup-grup yang lebih kecil berdasarkan perbedaan kesukaan (misalnya grup cowok yang suka sepakbola, dsb). Sayang, setelah lulus kebanyakan aku lost contact sama banyak teman SDku. Walau Facebook cukup membantu mempertemukan kami di dunia maya (halah) sih, tapi sejauh ini belum ada kesempatan buat reuni gitu.

Waktu SD aku nggak pernah dong yang namanya bolos, plis deh, saya kan siswa teladan, hahaha πŸ˜† 😎 . Kalau nggak masuk sekolah biasanya ya karena sakit atau harus ke luar kota nemenin orang tua gitu deh. Aku juga nggak pernah berantem. Well, ternyata memang anak yang baik ya saya, hahaha :D. Eh, tapi memang sih kadang bersengketa sama satu atau dua teman lainnya, namanya juga anak-anak yang sekelas selama enam tahun, tapi nggak pernah deh sampai yang namanya main fisik. Kami semua terlalu cerdas untuk itu.

Lalu, anak SD identik sama yang namanya jajan *iya gitu? hahaha πŸ˜† * . Hanya saja, sepertinya orangtua-ku mengkhawatirkan tingkat kehigienisan jajanan yang dijual di sekolah sehingga sewaktu SD aku (dan adikku)Β nggak dapat yang namanya uang jajan! Nggak sepeser rupiah pun! Hanya saja, mereka membawakanku bekal sih. Dan sebenarnya bekal yang dibawakan ini juga lebih elit daripada jajanan di sekolah, soalnya bekalnya biasanya roti gitu 😎 . Dan aku dibebaskan memilih roti yang apa, biasanya sih aku memilih roti coklat atau keju gitu deh.

Hanya saja, yang namanya anak SD ya nggak peduli sama elit ato enggaknya dong ya. Alhasil, aku sering merasa iri sama teman yang memiliki uang jajan sehingga bebas membeli jajanan di kantin/warung di sekolah/sekitarnya. Aku tahu, kalau aku minta uang ke orangtua, mereka tetap nggak akan memberi uang jajan (apalagi kalau aku merengek, jah, gak akan dapat tuh). Hasrat pengen jajanku yang tinggi membuatku memutar otak untuk mencari uang sendiri. Ah, kapan-kapan aku tulis ini di posting tersendiri ah :D. Intinya sih, aku memutar otak dan berhasil mendapatkan uang sendiri dengan menjalankan bisnis! 😎 Bisnis kecil-kecilan sih, yang ternyata sukses juga. 😎 :mrgreen: Dari bisnis ini (ketika masa “jaya-jayanya”), aku dapat uang lebih banyak daripada rata-rata uang jajan temanku loh, hahaha πŸ˜† . Karena uang ini aku cari sendiri dengan cara yang halal, orangtuaku jadi nggak bisa “melarang” aku jajan deh, cuma aku juga sudah cukup pintar untuk memilih jajanan yang lumayan higienis gitu, hehe.

Anyway, jajanan favorit anak-anak waktu itu adalah: Anak Mas! Selain itu ada juga snack lain seperti Gulai Ayam, dll gitu seh. Kalau jajanan mainan, hmm, seingatku aku nggak pernah jajan mainan deh sewaktu SD. Ada sih satu, yaitu: kelomang! Itu loh, binatang kecil bercangkang. Sewaktu kelas 5-6, kelomang ini bisa-bisanya booming dan nge-trend gitu di sekolah. Satu kelomang standar gitu harganya sekitar Rp 500,- (kalau aku nggak salah ingat sih). Kalau nggak salah ingat aku beli beberapa kelomang semasa SD. Dan semuanya berakhir mati setelah beberapa hari, hehehe.

Mengenai pakaian, aku nggak ingat sepatu favoritku apa. Sepertinya sih sepatu standar warna hitam gitu deh, hehehe. Kalau tas, yang namanya anak SD sih ya, aku dulu suka memakai tas yang ada gambar kartunnya gitu. Aku lupa sih kartun apa, kalau nggak salah sih Dragon Ball gitu deh; tapi nggak ingat juga. Pokoknya ya tas anak kecil gitu lah… πŸ˜€


Ya, itulah sedikit cerita semasa SD saya. Lumayan seru juga menulis satu posting sambil bernostalgia, hehehe. Sekarang saatnya menyebarkan PR ini nih. Hmm, nggak tahu sih siapa aja yang belum dapat karena PR ini kan sudah lama banget gitu ya. Cuma aku mau lempar ke tiga orang ah: Ibu Guru Ndutyke, Dian, dan Sherly, hehehe πŸ˜› Lumayan lah buat bernostalgia πŸ˜€

24 Comments Add yours

  1. dian says:

    Hahaha dikasi PR…Dah lama gak PR-PRan

    Di telinga trus narik rambutnya keatas gitu ya itu si guru killer? Haha aku juga punya tuh waktu smp.

