#975 – Paris Summer Trip (Part III)


Previously onΒ Paris Summer Trip: Zilko and his friend went for a trip to the capital city of France, Paris. After spending three days there, now they were ready to enjoy their last day in Paris in this trip.


Day 4 (Tuesday, 27 September 2011)


Our main destination for the day was the famous Versailles Palace. Well, technically, the palace was not located in the city of Paris. It was located in the small town of Versailles, like 21 km from Paris. But since Paris had experienced some development and growth, the town could be called to be located in the suburb of Paris.

Anyway, so, that morning we caught a local train to go to Versailles. We took the train called “Vick” (instead of the normal “numbering” system, the local trains were named after women’s names btw, like “Nora”, “Sara”, etc, haha :P). That morning, the train was flocked with tourists (who ALL wanted to visit Versailles of course) and very very few Frenchman. On one of the stops, the train stopped really long. I mean, it was really long, and after some time, we were all thinking “this is just TOO long, something must be wrong“. True, there was an announcement beforehand but it was only in French!! And since all people there were not French, so pretty much noone understood it (Even though my friend understood a bit of French, we did not really pay attention to the announcement as we were sure this train would get us to Versailles station as stated in the schedule on the board in the departing station). Eventually, everyone got out of the train (after it stopped for like 10 to 15 minutes in that stupid station in the middle of nowhere). Seeing all people were doing so, my friend and I also got off the train, huahaha πŸ˜† . Outside, one of the tourists asked a local guy about the train to Versailles; and apparently, indeed we had to CHANGE train in that station!! 😯 And the connecting train to Versailles had been waiting in the other platform!! And so, we were all running to that platform to catch the train before it left!! hahaha πŸ˜† That connecting train was so packed with people btw and I had to stand close to the train’s door oppressed by many people, most of them were tourists. Well, stupid announcement in French and not in English! *but that’s what you get for not speaking French, Zilko* haha πŸ˜€

Finally, we arrived at Versailles station at around 10.30 AM. Then, we all walked to the palace like a big carnival of people. Lucky the palace was not that far from that station. In the palace, I accompanied my friend to buy his ticket. Well, again, it was FREE for me to enter Versailles palace, just like Louvre, muahahahahahaha πŸ˜† πŸ˜† . Btw, at that time, there were already a lot of people and as a result, it triggered a VERY LONG line of visitors wanting to buy their tickets!! It took us like 30 minutes until my friend got his ticket. Once he got his ticket, it was not the end of our “queuing” story. To enter the palace, we had to queue AGAIN!! 😯 This time, the line was even longer as visitors were lining on the whole front yard of the palace. And this line was even a slower moving line, as apparently, in the gate there was this security check, just like in the airport, and there were only two or three lines! 😯 At 12 PM, we finally got in to the palace. Yes, it took us 90 minutes since we arrived at the area of the palace until we were able to be IN the palace! 😯 Crazy! No?? 😯 πŸ™„

Inside, we were quite hungry (as we only had a “French breakfast” that morning which consisted of only a bagel, a croissant, and a small bowl of cereal from the hostel (and there was this stupid rule in the hostel where everyone could only take ONE of each πŸ™„ )). However, the info lady told us that the cafe was at the end of our tour in the palace. Thus, we had to go through the palace tour first before reaching the cafe! Well, seeing no other option, we did that.

The palace was okay. I mean, the interiorΒ Schloss SchΓΆnbrunn that I visited in Vienna last August was better, IMO, because I think Schloss SchΓΆnbrunn was better preserved. But still, it does not mean Versailles was bad though. I still think it was magnificent and grand, but it was just that I have been to another palace that was more well preserved.

Finally, we reached the part where there was a restaurant in the palace. Well, pricewise, the restaurant was quite expensive though, but it was understandable. I mean, it was truly a higher-class restaurant and it was located INSIDE Versailles palace! Not just in the area of the palace, but IN the palace ITSELF!! 😯 Feeling hungry, we immediately dashed into the restaurant. The meal was really good btw.

