#966 – Leftovers from Austria Trip


So, to conclude those entries sequences about my summer trip to Austria, I would like to share some funny incidents or conversations that occurred during the trip. And here we go:

Incident 1

Setting: Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

So, my friend and I were walking to our departure gate to Innsbruck. On the way, there were two ladies who (seemingly) had not met each other for quite a long time. One of them was European and the other one was (I think) Japanese. And so this conversation occurred between them:

European Lady (EL) : “Hey!! How are you? Alles goed?” *greeting the Japanese lady*
Japanese Lady (JL) : “Yes! Long time no see! *they then kissed (on the cheeks of course :P) and EL gave JL some gifts or so*
Japanese Lady (JL) : “Oh! Arigatou gozamaisu!

I found it quite funny (and interesting) because those very short conversation was held in three languages! English, Dutch, and Japanese! LOL 😆

Incident 2

Setting: Swarovski Kristallwelten, Innsbruck.

So, every guest in this museum would get a guide brochure from the ticket counter. And while I was getting my ticket, this conversation happened:

Ticket Lady: “Where are you from?
Me : “Indonesia
Ticket Lady: “Oh, what language do you prefer for your brochure then?
Me : “English is fine
Ticket Lady: “Well, actually we do provide brochure also in Thai. Do you think that would help?

😆 *sudden silence*  😆 Actually I wanted to answer:

Me : “You think??????

But because I am a very humble, kind, handsome, and frugal gentleman, plus that I knew she actually was trying to help, I answered politely: “No“, hahaha 😀

Incident 3

Setting: Innsbruck Main Railway Station.

So we were queuing in the ticket counters (but not to buy tickets). In front of us, there was this one family (husband and wife with their daughter) who wanted to buy tickets in one of the counter. Judging from their appearance, I think they came from the middle east or so. So, apparently they were travelling to Austria and they could not speak any English nor German (the official language of Austria) at all! (wow, they were brave btw!). And that caused this incident to happen:

The ticket lady asked the husband: “How old is she?” and pointing to the daughter. The husband, who could not speak English, did not understand the question and thought that lady was asking him with whom the daughter was travelling with. Because he could not speak English as well, he then made this gesture saying that his daughter was travelling with him (and his wife): so he pointed his daughter with his finger, and then he pointed himself and his wife (which would say they were all travelling together). The ticket lady, still being patient, asked one more time (still in English but she spoke slower): “Yes, I know that. But I am asking how old is she?“. Still not understanding the question, this man made the same gesture again. Then, there was this old lady behind us who was already impatient and screamed (in English): “Hey, how … many … years … is … she *pointing the daughter*?? Ten??“. This man still did not quite understand what he was being asked for and he got this confused face. And then again, the ticket lady (still being very patient) leaned herself a bit forward and asked to that man: “How old is she? Ten??” and she used her hand to illustrate the number then and then pointed the child. Finally that man understood the question and he answered “acht” (eight in German). Haha, apparently he knew “eight” in German.

Haha, it was quite funny to see even though it was a bit annoying also at the same time. But I have to say that they were very courageous: travelling without any proficiency of English nor German! 😯 haha.

Incident 4

Setting: Hostel Reception in Salzburg.

I was waiting in line to check in at the reception of my hostel in Salzburg (yes, IN Salzburg. This is an important piece of information; so try to remember it!). In front of me, there was an old Chinese lady who wanted to use the public telephone in the hostel but there was a problem with the connection so that the call she was trying to make failed. And then she asked about the call rate of that telephone. And this conversation occured:

Chinese Lady (CL) : “How much is the call rate to use the telephone?
Receptionist (R) : “For local call it is X euro.”
CL : “I am not using it to call a local number. I want to call a Salzburg number.
R : “Madam, calling a Salzburg number is calling a local number.

LOL 😆 This one was very funny. I wonder if that old lady knew she was in Salzburg? hahaha 😀

Incident 5

Setting: Departure Gate at Vienna International Airport.

So there was this announcement saying that our flight to the Netherlands would be delayed due to bad weather in Holland. Some minutes later, when the boarding gate was started to be opened, which was around 2 PM, (so exactly before boarding time), it was announced that boarding gate was opened and the flight would depart at approximately 3 PM.

