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#950 – Summer Project and TBC Test


One Project: Done!

My life last week revolved around one final project for one class. Well, actually, as I mentioned before, this project was optional for me. Working on it, well, I would get some extra credits ; not working on it, no problem as this course was not a mandatory course for me in the first place, just an extra elective course. But becauseΒ basically I am a very dilligent person with working hard as one hobby of mineΒ *coughing* 😎 I had some spare time this summer, so I elected to take this project. I thought it was better than having nothing to do. Plus, I could use some extra credits, right? πŸ™‚

Btw, actually there were two other crucial reasons that helped me decide to take this project. Well, so, this final project consisted of two parts: theoretical part and making a short paper part. Now, those two reasons were:

(1) I looked the theoretical part and I think I could do them. Further, a friend of mine found some materials online that would help us solving those problems. Not bad, muahahaha πŸ˜†

(2) For the paper part, during my undergraduate study some years ago, I already wrote a paper with the exact SAME material with this one! Then, I checked my old files in my computer, and apparently I still had that file!Β muahahahahaha πŸ˜†Β *feeling lucky for copying my old undergraduate files to my new laptop that I brought to the Netherlands*Β That was awesome, no? :mrgreen: Well, of course it did not mean I could just copy and paste and translate my old report to English though. Not the case at all, as when I reread what I wrote in that old paper, the level of analysis was soo undergraduate, not cool enough to be a graduate level paper *tsck!*Β πŸ˜› But still, it was not bad, as at least I already had the frame for the paper. I only needed to rearrange them and deepened the analysis.

But btw, even with those two advantages, it did not mean I could finish the project in a short timeΒ like the working overnight system. (note: working overnight system is a system where someone starts working on an assignment one day (or not long) before the deadline and rushes it through the night with the hope of finishing it before the deadline expires. This is quite a popular system among students in Indonesia *but personally I don’t like it*). *well, but it is impossible to implement working overnight system here though. If a student implements this system, then it is very likely this student will fail :D*. In total I spent like 8 days (including weekend) to finish this project. Without those two advantages, maybe I would have needed more time, or at least I would have to work longer each day.

So yea, last week, I focused so much on this project, in the middle of this summer. Well, I even went to my office this weekend to work on it! *of course, because the deadline is last Monday (yesterday). If I did not work on that weekend, my work would not be as done as my expectation :D*. And finally yesterday afternoon, it was finished! I immediately sent my work to my professor, so that I became free!Β hehehe πŸ™‚

TBC Test

Because I am from Indonesia, I have to take TBC test for the first two years of my stay in the Netherlands, once in every six months (so I have to take four tests). This is compulsory, as it relates so much with the issuance of my residence permit here. Anyway, so some weeks before each test I get a mail from the municipality to remind me about the test, plus the schedule and location. The test is just like another test. We have to enter a big car where in it there is this one room with a scanner to scan our lungs. Then, they will use the result to see if there is a TBC bacteria or not.

So, my third test was scheduled to take place yesterday. And so, of course I went to the predetermined place. Well, but this time the test was a bit “different” because that car was not parked anywhere near my campus (in my first and second test, the car was parked in my campus so it was pretty much within walking range). Maybe because it was in the middle of August, so not that many students needed to get tested .When all new students have arrived maybe later in September, I guess there will be many of them who need to get tested. But of course I do not want to take that later test, because I will have to queue *too lazy to queue :P*. Apart from that, the other slight difference was that yesterday I had to deal with a sort of short administration stuff. After that, then I could go to that car.

And so everything went smoothly just like it used to be, until the time I entered that scanning room. This conversation occured:

Scanner Lady (SL): “Please enter the scanning room.
Me (Z): “Okay, I can leave my bag and jacket here, right?” *putting my bag and jacket in front of the room*Β 
SL: “Yeah.”
Z : “Ok
TTPS: “Now, takeΒ your clothes off, all!” *well, just my t-shirt of course, not including my pants :P*
Z: “Eh??

I was surprised, what would she do to me? *exaggerated reaction :P*Β In both my previous tests, I did not need to take off my clothes. I think I just needed to take my jacket off, went to that scanning room, got scanned, and done. So it was new, hahaha :D.Β But anyway, so I just followed her instruction and as I did not want to jeopardize the fate of my residence permit by asking “why” too much, πŸ˜† .

And then she said: “When I close the door, don’t forget to take a deep breath and hold“. So, when the door was closed, I immediately took a deep breath and held it. Well, several seconds after the door was closed, she said: “Yup, now, take a deep breath!” Wow wow. You said I should take a deep breath when the door was being closed, I did that, but now you said I should take that freaking deep breath now? I had been holding my breath for several seconds!! So it was for nothing!? 😑 Well, so I release that breath and took another one in a bit of rush, haha. And after that the scanning process was started. It was quick, just 8 seconds I think.

