#927 – Weekend Story


Aside from tennis (Wimbledon), I also had some other occasions last weekend, and they were all fun!

Agus’ Farewell

One Indonesian friend of mine is moving to Germany this month for his second year study. So he decided to throw a small farewell celebration in his apartment last Friday. His wife cooked some Indonesian dishes that were extremely spicy (for me, whose tolerance level for spicy food is kinda low for Indonesian standard (but apparently already pretty high for European standard). But for spicy-lovers, I bet it would not have been a problem, haha :D). I sweated a lot, like really a lot, because of that. I think the last time I sweated that lot because of spicy food was way back back then when I was still in Indonesia. One incident I still remember was this super spicy Be Sere Limo I had when I was on vacation to Bali last year with my friends.

Anyway, it was a fun evening. Thanks Agus and his wife, Maurina πŸ˜€ See you next time!

Saturday Getaway


Friday afternoon, a friend asked me whether or not I wanted to go out that Saturday to Giethoorn with some other friends. There was this promo train ticket from H*ma where we only paid 14.50 euro for a day trip with any train in the Netherlands. So, the far distance between Delft and Giethoorn (about 2 hour and 30 mins with train one way to a nearby town, Steenwijk, plus another 20 mins bus ride to Giethoorn if we choose to take a bus) was not really costy. Somehow, I answered “sure“, :lol:.

As expected, getting to Giethoorn took a really loong time. After like 2 and a half hour train ride, we finally arrived at Steenwijk, whose station did not have an obvious public toilet (the toilet was apparently inside a cafe). To get to Giethoorn, we decided to: bike! We rent bikes for 7.50 euro each and for seven bikes, we had to deposit 250 euro!! πŸ˜† The approx. 9 km distance between Steenwijk and Giethoorn was not felt that far, at least for me. After like some 30 more minutes or so, we arrived at Giethoorn.

My first impression was: “What the hell is this? The houses do look nice but I see practically nothing special” as we just biked through the main road. We went from the sign saying “Welcome to Giethoorn” to another sign saying “you are not in Giethoorn anymore” in the other side of the town village in like 15 minutes or so and there was nothing there. We then biked back to the village and stopped by at a cafe to have some drinks. We asked the waitress about the town, and she told us that we missed the “actual” village, as actually we should not just follow the main road but had to make a turn in one road to get to the “real” village. Well, now it does sound like a “secret village” or so :), but it was their fault for not putting a clear signage about how to get there, right? πŸ˜› Getting this good news, we were eager to find that turn, which was so easily found.

Then, we arrived at the actual village, which was super nice! There was NO big road as the only road was a super narrow one, used by bikers and people, with so many bridges. You will have your biking skill tested for sure if you are there as we have to somehow keep biking without hitting any people and falling to the canal in a super narrow yet so crowded path. The houses and buildings looked super nice (and cute) and there were so many people. In the end, we decided to rent a boat to sail through the canal. We took the short route one as we had time limits for our bikes. And we then realized that the boat moved slowly, as it moved slower than the average speed of old people walking on the canalside, :lol:. At one point I tried to steer the boat, and it was kinda fun!

Four PM, we decided we had had enough time in Giethoorn and biked back to Steenwijk. After returning our bikes, we walked to the station and discussed about what to do next. I had heard a nice Chinese food restaurant in Amsterdam and I had really wanted to try it. And because now we had this day train ticket, we could go to Amsterdam without spending extra money, right? And it happened that one friend knew where the restaurant was. So I suggested this idea. And all friends agreed with that (to my delight) and so there we went next: Amsterdam.

Chinese food in Amsterdam

We arrived at the restaurant, and it was super full! (a good sign that it was indeed a good restaurant). We had to wait for an available table. But since there were seven of us, the waitress said it would have been practically impossible to find an available table for all of us because all bigger tables had been reserved. So, she suggested that we had meal in two different tables. Feeling super hungry and not knowing whereelse to go (unless we wanted to eat in some fast food restaurants, which we did not), we decided to accept the offer.