Well, there was this annoying man who was furious. Btw, this man was standing in the front of the boarding line. He was angry to the boarding officer and asked what was the point of boarding at that time if the flight would depart at 3 PM? He yelled at that officer and said: “Don’t you know it is 36 degree outside! It is HOT!“. The officer, still being patient, answered by saying that the 3 PM departure time was just the worst case scenario. If the ATC (Air-Traffic Controlled) announced the weather was already okay, the flight would depart right away before 3; plus, the plane had been ready anyway in the tarmac and at this time they were only waiting for the weather info in Holland. This man was still angry: “If it is still uncertain like this, then I do NOT want to board now. I will wait here!!” This officer, being already quite annoyed apparently, answered: “Then it is your call. I am only doing what the crew instructed me to do.” Then, the boarding gate was really opened, and guess what happened: that man was the first person who boarded the plane!! LMAO 😆 😆 😆 . It was very funny to see. He was angry and threat not to board but in the end he was the first person who boarded the plane, what the … .

Anyway, and here are some other photos of my trip that (I think) I haven’t uploaded before 😛 :


Jadi, untuk menutup rangkaian posting tentang liburan musim panasku ke Austria, aku akan membagikan beberapa hal atau percakapan lucu yang terjadi selama perjalananku itu. Dan inilah mereka.

Kejadian 1

Setting: Bandar Udara Schiphol Amsterdam.

Ceritanya kan aku dan temanku lagi jalan ke gate tempat keberangkatan penerbangan kami ke Innsbruck tuh. Nah, di tengah jalan itu ada dua ibu-ibu yang (kayaknya) udah lama nggak ketemu gitu. Yang satu orang Eropa dan yang satunya lagi (kayaknya) orang Jepang. Dan lalu terjadilah percakapan berikut di antara mereka:

Ibu-ibu orang Eropa (IE) : “Hey!! How are you? Alles goed?” *menyapa ibu-ibu orang Jepang*
Ibu-ibu orang Jepang (IJ) : “Yes! Long time no see! *trus mereka cipika-cipiki dan si IE ngasi oleh-oleh ke IJ*
Ibu-ibu orang Jepang (IJ) : “Oh! Arigatou gozamaisu!

Aku yang dengernya ngerasa lucu juga soalnya percakapan singkat kayak gitu koq dilangsungkan pake tiga bahasa bersamaan ya? Bahasa Inggris, Belanda, dan Jepang! wkakakaka 😆

Kejadian 2

Setting: Swarovski Kristallwelten, Innsbruck.

Jadi ceritanya di museum ini tuh setiap pengunjung bakal dikasih brosur panduan museumnya gitu waktu beli tiket. Dan waktu aku berada di loketnya untuk menerima tiketku, terjadi percakapan berikut:

Penjual tiket: “Kamu berasal dari negara mana?
Aku : “Indonesia
Penjual tiket: “Oh, kalo gitu kamu mau brosur panduannya dalam bahasa apa?
Aku : “Bahasa Inggris aja
Penjual tiket: “Hmm, sebenarnya kami menyediakan brosur petunjuk juga dalam bahasa Thailand loh. Kira-kira bakal membantu tidak?

😆 *krik krik krik* 😆 Aku pengen jawab gini nih:

Aku : “Menurut lo??????

Tapi berhubung aku adalah orang yang rendah hati, baik hati, tidak sombong, tampan rupawan, sekaligus rajin menabung, plus aku juga tahu dia sebenarnya bermaksud baik kan, ya udah aku jawab dengan sopan saja dengan bilang: “Tidak“, hahaha 😀

Kejadian 3

Setting: Stasiun kereta api Innsbruck.

Ceritanya kami lagi ngantri di loket (tapi bukan buat beli tiket, emangnya lagunya Project Pop? *apaan sih* *garing mode on* 😛 ). Nah, di depan kami ada sekeluarga gitu (suami istri dan seorang anak perempuan) yang mau beli tiket di salah satu konternya. Kalo melihat dari tampang-tampangnya sih kayaknya mereka orang timur tengah gitu sih. Jadi ceritanya mereka ini jalan-jalan ke Austria dan mereka itu nggak bisa ngomong bahasa Inggris atau pun bahasa Jerman (bahasa resminya Austria) sama sekali loh! (btw, berani juga ya mereka, hahaha :D). Sehingga terjadilah insiden berikut di loket:

Si penjual tiket nanya pake bahasa Inggris: “Dia umur berapa?” sambil menunjuk ke anak perempuannya. Si suami, yang nggak bisa bahasa Inggris, nggak ngerti maksud pertanyaannya dan mengira ditanya ini anak pergi sama siapa. Berhubung nggak bisa ngomong Inggris juga, ia terus membuat gestur bahwa anaknya ini pergi bareng dia (dan istrinya): jadi dia nunjuk anaknya itu pake jari, trus tangannya menunjuk dirinya dan istrinya (yang mengartikan mereka itu pergi bareng-bareng). Si penjual tiket masih sabar, dan bertanya lagi (dalam bahasa Inggris dan kini lebih pelan lagi ngomongnya): “Iya, saya ngerti. Maksud saya, anak ini umurnya berapa tahun?“. Masih nggak ngerti sama pertanyaannya, si suami membuat gestur yang sama lagi. Trus ada tante-tante di belakang kami yang gemes dan nggak sabar, dan dia teriak (dalam bahasa Inggris juga): “Woi, dia *nunjuk anaknya*… berapa … tahun?? Sepuluh??” Si bapak-bapak ini masih nggak ngeh rupanya dan tampangnya masih kebingungan gitu deh. Dan lalu si penjual tiket (yang masih sabar), ngomong lagi lebih pelan sambil memajukan badannya ke arah bapak ini: “Anakmu ini umur berapa? Sepuluh??” sambil memberi isyarat angka 10 lalu menunjuk anaknya itu pakai tangannya. Barulah si bapak ngeh, dan dia jawab “acht” (delapan dalam bahasa Jerman). Rupanya dia ngerti “delapan” bahasa Jerman tuh, haha.

Haha, lucu juga sih melihatnya walau agak gemes sedikit gitu. Tapi memang mereka nekad banget ya berani travelling gitu tanpa bisa bahasa Inggris atau bahasa Jerman sama sekali! 😯 haha.

Kejadian 4

Setting: Resepsionis hostel di Salzburg.

Aku ngantri untuk check in di resepsionis hostel di Salzburg (ya, DI Salzburg. Ini informasi penting ya; jadi mohon diingat). Di depanku ada tante-tante orang Cina yang mau pakai telepon umum di hostel itu tapi rupanya ada masalah karena sambungannya gagal dan lalu ia bertanya tentang biaya telepon umum itu. Dan terjadilah percakapan berikut:

Tante-tante (T) : “Biaya pemakaian telepon berapa sih?
Resepsionis (R) : “Untuk pemakaian lokal biayanya X euro.”
T : “Saya nggak mau telepon lokal koq. Saya mau telepon ke nomor Salzburg aja.
R : “Tante, nelpon ke Salzburg itu artinya Tante nelpon ke nomer lokal.”

wuakakakaka 😆 Kocak banget deh yang ini. Gimana sih tu tante-tante, apa nggak sadar ya kalau ia lagi ada di Salzburg? hahaha 😀

Kejadian 5

Setting: Pintu keberangkatan di Bandar Udara Internasional Vienna.

Ceritanya ada pengumuman bahwa penerbangan kami kembali ke Belanda akan terlambat karena cuaca buruk di Belanda. Beberapa saat kemudian, sewaktu boarding mulai dibuka, yaitu jam 2 siang, (jadi tepat belum boarding) diumumkan bahwa pintu keberangkatan sudah dibuka dan pesawat diperkirakan akan lepas landas jam 3 sore.

Nah, ada satu bapak-bapak rese yang marah-marah dong. Btw, bapak-bapak ini berdiri di antrian terdepan orang yang mau boarding gitu. Dia ngamuk-ngamuk gitu ke petugas boarding-nya dan bilang ngapain boarding saat itu kalo emang berangkatnya baru jam 3? Dia ngebentak petugasnya dan bilang: “Lo nggak tahu apa kalo di luar itu suhunya 36 derajat! Panas tau!‘ Petugasnya, masih sabar, menjawab bahwa keberangkatan jam 3 itu estimasi (paling buruk). Kalau ATC (Air-Traffic Controller) bilang cuaca sudah oke sebelum itu ya penerbangan akan berangkat sebelum jam 3 itu; toh pesawatnya sudah siap, tinggal nunggu informasi cuaca di Belanda aja. Trus si bapak-bapak ngamuk lagi: “Kalo belum pasti gitu ya saya nggak mau boarding. Saya mau nunggu disini aja!!!“. Petugasnya, udah agak sebel sepertinya, trus bilang “Ya itu terserah Bapak. Saya cuma menjalankan instruksi dari kru pesawat saja“. Lalu, pintu boarding beneran dibuka, dan si bapak-bapak itu adalah orang pertama yang boarding dong!! wuakakakakakaka 😆 😆 😆 . Mau ngakak deh aku ngeliatnya. Udah ngamuk-ngamuk dan ngancam nggak mau boarding gitu eh dia malah orang pertama yang boarding, haha.