After finishing our lunch, we left the palace and went to the garden. Well, entering the garden was not free for me though. I had to pay 6 euro. But it was still fine, haha πŸ™‚ And the garden was huge!! There were some pools and fountains; and they also played classical songs (not live, but just through speakers in the bushes). We then visited the Marie Antoinette gallery or so. We thought it would exhibit the properties of Marie Antoinette, like her jewelries or clothes. But apparently it was like a fashion exhibition dating up to now, which was kinda strange πŸ™„ . And after that, we walked through the gardens to get back to the station to go back to Paris.

Eiffel Tower

For me, there was one thing that I had not done up to this point in Paris. That thing is: climbing up the Eiffel Tower!! πŸ˜€ I mean, c’mon, it was THE Eiffel Tower in Paris. Why wouldn’t we go up?? Right? haha. But I got this sense that my friend actually was not so in to it in the beginning, but somehow probably I managed to convince him to do so…

And that was our agenda next. We arrived at Eiffel at probably 5.30 PM or something. Quite an awkward timing though since it was almost the time of sunset (7.45 PM) but yet not that close. And so we decided to have a dinner first, and then we climbed up the tower. We walked around and found several restaurants but they were all not open until 7 PM!! 😯 What the hell!?!? 😯 πŸ™„ It was almost 6 and the restaurants were still closed!?!? Cmon Paris!! So, we dropped our plan off and just climbed the tower instead.

To climb Eiffel Tower, we could use any of the four legs of the tower. There were two options on how to go to the top of the tower: we could take the elevator OR we could: climb using the stairs!! If you choose to use the stairs, the ticket would be much cheaper! (of course). But for us it was still a no brainer decision though: of course we picked the elevator! huahahaha πŸ˜† It was still a freaking 300-ish meter tower, and we thought paying some extra euro still worthed the elevator, haha πŸ™‚ But apparently, most people had the same consideration as us. There were really long lines to the elevator! We had to queue for like 40 minutes to get to the first elevator that brought us to the second level of the tower; and another 45 minutes on the second level to get to the second elevator that brought us to the third level, or the top of the tower!! And somehow, it was a good thing that the restaurants were closed btw, as we were now on top of the tower exactly during sunset!! πŸ˜€ 😯 Blessing in disguise! Thanks God! Btw, if you want to see how it looked from the elevator that got us to the third level, I put the video below πŸ™‚

The top deck was so packed with people. And they were all flocking up in the side of the tower which faced the sunset (dammit!). But anyway, the view was astonishing!! We could pretty much see all of Paris from up there!! And it was so cool!! πŸ™‚ You can see the photos below…

After probably 45 minutes on top of the tower, we decided to go down. After dinner, we went back to our hostel, and that was pretty much it. Our trip in Paris practically came to an end…

Day 5 (Wednesday, 28 September 2011)

My train back to the Netherlands was scheduled to depart at 10.25 AM and my friend’s train to his next destination, Lyon, was at 11 or something. But the two trains departed from different stations with opposite direction from the subway station close to our hostel. And so we said goodbye in the subway station. Well, I don’t know when or where we will meet again, but until then, see you Ken!! πŸ™‚

At 10.25 AM, I was already on board of my train in Gare du Nord in Paris. But there was no sign that the train was about to depart. Instead, there was an announcement saying that there would be a delay because: the train driver was LATE to work!! 😯 What the F!!!! 😯 πŸ‘Ώ 😯 πŸ‘Ώ Late to work?? At 10.25 AM!?!? And so far as I recalled, I was in Europe for God’s sake!!!! I never knew this sort of thing could happen in Europe!! πŸ‘Ώ 😯 Anyway, like 20 minutes later, the driver finally came and the train left Gare du Nord.

So, officially, my short trip to Paris was over…



Sebelumnya dalamΒ Paris Summer Trip: Zilko dan temannya pergi ke ibukotanya Prancis, Paris. Setelah menghabiskan tiga hari, kini mereka siap untuk menyongsong hari terakhir mereka di Paris di perjalanan kali ini.