I looked at the menu, and I was so excited seeing that many menus were super familiar with menus I would have found if I were in Indonesia, like fuyunghai, kolokee, capcay, etc. I felt like I wanted to order them all, muahahaha, but I know I could not do it, :lol:. So, after considerationg and asking myself deeply (lol) about what I really wanted to eat, I pickedΒ pangsit goreng (fried wonton) and kolokee. Yeah, finally I ate pangsit goreng here in Europe!

And how was it? It was great and delicious! Well, I am not saying that it was the best and most delicious meal I have ever had, since I think there are many restaurants in Indonesia that serve more delicious meal. However, as for European standard, this restaurant cooked a really good chinese food! And for me, it was a real one, you know, there was not so much European “influence” in the meal itself (sometimes some restaurants here put some European “influence” in the meal they cook to match them more with European tounge, which for people coming from Asia, the meal would taste spiceless). The price was kinda expensive though, but it was still okay. I mean, I know there were some other places whose price were lower, but they were fast food restaurants and the European influence in the meal was kinda strong.

And I was so satisfied!


Selain tenis (Wimbledon), aku juga ada beberapa kegiatan lain yang kulakukan selama wiken kemarin ini, dan semuanya asyik2 loh!

Perpisahannya Agus

Seorang temanku dari Indonesia akan pindah ke Jerman bulan ini untuk studi tahun keduanya. Makanya ia memutuskan untuk mengadakan semacam perayaan kecil gitu di apartemennya hari Jumat lalu. Istrinya memasak beberapa masakan Indonesia yang pedes banget (untuk standarku yah, yang level toleransi terhadap masakan pedasnya rendah sekali untuk standar Indonesia (tapi ternyata untuk standar Eropa aku sudah tergolong suka pedas loh). Tapi untuk yang suka pedas, harusnya nggak masalah sih, haha :D). Gara2 pedasnya itu aku sampai berkeringat banyak, banyak banget deh. Aku rasa terakhir kali aku berkeringat karena makan masakan pedas ya dulu waktu masih di Indonesia. Satu insiden yang aku masih ingat adalah insidenΒ Be Sere Limo super pedasΒ yang aku makan ketika aku lagi liburan ke Bali tahun lalu sama teman-temanku.

Ya eniwei, malam itu menyenangkan sekali. Terima kasih yah Agus dan istrinya, Maurina πŸ˜€ Sampai jumpa lain waktu!

Liburan di hari Sabtu


Jumat siang, temanku nanya aku mau nggak ikutan jalan-jalan di hari Sabtunya ke GiethoornΒ bareng anak-anak lain. Kan ceritanya lagi ada tiket kereta promo nih dari H*ma dimana kita hanya perlu membayar 14,50 euro untuk naik kereta apa pun selama seharian di Belanda. Jadi, jarak yang jauh antara Delft dan Giethoorn (sekitar dua setengah jam deh perjalanan dengan kereta ke kota terdekatnya, Steenwijk, plus perjalanan dengan bus sekitar dua puluh menit ke Giethoorn kalau kita mau naik bus) jadi nggak terlalu mahal. Entah kenapa koq aku menjawab “ikut“, :lol:.

Seperti yang disangka, perjalanan menuju Giethoorn itu memakan waktu lama banget yah. Setelah sekitar dua setengah jam di kereta, kami akhirnya tiba di Steenwijk, yang mana stasiunnya nggak punya toilet umum yang jelas (toiletnya ternyata ada di dalam kafe, ya kan meneketehe kalau ada disitu). Untuk ke Giethoorn-nya, kami memutuskan untuk: sepedaan! Jadi kami menyewa sepeda dengan harga 7,50 euro per orang untuk disewa seharian dan untuk tujuh sepeda, kami harus deposit uang 250 euro loh!! πŸ˜† Jarak sekitar 9 km antara Steenwijk dan Giethoorn ternyata nggak terasa jauh-jauh amat juga, setidaknya untukku sih. Setelah sekitar sepedaan selama sekitar 30 menit, kami tiba deh di Giethoorn.

