#970 – Paris Summer Trip (Part I)


Day 1 (Saturday, 24 September 2011)

My train to Paris was scheduled to depart at 4 PM (well, at 3.58 actually to be precise) from Rotterdam. Thus, at like 2.30 PM I walked to Delft station to catch a local train to Rotterdam. Long story short, the train to Paris arrived at Rotterdam; and it was COOL!! It was a Thalys train, a fast train with speed up to 300 km/hr. Well, with that high speed, Rotterdam – Paris, whose distance is just like Jogja/Semarang to Jakarta, was taken in just 2 hour and 40 minutes! πŸ˜€ Well, it was so fast that we arrived in Antwerp (a big city in Belgium near Holland) in just like 20 minutes! Normal train would need at least an hour to get there.

Long story short, at 6.40 PM, I arrived at Paris-Nord station in Paris. My friend, Ken, would arrive from Brussels, also with Thalys, at 7 PM. Well, it was not that long, so I decided to wait for him. At 7 PM, his train arrived, and first we went to our hostel. Btw, it seemed that the subway system in Paris had been existing for quite a while and it was kinda old. The trains looked old and there was no aircon in it, haha. And also, the transit station (transit between lines of subway) was so huge! So, transiting between lines would require a lot of walking in that station, hmmm.

Anyway,Β we then arrived in our hostel which location was prime as it was just like 100 meter from the subway station. After checking-in, we put our luggages in our room on the third floor. Btw, this hostel was actually quite expensive (well, but hostels in Paris were all expensive anyway) and was much more expensive than most hostels I had been into; but this hostel DID NOT have ANY ELEVATOR!! Plus, there were five floors in this hostel!! And the stairs was so narrow!! It was quite troublesome bringing our luggages to the third floor (thanks God it wasn’t on the fifth floor)!

After that, we decided to look for a place for dinner and then went to: Eiffel Tower!! huahahaha πŸ˜† . Yes, we were so on fire: after arriving in Paris, we must directly go to Eiffel tower! 😎 After dinner (in KFC because we couldn’t find any interesting place to eat there 😦 ), we went to Eiffel tower. After getting lost a little bit, finally we made it to the tower! Eiffel tower was so grandeur at night! The orange lighting really highlighted its grandeur-ness! However, somehow, I did not feel “WOW”ed like the first time I saw Pisa TowerΒ though, hmmm. Btw, lucky, that night we didn’t have to wait for that long until the light show of Eiffel was on. Well, it was actually just an ordinary lights show though: there were a lot of white lamps attached to the whole body of the tower and they blinked randomly. But because it was Eiffel, this kind of ordinary show still looked “WOW”-ing, haha. Btw, the clip of the show can be seen down there.

After taking some pictures, we went back to our hostel and hit the bed. It was so fast, it was alreadyΒ midnight or so, hahaha.

Day 2 (Sunday, 25 September 2011)

After breakfast and waiting for my friend laundering his clothes, we started the day. Our first agenda that day was to go on a boat tour along the Seine. Well, we had already done some survey beforehand and in the end we chose Bateaux Rouches because its fleet had a big open deck (and so it was perfect for sightseeing and taking pictures, huahaha πŸ˜† ). But the downturn that day was that they were not going to The Statue of LibertyΒ for safety reason. It sucked!! That statue was one attraction along the Seine that I really wanted to see, and now we were not going there? πŸ˜₯ But what could we do? We were just being unlucky I guess, hahaha.

Eh, sorry? Yes, I went to Paris, not New York. Then why were you looking for the Statue of Liberty? Well, you know, Statue of Liberty is actually French-made. That statue in New York was built in France and was a gift from the French to Americans. Well, in Paris, there are the replicas of the statue, which are not so big. And actually, the “original” statue (the first one constructed) is now standing in Paris, not in New York, haha.

Btw, the tour was cool. We cruised along the river Seine, passing Île de la Cité with its Notre Dame, and also passing those famous Parisian landmarks. Surely we also passed Eiffel tower, hahaha.