Hari 4 (Selasa, 27 September 2011)


Tujuan utama kami hari ini adalahΒ Istana VersaillesΒ yang terkenal itu. Secara teknis, sebenarnya istana ini tidak terletak di kota Paris itu sendiri sih. Lokasinya ada di kota kecil Versailles, sekitar 21 km lah dari Paris. Tapi ya karena Paris kotanya kan berkembang gitu ya, makanya Versailles ini kini ya bisa dibilang berada di pinggirannya Paris gitu deh.

Ngomong-ngomong, pagi itu kami naik kereta lokal menuju Versailles. Kami naik kereta yang namanya “Vick” (di samping sistem “penomoran” yang biasa, kereta lokalnya ternyata dikasih nama perempuan tuh, kayak “Nora”, “Sara”, dll. haha :P). Pagi itu, keretanya dipenuhi sama turis (yang SEMUANYA ingin pergi ke Versailles tentunya ya) dan cuma sedikit orang Prancis. Nah, di salah satu stasiun, keretanya berhenti lama banget loh. Dan bener deh, lama banget sampai kami semua berpikir: “Ini sih udah TERLALU lama deh, ada yang salah pasti“. Memang sih, beberapa saat sebelumnya tuh ada pengumuman gitu tapi pengumumannya cuma dalam bahasa Prancis aja!! Karena nggak ada orang Prancis di kereta saat itu, ya akhirnya nggak ada yang ngerti pengumumannya deh (walau temanku ngerti bahasa Prancis dikit sih, tapi kami nggak memperhatikan pengumuman itu soalnya kami yakin bahwa kereta itu akan langsung membawa kami ke Versailles, sesuai dengan apa yang mereka tulis di papan jadwal di stasiun keberangkatan). Akhirnya, semuanya turun kereta loh (setelah keretanya nggak gerak selama 10 – 15 menitan gitu di entah stasiun mana). Karena semua orang turun, ikutlah kami turun,Β huahaha πŸ˜† . Di luar, seorang turisnya bertanya ke seorang Prancis tentang kereta tujuan Versailles; dan ternyata, memang kami semua tuh harus BERGANTI kereta di stasiun itu!! 😯 Dan kereta lanjutan tujuan Versailles-nya udah nungguin di jalur lain gitu!! Makanya kami langsung berlari-larian menuju jalur lain itu sebelum ditinggal keretanya!! hahaha πŸ˜† Nah, kereta lanjutan ini penuh banget deh sampai-sampai aku harus berdiri berdempetan di dalam kereta, yang mana kebanyakan orang di kereta itu ya turis sih. Dasar deh, pengumuman dalam bahasa Prancis dan nggak dalam bahasa Inggris bikin orang kalang kabut kan! *ya sapa suruh nggak bisa bahasa Prancis* haha πŸ˜€

Akhirnya, kami tiba di stasiun Versailles sekitar jam 10.30 pagi. Lalu, kami semua berjalan berdoyong-doyong dari stasiun ke kompleks istana Versailles itu. Untung istananya nggak jauh-jauh amat dari stasiun itu. Di istana itu, aku menemani temanku beli tiket dulu. Oya, lagi-lagi, buatku GRATIS loh masuk kompleksnya Versailles, kayak di Louvre gitu deh, muahahahahahaha πŸ˜† πŸ˜† . Btw, pada waktu ini, udah ada banyak banget orang yang datang sehingga antrian buat beli tiketnya PANJANG BANGET!! Kami butuh waktu sekitar 30an menit deh sampai temanku dapat tiket. Begitu dia dapat tiket, cerita “ngantri” kami masih belum berakhir juga. Untuk masuk istananya, lagi-lagi kami harus ngantri panjang!! Dan kali ini, antriannya jauh lebih panjang soalnya semua pengunjungnya sampai membuat antrian mengular yang memenuhi halaman depan kompleks istananya gitu. Dan antrian yang kali ini lebih lambat tuh majunya, soalnya ternyata di gerbang masuknya tuh ada pemeriksaan keamanan kayak di bandara gitu deh, dan hanya ada dua atau tiga jalur pemeriksaan gitu! 😯 Jadilah kami baru bisa masuk istananya jam 12an siang. Ya, butuh waktu 90 menit sejak kami pertama kali tiba di area istananya sampai berhasil masuk istananya! 😯 Gila kan?? 😯 πŸ™„