After that, I put my t-shirt back on, and then went back home, hahaha πŸ˜€

Summer Vacation: Back On

Anyway, so tomorrow I am going on my second summer trip for ten days. I will be back in the Netherlands on the 26th. So, see you by then!


Satu proyek: Selesai!

Hidupku minggu lalu benar-benar dikuasai oleh satu proyek untuk tugas akhir satu mata kuliah ini deh. Ya sebenarnya sih, seperti yang aku sebutkanΒ sebelumnya, proyek ini tuh nggak harus aku kerjakan ya. Dikerjain, lumayan dapat credit ekstra; nggak dikerjain juga nggak papa toh pada prinsipnya mata kuliah ini juga awalnya nggak masuk dalam rencana kuliahku, mata kuliah pilihan ekstra gitu ceritanya. Tapi berhubungΒ pada dasarnya saya ini orangnya rajin sekali dan bekerja keras adalah hobi sayaΒ *ehem* 😎 aku ada waktu di liburan musim panas ini, daripada nggak ada kerjaan ya sudah deh aku niatin buat ngerjain proyek ini. Toh lumayan kan dapat creditΒ ekstra. πŸ™‚

Btw, sebenarnya ada dua alasan lain yang cukup krusial yang membuatku memutuskan untuk mengerjakan proyek ini. Jadi ceritanya di tugas akhir ini ada dua bagian yang harus dikerjakan: bagian teori dan bagian bikinΒ paper. Nah, dua hal itu adalah:

(1) Aku lihat bagian teorinya dan sepertinya masih bisa lah dikerjakan. Dan lagi, ada materi yang temanku temuin di internet yang sangat membantu untuk menyelesaikan bagian teori ini juga. Lumayan gitu kan, muahahaha πŸ˜†

(2) Untuk bagian bikin paper-nya, waktu kuliah S1 dulu aku sudah pernah bikin paper dengan materi yang SAMA dengan materi buat paper kali ini! Trus aku iseng buka-buka file lama di komputerku, dan file paper itu masih ada dong! muahahahahaha πŸ˜† *merasa beruntung waktu itu file-file kerjaan S1 aku kopi ke laptop baruku yang aku bawa ke Belanda*Β Lumayan banget kan! :mrgreen: Ya bukan berarti aku tinggal kopas trus tinggal terjemahin ke bahasa Inggris gitu ya. Engga juga, soalnya aku baca-baca lagi paper-ku itu, dan level analisisnya masih S1 banget lah, kurang keren buat dijadikan report level S2 *tsah!* πŸ˜› Tapi tetep aja, kan lumayan lah ya, setidaknya frame paper-nya sudah ada. Tinggal disusun ulang dan analisanya diperdalam lagi.

Eh, tapi ya, tetap saja, walau dengan dua keuntungan yang ada itu, bukan berarti proses pengerjaan proyeknya bisa cepat selesai kaya sistem kebut semalam gitu. *eh, lagian disini nggak mungkin bisa deh pakai sistem kebut semalam. Kalau mahasiswa pakai sistem ini, hampir pasti nggak akan lulus dan gagal kuliah disini :D*. Total aku menghabiskan waktu 8 hari (termasuk wiken) untuk menyelesaikan proyek ini. Dan aku rasa ini sih sudah terbantu banget dengan dua keuntungan itu. Tanpa dua keuntungan itu, bisa-bisa butuh waktu lebih lama deh, atau waktu pengerjaanku per-hari-nya mesti lebih panjang lagi.

Jadi, ya, seminggu kemarin itu aku fokus banget ngerjain proyek ini di tengah-tengah musim liburan musim panas. Bahkan aku sampai bela-belain ngerjain ni tugas sewaktu akhir minggu loh! *iyalah soalnya deadline-nya kan Senin kemarin ini, kalau wiken nggak ngebut kerja, bisa-bisa nggak beres sesuai harapan deh :D*. Dan akhirnya siang kemarin beres juga tugasnya! Langsung deh hasilnya aku kirimkan ke dosenku, biar plong rasanya! hehehe πŸ™‚


Karena datang dari Indonesia, aku harus mengikuti tes TBC selama dua tahun pertama masa tinggalku di Belanda setiap enam bulan sekali (jadi harus empat kali tes). Ini wajib loh, soalnya berkenaan dengan keluar/tidaknya izin tinggal disini. Anyway, jadi setiap beberapa minggu sebelum jadwal tes aku mendapat surat dari pemerintah kota buat ngasih tahu jadwal dan lokasi tesnya gitu. Tesnya biasa aja sih, kita masuk ke mobil gede yang di dalamnya ada satu ruangan yang dilengkapi alat scanner yang bakal nge-scan paru-paru kita. Trus hasilnya dilihat ada TBC-nya ato engga. Gitu.