After that tour, we had lunch at a French restaurant. Then, we walked to the shopping street that is very famous in Paris: Champs-Γ‰lysΓ©es. Of course we didn’t buy anything there, huahaha πŸ˜† . In this street, there were a lot of well-known fashion brand stores like Abercrombie, Gucci, and also Louis Vuitton. Btw, that day, just to ENTER LV’s store, people had to queue first! This is the proof:

People had to queue just to enter an LV Store in Paris!!

Crazy, no?? No wonder the owner of LV is very rich, hahaha πŸ˜€

In the end of Champs-Γ‰lysΓ©es, stood magnificently the famous Arc de Triomphe, or the Gate of Triumph. Of course we took some pictures of the structure. Then, we crossed the road (through an underground tunnel, which kind of reminded me of Monas in Jakarta btw) to reach the Arc de Triomphe. At first we didn’t feel like entering the Arc because the ticket was like 10 euro, and inside, well, it was just like that and also the height of the gate was “only” 50 meter btw. But apparently, young people (like me :P) were entitled for a 40% discount to enter the Arc! Thus, we only had to pay 6 euro, huahahaha πŸ˜† , and so we decided to enter the Arc.

Inside, we had to climb spiral stairs to get to the top of the Arc! Crazy! It kind of reminded me of Delft’s Nieuwe Kerk’s stairs btw! haha. But at least the stairs were not that narrow though, so it was still fine: though it was still very exhausting to get up there, haha. On top of the Arc, the view was quite nice. One picture I took up there I made it to be the new profile picture of this blog, haha. πŸ˜€

Almost 5 PM, we walked down the Arc. Our plan was to walk to Louvre Museum. Well, not to get into it, but just to take some pictures in front of the museum, huahaha πŸ˜† . We would enter the museum the next day according to our plan. From the top of Arc de Triomphe, it did not look that far, but apparently it was!! It was quite tiring just to walk all the way down to Louvre, haha.

Btw, along the way, we passed Place de la Concorde, a famous plaza in Paris (hmm, speaking about it, I don’t know if it was famous or not btw. But I know for sure it was visited by The Amazing Race season 10, haha :D). And there was a couple getting married there!! They were making this picture with all the invitees!! Quite funny!! haha.

Long story short, we arrived at the Louvre, and of course we took some pictures in front of the museum (and also close to the renowned pyramid). We had dinner in a Chinese food restaurant (because it was much cheaper :D) nearby. And then, we went back to our hostel.


– Louvre Museum
– Notre Dame
– Versailles


Hari 1 (Sabtu, 24 September 2011)

Keretaku tujuan Paris dijadwalkan berangkat jam 4 sore (jam 3.58 sih tepatnya) dari Rotterdam. Makanya sejak jam 2.30an sore aku sudah berjalan ke stasiun Delft buat naik kereta tujuan Rotterdam. Singkat cerita, tibalah kereta tujuan Paris itu; dan keretanya KEREN loh!! Keretanya adalah Thalys, yaitu kereta cepat yang kecepatannya mencapai 300an km/jam. Dengan kecepatan tinggi itu, jarak Rotterdam – Paris yang kurang lebih sama kayak jarak Jogja/Semarang ke Jakarta ditempuh hanya dalam waktu 2 jam 40 menit saja! πŸ˜€ Saking cepatnya, kami tiba di Antwerp (kota besar di Belgia yang dekat dengan Belanda) hanya dalam waktu 20 menit! Padahal kalau naik kereta biasa ke Antwerp ini butuh setidaknya 1 jam lebih dikit lah, hmmm.

Singkat cerita, jam 6.40 sore, tibalah keretaku di stasiun kereta api Paris-Nord di Paris. Temanku, Ken, akan tiba dari Brussels dengan kereta Thalys yang tiba di Paris-Nord jam 7. Ya udah aku tungguin dia sekalian aja. Jam 7, keretanya tiba, dan kami langsung bergerak menuju hostel kami. Btw, sistem subway di Paris itu kayaknya sudah lama dan cukup tua banget ya. Keretanya kelihatan kuno banget gitu, dan pake AC sih, Angin Cendela maksudnya, huahahaha πŸ˜† *garing mode on*. Udah gitu ya, stasiun transitnya (transit antar jalurΒ subway) gede banget loh. Jadi kalo pindah jalur gitu repot soalnya mesti jalan kaki jauh banget di dalam stasiunnya itu, hmmm.