Di dalam, kami merasa lapar deh (soalnya pagi itu cuma sarapan ala Prancis sih yang terdiri dari satu roti bagel, satu croissant, dan satu mangkuk mini sereal dari hostel (dan di hostel ada aturan tolol dimana seorang hanya boleh ngambil masing-masing SATU saja πŸ™„ )). Namun, kata petugas infonya, baru ada cafe di bagian akhir dari tur di istananya itu. Jadi, kami harus jalan di area istananya dulu deh baru kemudian bisa sampai di cafenya! Yah, karena nggak ada pilihan lain, ya kami mau gimana lagi kan.

Istananya oke sih. Maksudku, interiornyaΒ Schloss SchΓΆnbrunnΒ yang kukunjungi di Vienna bulan Agustus lalu aku rasa masih lebih bagus ya, soalnya aku rasa Schloss SchΓΆnbrunn itu lebih terawat deh. Tapi, bukan berarti Versailles jelek koq. Aku rasa istananya ya masih megah dan keren, hanya saja aku sudah pernah ke istana lain yang lebih terawat aja.

Akhirnya, tibalah kami di restoran di istananya itu. Restorannya lumayan mahal sih, tapi masih bisa dimaklumi sih. Maksudku, soalnya restorannya itu beneran restoran berkelas gitu deh, dan lokasinya DI DALAM istana Versailles loh! Nggak cuma di dalam areanya aja, tapi memang DI DALAM gedung istananya itu sendiri!! 😯 Lapar, langsung deh kami masuk ke restoran itu. Makanannya oke juga loh btw.

Setelah menyelesaikan makan siang, kami meninggalkan gedung istananya dan jalan-jalan ke tamannya. Yah, masuk tamannya nggak gratis sih untuk aku. Aku harus bayar 6 euro. Tapi ya gak papa lah, haha πŸ™‚ Dan tamannya itu besar banget loh!! Ada beberapa kolam dan air mancur; dan beberapa lagu klasik juga dimainkan (nggak live sih, tapi lewat speaker yang disembunyikan di balik tanaman). Kami lalu mengunjungi Galeri Marie Antoinette gitu deh. Kami kira galeri ini berupa pameran barang-barang miliknya Marie Antoinette gitu ya, kayak perhiasan atau baju-bajunya gitu. Eh ternyata ini cuma pameran fashion aja yang mana ada koleksi baru dari beberapa disainer juga, aneh juga ya πŸ™„ . Setelah itu, kami berjalan melewati tamannya lagi untuk kembali ke stasiun untuk kembali ke Paris.

Menara Eiffel

Untukku, masih ada satu hal yang belum aku lakukan sampai saat ini di Paris. Hal itu adalah: naik Menara Eiffel!! πŸ˜€ Maksudku, jelas lah ya, Menara Eiffel di Paris gitu loh. Tentu harus dinaiki dong, ya nggak? haha. Tapi aku merasa sebenarnya temanku agak enggan untuk naik sih awalnya, cuma sepertinya akhirnya aku berhasil meyakinkannya untuk akhirnya ikut naik…

Dan itulah agenda kami selanjutnya. Kami tiba di Eiffel sekitar jam 5.30an sore gitu. Waktu yang nanggung banget soalnya sudah hampir waktunya matahari terbenam (jam 7.45 malam) tapi sekaligus juga masih belum sedekat itu waktunya. Makanya akhirnya kami memutuskan nyari makan malam dulu, baru kemudian naik menaranya. Kami berjalan berkeliling dan memang menemukan beberapa restoran sih, tapi semuanya tuh baru buka jam 7 malam loh!! 😯 Apa-apaan ini!?!? 😯 πŸ™„ Udah hampir jam 6 masa restorannya masih belum buka juga!?!? Dasar nih Paris, aneh banget!! Ya udah akhirnya kami nggak jadi makan dulu dan langsung naik ke atas menaranya aja.