Oya, dan di atas aku upload juga beberapa foto dari perjalanan ini yang (kayaknya) belum aku upload sebelumnya :P. Maaf sebagian emang foto narsis, huahaha 😆


18 thoughts on “#966 – Leftovers from Austria Trip

  1. Yang paling aneh itu pas li ngaku orang indonesia tapi ditawarkan bahasa Thailand zil.. Ngapain juga! hahahaha…

    Tapi traveling saat itulah yg lucunya yak.. kejadian2 yg gak disangka2.. kalau tempat wisatanya seh yg pasti kita udah banyak tahu dr inet.. merasakan langsung yg sensasional 😀

    1. makanya. Aneh kan ngedengernya? Jangankan bahasanya aja yg beda, lha huruf/alfabet yang dipake aja kan beda banget tuh, wkwkwkw 😆 Tapi itu mungkin karena dia nggak tahu kali ya. Karena Thailand-Indonesia deket jadi dianggap bahasanya mirip gitu kali, huahaha 😆

      Bener banget!! Travelling memang kayak gitu seninya. Tempat wisatanya ya gitu memang. (Banyak yang) memang bagus sih; tapi “bumbu”-nya itu ya justru di pengalaman yg dirasakan langsung itu 😀

  2. Btw, kusarankan kau mengupload foto2 mu di flickr dan photobucket ato sebangsanya (jgn cm mengandalkan satu tempat) lalu burn di CD. Begitu nyampe indonesia, lgsg cetak! Hehehehe…… Pasti cetak foto disana mahal yeee….

    1. Foto2 aku sih udah back-up di komputer koq Bu. Bener juga ya, di-burn di CD sekalian. Dulunya kepikiran pake USB gitu sih jadi gak perlu CD-CD-an, hehe 😛 Banyaaak nih foto-fotonya 😛

      Cetak foto nggak tahu deh berapa *blum pernah soalnya*. Tapi kalo nge-print biasa sih standar sih (harga di kampus tapinya, gatau kalo di luar :D). Bener juga ya. Foto2 yang mau buat pajangan nanti dicetak di Indonesia aja, huahaha 😆 *pelit bgt*

  3. wah bahasa thailand aja ada ya, kok bhs indo gak ada.. hahaha.
    tapi orang2 bule karena gak gitu ngeh ama indonesia emang banyak kesaru ama thailand. gua sering banget nemuin kejadian beigtu disini. kayaknya thailand emang lebih terkenal dari indo.

    yang sekeluarga gak bisa ngomong inggris itu nekad banget ya travelling tapi gak ngerti bahasanya gitu…

    1. Iya tuh. Aneh juga, berarti banyak orang Thailand yang kesana dong ya? haha. Kalau bahasa Jepang (ato Mandarin) gak heran lah, tapi Thailand? Hmmmm… .

      Iya, memang Indonesia kurang promosi tuh. Mudah-mudahan pemerintah dan lembaga yang berkepentingan segera sadar dan membuat gebrakan promosi yang lebih besar, hehe.

      Hahaha, memang nekad bener ya mereka. Bahasa Inggris sama sekali nggak bisa lho! Wow!!

  4. hahahahaha, pada dodol semua yaa.. ternyata keanehan orang2 itu terjadi di seluruh pelosok dunia.. lain kali kalo ada yang nawarin pake bahasa thailand, sekalian aja kamu minta “Kalo bahasa Afrika ada nggak??” hahahahahaha..

    btw gambar little death nya lucu.. kalo dijadiin hiasan di kamar, pasti lah saya akan mimpi buruk terus ko tiap malam.. 😀

    1. Ya begitulah, memang lucu dan unik-unik ya kesalahannya, hiahahaha 😆 Bahasa Afrikanya bahasa apa dulu? Afrika gede loh, hahaha 😛

      Iya, Little Death-nya memang lucu dan “imut” gitu (makanya namanya aja “Little” Death), huahaha 😆

    1. haha, ya nggak juga lah. Karena kan ia (mungkin) memang nggak tahu dan sebenarnya ia niat membantu kita kan? 🙂 Kalau dijawab gitu ya kitanya dong yang nggak sopan, hihi 😛

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