Kesan pertamaku adalah: “Apa-apaan sih ini? Rumah-rumahnya memang sih bagus dan lucu-lucu, tapi nggak ada yang spesial deh” ketika kami sepedaan melewati jalan utamanya. Kami sepedaan mulai dari tanda “Selamat datang di Giethoorn” sampai tanda “Giethoorn coret” loh di sisi lain kotanya desanya dalam waktu 15an menit, dan nggak ada apa-apanya gitu. Ya udah kami kemudian balik ke desanya lagi dan berhenti di sebuah kafe buat istirahat sedikit. Kami bertanya ke pelayannya dan ia memberi-tahu bahwa ternyata kami “melewatkan” desa yang sebenarnya, soalnya ternyata seharusnya kami nggak ngikutin jalan utamanya, tapi harusnya belok di sebuah pertigaan gitu untuk masuk ke desa yang “sebenarnya”. Halah, apaan sih malah kayak desa tersembunyi aja yah, haha πŸ™‚ Habis sapa suruh juga bikin desa koq nggak ada papan petunjuknya. πŸ˜› Mendapat kabar baik ini, kami bersemangat mencari belokan itu, dan ternyata mudah ditemukan.

Kemudian kami tiba di desa yang sebenarnya, yang memang bagus! NGGAK ada jalan besar loh, dan jalan utamanya itu sempit buanget, yang dipake sama orang yang naik sepeda dan pejalan kaki, dengan banyak sekali jembatan. Kalau sepedaan disana beneran deh kemampuan bersepeda kita akan sangat diuji soalnya kita kan harus tetap sepedaan tanpa nabrak orang atau kecemplung kanalnya di jalan yang super sempit tapi ramenya bukan main. Rumah-rumah dan bangunan-bangunannya terlihat bagus-bagus (dan lucu-lucu) dan kemarin itu lagi ada buanyak banget orang. Akhirnya, kami memutuskan untuk menyewa sebuah perahu untuk keliling kanal-kanalnya itu. Kami mengambil rute yang pendek aja soalnya kan ada batas waktu untuk peminjaman sepedanya tuh. Dan kami kemudian sadar kalau perahunya bergeraknya pelan banget yah, lebih pelan dari oma-oma yang jalan kaki di sisi kanal loh, :lol:. Di satu waktu aku mencoba mengendalikan perahunya, dan ternyata asyik juga ya!

Jam 4 sore, kami merasa sudah cukup deh di Giethoorn dan lalu sepedaan kembali ke Steenwijk. Setelah mengembalikan sepeda, kami berjalan kembali ke stasiun dan berdiskusi mau ngapain setelahnya. Sudah lama aku mendengar ada restoran Chinese food di Amsterdam yang katanya enak banget dan aku pengen mencobanya. Dan karena kemarin kami memiliki tiket kereta promo seharian itu, jadi ke Amsterdam juga nggak akan membuat kita mengeluarkan ekstra uang dong dari segi transportasi. Dan kebetulan satu temanku juga tahu lokasi restoran itu. Jadi aku mengusulkan ide ini. Dan ternyata semuanya pada setuju (untunglah) dan itulah tujuan kami setelahnya: Amsterdam.

Chinese food di Amsterdam

Kami tiba di restorannya, dan restorannya penuh banget loh! (pertanda baik kalo ini adalah restorang yang oke). Kami sampe harus ngantri buat dapat meja. Namun, karena kami bertujuh, pelayannya ngomong susah banget bagi kami untuk mendapatkan meja kosong yang cukup buat semua karena semua meja yang besar sudah dipesan. Jadi, ia menyarankan untuk kami makan di meja yang terpisah saja. Karena uda lapar banget dan nggak tahu mesti kemana (kecuali kami mau makan di restoran cepat saji, yang kemarin ini kami lagi nggak mau), ya udah kami menerima sarannya.