Untuk naik menara Eiffel itu, kita bisa memilih yang manapun dari empat kaki menaranya itu. Nah, ada dua cara untuk naik ke atas: bisa naik lift ATAU bisa: naik tangga!! Kalau milih naik tangga, harga tiketnya lebih murah loh! (tentu saja). Tapi ya bagi kami ini adalah keputusan yang mudah lah ya: tentu aja kami mau naik lift aja gitu! huahahaha πŸ˜† Bagaimanapun menara ini tingginya kan 300an meter gitu ya, dua setengah kalinya Monas, makanya beberapa ekstra euro lebih mahal ya masih nggak masalah lah ya, haha πŸ™‚ Ogah aja naik tangga di menara setinggi itu :P. Tapi ternyata, kebanyakan pengunjung juga berpikiran sama. Makanya ada antrian panjang banget buat naik lift-nya! Kami harus ngantri 40 menitan deh untuk naik lift pertama menuju level dua menaranya; dan 45 menit lagi di level dua untuk naik lift kedua menuju level tiga, alias puncak menaranya!! Jadi, ternyata restoran-restoran itu masih belum buka tuh sebenernya adalah berkah loh, jadinya kami berada di puncak menara kan ketika matahari terbenam!! πŸ˜€ 😯 Berkah yang tersamar nih! Untung banget! Btw, kalo mau tahu bagaimana pemandangan dari lift kedua yang membawa kami ke level tiga, bisa dilihat videonya tuh di atas πŸ™‚

Dek di puncak menara itu penuh banget sama manusia. Dan kebanyakan berkerumun di bagian dek yang menghadap ke arah terbenamnya matahari tuh (sial!). Anyway, pemandangan dari puncak menaranya tuh keren banget loh!! Kita bisa melihat keseluruhan kota Paris dari atas sana!! Keren! πŸ™‚ Bisa dilihat tuh foto-fotonya di atas…

Setelah sekitar 45an menit di puncak menara, kami memutuskan untuk turun deh. Setelah makan malam, baliklah kami ke hostel, dan begitu lah. Perjalanan kami di Paris ya bisa dikatakan sudah berakhir deh…

Hari 5 (Rabu, 28 September 2011)

Keretaku balik ke Belanda dijadwalkan berangkat jam 10.25 pagi dan kereta temanku ke kota tujuan berikutnya dia, Lyon, jam 11an gitu. Tapi kedua keretanya berangkat dari dua stasiun yang berbeda yang arahnya berlawanan dari stasiun subway di dekat hostel kami. Ya udah akhirnya kami berpisah di stasiun subway itu. Yah, nggak tahu sih kapan atau dimana bisa bertemu lagi, tapi ya pokoknya, sampai ketemu lagi Ken!! πŸ™‚

Jam 10.25 pagi, aku sudah berada di keretaku di Gare du Nord di Paris. Tapi koq masih belum ada tanda-tanda kereta bakalan berangkat gitu ya. Malah, ada pengumuman yang katanya keretanya akan terlambat berangkat karena: masinisnya TELAT datangnya!! 😯 What the F!!!! 😯 πŸ‘Ώ 😯 πŸ‘Ώ Telat datang ke tempat kerja?? Jam 10.25 pagi!?!? Bukannya aku ini lagi berada Eropa kan ya!!! Nggak pernah nyangka deh hal kayak gini bisa terjadi juga di Eropa!! πŸ‘Ώ 😯 Akhirnya, sekitar 20 menit kemudian, masinisnya tiba, dan berangkatlah keretaku dari Gare du Nord.

Jadi, resmi sudah, perjalanan singkatku ke Paris telah berakhir…



32 thoughts on “#975 – Paris Summer Trip (Part III)

  1. Nediar says:

    Membaca cerita seru mas Zilko pengen ke Prancis nih, kapan ya bisa kesana ????….klo mas Zirko ada tiket nganggur ke Prancis, bolehlah ajak ane ntar ya…. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ …..Kunjungan perdana mas, silaturahmi ke gubuk blog ane yaaa…

  2. niee says:

    Jadi 4 hari cuma ke paris ya zil? kebayang banyak tempat yg musti dikunjungi disana yak..