Anyway, lalu, tibalah kami di hostel kami yang lokasinya oke banget karena cuma 100an meter dari stasiunΒ subway. Setelah check-in, kami memasukkan barang kami di kamar kami di lantai tiga. Btw ya, hostel ini tuh hitungannya mahal loh (tapi umumnya hostel di Paris tarifnya emang mahal-mahal sih) dan lebih mahal daripada kebanyakan hostel yang pernah kutempati; tapi masa ya, di hostel ini NGGAK ADA yang namanya LIFT gitu!! Padahal hostelnya ada lima lantai! Mana tangganya sempit lagi!! Ribet deh membawa barang bawaan ke lantai tiga (untung nggak di lantai lima kamarnya)!

Kemudian, kami memutuskan untuk cari makan malam dan kemudian jalan ke: Menara Eiffel!! huahahaha πŸ˜† Semangat 45 dong: sampe Paris pokoknya harus ke Menara Eiffel langsung! 😎 Setelah makan malam (di KFC soalnya nggak nemu rumah makan lain yang menarik sih 😦 ), langsung deh kami ke Menara Eiffel. Setelah agak kesasar dikit, singkat cerita, akhirnya tibalah juga kami di Menara Eiffel! Menara Eiffel kalau malam bagus loh! Lampu-lampu warna oranyenya membuat menaranya terlihat keren dan megah! Hanya saja, entah kenapa aku koq nggak terlalu merasa “WOW” banget seperti ketika pertama kali melihat Menara Pisa yah, hmmm. Btw, beruntung, malam itu kami nggak perlu menunggu lama sampai show lampu Menara Eiffel-nya dimainkan.Β Show lampunya sebenarnya biasa aja sih: cuma ada banyak lampu putih di seluruh badan menara yang berkedip-kedip secara acak gitu. Cuma karena ini Menara Eiffel, ya tetap aja show yang sederhana gitu jadi agak “WOW” juga, haha. Btw, cuplikan show-nya bisa dilihat di atas ya.

Setelah foto-foto, kami lalu pulang dan segera tidur. Nggak kerasa udah malam juga loh, hampir jam 12, hahaha.

Hari 2 (Minggu, 25 September 2011)

Setelah sarapan dan menunggu temanku me-laundry baju-bajunya dulu, kami lalu memulai hari itu. Acara pertama yang kami lakukan adalah menaiki tur kapal di sepanjang sungai Seine. Kami sebelumnya sudah survey dan memang akhirnya memutuskan naik Bateaux Rouches aja soalnya kapalnya besar dan di kapalnya ada dek atas yang tempatnya terbuka (sehingga bagus buat foto-foto, huahaha πŸ˜† ). Cuma nyebelinnya, katanya karena alasan keselamatan, tur hari itu nggak pergi ke Patung Liberty dong. Nyebelin banget kan, kan salah satu atraksi di sungai Seine yang pengen aku lihat itu ya Patung Liberty-nya itu. Eh hari itu koq malah nggak kesana? πŸ˜₯ Tapi ya apa boleh buat deh, namanya sedang tidak beruntung, hahaha.

Eh, apa? Ya ya, aku ke Paris koq, bukan ke New York. Koq ke Patung Liberty kalo gitu? Tahu kan, Patung Liberty itu kan sebenarnya buatan Prancis. Patung yang di New York itu juga dibuatnya di Prancis dan dihadiahkan Prancis untuk Amerika. Nah, di Paris ini ada replikanya yang nggak gede-gede amat sih. Dan malah ya, Patung Liberty yang “asli” (yang pertama kali dibikin) itu justru yang di Paris loh, bukan yang di New York, haha.

Btw, turnya asik juga tuh. Kami berkeliling dengan kapal di sungai Seine, melewati Île de la Cité dengan Notre Dame-nya, dan juga melewati banyak landmark-landmark Paris yang terkenal itu. Tentu saja kami melewati Menara Eiffel juga, hahaha.