Nah, hari Senin kemarin ini adalah jadwal tesku yang ketiga. Maka, datanglah aku ke lokasi yang ditentukan kan. Cuma kali ini agak berbeda soalnya mobil tesnya nggak diparkir di dekat kampus (di tes pertama dan kedua mobilnya parkir di kampus jadi gampang buat pergi kesananya). Mungkin karena masih pertengahan Agustus ya, jadi anak kampus yang dites nggak banyak. Yang banyak kan nanti pas mahasiswa-mahasiswa baru uda datang, yaitu awal September. Tapi males dong ya kalau aku ikut tes yang nanti, kan jadi harus antri *males antri :P*. Selain itu, yang agak berbeda adalah aku harus ngurus semacam administrasi singkat di kantornya gitu. Setelah administrasinya beres, barulah aku dipersilakan masuk ke mobilnya.

Nah, ceritanya, semuanya berjalan normal dan seperti biasa, sampai saatnya aku masuk ke ruang scanner itu. Terjadilah percakapan berikut:

Tante-tante petugas scanner (TTPS): “Silakan masuk ke ruang scanner.
Aku (Z): “Oke, tas dan jaket bisa saya taruh disini kan?*naruh tas dan jaket di depan ruangan*
TTPS: “Bisa koq.”
Z : “Oke
TTPS: “Sekarang, buka bajumu, semuanya!*baju doang sih, untung celananya kaga :P*
Z: “Eh??

Kaget deh aku, aku mau diapaiinn? *lebay* Biasanya kalo tes nggak pernah deh buka-bukaan baju gini. Perasaan tinggal buka jaket trus masuk ke ruangan scanner itu, trus di-scan, trus beres deh. Nggak ada dah acara buka-bukaan baju gini. Kaget lah saya, hahaha :D. Ya sudah aku kemudian pasrah mengikuti instruksinya, daripada nasib izin tinggalku dipermasalahkan gara-gara kebanyakan nanya “kenapa” kan, πŸ˜† .

Lalu, dia ngomong gini: “Waktu pintu saya tutup, jangan lupa ambil nafas dalam-dalam dan tahan ya“. Ya sudah ketika pintunya ditutup, aku mulai mengambil nafas dan menahan nafas. Nah, beberapa detik setelahΒ pintunya ditutup, eh dia bilang gini dong: “Yak, sekarang ambil nafas!“. Hoi, gimana sih? Katanya disuru ambil nafasnya tadi pas pintunya ditutup? Koq malah instruksi ambil nafasnya baru sekarang? Kan aku sudah menahan nafas dengan paru-paru penuh selama beberapa detik nih!! Jadi sia-sia aja dong aku menahan nafas dari tadi!? 😑 Ya sudah aku trus menghembuskan nafas dan buru-buru tarik nafas lagi, haha. Dan barulah proses scanning-nya dimulai. Prosesnya cepet sih, paling cuma 8 detik aja.

Setelah itu, aku pakai baju lagi, dan kemudian pulang, hahaha πŸ˜€

Jalan-Jalan di Musim Panas: Datang Lagi

Anyway, besok aku akan berangkat dalam rangka liburan kedua musim panasku. Aku akan balik lagi ke Belanda tanggal 26. Jadi, sampai ketemu!


18 thoughts on “#950 – Summer Project and TBC Test

  1. Wah baru tw deh harus tes TBC gt yak.. dikira orang indo miskin bnr kali smp berpemyakit semua.. hahaha

    eh selamat liburan.. ditunggu oleh olehnya *eh :p

    1. sebagian besar mahasiswa internasional kalo pertama datang harus tes. Cuma rasanya ga banyak deh negara-negara yang diwajibin tesnya sampe 4 kali gitu, haha. Temanku yang dari RRC cuma tes sekali ato dua kali gitu kalo gak salah, hahaha. Ya begitulah, nasib … πŸ˜€ Tp nggak papa seh, wong tesnya nggak bayar koq. Cuma perlu nyempetin waktu saja, hihihi πŸ™‚

      Thanks! Oke, nanti oleh2nya cerita yang aku tulis disini, huehehe… πŸ˜†

  2. Ckckckckck….
    Kamu rajin banget ko…
    Kalo aku udah bisa 1/2 rajinnya kamu, baru deh aku mau ambil S2, hehehe… Soalnya aku malesnya pol2an, hmmmm….

    Semoga suatu saat kalo punya anak, nurun rajin n pinter dari bapaknya aja deh πŸ˜†

    1. iya, hari ini berangkat, hehe. Thanks!

      Amin. Dari dua tes pertama sih nggak ada masalah, jadi harusnya yang sekarang juga nggak ada masalah juga lah ya, hehehe πŸ™‚

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