    Dan soal masinis yg telat itu lucu juga yak.. pengumumannya jujur bener.. hahahaha

    • zilko says:

      Iya, cuma 4 hari. Tapi 4 hari kalo cuma fokus ke tempat-tempat utamanya aja cukup sih, hehehe πŸ™‚

      Iya, lucu tuh, ternyata bisa juga masinis telat disini, huahaha πŸ˜†

  3. Arman says:

    hehe ada gak tuh yang iseng naik tangga di menara eiffel? πŸ˜€

  4. Wueh, kalo honeymoon di Eiffel kayaknya romantis banget ya?
    Btw, jangan2 masinisnya org Indonesia? Hihi

  5. Asop says:

    Bang Zi… kurang potonya Bang…. 😦

    Tampilin thumbnail-nya aja deh.. πŸ˜₯

  6. wakkakaka masinisnya telat…jd ingat lagu Iwan Fals….

    Aku waktu ke Paris gak naik huhuhu soale antriannya kayak ular dikaliin 5. Puanjaaaannngggg

    • zilko says:

      iya, kaget tuh ternyata bisa juga kejadian masinisnya telat ya, hahaha πŸ˜›

      Iya, antriannya emang panjang bgt. Tapi kita seh cuek aja, masa gak naik? haha. Walau sambil menahan lapar sih, hahaha πŸ˜›

  7. oriie rianzi says:

    Kunjungan perdana ..
    Salam kenal ,

  8. ndutyke says:

    (1) hah sarapannya dibatesin? ajegile, padahal biasanya aku sarapan banyak bgt tuh kalo pas lg di hotel πŸ˜†
    (2) menurutku sih, tetep mestinya di kereta tsb ada pengumuman dlm bhs inggrisnya ya, hehehe…
    (3) oh masih pake masinis? kirain udah auto-pilot gt… *manggut2*

    • zilko says:

      (1) Iya banget Bu. Aneh deh. Walaupun judulnya hostel (bukan hotel ya :D), di hostel-hostel lain yang ngasi sarapan juga biasanya gak dibatasi koq, walau emang cuma itu-itu aja sih menunya (Eropa bgt deh, paling roti trus sama kopi, paling pol dikasi ham/keju, hahaha πŸ™‚ ). Jadi ini hostel antara niat ngasi ato enggak sih ya, haha. Soalnya emang ada beberapa hostel yg dari awal bilang mereka nggak ngasih breakfast, haha πŸ˜›

      (2) Iya, apalagi kereta yg trayeknya penuh turis gitu ya πŸ˜€ Ah, tapi ini kan Prancis, jadi ya bisa diduga deh kenapa nggak ada bahasa Inggrisnya, huahahaha πŸ˜†

      (3) Iya dong Bu. Kalo ada “apa-apa” jadi kan ada masinisnya yang ngejalanin dan in charge di kereta itu. Kalo autopilot kan berarti jadi lebih bergantung sama sistemnya tuh, hehe. Di pesawat juga walau autopilot tapi kan tetep ada pilotnya kan πŸ™‚

  9. zilko jeleeeeeeeeeeeekk, foto2nya baguuuuussss.. ceritanya bikin dhe mupeng, hwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa #nangisGulingGuling T_T

    tapi ternyata jam karet gk berlaku di Indonesia saja yaa Ko, kirain cuma kereta Indonesia aja yang hobby TELAT..

    • zilko says:

      Iya, Paris memang bagus, hahaha πŸ™‚

      Btw, iya, biasanya disini kalo telat juga nggak selama itu. Bukan berarti nggak ada telat memang, kadang memang kejadian telat itu terjadi koq. Cuma biasanya alasannya lebih profesional, kayak badai salju, ato ada orang yg bunuh diri di jalur kereta, dll, haha….

  10. [L]ain says:

    ebuset…siapa yang mau naik Eiffel pake tangga -,,,,-

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