Setelah dari tur itu, kami makan siang di sebuah restoran Prancis disana. Lalu, kami berjalan ke suatu jalanan tempat shopping yang paling terkenal di Paris: Champs-Γ‰lysΓ©es. Tentu kami nggak beli apa-apa lah disana, huahaha πŸ˜† . Btw, di jalanan ini ya banyak lah toko-toko fashion brand terkenal dunia seperti Abercrombie, Gucci, dan juga Louis Vuitton. Btw, pada hari itu ya, mau MASUK tokonya LV aja harus ngantri dulu loh. Ini buktinya:

Harus antri dulu buat MASUK ke tokonya LV di Paris!!

Gila kan?? Pantesan aja yang punya LV kaya ya, hahaha πŸ˜€

Di ujungΒ Champs-Γ‰lysΓ©es, berdirilah dengan megah Arc de Triomphe, atau Gerbang Kemenangan yang terkenal banget itu. Langsung deh kami foto-foto disana. Lalu, kami menyebrang jalan (lewat jalan bawah tanah, jadi inget Monas btw) untuk mencapai Arc de Triomphe itu. Awalnya agak malas juga masuk ke dalamnya, soalnya harga tiketnya 10 euro sih, dan di dalamnya juga cuma gitu aja: tinggi gerbangnya kan cuma 50 meter. Eh, tapi ternyata buat orang muda (kayak aku), harga tiketnya didiskon 40% jadi cuma 6 euro aja, huahahaha πŸ˜† , ya udah akhirnya kami masuk aja.

Dan di dalamnya itu ya, kami harus naik tangga batu spiral ke atas! Buset deh, jadi keinget tangga menara Nieuwe Kerk-nya Delft! haha. Tapi tangganya yang ini nggak sempit-sempit amat sih, jadi ya masih oke lah; walau tetep aja ya, capek naiknya, haha. Di atas pemandangannya oke juga koq, dan kami foto-foto deh disana. Salah satu hasilnya ya yang aku jadiin profile picture di blogku sekarang ini, haha. πŸ˜€

Hampir jam 5 sore, kami turun dari puncak Arc de Triomphe itu. Rencana kami adalah jalan ke arah Museum Louvre. Bukan buat masuk sih, cuma buat foto-foto kampungan aja di depan museumnya, huahaha πŸ˜† . Kalau masuk museumnya sih udah kami alokasikan di agenda hari selanjutnya deh. Dari atas Arc de Triomphe kan terlihat dekat tuh, eh tapi kenyataannya jauh juga loh!! Capek dah jalannya, haha.

Nah, di jalan itu kan kami melewat Place de la Concorde ya, semacam plaza gitu yang terkenal banget di Paris (eh, nggak tahu sih terkenal ato engga, yang jelas sih dikunjungi oleh The Amazing Race musim 10 deh, haha :D). Nah, disana lagi ada orang merit loh!! Iya, jadi pas mereka bikin foto pernikahan gitu sama undangan-undangannya! Lucu dah, haha.

Singkat cerita, sampailah kami di Museum Louvre. Ya sudah foto-fotolah kami di depan museumnya (dan di dekat piramidanya yang terkenal itu). Setelahnya, kami makan malam di sebuah restoran Chinese foodΒ (soalnya Chinese food-nya murah sih :D) di dekat sana. Dan kemudian, baliklah kami ke hostel.


– Museum Louvre
– Notre Dame
– Versailles


23 thoughts on “#970 – Paris Summer Trip (Part I)

  1. ndutyke says:

    zilko, foto2nya kece bener!
    no wonder the owner of LV is very rich?? lha yg beli aja juga pada kaya-kaya begitu, hehehe… satu tas aja harganya lbh mahal dari Mio-ku πŸ˜›

    eh ada sih yg kisaran ratusan ribu, beli di ITC Mangga Dua, hahahaha…. and no I’m not a fan of LV just in case you ask πŸ˜›

  2. Aulia says:

    wow, pemandangannya keren euy….
    serasa lihat di film-film eh ternyata ada yg trip ke paris πŸ™‚


  3. niee says:

    Kapan indonesia punya kereta cepat kayak gitu? aku pingin ke brunai sebenarnya.. tapi pake pesawat masih mahal banget dan pake bis kelamaan.. klo gak salah 30jam!! aahh mau dong keretanya.. hehehe..