Aku melihat menunya, dan langsung bersemangat ketika melihat nama menu yang familier dan akan kutemukan kalau aku berada di Indonesia, misalnya fuyunghai, kolokee, capcay, dll. Aku merasa pengen memesan semua, muahahaha, tapi lalu sadar itu nggak mungkin, πŸ˜† Jadi ya udah setelah menimbang-nimbang dan bertanya ke lubuk hati yang paling dalam tentang apa yang ingin aku makan (halah), aku akhirnya memesan pangsit goreng dan kolokee. Ya, akhirnya akuΒ makan jugaΒ pangsit goreng di Eropa ini!

Dan bagaimana rasanya? Enak loh! Yah, aku nggak bilang ini adalah makanan terbaik dan terenak yang pernah aku makan ya, soalnya aku rasa masih banyak koq rumah makan di Indonesia yang masakannya lebih enak. Hanya saja, untuk standar Eropa, rumah makan ini benar-benar memasak chinese food yang oke loh! Dan untukku, memang terasa beneran chinese food, nggak banyak “pengaruh” Eropanya di masakannya (kan kadang banyak rumah makan disini yang memberikan “pengaruh” Eropa ke masakan yang mereka masak supaya lebih cocok sama lidah Eropa gitu, yang bagi orang yang datang dari Asia, masakannya jadi terasa hambar dan kurang bumbu). Harganya lumayan mahal sih menurutku, tapi masih oke lah. Maksudku, aku tahu beberapa tempat lain yang harga masakannya lebih murah, tapi kan mereka itu rumah makan cepat saji, dan pengaruh Eropanya terasa lumayan kuat.

Dan aku merasa puas!


10 thoughts on “#927 – Weekend Story

  1. arman says:

    waaaaaaa iya bagussss… kayak di gambar2/film2. pengen banget dah bisa jalan2 kesono….

    • zilko says:

      iya, bagus memang! haha πŸ™‚ Padahal sebelum diajakin temenku itu aku belum pernah denger nama desa ini loh, huahaha… πŸ˜†

  2. giewahyudi says:

    Huhuhuu sedihnya berpisah dengan Agus..

  3. […] after eating pangsit goreng last weekend in Amsterdam, somehow I felt like trying to make ones myself. So I bought the skin earlier this […]

  4. ndutyke says:

    You will have your biking skill tested for sure if you are there as we have to somehow keep biking without hitting any people and falling to the canal in a super narrow yet so crowded path.

    >> hiyah , quite challenging ya?

    aduh itu foto2nya bagusssss-bagussss banget….

    • zilko says:

      iya Bu, menantang sekali, haha. Naik sepedanya mesti hati2 bgt, hahaha πŸ˜€ Soalnya jalannya itu kecil bgt, dan di sampingnya uda kanal. Gak hati2 bisa2 kecebur tuh, haha

      Makasih :). Itu aku juga ga nyangka disitu ternyata oke juga, padahal sebelumnya belum pernah denger yang namanya Giethoorn, haha

  5. […] visiting the Museumplein (Museum’s Square). In all my previous visits to Amsterdam (including this one), I only visited either the area around Amsterdam Centraal Station or the business district of […]

  6. […] bit of a discussion, we dropped our original plan to go to Giethoorn (a nice village in Overijssel I visited last year) and decided to go to Roermond (a town in Limburg which I visited about two years ago) instead. […]

  7. […] hahaπŸ˜† . We also went to two sites which I last visited more than four years ago: Kinderdijk and Giethoorn. The Giethoorn trip was actually a redemption of their previous visit in 2012; when we originally […]

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