    1. zilko says:

      hahaha, iya neh, udah lama gak ada PR-PRan ya, hahaha πŸ˜›

      Iya, yang di telinga trus rambutnya ditarik ke atas gitu. Aku adanya pas SD sih, kalo SMP sih gurunya bukan galak yang seperti itu, hehehe πŸ˜›

  2. Adi Nugroho says:

    wih ahahahaha..

  3. Bayu says:

    cahhh pr yang di lempar lempar. entar nyontek aja. kan yang kemarin udah buat. hehe

    Pak Pardi entar marah lho. dia baca ini. hehe

    1. zilko says:

      yoi, PR berantai di dunia per-blog-an gitu, hehehe πŸ˜€

      huahahaha πŸ˜† Jangan marah ah, serem malau beliau marah, haha πŸ˜›

  4. [L]ain says:

    emmang ya, kasti itu olahraga favorit di kalangan anak SD. Gua selalu pengen maen tapi ga bisa ORZ

    1. zilko says:

      ORZ apa tuh? πŸ˜€

      Iya, kasti itu asyik loh, hehehe πŸ˜› Dan ya memang aku terakhir mainnya ya waktu SD itu sih.

  5. “Waktu SD aku nggak pernah dong yang namanya bolos, plis deh, saya kan siswa teladan”
    Wahaha, Gubrak gua bacanya Zil.

    Tapi iya kok, masa iya waktu SD udah belajar bolos? Ntar gede mau jadi apa? Hoho

    1. zilko says:

      Yoi. Kalo SD aja udah belajar bolos, gimana ke depannya?? Ya nggak? hehehe πŸ™‚

  6. Sherly Nie says:

    astaga jalan lagi PR perblogan ini? hehehe….
    wah pas SD kamu bener2 siswa teladan hehehe πŸ˜€

    1. zilko says:

      Iya nih, ada lagi ternyata, haha. Dulu banget kan pernah ngetrend juga ya πŸ˜›

      Hahaha, iya nih. Kalo dipikir2 lagi, memang aku dulu ternyata siswa yang baik bgt ya, hehehe πŸ˜› Ah, nggak papa sih, bisa jadi kebanggaan itu πŸ˜›

  7. ndutyke says:

    Murid idaman bgt sih ko! Hahaha….
    Eh dicubit di lengan bagian dalem tuh juga naudzubillah sakitnya lohhh!

    1. zilko says:

      iya dong, saya gitu *halah*, hahaha πŸ˜›

      O ya? Dulu kayaknya guru-guruku nggak ada yg nyubit lengan deh. Eh, mungkin ada kali ya? Cuma nggak ingat saya, hehehe πŸ™‚

  8. niee says:

    Yeaahh prnya dikerjain πŸ˜€

    Eh aku juga pernah tuh jualan waktu sd.. macem2 deh yg aku jual.. sampe pernah aku bisa nabung 20rb gt dalam sebulan dr hasil jualan.. *jadi pengen ditulis.. hahhaa*

    daaaannn lo inget kelomang?? wahh dulu aku juga sering tuh maen binatang itu.. pas jaman kita emang booming banget kali yak seindonesia.. hahaha..

    1. zilko says:

      Wah, sama-sama pernah menjalankan bisnis pas SD ya nih kita? hahaha *tos* πŸ˜€ Iya, lumayan tuh tabungannya yg bisa didapat. Kapan-kapan aku tulis ah πŸ˜€

      Hahaha, awalnya kemarin lupa soalnya bingung mainan apa ya yg pernah dibeli di sekolah pas SD. Trus tiba-tiba ingat kelomang gitu. Wah, ternyata kelomang juga booming di Pontianak ya? Kirain di Jogja aja tuh, hehehe πŸ™‚ Iya nih, jangan-jangan booming se-Indonesia tuh, hmmm

  9. Asop says:

    Bang, guru saya dulu SD gak ada yang killer. πŸ˜€

    Saya malah heran, masa SD kok ada ya guru killer? πŸ˜†

    1. zilko says:

      bukan killer dalam artian kayak dosen killer mungkin ya; mungkin lebih ke “galak” gitu maksudnya, hehe πŸ™‚

  10. m3lib049 says:

    wahh kalo waktu sd ada guru yg kita namain ninja (pake kerudung) wuakakakakaka sorry guys…tauklah anak2 :))

    1. zilko says:

      yoi, namanya anak SD, masih polos dan lugu gitu deh ya, hehehe πŸ™‚

  11. ellalae says:

    ternyata kk kelas waktu SD toh. hehehe…
    tp kakak kelas cm setaun..
    soalnya akunya kadung pindah.. πŸ˜€

    1. zilko says:

      ho oh, dulu di PL juga ternyata, hahaha πŸ˜€

  12. rumah puri harmoni says:

    Waktu SD guru killer datang semua pada nunduk kyk pada gak punya dosa.

    1. zilko says:

      Hahaha iya ya pada takut jadi “sasaran” πŸ˜›

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