    Paris emang keren banget yak.. itu yg ngantri LV pasti org2 kaya deh.. tapi masih juga mau ngantri? *woot*

    • zilko says:

      Indonesia? Hmmm, nggak tahu deh. Selama lebar rel-nya nggak dilebarkan (dan sepertinya masih nggak ada rencana untuk itu), sepertinya ya memang harus puas dengan keadaan sekarang dulu, hahaha. Kalo ke Brunei kalo naik AirAsia masih mahal kah? (tapi kayaknya harus transit di Kuala Lumpur dulu, hahaha).

      Iya, Paris keren. Yup, orang-orang kaya pastinya, lha harga barang-barangnya aja segituan, hahaha. Iya dong, LV dan Paris gitu loh. Kesan glamornya jadi kuadrat kan :P. Kan lebih keren kalo bilang: “Ini tas LV asli aku beli di Paris loh” daripada “Ini tas LV asli aku beli di Jakarta loh” kan?

  4. Sama euy aku waktu pertama ngeliat Eiffel: gini doank ?!?! Hihihi

    Aku waktu di Paris tinggalnya di daerah Champs-Γ‰lysΓ©es, and paling hobby ke toko perfume Sephora buat nyemprotin perfume wakakkaakk wangiiiiii begitu keluar toko πŸ˜›

    • zilko says:

      Iya. Awalnya lumayan amazed sih (malem-malem soalnya jadi kan terlihat grandeur :D). Tapi beberapa menit kemudian jadi “gitu aja”, hiahahaha πŸ˜† .

      Wuih, daerah Champs-Γ‰lysΓ©es kan daerah mahal tuh πŸ˜› Iya, banyak toko disana, cuma aku kemarin nggak masuk, huahahaha πŸ˜† . Cuma masuk 2 sih, satu toko souvenir mahal banget, dan 1nya toko mobil Mercedes Benz, hahaha πŸ˜›

  5. nicil says:

    waaaaa keren banget πŸ˜€
    keretanya bagus deh,kalo secepet itu sih naik kereta nggak terlalu beda jauh sama pesawat ya

    • zilko says:

      Iya, nggak beda jauh soalnya di pesawat kan harus check-in, nunggu boarding, dll. Kalo naik kereta kan datang ke stasiun 5 menit sebelum keretanya berangkat juga nggak papa, huahaha πŸ˜† . Kalo jarak cukup dekat (dekatnya relatif lah ya, memperhitungkan ‘kedekatan’ geografis plus ‘kedekatan’ karena kecepatan kereta) sih naik kereta sama naik pesawat emang nggak beda jauh πŸ˜€

  6. Arman says:

    walaupun udah sering ngeliat fotonya, tiap kali ngelait foto eifel tuh selalu berasanya keren banget ya…
    moga2 someday gua bisa kesana juga… πŸ™‚

  7. Bayu says:

    wahhh eifeil. pengen baru cuma liat miniatur nya doang di las vegas. pengen liat aslinya. padahal kan cuma tugu gede aja. tapi terkenal banget karna katanya romantis yah. ihihihihi

  8. Ihaaaa, akhirnya datang juga πŸ˜€

    Gila, sumpah gua suka banget foto2nya Zil.
    Tapi gua paling suka foto lu di sungai Seine, kayaknya klop banget gimana geto lhooo..

    Eh, Museum Lovree itu yang ada di Da Vinci Code kah?

    • zilko says:

      haha, iya, yang itu momennya waktu “pas” gitu ya, pas ada kapal yang lewat, hehehe πŸ™‚

      Yup, yang ada di Da Vinci Code itu. Yang jadi setting bagian awal novelnya ketika tokohnya dibunuh sama penjahatnya itu…

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